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Creative Media Unit 54 Graphics for Print

M1 M3 Tu3 Tu4 W2 W4 Th1 Th2
6/3/17 Intro to Unit 56 Task 3 Task 3 Task 3
Ass 2
Produce a Produce a Produce a
Sources Proposal for Proposal for Proposal for your
ILP your graphics your graphics graphics
Session Review Session Review Session Review

Task 3 I have been I have now

I have been working on my started to think
Produce a working on my proposal about and design
Proposal for your proposal my graphics on
graphics story boards

Session Review
I have been
working on the
client meeting
and looking at
the brief
13/3/17 Task 3 Task 4 Task 4 Software Skills INSET INSET
Produce a Develop Develop
Proposal for Designs and Designs and Session Review

your graphics Ideas for Ideas for

Graphics Graphics
Session Review
I have Storyboards Storyboards
completed one x3 x3
of my story
bboards which DEADLINE
is the logo Session Review ASS 2
I have now
drawn my cd Session Review
cover graphics I have finished
the back and my work to the
the front and I dead line and
am happy with handed it in.
the design