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3 Minute Speech

Taruf Week

Dear Students,

On behalf of the Committee and Administration, I would like to welcome you to the International

Islamic University Malaysia. I would like to welcome you on this journey. A journey that will allow

you to grow, to develop and to widen your scope on life. For those of you that arent aware, this

is your taruf week.

The word Taruf comes from the Arabic root word to know. In this context, it is a chance for you

to get to know each other. The activities and events that you will be participating in will allow

your friendships to grow and blossom.

Even though this experience may seem intimidating at first, do not let it get to you. For this is an

opportunity for you to be independent. To be strong. To be confident in everything that you do.

This is a stepping stone in life that we must all eventually learn to overcome.

I would advise you to choose your friends wisely, for it is they who will affect how you will

perform in your university studies. They will prove to be the difference between whether your
time in university will be successful, or dreadful. Choose a friend who will push you to be the

best version of yourself. Who will not be afraid to tell you when you do wrong and will be quick

to praise you what you do well. And finally, choose a good friend who will be there for you

through your hardships, and laugh with you in good times.

We believe that a students life should have a healthy balance of studies and sports. Therefore,

we have provided for you facilities such as the stadium that comes with its own Gym, Olympic-

sized Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Futsal Courts, Football Pitches and many more facilities

for you to exercise in.

We would also like to advise you from the bottom of our hearts, to be close to your lord. For it is

He who can affect the outcomes of your life. Practising the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad

(P.B.U.H), Reciting the Qur'an and keeping up with your prayers is vital in being close with Allah

(S.W.T). Do not forget that Allah (S.W.T) is the only one who can guide us to the right direction.

Do not forget that it is only Allah (S.W.T) who is there for us to protect us from evil, and do not

forget that Allah (S.W.T) is the only one who will there for us when all hope is lost

Always know that, how you define yourself is everything. Not only will it affect how people

perceive you, it will also affect your entire life's outcome. Thus, I ask you to define yourself in the

best way possible, and InshAllah, you too will be successful.