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Gala for the Girls

By Lindsay Shapiro
April 30, 2017 5:56 p.m.

College Park Md.- On Sunday at 5:30 p.m. 190 young women entered

the colony ballroom in the Stamp Student Union at University of

Maryland. This was Gala for the Girls.

The Kappa Delta Sorority VP-Community Service, Brielle Clearfield

created and hosted the Gala. The events purpose was to instill

confidence in members of Kappa

Deltas philanthropy, Girl Scouts

of the USA.

I wanted to make an event that

would allow Kappa Delta to work

with the older Girl Scouts.

Theyre close in age with us and

Sisters of Kappa Delta pose with Girl Scouts
Photo taken by Lindsay Shapiro are going through life changes

and need confidence to

overcome this vulnerable time, said Clearfield.

The Girl Scouts in attendance ranged from eighth

grade to seniors in high school. The focus of the

event was on older Girl Scouts who may need a

reminder to believe in themselves during hard teenage years.

A photo booth picture of Girl
Scouts and Kappa Deltas
Photo taken by Yagmur
Kappa Delta Alumna and University of Maryland Karaman

English professor Katherine Joshi was the guest speaker. Joshi spoke
about personal experiences she has had with awkwardness and how to

embrace flaws.

I think just being able to discover myself and find my place amongst

other people and -MORE- realizing

that I didnt have to be anyone else, said Joshi

after being asked how being in Girl Scouts and

Kappa Delta helped her confidence.

Troop leaders and parents expressed how

impressed they were with the event and how they felt it made a big

impact on the girls confidence.

Clearfield speaking at Gala for the
Photo taken by Lindsay Shapiro
I thought [Gala for the Girls] was absolutely awesome for three

reasons. One, it extends the definition of sisterhood outside of their

immediate troop because they think of it as their immediate troop and

this is a much broader community perspective. I think it gave them

exposure to girls that are older at a college level. I think the third thing

is the overall self-confidence, said Lisa Jackson: Association Chair for

31, Service Unit Manager for 316, Troop Leader for Cadettes and


Clearfield mentioned that she achieved her goal of creating a mutually

beneficial event for the sisters of Kappa Delta and the young women of

Girl Scouts.
PandemoniUM, a University of Maryland a cappella group, performed at

Gala for the Girls. Their four song set list included chart toppers like

Cold Water by Justin Beiber. The event also featured a buffet dinner,

slideshow, raffle and photo booth.

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