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Creative Media Unit 54 Graphics for Print Ass 4 & 1

M1 M3 Tu3 Tu4 W2 W4 Th1 Th2
20/3/17 Intro Ass 4 Task 3 Task 3

Examples Evaluation Evaluation

Task 3 Session Review Deadline Ass 4

Evaluation I have been
working on my Session Review
Session Review evaluation I have finished
We have been my evaluation
briefed on the and handed it in.

27/3/17 Task 3 Task 3 Task 3

Task 3 Task 3 Task 3

Illustrated Illustrated Illustrated
Article on Article on Article on
Graphic File Graphic File Graphic File
Formats and Formats and Formats and
applications applications applications

Session Review Session Review Session Review

I have been I have been
working on this
briefed on this DEADLINE
assessment and
new assessment have been doing ASS 1
research in to I have finished
different file types the word
and formats
document and
have handed it