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279 Rue de Crqui, 69007 Lyon, France to Drive 143 km, 1 h 43 min

CERN Bldg 32

Map data 2016 Google 10 mi

279 Rue de Crqui

69007 Lyon, France

Get on Boulevard Priphrique N in Caluire-et-

Cuire from Cours Gambetta, Quai Jules
Courmont, Quai Jean Moulin, Quai Andr
Lassagne, ... and Tunnel Bellevue
14 min (6.8 km)
1. Head north on Rue de Crqui toward
Avenue Flix Faure
120 m
2. Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto
Cours Gambetta
700 m
3. Continue onto Pont de la Guillotire
350 m

4. Turn right onto Quai Jules Courmont

650 m
5. Continue onto Quai Jean Moulin
600 m

6. Continue onto Quai Andr Lassagne

600 m
7. Continue onto Cours d'Herbouville
400 m

8. Keep right to stay on Cours d'Herbouville

240 m
9. Continue onto Cours Aristide Briand
850 m
10. Continue onto Quai Bellevue
450 m
11. Continue onto Tunnel Bellevue
750 m

12. Use the right lane to take the ramp to

Marseille/Genve/Grenoble/Porta de
Croix Luizet/Priphrique Est
Toll road
1.1 km

Follow A42 and A40/E21/E62 to Route de

Vouvray/D101 in Chtillon-en-Michaille. Take
exit 10-Bellegarde from A40/E21/E62
58 min (102 km)
13. Merge onto Boulevard Priphrique N
Toll road
1.4 km

14. Continue onto Bd Priphrique Laurent

500 m
15. Take the A42/Rocade Est exit toward
Genve/Aroport Saint Exupry
400 m
16. Continue onto A42
4.0 km
17. Keep right at the fork to continue on
A42/E611, follow signs for Bourg-en-
Partial toll road
48.0 km
18. Use the right 2 lanes to merge onto
A40/E21/E62 toward
Toll road
46.4 km

19. Take exit 10-Bellegarde toward

Partial toll road
650 m
20. Keep left to continue toward Route de
130 m

Take D1206 and D984 to D884 in Collonges

18 min (15.4 km)
21. Turn left onto Route de Vouvray/D101
(signs for Gex/Bellegarde-sur-
550 m
22. Slight right toward Route de
80 m
23. Merge onto Route de Vouvray/D101F
1.4 km
24. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
onto D101F
400 m
25. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit
onto Rue de la Rpublique
800 m
26. Turn right onto Place Victor
Continue to follow D1206
9.4 km
27. Continue straight onto D984
2.8 km

28. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit

onto D884 heading to
10 min (16.1 km)

Continue on Route de Meyrin/D984F to your

destination in Meyrin, Svizra
6 min (2.8 km)

29. At Porte de France, take the 1st exit

onto Route de Meyrin/D984F heading
to Genve
900 m
30. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
140 m
31. Turn right toward Route A Einstein
Partial restricted usage road
300 m
32. Turn left onto Route A Einstein
Restricted usage road
200 m
33. Turn right toward Route Rutherford
Restricted usage road
100 m
34. Continue onto Route Rutherford
Restricted usage road
270 m
35. Enter the roundabout
Restricted usage road
Entering Switzerland
43 m

36. Exit the roundabout

Restricted usage road
400 m
37. Turn left
Restricted usage road
170 m
38. Turn left
Restricted usage road
140 m
39. Turn right
120 m

CERN Bldg 32
1217 Meyrin, Switzerland

These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction
projects, traffic, weather, or other events may cause conditions to differ from the
map results, and you should plan your route accordingly. You must obey all signs or
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