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Final Examination in ENG 104

Technical Writing

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I. True or False
Evaluate the idea expressed by each of the following sentences. If the idea is
valid, write TRUE; otherwise write FALSE. Write your answer on the space
provided before each number.

______________1. Research report writing requires a systematic and careful

study of the problem being investigated upon.
______________2. Research doesnt help in the validation of existing theories.
______________3. Conceptual definition refers to how words are used in the
______________4. The results of a research can be of great help to anyone who
comes from all walks of life.
______________5. A research must include its beneficiaries for it to be
considered significant.
______________6. A research report is conducted while the researcher is
looking for a problem.
______________7. Conceptual literature includes information from published
materials such as books and journals.
______________8. The method of research and statistical tools used in the
study can be found in chapter four of the text.
______________9. The body of a research report is consist of 4 chapters.
______________10. Delimitation of the study means to cite who are not
included in the study and why.

II. Multiple Choice

Respond to each of the following statements or questions by writing the
letter of your answer before each number.

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______11. Which of the following best describes a hypothesis?
A. Statement that you set out to prove
B. Tested by collecting only the data that support it
C. Proposed before a good research question can be developed
D. Posits a clear relationship between different factors
______12. Experimental methods can typically be described by which of the
A. Descriptive
B. Cause-and-effect
C. Correlational
D. Qualitative

______13. Michael hands out a survey to find out the average age and
schooling level of his class. What type of research is this?
A. Historical
B. Cause-and-effect
C. Quasi-experimental
D. Descriptive

______14. Nonexperimental research methods consist of which of the

A. Test causal relationships between variables
B. Only describe characteristics of existing phenomenon
C. Can be descriptive, historical, or correlational
D. Examine factors that are not related

______15. Hannah assigns children to different teaching method groups and

tests their math performance after six weeks. This is an example of what
type of research?
A. Descriptive
B. Historical
C. Experimental
D. Uncontrolled

______16. Samantha is interested in studying the relationship between

gender differences and verbal ability. This is an example of what type of
A. Descriptive
B. Quasi-experimental
C. Correlational
D. Gender research

______17. In a study of the effect of the amount of TV viewing on childrens

aggressiveness, amount of TV viewing would be what type of variable?
A. Independent variable
B. Dependent variable
C. Control variable
D. Extraneous variable

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______18. The null hypothesis represents which of the following statements?
A. No relationship between the variables under study
B. A positive relationship between the independent and dependent
C. A negative relationship between the independent and dependent
D. A difference between the variables under study

______19. What does a good research question usually pursue?

A. A small part of a broad topic
B. A topic unrelated to any other topics
C. The same thing as the null hypothesis
D. A broad topic

______20. There is no relationship between children's time in day care and

later academic achievement. This is an example of which of the following?
A. A research question
B. A factorial design
C. A correlation
D. A null hypothesis

______21. Which of the following is a characteristic of a well-written research

A. Asks a pertinent question
B. Based on researchers instinct
C. Should be long and detailed
D. Is testable

______22. What is the major difference between applied and basic research?
A. Basic research takes longer to complete
B. Applied research is less important
C. Basic research is more traditional
D. Basic research has no immediate application

______23. Which of the following recording devices presents quantitative

information in a systematic order of columns and rows?
A. table C. map
B. chart D. picture

______24. A single page with the title begins a research report is called _____
A. cover page C. a and b
B. title page D. table of contents

______25. Which type of research describes a situation or a given state of

affairs in terms of specified aspects or factors?
A. correlation research C. descriptive research
B. experimental research D. causal-comparative

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______26. Which type of research evaluates the effect or outcome of a
particular intervention or treatment?
A. historical research C. applied research
B. correlation research D. experimental research

______27. Which of the following topics is an example of experimental

A. The level of performance in spelling of sophomore students in
Batangas National High School
B. The relationship between intelligence and self-esteem
C. The effect of remedial instruction in the performance in grammar of
selected freshman students of the General Engineering Department
D. Factors associated with tardiness and absenteeism among high
school students

______28. If the researcher aims to solve practical problems rather than to

acquire knowledge for knowledge sake, the type of research that he has to
conduct is __________.
A. experimental C. clinical
B. historical D. applied

______29. Which research presents critical examination, summarization,

interpretation, or evaluation of existing literature in order to establish current
knowledge on a subject?
A. statement of the problem C. research
B. literature review D. instrumentation

______30. Which research involves the collection of extensive narrative data

(non-numerical data) on many variables over an extended period of time in a
naturalistic setting?
A. causal-comparative C. correlational
B. qualitative D. descriptive

______31. Which research attempts to determine whether and as to what

degree, a relationship exists between two or more quantifiable (numerical)
A. correlation research C. epidemiological research
B. experimental research D. evaluation research

______32. It is an experimental and theoretical work undertaken to acquire

new knowledge without looking for a long-term benefits other than the
advantage of knowledge.
A. basic research C. correlational research
B. causal-comparative research D. experimental

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______33. This kind of research is concerned with the description of health
and welfare in populations through the collection of data related to health
and the frequency, distribution, and determinants of disease in populations,
with the aim of improving health.
A. Clinical trials C. Applied research
B. Epidemiological research D. Historical research

______34. This research method is usually used when the intention of the
researcher is to ascertain the quality of message or information found in a
document or in mass media.
A. survey method C. historical method
B. content analysis D. experimental

______35. This part of the formal report highlights report findings,

conclusions, and recommendations.
A. abstract C. recommendation
B. conclusions D. findings
______36. This part of a formal report states the main contents of the report
in a capsulated form.
A. conclusions and findings C. abstract
B. introduction D. all of the above

______37. Which of the following recording devices presents quantitative

information in a systematic order of columns and rows?
a. table c. map
b. chart d. picture

______38. This refers to a set of prepared questions or a checklist.

A. library sources C. questionnaire
B. record D. interview

______39. This is the list of all sources consulted in the report research and
entries are arranged alphabetically.
A. glossary C. definition of terms
B. appendices D. bibliography

______40. When you have finished researching and are writing your paper,
what should be your writing persona? That is, how should you come across in
your paper?
A. as a student writing for your instructor.
B. as an instructor writing for students.
C. as an expert writing for other experts.
D. as a reporter writing for the general public.

III. Matching Type

PARTS OF A RESEARCH PAPER: Match the items in column A with their
corresponding equivalent in column B. Write the letters on the space
Column A Column B

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_______41. Abstract A. tentative answer to the question
_______42. Statement of the problem B. biographical information of the
_______43. Conceptual framework researcher
_______44. Hypothesis C. brief description and condensation
_______45. Significance of the study of the study
D. materials attached at the end for
_______46. Local literature and studies
further information
_______47. The population frame
E. problems raised in the study
_______48. Instrumentation F. scheme for the research problem
_______49. Presentation, analysis and and sample size
interpretation of data G. justification for making the study
_______50. Summary H. books, researches, etc. in the
_______51. Conclusion Philippines
_______52. Recommendation I. appeals to people to solve the
_______53. Bibliography problem
_______54. Appendices J. the target respondents
_______55. Curriculum Vitae K. tests, questionnaires, interview
L. the central part of the study
M.recapitulation of the entire content of
the study
N. answers to the question and sub-
O. references, works cited
IV. Organizing Bibliography Entries
55-70. A. Organize the following entries for a bibliography page.

Author: Henry George Widdowson

Title of book: learning purpose and language use
City of Publication: Oxford
Publishing company: Oxford University Press
Publishing date: 1983

Author: none
Title: Collins COBUILD English language dictionary
City of Publication: London
Publishing Company: HarperCollins
Publishing date: 1987

Author: Kanfer, S.
Article Title: Heard any good books lately?
Periodical title: Time
Volume number: 113
Publishing date: 1986, July 21
Inclusive pages: 71-72

Final Examination in ENG 104 | Technical Writing| Page 6 of 8

Author: Neufeld, J.
Title of book: A handbook for technical communication
City of Publication: London
Publishing company: Prentice Hall
Publishing date: 1987

Authors: Edward Davies. & Nathalie Whitney

Title of book: Study skills for reading
City of Publication: London
Publishing company: Heinemann
Publishing date: 1985

B. 71-80. Arrange the following bibliography entries alphabetically. On the

space provided, write numbers 1-10 as to how these entries should
appear in a bibliography page.

_____ Walker, T. (1992). English for academic purposes - computer science. London: Prentice

_____ Zimmerman, F. (1989). English for science. London: Prentice Hall.

_____ Carol, B. J. & West, R. (1989). ESU framework: Performance scales for English
language examinations. London: Longman.

_____ Davies, A., & Criper, C. (1987). Research report 1: ELTS validation project
report. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh.

_____ Abdulaziz, H. T. & Stover, A. D. (1989). Academic challenges in reading. Englewood

Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

_____ Ferguson, N. & O'Reilly, M. (1977). Listening and note taking. London: Evans.

_____ Bachman, L. F. (1986). Reading English discourse: Business, economics, law, & political
science. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall.

_____ Pirie, D. B. (1985). How to write critical essays. London: Routledge.

_____Latulippe, L. D. (1992). Writing as a personal product. London: Prentice Hall.

_____Raimes, A. (1999). Keys for writers: A brief handbook (2nd ed.). New York: Houghton
Mifflin Company.

81-85. Draw an illustration showing the connection and importance of

research in human life.

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Ms. Divine Grace Fejer-Flores

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