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Unit 34 Assessment 1

Flip Book
Flip book is an old style of animation that is done by getting a flip book
then drawing the same characters on each page and making it slightly
different each time so that when
you flick through the book quickly it
creates the effect of the
characters moving, the reason this
wouldnt work for the advert is
because I would have to create
the flip book then video my self
flicking through it and it wouldnt
make a very good overall animation and it wouldnt look very professional
and it isnt what the client asked for in the client meeting or brief. This is
one of the oldest forms of animation and it is limited as no two copies
could ever be the exact same and it couldnt be shown to an audience but
it did play a massive part in how animation has evolved in to the
animation we know today as this style of animation was developed and
changed over the years to create better and better ways of creating
animation and without it we wouldnt have some of most loved animations
around today.
Cell Animation
Cell animation is done by drawing or paintings your graphics on to a clear
piece of plastic which is then put through and machine then projected out
for a viewer to see, this is a very old school way of animation and was
using by Disney for many years but they stopped using it
in 1990 as the plastic was highly
flammable and could get hot in the
machine due to the large exposure to the
light used to project it, as it created such
a health and safety risk many
companies stopped using it. As this is
such an old style of animation and is
dangerous I don't feel it would be very
suitable to make an animation using this style of animation especially
when I have access to a computer with animation software installed on it.
The cell animation process is usually done before the animation s created
and sometimes some of these cell drawing arent ever used be because of
this they are seen and a huge collectors item and can sell for thousands of
pounds, cell drawings are the foundations to any animation as they are
basically the storyboards of animations and because of this they are like
the script to the animation so this is why they are seen as a collectors
item as they are the original ideas and designs for the animation. This is a
more efficient way of storyboarding an animation as it is more cost
effective and once the character is drawn on the cell it is then laid on top
of the background which means the designers and creators dont have to
keep redrawing each frame of it includes the same background
Rotoscoping is an animation technique or style that allows the creator or
editor to trace around a motion image frame by frame, the reason it is
done frame by frame is so that you can be more accurate as it is a moving
image so it would be hard to trace around a moving image and it gives
you more time to add in little details and make sure that you have traced
around everything you wanted to. Rotoscoping was a totally new way for
creating films and animations and it allows creators to draw around a
moving image, this sort of creates a silhouette or mattes which can then
be place on any background. This became a very popular technique with
film develops and creators are it save a lot of time as they can use the
same moving character and the animation then put in on any background
they want by using a blue or green screen. This is a style of visual effects
and other techniques can be used such as motion tracking and onion
skinning software that allows creates to track a moving character or trace
around them so they have the exact shape and copy of that character at
any given time. Rotoscoping or roto for short is still used today and is
company used for visual effect purposes as it also allows creators to add
an effect to the moving graphics and the attach this effect to the
rotoscope so that the effect follows the moving graphics, for example this
would be like putting a glow on a running character the glow effect would
stay around the character even though they were moving because it
would be attached to the rotoscope.
Drawn on Film
Drawing on film is basically a film
animation technique that is created
by using images or paint that have
been drawn by using various
different objects to make a certain
pattern this is usually done on blank
film. This style is very uncommon
and is rarely used as it isn't a very
good animation style and it isn't something I would
use to create my animation as it isn't what the client asked
for in the client meeting or brief. Drawn on film is a very unusual
animation technique and style as it doesnt follow conventional
animations production techniques as the way this works is by drawing
straight on to the image film rather than taking photos then putting them
all together. The other form of this animation technique is by using black
film which is undeveloped film and then you have to scratch your design
in to it but this does restrict what you can do as you cant really add colour
or use different objects to move patterns.
In conclusion by looking and research all these different techniques and
how they work I can see the evolution of animation and how it has
changed over the years and adapted and helped creators and film
developers to create their animations and all the different styles they can
use. By research I have found out about more animation styles and
techniques that I never knew about and how they work and are used in
animation today and how the creators have developed ideas to help
create a completely new animation development technique.
Raster images
Data compresAsion is a way of storing an
image by condensing it in to a smaller file
meaning it can be stored on many different
storage devices like a pen drive or disk but it
can also be put on to websites and because you
have condensed the image it doesnt affect how
the website runs and it doesnt make the website
slower, one of the down sides of doing this is that
the quality on the image is reduced as it needs to be
smaller to fit in to the file so it can be stored, but the
way around this is to save the image in a thing called
lossless this keeps the images quality and it can
always be undone if you need the image for a certain software. Raster
images are used in software like paint and Photoshop raster images are
otherwise known as bitmap images and are used to show digital images
and it can come in many different formats.

-gifs: is graphics interchange format and is normally that is found on the

internet and can be widely used, they are normally used on advert
-jpg: is joint photographic experts groups and this used a lot for images
that are used for the internet as they can hold come colour than gifs but it
reduces the quality of the image.

-bmp: stands for best management practices which is a format for storing
bitmap digital images that can be used on software such as Microsoft

-tif: tagged image format is a way of storing grey scale images and is
normally used for scanned images and can also mover coloured images to
other programs.

-psd: this is for software such as Photoshop as the format is layers joined

The information from raster images gets turned in to pixels and creates a
final images that when viewed looks sharp, but if the image is of a
drawing the pixels start to become more noticeable. The smaller the
image the smaller the digital file is making it easy to store. Raster images
are primarily used within video games as they can be compressed in to a
different file format with the most popular being GIF, JPEG and PNG which
is also used a lot on the internet as they are the most commonly used file
formats as all computers can store these file formats and they dont take
up a lot of room on your computer as all the images are compressed
within that file format. Raster images are resolution dependent meaning if
you try and up scale the photo and make it bigger then the images quality
is effected as the image only has a certain number of pixels and tries to
maintain the same quality.
Vector images
Vector images adapt more to the device you are viewing it on and they
look better that raster images because on raster images the image stays
the same no matter the resolution of the device the image is on. Also
vector images require less memory for each image meaning it doesnt
take up a lot of space and can be loaded easily. Vector images are
normally used on software such as Macromedia freehand among many
others and is used for drawings.
The main difference between vector and raster images is that vector
images work on mathematics. A certain sequence makes a certain line or
curve to create the image.
-Eps: which stands for encapsulated PostScript means you can view the
image as text, it puts the image in to a code format.
-FLA: this file format is normally used for flash to allow you to put videos
or animation on to a website. The main thing flash is used for is adverts
and games.
A downside of using vector images is that
image doesnt look realistic. But the way
vector images work is by creating images
line by line which means they dont lose
resolution like raster images.
Vector animation works on a
mathematical formula made up of
different lines and shapes.
the thing that makes vector image is different to raster image is that it is
made up of lines and shapes not pixels like raster images meaning no
matter how it is viewed or if it has been stretched it will always look the
same and it doesn't effect the quality of the image.
In conclusion I know now the difference between vector and raster images
including their pros and cons as well as their different file formats and all
the different ways you can save these images and which one is better for
different software and image quality, because of this I now know what file
format and what image type to use for different things and the reasons for
Flash CC
Flash CC is a editing and animation creation software that I have used in a
previous assessment which has helped me to get to grips with the
software and how it works as I had to create an animation for the BBC that
was for young children that is very similar to the task that I have been set
for this assessment. Before using the Flash CC software I completed a mini
project that took me through the
basics of the software so I had an
idea on how to create an animation,
this helped me to create a better
overall animation in my last
assessment. The Flash CC software
allows you to create raster and
vector images and animate them to
create a full length animation that
can be imported from a camera
allowing you to create your own real animations. There are many different
options available to you on the Flash software that allows you to create
the animation by playing images frame by frame to produce the
animation. Flash CC is an animation software that is designed to help
creators make stop frame animation films and it offers the user many
different types of tools and options to create their animation and make it
look smooth and professional.this software can be a little complicated to
use so before using it I did a mini animation project that showed me the
basic tools to us to create my animation and this helped when it came to
creating my own animation as I felt more comfortable using the software
and made less mistakes and I believe this resulted in a more professional
and smoother running animation overall. All the skills I have learn using
this software in previous unit will help when it comes to creating the
animation for this assessment as I know how the animation works and
how to use certain tools and effect to get the best out come in my work.
photoshop is an amazing piece of software that I have used throughout all
of my work as it allows you to edit an image
how ever you want and to a very professional
standard, there is no limit to what you can do in
this software as it has so many different tools
and options for you to choose from you can
create and change whatever you want on an
image. I will be using the Photoshop software to
create and edit my characters as I am very
confident with this software and I feel it is the
best one to use to get the best results when it
comes to designing and creating the characters
I am going to is in my animation. Another good feature is that any
sketches or drawings I want to recreate in Photoshop I can trace around
and make the drawing come to life so I can us it within my animation and
it helps to make sure that the client is happy with the animation as I will
show them my designs for the characters first to make sure they are
happy with them so I want to make sure I then create that exact thing in
Photoshop to then be used in my animation.
Audacity : audacity is a sound editing software that I have also used in
previous work and it allows you to edit voice overs, sound clips and music
before adding them in to Flash CC and
matching it up with the animation I
have created. This software is very
easy to use and offers many different
tools and effect I could add to the
sound clips to give them a more professional quietly which I feel will
enhance the animations overall appeal. The reason audacity is a good
software is because you can drop many different type of audio files in to
the software without any problems and export them straight in the Flash
CC making the process of editing the audio and adding it to the animation
a lot easier.
In conclusion I have used many different software but I feel comfortable
using these ones as I have used them many times for different
assessments and I feel that I can create a good product within Photoshop
and flash whilst using audacity to add in sound for effect. I have explained
the pros and cons of these pieces of software and why I think they are the
best to use in different situations and this is mainly because I think
Photoshop offers some of the best tools that allow you to create better
quality graphics and designs.

Joseph Plaeau was the first man to demonstrate illusion by using moving
images, the way he got this effect was by having multiple images spinning
round on a disc, these images were moving so fast that it made them look
like they were moving, on the disc there were small cuts/slits that ran
down the side of the rotating disc these slits
allowed a person to see in to the spinning discs
allowing them to see the images that looked as if
they were moving. This animation device was
called a Phenakistoscope and was made in 1832
and was the very first animation device. From this
many other inventors modified this design and
improved it and without this being made we
wouldn't have the animation we all know and love
today . As these were usually very small there wants a lot of
images on each disc meaning each animation would
only last about a second or too but for it's time this
was a break through as nothing like this had ever
been seen or done before. On the spinning disc
there would be a few images that all were drawn
slightly different once they spun it made the
drawing look as if they were moving, this type of
style is still used today in clay nation films as the
characters are mover slightly and then a photo is taken
this is a long process but has proved to be very popular with members of
the public all around the world as many classic films have been made by
using this technique.

William Horner was an animation pioneer that took joseph's idea and
slightly changed it making the images slightly different each time make it
look like the images were moving to create a small animated story He
created the zoetrope in the year
1834.A zoetrope is a device that produces an illusion of action from a rapi
d succession. It was basically a improvement on the phenkitascope. it lead
to the praxinoscope being made and also lead to animation being viewed
simpler. this made animation easier to be seen because it had small slits
on the side where the person could look inside and it would give a
better effect than a phenkitascope.
the designs on the zoetrope
vary from animals to football
players, and is still used today
in many very successful films
and companies. What made
this different to Plateau's design
was that the images were stood up
and not lay flat on a disc, this
made it easier for viewing purposes but it also
helped the animations look smoother and clearer as only a small bit of
each image could be seen at one time through the little slits/cut outs in
the side meaning that you eyes merged these images together to make it
look like the images were moving in a certain way.


Emile Reynaud was a French inventor and he was the first ever inventor to
project an animated cartoon in public, it was shown at the Muse Grvin in
Paris. He created the Praxinoscope in 1877 an this is how he projected the
animation, sadly during Emiles later years in life all of his creations were
forgotten when Cinematograph came around as it was more modern and
popular than Reynauds work, this then left him penniless and he threw all
of his remaining work away as all the public had just forgotten about all
the shows Emile Reynaud used to do, but because of Emiles hard work
and inventions it helped to create the film animation we love today and
projections are used today in every cinema around the world and Mr
Reynaud is the reason for this. Emiles invention was a massive break
through of its times as the only type of animation people had were the
ones on spinning disks that were very very short and repetitive but this
was huge as this was like a film being shown to the public not a short
animation and because of this it helped to inspire many other creators to
use this same technology to create other animated cartoons and films for
people to watch and also lead to the creation of silent films that
proved to be very popular for their time as it was a new
type of entertainment as some of the only
entertainment people would get. This because
very popular as members of the public
wouldn't usually get the chance to view
something like this as it was usually saved for rich
and important people and this was a massive
break through for many people

Eadweard Muybridge

eadweard Muybridge was a young inventor and photographer that at the

age of 20 moved to America to gain expectance in photography and was
soon seen as a pioneer for all of his work on animal locomotion in 1877,
this basically means that there were many different cameras taking
pictures to help catch motion as images
this was also called stop motion
photographs. He then
created zoopraxiscope this
allowed him to project motion
pictures and this soon became
more popular than
cinematography as it used
more flexible perforated
film strips. These strips as well as being more
flexible, the length of them could also be
changed in order to fit different length films and animations on to them.
Because of this they because very popular for creators as it allowed them
to create an animation to the length they wanted and it helped to make it
more convenient for creators. These strips were the same sort of strips
that were found in old cameras, the way is worked is all the images would
be on this strip. A light would then be put on it as the strip moved quickly,
this then projected the images and made them bigger and because they
were moving quickly it made it look as if the images were moving there
for making an animation. This was a more advanced way of viewing and
creating an animation or film .

Thomas Edison we all know for being the creator of the electric light bulb
but Thomas Edison didnt only create that he was also a very keen
photographer and he also created a motion picture camera, Thomas
Edison also recreated the well known nursey rhyme Mary had a little lam
this was recorded on tinfoil around a grooved cylinder although this didnt
produce a good quality sound and the number of times you could listen to
the recording were limited this made Thomas Edison a celebrity. Edison
was a keen inventor and creator and he helped revolutionise the world we
live in with his creations as his creations still impact out lives to
this day. Edison changed they way in which people viewed
motion films as he invented and created a electronically pay of
projecting images and he then used this to make
money by putting them in penny arcades and
allowed people to view short films and animations,
he also added soundtrack that would play at the
same time as the animation to help make the
viewing experience more enjoyable and it was
something new that no one had ever experienced before.
After Edison's creation became very popular many different
people and companies from around the world became very interested in
them and the animations he had created so they started to replicate
Edison's animations and selling them so Edison started to print a
copyright logo in to the strips of film which made the last longer and were
often kept in better condition as they were made by Thomas Edison.

Lumire brothers, French inventors and pioneer manufacturers of
photographic equipment who devised an early motion-picture camera and
projector called the Cinmatographe this all started and they got the
original idea from Thomas Edison's peepshow which they
just took and evolved to make it better. Their first
film Sortie de l'usine Lumire de Lyon1895 is considered
the "first true motion picture. These inventors basically
created the first video camera, this impacted the animated
franchise massively as they no longer had to use selerate
images in order to create a
moving animation. They
revolutionised the way in which
animations were made and created as this made
the hole process a lot easier and faster for
creators meaning more animations were being
made faster. They also were the first inventors to
experiment with colours images for animations as
all previous ones were in black and white, this
helped to get their names bigger and they started to get recognised for
there work which many other large companies at the time wanted to buy
off them but they refused and kept all their inventions and creations to
themselves and they then built their own film making business that
because huge and very popular as they were the only people to show
coloured films and animations to the public .

In conclusion I have looked in to and research these developers work and

their creations and how their work imp acted the world of animation and
how it helped to evolve the way in which animation is made and created
as well as how the styles have changed over the years to create different

Walt Disney

Walt Disney is an animation and film entertainment company that is

known worldwide and is the second largest company within the animation
industry with the company producing some of the biggest films in
animation history that are loved world wide by millions, as well as being
an animation company Disney also own some of the biggest theme parks
that are placed all around the world. Disney was first founded in 1923 by
the disney brothers and was called the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. At
this studio many children cartoons were created and became very popular
which is what helped catapult the business to the top of the animation

Hannah Barbera

Hannah Barbera studios dominated the TV scene in the

late 20 century and the company was founded in 1957
and they after the company was sold in 1966
the studio still produced very well known
cartons such as
yogi bear, Scooby doo and the smurf for a
further 30 years to honour their work for
the company., Hanna and Barbera
together won seven Academy Awards,
eight Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award
and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,
even after the company was sold they sill
continued to work their as mentors and helped direct further creations
and animations that were being produced by the company at this time
and they also helped to train up new members to make sure that they
knew how to create the animations that the company was producing. They
produced some of the most loved and iconic animated cartoons that are
known worldwide and has helped to make them such a successful and
well known company.

Warner Bros

In 1904, the Warners founded the Pittsburgh-based Duquesne Amusement

& Supply Company, to distribute films In 1912, Harry Warner hired an
auditor named Paul Ashley Chase and by the time of World War I they had
begun producing films, In 1918 they opened the first Warner Bros studio
on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Sam and Jack produced the pictures
while Harry and Albert, along with their auditor and now controller Chase
handled finance and distribution in New York City. During World War I their
first national film, My Four Years in Germany based on a popular book by
ambassador James. Gerard was released On April 4 1923 with help from
money loaned to Harry by his banker Motley Flint, they formally
incorporated as Warner Brothers Pictures Incorporated as late as the
1960s Warner Bros. claimed 1905 as its founding date. They have
produced many popular and loved animation with one of them being the
Scooby-doo movies where they combined real actors and animated
characters together which made for a great movie concept and a concept
that many fans of the animation program adored and they are one of the
biggest film producers in the world.

Norman McLaren

Norman McLaren was a animation creator

that was born in Glasgow and found his
interest in animation when he attended
the Glasgow School of arts where he
borrowed cameras to create his
animations as he didnt have regular access to
them. His first animation was a day in of the
school of arts and was called nine till five,
Norman then went on to create some ground
breaking animation styles and theories as
he was the first person to experiment with audio and animation at the
same time and was the first person to time up an animation with music
and without his work maybe audio and animations might never have been
put together. The passion he had for his work and the style in which he did it
helped to get him more well known as it wasnt a very conventional way of creating
animations but it worked and the fact he worked on many different films and learnt
many different style of animation production helped to get his name famous.
Len Lye
Len Lye was very influenced by many different cultures all around the
world, mainly within the pacific Australia and Africa
and once he gained enough information and
ideas he then took his findings back to
London and started working for the seven and
five society that were animation creators and
with his findings created new and unique
animations has he had witnessed a style of
life many other people hadnt even screen and
this is what helped to make his animations more
well known and popular. He is most well known for his style of animation
production as he produced the first direct film every shown to an
audience, the way this works it by painting vibrant colours directly on to
the film itself and then when a light is shinned through it, it projects the
image out, he only every used a camera for the beginning and end title
cards and he then timed this up with a piece of dance music and in 2005 a
group of animation experts said that his work was in the top 10 most
significant pieces of work ever created in animation history and with some
of his other work ranking in the top 50 which is no easy feet.
In conclusion by looking at all these film developers we learn how the
early techniques of animation production and development and how they
drew these creators in and they went on to create some of the most
famous and most loved animations that we have every see that were
shown and adored all around the world with the company and their name
and company still going on today.
Monty Python
Monty Python was a very big and popular TV comedy that was aired in
1969 on the BBC and because of its large success led to
them making 4 seasons with a 45 episodes produced
and aired overall. The Monty Python had a large
impact on the world as it led to many books and large
stage shows being produced about the sketch whish only
helped to make the animation more popular with the
Beatles saying it influenced their music. Many fans of
the programme believe that Monty Python had a very
large impact on other TV shows and their comedy as
it was one of the first and biggest comedy sketches on TV at the time and
many other programmes will have used Monty Python for inspiring for
shows and animations.
Yellow Submarine
Yellow submarine was an animation film that was produced by the Beatles
and was heavily influenced by the very popular and well known comedy
sketch Monty Python. The animation was a sort of comedy
but was all about a musical paradise under
the sea and all the music was produced by
the notorious band the Beatles. This was
a very 2D animation was very popular as
it included content that was influenced by
the much loved Monty Python and also
included music from the famous Beatles
which all combined made it a very big hit with fans even if the Beatles
werent very happy or willing to be apart of the animation. As the Beatles
were a main part within the animation the animation characters were designed to
look like them and because of this animation some of their most popular songs were
created as the animation showed some songs that werent even on their album and
because of that massive popularity it only helped to make the animation more
A Scanner Darkly
This film was produced in 2006 and was a science fiction thriller film that
was based on a very big and well known novel which helped to make the
film very popular, the film is based in the near future with high tech police
surveillance to crack down on drug addiction. The way this
film was created was by using rotoscoping where the
creator traces of the image frame by frame as it is a
moving image and this is then created in to the film.
The way in which this animation was created and shown
was very good as even though the characters were
animated they were designed and made to look quite
realistic as it helped to make the animation more hard hitting and it
suited the style of the novel better. Before this time there were
a few others that Richard Linklater tried to make but
couldnt get the rights to which prevented him from making
them but his favourite novel was scanner darkly and lucky he got the rights to turn it
to a animated film, this was his favourite novel to recreate as he had just finished the
film school of rock and he felt that the storyline and plot to this novel would create a
great film and he felt there was so much he could do with it and many ideas he could
think of and he was right as the film was very popular and successful as it did the
novel justice.
This French animation was created in 2007 as was based on a novel that
followed a young girl that was
coming of age during the revolution,
the novel and animation explains the
history behind the revolution.
Because of its accuracy and the way
the film portrayed the revolution in a
heroic way the film was nominated
for many awards and was very popular. the film is very hard hitting and
outlines a lot of different issues young girls face in different parts of the
world and the struggles they go through and this is one of the many
reasons it won awards
In conclusion I have looked at these animated programmes and how they
were made and by who and I can see the different techniques used to
create the animation and the effect it gave on the final production of the
programme and I can see how it was created and understand the process
of this better.

There has been many animated adverts used by companies to promote

their product as well as making their adverts unique and memorable, one
very popular one was when Aardman worked with regge regge Sauce
which was a Jamaican spiced Sauce, Aardman used Claymation to create
the advert in which they had the creator of the sauce singing about the
product with a guitar, what made this advert so successful and
memorable was because it was made using Claymation along with a catch
song and this helped to get the sauce
brand more well known and noticed. By
creating animations it allows the creator
to add in certain things that otherwise
wouldnt be possible, this can help to
make the advert stand out and it
promotes the product in a better way. By using
animation it can make the advert more interesting and colourful so that it
grabs the attention of more people and because they arent limited to
what they can do as it is an animation and isnt made with real people
they can show the product off more and can promote it in a different way
so that it gains the most attention as possible.


Their has been many animations that have taken the world by storm and
they are shown as films as they are a very popular way of people viewing
films and animations with the most famous animation creators being the
company Aardman as they have created many stop frame
animation films that have been very popular worldwide, one of
these being Wallace and Gromit which
takes years to make as they use a stop
frame animation style to creates these
films and this means they use clay
models that they have to come bit by
bit to create the movement for of the characters. Most of these
animations started out as TV programmes but because of their popularity
they were turned in to films that fans went mad over as they got an hour
and a half of their most favourite programme.


TV has been another way that people have viewed and seen different
types of animations being all different types with different target
audiences. Since the creation of animation there has been many different
shows created for TV that are all animated and all aimed at different age
groups many are for children but there are aimed at adults, some of the
most popular animations there is for children is Wallace and Gromit that
was created by Aardman animations and is done by using Claymation
which means the program is made by taking photos of clay models that
get moved slightly and once they are all played together it
makes it look like the clay models are moving, they have
also created another popular one called Shawn
the sheep, their style of making films is very
time consuming but because of it, it has made
them one of the most well known animation
companies in the world. As these animations are
made for the TV they dont need to be as long meaning more of them can
be produced faster even though making them is really time consuming
they prove to be very popular and Aardman still create a produce them
today for all of their fans.

Music Video

There has been many chases of animation

being used in music videos with one of the
most notorious being the band the gorillaz
as all of their music videos were animated
and had an animated character for each
one of the band members, it became so
popular that at their concerts the band
werent really seen on stage as in front of them were
their animated characters playing to the crowd and because of animation
it allowed the band to do things in their videos that reflected their music
and them as a band, so animation helped this band gain the image they
were going for as well as getting them known for being the only bad to
use animation in every music video they made. Music videos help to make
a song more entertaining and it also helps when it is animated as this
means that the options and ideas for the
music video is endless and they can get
the message and point of the song across
better to the person listing as there is as
lot more they can do with the video. Most
music videos include the actually artist
but this limits them to what the video can
contain and it might not be as interesting
to some people as there wouldnt be as much going on. For up and coming
bands that might not be as well know a animated video might help them
to be come noticed and it might also help with costs as it is cheaper for
them to make the animation that it is to film the video and there is likely
to be less mistakes made during the making of the video.
Mobile/Portable Gaming
With the technology evolving and advancing so has the way we game. We
all carry a device that allows us to play games, this being our mobile
phones. Most modern day phones allow you to
download and play games, as well as our phones
there is also other portable devices and
handheld consoles that allows you to play games
on the move. This is consoles suck as PSP made my
Sony, this device can also connect to you
PlayStation console that you have at home. There is the Nintendo DS or
3DS and also Nintendos Wii U, so with all these different ways in which to
game on the move we are spoilt for choice and these keep getting better
and better with better quality and improved
graphics. Most of these handheld consoles are very
powerful meaning they can play very high quality
games, this makes the gaming on the move more
enjoyable as it is like playing your console at home
with the same quality but in a small and portable
device. As well as being able to play games most of
these devices off a multiplayer feature like a console
at home, this helps to make all the games you play
on this device more enjoyable for the player. Our
phones now offer portable gaming feature, this done
by downloading them as apps off of a store with the
most common and popular being Apples app store
and google play for android users, this offers a wide
range of apps for a wide range of different things as
well as thousands of games all in the palm of your
hand, gaming on the go has never
been so easy. The only problem with
having games on your phones is the
fact that they can take up a lot of
space on your phone and the graphics
wont be as good a PSP or DS as they
are made purely for gaming on the
go. Most people use gaming on the go
for long journeys to help pass time
and to keep them occupied and some of these devices such as the PSP
allow you to play movies and music, this makes it a very good portable
device as it allows good quality games, movies and films for the user all in
one small device.
Online games are games that can be found on the internet, there are
many different websites you can go on and find a vast range of games for
you to play, there is also a wide range of different styles of games to help
suit more people in order to bring in a greater target audience. These sites
are ones such as Miniclip Games, Cool Maths Games and Friv, these all are
free websites that are full of games for children of all ages. Most of these
games will be single or 2 player meaning you can play it with your friends
but there are also online multiplayer games that you can play for free with
the most popular and recent being
Agar.io. this game was built on a very
basic concept that people loved, you start
the game as a coloured circle and you
have to go around a collect other
coloured circles in order to make your
grow and getter bigger, this was called
your mass and the object of the game
was to get as big as possible and eat
other players that are smaller than you to
become the biggest on the server. You
could also customise your coloured circle
with a name and also an image or a
different colour, this is good as it helps to keep the games more
memorable as well as allows people to be unique for each player, this
game has a very simple objective but it was addictive as it was simple but
fun to play. If you were one of the 10th biggest on the server your name
appeared on the leader board that was in the top left of the screen that all
the other players can see and this allowed you to see how well you were
doing compared to other players. Playing these games are good for many
users as they get choice of thousands of games and all for free, this is
good for people that might not be able to afford a games console but still
like to play games.

All games created use animation and

with so many different types of
games consoles throughout the year
its save to say that we all love video
games with some one the old classics
being Mario and Crash bandicoot,
these were the most popular games
of their time with Mario still to this
day being one of the biggest and
most popular game in the world.
There an many different types of game developers and companies around
the world all producing different style of video games but with technology
getting better and better the graphics of the games also improve along
with it as game creator and developers have more software to work with
which allows them to create very detailed and amazing looking video
games. Every game is animated as there isnt a game that uses real video
that is controllable as that would take too long to make and it would also
restrict what the player can do it the game and it wouldnt be as
interesting to play. Over time the graphics of games have got better and
better making the games more realistic and more enjoyable to play. There
are many different styles of games that all include different things and
because they are animated there isnt a limit to what game creators can
do and make for their fans, this helps makes games more popular as
creates can create games that people actually want and they dont have
many restrictions and this can help make a game and the company more
popular and more successful. By making the games more realistic it
makes them more interesting to play as it allows players to feel apart of
the game and get a better over all experience.

Mobile Phones

On many smartphones today there is many different little effects and

thing they can do and these are little animations to make your experience
with the product that little bit better, as well as having little features many
smartphones have access to the internet and
stores where you can download games and play on the
go, all these games are animated and because of
technology the graphics in which our phones can
handle just keep getting better and better making the
animated games look more and more realistic.
Our phones are full of little animates like even
unlocking your phone has an animation as it take you to you home screen
and reveals all of your apps. Everything on phones are animated but with
phones becoming more powerful with better
screen quality gaming on phones has
become more popular and it range of games
on your device keeps expanding and getting
better making gaming on your phone more
enjoyable. There is also apps you can
download that will help you with different
situations you might come across in your
day for example the sat nav app tells you
where there is traffic and helps you to get where you need to be faster
and for half the price of a actually sat nav and because it is on your
phone, a device that most people carry every day it means that you will
always have access to that app so you will never get lost.

Many websites now a days use animation for advertisement this is usually
done on a thing called an animated banner that is normally
placed at the top of a website where
everyone can see it and it can include adverts for
new products or information abut the
website and what it includes or
whatever the designer wants. Websites
that use a lot of animation regally are
shoe websites as they use them to promote new products that they have
instore the reason why this is good is because banners and animations
catch people attention as soon as the visit the website and you can also
add it images and information as well as a short video of the product to
help promote it and to chow I off to the person
viewing the website. Websites us
animation a lot to help promote their
products and to gain more attention this
will then help their website and products
standout more which could help that
website to become more successful and
could also help to gain more customers
that will return to that website. Because of
technology accessing the internet has never been easier and also means
for shopping as someone can do all their shopping from their phone whilst
being sat at home, they dont even have to move. Because of this
websites need to make sure that they make their website standout the
most against others to make sure they get as many customers as

In conclusion I have looked at where animation can be used and the

effects it can have in a certain place and in how it is used and how it
works. I have looked at how they are developed and the different
techniques used to get the right effect on the animation depending on if it
is a game , programme, movie or music video and which animation style
and technique works the best and I have seen examples of this whilst