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5/17/2017 https:/lwebmail01.un.org/mail.
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Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. I am currently on

leave but I have requested DDRO comments on the issues you raised in
your e-mail.


-----Kenneth Rosario/NY/UNO wrote: -----

To: Peter Drennan/NY/UNO@UNHQ
From: Kenneth Rosario/NY/UNO
Date: 03/16/2017 06:03PM
Subject: *Confidential: Potential Implications of UNDSS


Dear USG Drennan

Due to the current security climate in Paris and the events this
morning involving the IMF and the injury to a staff member, I firmly
believe now, that the following must be brought to your attention,
regarding potential wrong doing by senior managers of this department
and further implications by one, over the alleged and intentional
wrong doing involving the OUSG/UNDSS. I make the following assertion
as Staff Representative and furthermore, as a staff member of this
department, I will seek specific guidance and direction from the
ethics office, OHRM, Staff Union and OIOS, based on the below and
future action concerning any retaliatory action I might be subjected
to (or have been) as a result of this e-mail and my official
obligation to notify you of this (as a UN staff member) .

In June of 2016, I was deployed to Paris as per the department's

explicit terms of reference and by formal request of the Director
General of UNESCO, Madame Irina Bokova. On completion of the mission,
I was to submit a detailed assessment on the threat profile of the
Director General, Vulnerability Assessment on her office and
residence and an observation report. The report detailed operational
concerns on the UNSMS in Paris to UNESCO and Madame Bokova as
Designated Official for France.

Both reports were shared with the client who fully concurred with the
contents, before formal completion and subsequent submission through
my chain of command i e Director Mohamed Ragaey (TRS) and Mr. Igor
Mitrokhin (Deputy D/DRO) to you. I believe the report was then
subsequently submitted to you after the signed approval of both
reports by my supervisors (see UNDSS routing slip for the reports).

After the reports were submitted, and over a number of months, I

https://webmail01.un.org/mail/kennedt1.nsf/(%24Sent)/E0696BE381DEFOBB852580EA00773AB6/?0penDocument&Form=h_PrintUI&PresetFields=s_NotesF... 5/11

5/17/2017 https://webmail01.un.org!mail. -):.Nt.JtR.(\1'/ P({eS~.(Of"t3BB852580EA00773AB6/?0penDocument&Form=h_PrintUI&PresetFields=s_N ...

.e><c.\ \JS IV~

received multiple requests from the client to know of the report's
status. This is while official concerns were made by them on the
continued fluid security environment in France. During the same noted
time frame, TRS received internal STI from UNESCO of the well
publicised and specific death threats to the DG. Again, after
numerous attempts to garner some information on the report's status
to D/DRO Croll (especially after the death threats), I as well as the
client received no response or further guidelines from him concerning
the same.

After almost two months of requests, I, Mohamed and Igor met with the
D/DRO in his office at my request (please see note for file for
further details). During this meeting, I officially make note to you
that Mr. Croll implicated you as giving him direction/orders to
"bury" an official DSS assessment report (Observation Report) for
reasons he gave, as having personal political implications for you,
had Madame Bokova become Secretary-General.

This morning, the client again after today's events (see below e-
mail), has requested the status of the said report- as I have on
numerous occasions requested the same to the D/DRO as is clearly
stated in the above (see attached e-mails). It should also be noted
that lessons learned from the tragedies in both Baghdad and Algiers
were found to be partly caused by the intentional suppression of
UNDSS assessment reports. However they were never suppressed by order
of the head of department, as it has been alleged by the D/DRO in
this instance.

Because of the seriousness of these allegations, especially after

this morning's incident and injuries to the staff member, I am
respectfully requesting that you sir, as head of department, initiate
an independent investigation in to the matter that I have briefly
outlined to you. In order to avoid any conflict of interest,
especially over the implications by Mr. Croll, of your alleged
actions, the investigation should not involve anyone of this
department or anyone that might be known to you or Mr. Croll. I
suggest that OHRM be brought in to this matter in order to determine
the path forward.

Finally, in order to protect both you, your office and the

organization, I make this request based on common practices of the
organization when dealing with such senior members of the
organization, specifically in cases of potential wrong doing
involving security matters.

(See attached file: Note for File ref UNESCO 2 Decemeber 2016
docx. pdf) (See attached file: Supporting e-mails for
UNESCO. pdf)

https://webmail01.un.org/mail OBB852580EA00773AB6/?0penDocument&Form=h_PrintUI&PresetFields=s_NotesF... 6/11

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Dear all

This morning a device placed in an envelope addressed to the head of

office for the IMF in Paris ignited , injuring an IMF staff member -
also a member of the UNSMS and IASMN. TRS has received internal
information that the injured staff member was the security focal
point for the IMF.

It should be noted that TRS deployed an analyst earlier last year to

Paris, at the request of UNESCO, in order to develop an assessment on
vulnerabilities to the Director General and to the UNESCO premises.
TRS submitted an assessment report/Observation report, identifying
this identical threat (IED in parcel/post).

For your further information, please find in the below, internal UN

STI and Member State STI on the incident today in Paris.



March 16, 2017 I 11:52 GMT

A letter exploded as it was being opened at the offices of the

International Monetary Fund in central Paris on March 16, slightly
injuring one person, an unnamed police source reported. On Twitter,
the Paris police department said an operation was ongoing at the
offices. The incident comes a day after a militant Greek anarchist
group known as Conspiracy of Fire Cells claimed responsibility for a
parcel bomb mailed to the office of German Finance Minister Wolfgang
Schaeuble - this is a tactic used repeatedly by Greek anarchists in
the past (Source Open Media)

UNESCO actions on behalf of DO

Contact with IMF Security Focal Point.

Offer of support and all assistance from our side.
Contact with World Bank as IMF have offices in WB premises
Same as above - offer of support and assistance.

Will-keep you posted on updates

Communication to all UN Offices in France and DSS will be prepared.

There was one IMF staff member injured (burns) in this morning's
incident - she is currently being treated at a local hospital.

that it was their security focal point who was injured this
morning - life not in danger;
Remaining staff in the work from horne mode;

https://webmail01.un.orgimail --~=q)BB852580EA00773AB6/?0penDocument&Form=h_PrintUI&PresetFields=s_NotesF... 8111

5/17/2017 https://webmail01.un.orQI :LtJNeR..Cri'f PReS~- (Of't oEFossa52580EA00773A86/?openoocument&Form=h_Printui&PresetFields=s_N ...

.Q)(c.l\JSIVe, f

6 IMF staff are currently on mission in Paris - they will

receive my contact details (cell & email) in event immediate contact
is necessary;
Assistance was requested in locating a French Police media
contact to handle calls on this mornings incident.
Guidance was also given on another issue of threatening
calls on a different subject to their office here.




(SBU) SUMMARY: Letters containing explosives have been received by

the German Finance Ministry in Berlin and the International Monetary
Fund in Paris. The Berlin letter was intercepted and defused before
it was opened while the Paris letter exploded when it was opened by
IMF staff, injuring one person lightly. An anarchist group from
Greece with a history of using parcel bombs has claimed
responsibility for the Berlin letter. In 2010, the group, the "SPF"
or "Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei" sent letter bombs to multiple
embassies and EU leaders and offices.

Berlin Letter

(SBU) On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, the mail processing room at the
German Finance Ministry in Berlin discovered a suspicious letter
addressed to the German Finance Minister and apparently originating
from Greece. Upon further investigation by German police, the letter
was discovered to contain approximately 30 grams of fireworks
explosives. It was in a brown envelope with a percussion cap, office
clamp, battery, and clothes peg.

Subsequently, Greek media report that the "Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei"

group, an anarchist organization based in Greece, claimed
responsibility for the Berlin letter.

The Berlin letter's return address was:

Georgiadis Spyridon-Adonis
84 Akadimias str.
Attiki Greece

Paris Letter

(SBU) On Thursday, March 16, 2017, a letter bomb exploded when it was
opened at the IMF/World Bank offices in Paris, injuring one person. A
Paris police spokesman told media there were only three people in the

https://webmail01.un.org/maili )BB852580EA00773AB6/?0penDocument&Form=h_PrintUI&PresetFields=s_NotesF... 9/11


5/17/2017 https://webmail01.un.org/mail BB852580EA00773AB6/?0penDocument&Form=h_PrintUI&PresetFields=s_N ...

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IMF office, which is L kl.LOHteters from U.S. Embassy Paris, when the
letter bomb, which the spokesman described as "like a firecracker",
exploded. The assistant to the head of the office (nationality not
specified) was injured on the face and hands when she opened the
envelope. Her life is not in danger, and she is being treated for her

(SBU) The World Bank confirmed that the return address on the parcel
that ignited in Paris is the same as the one sent to the German
Finance Minister.

Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei ("SPF") (aka Conspiracy of Cells of Fire,

Conspiracy of Fire Cells)

In November 2010, two members of SPF were arrested attempting to mail

parcel bombs to embassies and EU leaders and organizations.

Sources: RSO Athens, RSO Paris, RSO Berlin, open source media

Official - SBU (Sensitive-Law Enforcement)



enior UN Officials
an ada

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