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UNI T1 househol d
& appl i ances;
dw el l i ngs ln Searchof the Perfect
My Home is my chores;colours& rooms;home H ome(mul ti pl choi
e ce)
Castle(pp. 5-19) safety TheCharmingPast:Blarney
Castle- DunnottorCastle


E UNI T2 facialfeatures; feelings;stagesin A DreamComeTrue

While there's life, w ork
l i fe;fami l yrel ati onshi ps; (gappedtext)
there's hope Extractf romJack& Jill
( pp. 20- 33)

Self-AssessmentModule 1 (pp. 34-371

UNI T3 travel; weather;typesof holidays & Getti ngaw ayfromi t all I
( m u l t i p lm
e atching)
Travel Broadens
t he M ind
hol i dayresorts;
hol i dayequi pment;
holidaytroubles;traveller'stips; S oectaculN arature' I
(pp.38-s1) festivals WhiteCliffsof Dover-
= pl anetE arth;envi ronmental TheA nsw eri s B l ow i ngin
Earth is Dearer problems; conservation; energy the Wind (gappedtext)
t han G old preservati on
cri si s; of ani mal &
s TheLittleLond(poem)
(pp.s2-6s) pl ants

Self-AssessmentModule 2 (pp. 66-69)

UNI T5 h e a l th ; heal thprobl ems;

dai l yrouti nes; C anyou feelthe rhyt hm ?
Earlyto Bed ... d a i l yro u ti n e s stress& relaxation;
describing (mul ti pl choi
e ce)
( pp. 70- 83) feelings; adjectives
character NaturallyHot. Rotorua -
Ainsworth HotSprings
= at home;el ectrrcal
technol ogy No MoreSecrets (matching
UNIT5 I technology;
o Better Safethan I crime typesof offence;
appliances; headrngs to paragra phs)
Sorry(pp.8a-97) of objects
descriptions Extractfrom TheTime

Module 3 (pp. 98-101)

UNI T7 shopping; shops& departmentstores; Picking the PerfectPresent
Penny Wise, advertising clothes;products;creditcards; (mul ti pl e
matchi ng)
Pound Foolish shoppi ng onl i ne
compl ai nts; In the Marketfor a B ar gain.
(pp.102-11s) shopping Portobello RoodMorket-
s QueenVictoria Market

UNIT8 food; typesof food; recipes;kitchen How to burn fat all day
You Are What healthyeating; waysof cooking;placesto
utensils; long(gappedtext)
you Eat e a ti n gh a b i ts eat;di ners'compl ai nts Extractfrom OliverTwist
( pp. 116- 12e )

Module 4 (pp. 130-133)


sports& entertainment typesof sports;qualities;

places& Slhaun(mult iple
D aredevi
equipment;free-timeactivities; choice)
typesof entertainment; the TrophyHunters:Wimbledon -
paralympics TheSuperBowl

o the news;natural/man-made | - E-books the booksof the

Speadthe News I disasters newspapers;
disasters; TV Guide; I future?(gappedtext)
( pp. 1a8- 161 ) cinema;typesof films

Self-AssessmentModule 5 (pp. 162-165)

GrammarReference Section(pp. 166-175)
W o r dL i s t( p p .1 7 6 - 1 8 1 )
Suggested AnswersSection(pp. 182-183)
Tapescripts (pp. 184-186)
presenttenses;adverbsof note-takin
g; f lF comparetypesof houses; suggest - an advertisement
frequency;stateveros statements;matching waysto makehousessafefor- - an informalletterdescribinq
verbs:BREAK, BRTNG speakers
to children;rentinga house; a housefor rent
statements expressingsympathy; requesting
pasttenses;usedto/would matchingspeakers
to discuss
importantthingsin life; famouspeople'sprofiles
verbs:CARRV COME statements;TlF express
opinionson familymatters; a narrative
statements talkaboutmemories of earlv
breaking the news;
people;introducing people

futuretenses;Conditionals note-takin
g; T/F/ discussweekendactivities; a letterof complaint
TypeO & 1; the definite Doesn'tsay;multiple speculations;
article holidayexperiences; a semi-formaltransactional
choice accepting/refusin
g invitations;
Phrasal verbs:CUTDO letter
cancellinga hotelreservation;
rentinga vehicle
compansons;too/enough; n o te -ta k i n gm; a tc h i n g suggestwaysto protectanimals
-ing form/infinitive a set of rules
speakers to from extinction;
Phrasal verbs:FALL,GET an essayprovidingsolutions
statements to improvethe environment; to problems

modal Yes/Nostatements; discuss
waysto relax;speculating; an informalletterdescribing
verbs;makingdeductions; m u l ti p l ec h o i c e ; giveadvice;losingyourtemper; a personal problem
questiontags matchingspeakers to maki ngan appoi ntment;descri bi ng a for and againstessay
Phrasalverbs:G\VE,GO statements symptoms

orderof adjectives;the mu l ti p l em a tc h i n g ;
passive; discuss pros& consof usinq a newsreport
relative n o te -ta k i n gm; a tc h i n g computers;discusseffects6f
clauses an optntonessay
speakers to moderntechnology on our lives;
verbs:HOLD,KEEI statements "filler" phrases;reportinga theft;

causativeform; reported note-taking;Yes/No askfor information;

discusspros/ describe clothesfor a fashion
speech(statements, statements;multiple
questions,orders) consof advertising;
discussdress magaztne
cnotce code;expressingopinions;makinq
verbs:LET LOOK an articledescribinga visitto
complaints;buyingclothes a place
quantifiers (some,any,no, (a) T/Fstatements; giveadvice;comparejunk food to
linle, (a)few);countjblet mu l ti p l em a tc h i n g ; homecookedfood;accepting/
uncountable nouns;reported mu l ti p l ec h o i c e refusinginvitations;
shopping;orderinga mealifast
Phrasalverbs:MAKE, \IJT

C o n d i t i o n a l s T y p e 2 & 3 note-takin
; g; TlF giveopinions;guesscontent;talk instructions for a magictrick
wrshes; would rather statements; matching abouthobbies;askingfor a letterto the editor
Phrasalverbs:RuN,SEE,SET speakers to permission & politerequests;
statements takinga phonemessage; invitinga
friendto a sportingevent

mu l ti p l em a tc h i n g ; comparetypesof films;express a newsreport

note-taking preferences;
talk about disasters; a formaltransactional
Thetitle aboveis takenfroman English
Whatdo youthinkit means?

r would you like to live in a castle, a tree

or even underground'? This might not be as
2 in the pictures:
a. Whichof the houses unusual as you think. It seems that these days more
has:fivestoreysanda houseon top; a fibreglass and more people want to live somewhere special and
shark;brickwalls;a thatched a rock
roof;a chimney; out of the ordinary, and if they can't buy what thel' -'
on the roof;woodenstairsup to the front door;stone want they are quite prepared to build it from
walls;a pitchedroof;a tiledroof? scratch.
For JohnMew and hiswife Josephine,their home
is: builtunderground;
a castle;
builton stilts?
really is their castle. They have built their own
b. Usetheadjectives eachhouse.
to describe Givereasons. English castle in the Sussex countryside. The
. economical
. impractical . cramped
. cold. spacious buildingis brand newwith all the luxuriesyou would
. airy. comfortable
o attractive. eccentric expectfrom a housethat costmore than f350,000to
build. However, when you first see it from the
tomaintain it doesn't
because costverv outsideit would be easyto think that you arelooking
muchtoheatandcool. at an ancientmonument.The building has a lot of -:
the featuresof a traditionalcastle,includinga keep.
a moat and a drawbridge."My choiceof houseis
building England
Suffolk, somewhateccentricand building it was very hard
Zimbabwe work, but we've got the perfectplaceto live," Mew
Portugal says.Although somewould say that the building is
Headington, impracticaland maybe cold in harshBritishwinters.
he certainlyhasgot a uniqueand spacioushome.
d. Describe
the houses
A-D.Thinkabout: If you don't look carefully,you might not evensee
the home that JonathanRidley-Jonesand Shanon
. typeof house. location. spectal
features Ridd built at all! That's becausethe house is a
. generaldescription convertedundergroundwater tank. The only thing
Thehouse inpicture islocated
Aisa huton stilts.lt inZimbabwe, that can be seenfrom the surfaceis a door leading
It has a thatched roofandwooden stairsupto thefrontdoor. into the hillside."We've neverwantedto live rn an
It'scramped butit\ probablyquiteairy. ordinaryhouse,"Shanonsays."Living belowground
meansthat our homeis quiet and verycosy- noneof
you liketo livein?
e. Whichhousewouldyou/wouldn't
the usual draughts. It doesn't damage the local
surroundingsand has very low fuel bills. Some of
l'd liketolivein thehuton stiltsbecause
it looks tome.
veryattractive our friends find it dark and feel shut in when thev
lwouldn't liketoliveintherockhousebecauseit mustgetverycold. first visit,but they soonget usedto it!"
c. Explain
the task Playthe cassetteSsdo the exercise
Reading: mu iple choice; matching prompts to
elementsrnth text AnswerKey(See
Vocabulary:dwellings& appliances; furniture;cotours
& rooms;household chores;homesafety d. Writethe headings on the board Elicitanswersfrom
Grammar: presenttenses;state verbs; adverbsof S s a n d c o m p l e t et h e t a b l e .S s c o p y h e c o m p l e t e d
frequency t a b l e i n t o t h e i r n o t e b o o k st ,h e n u s t h e n o t e st o
Use of English:prepositionsof place; adverbsof describe eachhome
frequency; phrasalverbs(break,bring);linkers AnswerKey
L i s t e n i n gl:i s t e n i n g
f o r s p e c i f i cr n f o r m a tn ; m u l t i p l e
m a t c h i n g ;n o t e t a k i n g ; T / F s t a t e m e n t m a t c h i n g TYPEOF LOCATION : SPECIAL 1GENERAL
speakers to statements HOUSE : FEATURES I Lnt vtlLJ , DESCRIPTION
S p e a k i n g :d e s c r i b i n ga r o o m ; t a l k i n g a b o u t y o u r huton stilts limbobwe thatchedroot,
roof, economtcal,
house; comparing& contrastingtypes of houses; : woodenstairs cramped,
suggestingways to make a housesafe for children; 'Kiif[l;![
note-taking; giving information about a house;
startrnga conversation; expressing sympathy; on theroof,small .impractical
house;requesting services ilii;;sjorev iuiol<, 'fl\i,i,:,
a;,t";r, ,impracticat,
t Intonation:expressing sympathy building ' chimney
England spacious,
f l Writing: an advertisement; a short descriptive article; j
an informalletter ,'iiliacia -- ' uearlinsiti;i,
bi;iiikwlilts, 'i;:;:;tl:,
house England fibreglass
shark eccentric,
: in theroof comfortable
Readout the title Explainthat this is taken from the
Englishproverb "An Englishman,s homeis hiscastle,'.
Elici| Suggested AnswerKey
what a proverb is (a popularsayingusedto expressa well- - Thehousein pictureB is a rockhouse.
lt is locatedin
knownfact).Then elicitwhat the title meansby asking Portugallt hasgot stonewalls,a rockon theroofand o
comprehensionquestions.(Whatis a castle?What were small door. lt is probablyquite cold, crampedond
usedfor?Whywouldsombone callhishousea castle?
etc) impractical.
- Thehousein pictureCisa five-storey buildinglt is locaiec
in Suffolk,
England. lt hasgot a houseon top ond o bt9
An Englishman
takespridein hishome chimney.lt iseccentricandimpractical, butprobablyquite
a. Ask Ssto look at the pictures,Ask them what tooks - Thehousein pictureD is a terraced house.lt is locotedirt
u n u s u a l R e a do u t t h e l i s t A s k S s t o m a t c h t h e Headington, England.lt hasgotbrickwallsanda fibreglass
words/phrases with the housesin the pictures shark in the roof. lt is spacious,but probablyquite
AnswerKey impracticallt'salsoa bit eccentrrc.
fivestoreysanda houseon top:C e . 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s ,
a fibreglassshark:D a n s w e rb
s y a s k i n gs o m eS st o p r e s e ntth e r ro p i n i o n s
brickwalls: D to theclass
a thatchedroof:A
Suggested AnswerKey
I a chimney:C

a rockon theroof:B
woodenstairsup to thefrontdoor:A
lwouldn'tliketo livein therockhousebecause
to me.
it looksverycold

I wouldlike to live in the five-storey

r a pitchedroof:C
a tiledroof:D
veryspacious to me
buildingbecauseit looks

I built underground: (none) lwouldn'tliketo livein theterraced

it looksvery
rf a costle:(none)
builton stilts:
to me.
" j. rp ol -l

Ir $. o Readout the list of adjectives and eliciVexplain

t h e m e a n i n go f e a c ho n e b y a s k i n gS s t o g i v e
synonyms,opposttesor examplesAlternatively, Al
i _l: ::..1:l:l.j_"_"p of
io' ii"e,ciie
S,sbookfor thesametapescript
T h e r ew a s a r e a l l yi n t e r e s t i npgr o g r a r n moen T V l a s tn i g h ta b o u rs r r a n g e
f S s c a n J o o k u p e n y u n k n o w nw o r d s i n t h e i r B:
r . Sswork in pairsand dgcidewhichadlectives
describeeach housegiving reasonsCheck Ss,
I k n o w w h i c ho n e y o u m e a n l t , sc a l i e d, T h eH o u s ei n t h e C l o u d s , a n di t
a s o n t h a t p r o g r a m m el t ' sa c i a p b o a rbdu i l d i n gw i t h a p i t c h e dr o o fa n d
g chimney
answersaroundthe class,than ask some Ss to B: Y e st,h a t ' st h e o n e A n d t h e r e , a
s n o t h ewr e i r dh o u s ei n B r i t a i n
with a shark
t a l ka b o u te a c hh o u s e I n t h e r o o f ,i s n ' tt h e r e ?
HouseA: economical, t h e nt h e r e ' tsh i sg r e a tb i g s h a r ki n t h e r o o f l
Well,there'sno accountingfor somepeople,s taste So,what other houses
HouseB:cold,cramped, impractical w e r ef e a t u r e do n t h a t p r o g r a m m et h, e n ?
HouseD: eccentric,
comfortable,spacious Cont. p 7(T)
a. . R e a do u t t h e t i t l eo f t h e a r t i c l ea n de l i c i S
t s 'i d e a s Suggested
aboutthe contentof the articleandwhat typeof TheMews'castlehasmanyadvantages. Firstly,it is brandnew.
publication (newspaper, magazine, encyclopaedia, It is alsoluxurious,uniqueandhasan impressive appearance.
e t c )i t m i g h tb e f o u n di n b y a s k i n gq u e s t i o n s , ln addition, it is spacious.However,there are certain
AnswerKey disadvantages, too.Forexample,it wasexpensive to build.lt is
alsoimpracticaland cold in the winter.Nevertheless, I would
Thearticlemustbeaboutvarious typesof houses.
like to live in a houselike thisbecause it is so uniqueand
Thisarticlemightbefoundin a magazine.
. ln pairs,5s write ten words connectedto the
theme AskSsto reportback Writethe wordson [. r A l l o w 5 s t w o m i n u t e st o t h i n k a b o u tt h e i r i d e a l
t h e b o a r dS sc o p yt h e m i n t ot h e i rn o t e b o o k s h o u s ei n c l a s sT h e n ,a s k v a r i o u sS s t o d e s c r i b e
t h e i ri d e a h
l ouse,
[. o E x p l a itnh e t a s k R e a do u t t h e t i p P o i n to u t t h a t AnswerKey
Ssneedto followthisadvicein orderto complete
My idealhousewouldbe a castle.lt wouldbe madeof stone.
the tasksuccessfully
Theroomswouldbelargeandairy.lt wouldhavea gardenand
. Allow Ssthreeto four minutesto silentlyreadthe a pool,whereI couldspendmytimein summer. lt wouldbecool
t e x t D o q u e s l i o n w i t h 5 s R e a do u t t h e p a r to f and verycomfortable to livein,andveryeconomical.
t h e q u e s t i o ni n b o l da n dw i t h S sf i n d t h e p a r to f
. As an extension,Ss can collect picturesof
the text the questionrelatesto (paragraph l line
6 ) R e a do u t t h e o p t i o n sA - D a n d h e l p S s t o u n u s u ahl o m e sa n d p r e p a r ea p o s t e rf o r t h e i r
underlinethe key words (A;liveunderground, B: class
haveexactlythe home theywant, C: cheaperthan Alternatively, Sscan collectpicturesof traditional
buying,D: modernluxuries)Help 5s to decideon t v n e s o f h o r s e s f r o m v a r i o u sc o u n t r i e sa n d
the correctanswerby a processof elimination preparea posterfor theirclass
(Thecorrectansweris B because the textsays;'ifthey Ss can practiseReading aloudusing the S's CD/
can'tbuy what theywant theyarequitepreparedto cassetteSslistento the text and followthe Iines
buildit' (0.5-6)) Focus5s' attention on how the Ss listenagainwith pauses,then readout from
informationhasbeenrephrasedSscompletethe the text
t a s k C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r sA s kt h e mt o j u s t i f yt h e i r
choices Tapescript for Exercise2c (p. 6) Cont. i
AnswerKey(Seeoverpintedanswers) Sscanreferto p 189 of theS'sbookforthesametapescripti
*";";;.;;; ;;;;*, ;; il;; ; ;.;.;;; ;nJ;.
c . H e l p S s t o e x p l a i nt h e w o r d s i n b o l d b y g i v i n g thatchedroof and was on st lts with stepsup to the front door,but my
favouritw e a st h s r e a l l tyi n y l i t t l er o c kh o u s ei n P o r t u g a l
e x a m p l eosr s y n o n y m T s henS , su s et h e i rd i c t i o n a r i e s
B: W h a tw a ss o u n u s u aal b o u ti t ?
dords Check
t o f i n d s y n o n y mfso r t h e h i g h l i q h t ew A: It had a ow roofwhrchwas a big rock,stonewalls,one smallwindowand a
5s'answers s m a ldl o o r I c a n ' ti m a g i naen y o n e l i v i n gt h e r e
B: L i k e s a i d t, h e r e ' sn o a c c o u n r i nfgo r s o m ep e o p l es r d s t e
harsh:severe convince: persuade
spacious:roomy setup:establish
ordinary:normal resist:keepfrom

a. . W r i t e t h e h e a d i n g so n t h e b o a r d a n d e l i c i t
answersfrom 5s lo cornpletethe rable 5s copy
the completed t a b l e i n t o t h e i r n o t e b o o k st h
, en
u s et h e n o t e st o t a l k a b o u tt h e p r o sa n d c o n so f
e a c nn o u s e
. G i v e 5 s t h e f o l l o w i n gu s e f u ll a n g u a g et o u s e
w h e nt a l k i n ga b o u te a c hh o u s e
To list points: Firstly , To start with , One
( d i s ) a d v a n t ai g
s e , I n a d d i t i o n, , A l s o , e t c
To give an opposingviewpoint:However, , On
t h e o t h e rh a n d , e t c
- '-i -l
i--" AoiiuleGri"""- ',
i ^i;il{ iiw,iii;ii;;;; iipeniiietobiiira, ,
, , impressive
appearance, coldin
-.: !.'!.q!e:i-Po!i"o|?:.
:----.".-, ..

:. .., -..:...
5l't t'4
'tl trs
i 1
Readthe text
I 3 a. Lookat the quicklyto get a general
$ titleof the idea of what it is about.
i Look at the first part of the guestion,
article.What then find the part of the text the question
do you think refersto. Go throughthe choicesand choose
it is about? the answerthat best fits. Keep in mind that
Wheremight the informationmay be rephrased.Evenif
you think you l<nowthe correct answer,
you readit?
alwayschecl<that the otners are not
Saywordsyou appropriate. Checl<your answer
expectto find i n i t . againstthe text.

b. Readthe article
a n d a n s w e rt h e q u e s t i o n s .
c . E x p l a i nt h e w o r d si n b o l d ,t h e n s u g g e sst y n o n y m s
for the highlightedwords.

1 M o r ea n d m o r ep e o p l eb u i l dt h e i ro w n n o m e
A s o t h a t t h e yc a nl i v eu n d e r g r o u n d
( [ 5 - 6 )@ s o t h a t t h e yc a nh a v ee x a c t ltyh e h o m et h e yw a n t
C b e c a u siet i s c h e a p etrh a nb u y i n ga n e w h o u s e
D b e c a u steh e yw a n t a l l t h e m o d e r nl u x u r j eyso u f i n d i n
a newhome

2 J o h na n d J o s e p h i nM
e ew
tri an undergroundhome doesn,tappeal to you, 35 ( l
- '.-.about 1 7 - 1 9@) k n o wt h a t t h e i rc h o i c eo f h o m ei s u n u s u a l
living in the tree tops? Dan Garner, a
-:: surgoo B f o u n dt h a t c r e a t i n tgh e i rd r e a mh o m ew a se a s y
from Gloucestershire, certainlythinks
. .: thisis the wayto go up in the world. C w a n t e dt o l i v el i k e p e o p l ew o u l d h a v er n t r a d i to n a
\\-henour familybecameshort of spaceat home castles
-: :olution was to build a luxury tree housein the 40 D converted an ancientburlding intoa modernhome
-::ien. The tree houseis built into a sprucetree six 3 W h a t d o J o n a t h a nR i d l e y - J o n ae ns d S h a n o n
abovethe ground.It has one main room, a R i d ds a ya b o u tt h e i r h o m e ?
and a balconyrunningaroundtwo sides.,'
:.:ner is so happy A l t ' sj u s ta n o r d i n a r hy o u s e
with this practicalextensionto B T h e ya l w a y w s a n t e dt o l i v eu n d e r g r o u n d
.. home that he thinks he can convince more 45
( l 3 1 - 3 2@) l t d o e s n ' ht a r mt h e e n v t r o n m e n t
:;,-'pleof the benefitsof living in the trees.He wants
D T h e yd o n ' t p a ya n y t h i n gf o r h e a t i n ga n d l i g h t i n g ,
: set up his own enterprisemaking more of the
;;,uxe tree dwellings,saying,,,Treehousesare airy, 4 W h y d i d D a n b u i l da t r e e h o u s ei n h i sg a r d e n ?
:-cure and comfortableand the only disadvantage is A H ew a n t st o p e r s u a dpee o p l et o b u yo n e
thet they might not be suitable for people who 50 B H i sf a m i l yw a n t e dt o l i v ei n a t r e eh o u s e
sufferfrom hay feveror a fear of heights!',
C H eb u i l d st h e mf o r a l i v i n g
Even people who live in more o.dinury settings ( : o ; @ H i sf a m i l yn e e o e om o r er o o m
Sr-rm",r-"r can't resist doing somethingto make
:hem stand out from the crowd. One extreme 5 The'Headingtonshark'
erampleof this is Bill Heines'housein Headington,55 A w a sc r e a t e db y B i l lH e r n e s
Orlordshire.Until one morning in 19g6,his house B crashed intothe roofof BillHeines, houseonenight
looked much like all the others in his street,when C wasimmediately popularwith everyone in the town
suddenlyovernight a 7.5 m long fibreglass shark ( ! 5 7 - 5 9 ) w a sb u i l tw i t h o u ta n yw a r n r n g
appearedto have crashedthrough the roof. The
sharkwas a sculpture by local artist John Buckley.60
-\t first some people complainedthat it might be
dangerous or that it spoilt the look of the 4 a. Listthe advantages anddisadvantages of Mew's,
neighbourhood,but engineerschecked that the Ridd's and Garner's dwellings, thentalkabout
sculpturewas safe and the ,Headingtonshark,has them.
become a well-known and poputai landmark. It 65 b. Whatwouldyouridealhousebe?Describe it giving
seemsthat no matterwhereyou live,you can always reasons.
do something to make sure your house says
somethingaboutwho you are. Myidealhouse wouldbea castle. lt wouldbemadeof ,.

a. Whichof theseitemsarein yourhouse?
D w e l l l n gasn dA P P l i a n c e s 7
a. Gothroughthetableandlookup the ' vacuumcleaner electricheater
5 wordsyoudon'tknowin yourdictionary'
. refrigerator
' '
. washingmachine microwave humidifier
c0/, thewordsthat best
the oneswhichbest
. hairdryerdishwashercooker
. airconditioner

lw-o*u house.
- kitchen
Whichof thesehave
b. Matchthecolumns.
(semi) 1lougot in Yourhouse?
built-in system
5rvlr: 1t St LC)L C
h aIl
located,residential fitted gtoLtt t9
village, city,centrally
on double wardrobes
a r e ac, l o s et o t h e s h o P s ,
entrance kitchen
Loca"rl*ru: the outskirts,isolated,
private Ing
security nearng
$me: in ourhouse.
low priced,overPriced,
fl*gr"; economical :
6ehsnAt check.
A: Hellot
B : G o o d m o r n i n g l ' m c a l l i n ga b o u t t h e h o u s e
c. Usethe wordsto describe advertised for rent in Paddington
houses, Yourhouse.
thendescribe A: Ohyes?
tnthecountry'The B : l w o n d e r 1 ) i f y o u c o u l dg i v em e a b i t m o r e
ina tradrtional
i n f o r m a t i o nP,l e a s e
then,in pairs,listthe spectal
a. Readthe advertisements, A: Of course2) What wouldyou liketo know?
6 B: Firstof all, 3) couldyou tell me exactlywhere
of eachpropertyunderthe headings:
lnside- Outside t h e h o u s ei ss i t u a t e d ?
A : Yes,it'son 15, BaYswater Drive
ildetachcd-loo'*' -
B : A n d t h e l o u n g ea n d d i n i n gr o o m a r e t h e y

F* ''qTlT;i;ffi ;'::T"rJ,'I
i-u*d'oo*"0 "'*- o,u$$ separate?
A Yes,but they'rejoinedby a slidingglassdoor
1 ?P i
B : And do all the bedroomshavefitted
t A: No,onlythe two largestbedrooms
-" ...: B : O n e l a s tq u e s t i o nl s t h e g a r a g el a r g ee n o u g h
transport'- ixitson Te\, for two cars?
A : O h ,d e f i n i t e l y
B: lt soundsperfect4) When do you think I could
A: tnside: seeit?
Outside: drivewaY
". thisevening?
A : 5) Howabout6 o'clock
B : That's -
fine seeYouthen
'tOR SALE s399.986
GoldersGreen,London. b . In pairs,take rolesand act out dialogues
A superbfirst.floor 2-bedroonerlflat' in Ex.6.
abouteachof the advertisements
Fully-furnishedwith a large balcony,doubleglazing':'...
a n d a i r c o n d i t i o n i n gF.u t l y ' e q u i p p ekdi t c h e na n d
modernsecuritysystem"Minutes from tube statio-n' AGENT
fu U.4g"i tr at Pri mary Propert ies: 029,*8,,1!tf..q8tf - a s kf o r i n f o r m a t i o n
greeting g'eetrnq
l rasl.yourquestions
agreeto giveinformation (e.9.exact
answerthe questions*y' lo.ut'on special features)
b. Whatfeatures
agreeon a viewing**}t arrangea viewing
5 a. . E l i c i V E x p l atihne m e a n i n go f t h e s u b t i t l eb y . A s a n e x t e n s r o nS,s w o r k i n p a i r sa n o d r a w a
askingquestionsor givingexamples(A terraced b e d r o o mO n e d e s c r i b ewsh a t t h e r ei s i n h r s / h e r
houseis a type of dwelling.A fridgeand a washing b e d r o o mt,h e o t h e r l i s t e n sa n d d r a w sr n e r r e m s
machine areappIiances.)
. Explain that when we think of a type of dwelling
we need to considerits style (howit is built); its drawntheirbedroomcorrectly
location(whereit issituated);its size(howbig/snallit
ri); its cost (howmuchtherentis/ifit is economical to b. Allow Ss a minuteto completethe task CheckSs,
maintain);and its generaldescription (whatit islike) answers Then Ss make up sentencesabout their
. S s l o o k u p a n y u n k n o w nv o c a b u l a rTy h e n ,r e a d houses Pointout that Ss can use eitherstructure
o u t t h e w o r d si n t h e t a b l ea n de l i c i t h e m e a n i n g (There
or Wehave/haven,t
o f a n yu n k n o w nw o r d sb y g i v i n ge x a m p l e s .
[. r Explain that Ssare goingto listent two people
t a l k i n ga b o u tt h e i rh o u s e sE. x p l a i n e t a s k .p l a y 8 a. . Ssreadthe dialogue quickly andsaywhatit isabout
the cassette (Apersonisinterested in thehouseadvertised in Ex.6a.)
and askSsto underline e adjectives
. 5swork in pairsandtry to comple the dialogue.
that Ann uses.playit again.Sscircle e adjectives
. Playthe cassette. Sslistenandche theiranswers
t h a tJ o h nu s e s
. . Choose s o m ep a i r st o r e a do u t t h e d i a l o g u e
Playthe cassetteagain Sslistenand checktheir
ANSWETS AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted
answers) [. o Explain t h e t a s k G o t h r o u g ht h e p r o m p t sa n d
c. Explain the task Ssusethe promptsto describe elicitusefulphrases: greeting: Hello!Hi!etc
each .
p e r s o n 'hso u s eT h e nS sd e s c r i bteh e i ro w n h o u s e s S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d a c t o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g
Check5s' performance aroundthe class, then
Suggested AnswerKey somepairsto actout theirdialogues in frontof the
I livein a modernflatin thecity.tt iscentrally
locatedand ctose
to class
the shops.lt is a large 3-bedroomedapartment that is
Suggested AnswerKey
comfortable, wellmaintained andfullyfurnished.
A: Hello!
6 a. Ask 5s to look at the two textsand elicitwherethey B: Goodmorning.I wonderif couldyou giveme samemore
can be found (in a newspaper). Read out the informationabouttheflatin Golders Green.
a d v e r t i s e m e nat sn d e x p l a i na n y u n k n o w nw o r d s A: Ofcourse, whatwouldyou liketo know?
E x p l a i tnh e t a s k .S sw o r k i n p a i r a n d l i s tt h e s p e c i a l B: Firstof all,couldyoutellmeexactlywheretheflatis situated?
featuresof eachproperty. Check s, answers. parkDrive.
A: Yes,it'son Riverside
B: Anddoesit havea separate diningroom?
A: No,it doesn't.There isa combined loungeanddiningroom.
A lnside:3 bedrooms,large lounge/diningroom, fireplace, B: I see.Dothebedrooms havefittedwardrobes?
entrancehall,modernfittedkitchen,attic,centralheating, A: Yes,theydo.
built-inwardrobes B: Onelastquestion. Doesthekitchenhavea dishwasher?
Outside:garage,driveway,largefront gardenwith shared A: Ohdefinitely.
fence,rearpatio,pool B: lt soundsperfect.Whendoyouthinkt couldseeit?
B Inside:2 bedrooms,fuily-furnished,double glazing,air A: Howabout6 o'clockthis evening?
modernsecuntysystem B: That'sfine- seeyouthen.
Outside:largebalcony, modernsecuritysystem
b. Allow Sstwo minutesto preparetheiranswersThen, i Tupescript 5b (p. g)
for Exercise r
a s kv a r i o u 5s st o t a l ka b o u tt h e i rh o u s e s r Sscan referto p 189of the 5'sbookfor the sametapescript

7 a. . R e a do u t t h e l i s to f h o u s e h o ladp p l i a n c e
a sn de l i c i t J o h nH; o wa r ey o u s e t t l i n gi n t o y o u rn e w h o m e ,A n n ?
what they are used for Alternatively, A n n :F t n et,h a n k sJ o h n N o w l ' v eg o t t h e h o m el , v ea l w a y sw a n t e d a
, traditiona
ask Ss cottageIn the country
questions to find out if they know what they are: J o h n ; S o u n dl osv e l yH o w b i g l s i t ?
Wherecan we cleandirty dishes? (tn the dishwasher.) A n n :a h , i t ' so n y s m a l l b, u t t t , sr e a l i yc h e a p
Wherecanwecookfood?(ln/onthecooker.)etc John:lt soundsgreat
. Explain the task Elicitnamesof roomsand write Ann:lt is And it'sverycornfortable. too
them on the board(utility J o h n : D a eist n e e da l o t o f f i x i n gu p ?
room,lounge, efc).WhenSs
havecompleted the task,checktheiranswers(ln
multi-lingual classrooms, compareand contrastSs,
answersAsk Ssto givereasonsfor the locationof John:l u a l l yt,h a n k sf o r a s k i n gl , m m o v i n gi n t o m y n i c en e w m o d e r n
theseitems) f l a tn e
A n n :T h a t ' sg r e a tn e w s lT e l m
l e a l a b o u ti t
Suggested AnswerKey J o h n : W e l lt,' s p a r to f a 3 s t o r e yb u i l d i n gi n t h e s u b u r b s
Ann;ls it far from the city?
vacuumcleaner - utilityroom;electric
heater_ bedroom/lounge;
washing machine- kitchen/uti Iity room/bathroom;
microwave - kitchen;humidifier- bedroom/lounge;
air conditioner- Iounge/bedroom; hairdryer_ bathroom/
A n n :l ' d l o v et o
dishwasher - kitchen;cooker- kitchen

d: . G o t h r o u g ht h e t a b l e sa n de x p l a i nthetask Dadneverdoesthewashing up
. Readthe examples aloudand focusSs'attention OnMondaysit'smyturnto dothedusting.
on the variousstructuresExplainthat we use: usuallydoesthevacuuming.
both,as well as,besidesand o/so to link similar Mymumdoesmostof thecleaning.
ideas,whereaswe use:although,whereas, but and
. As an extension,choosea leaderHe/She mimesone
however to linkopposingideas.
o S sm a k er n s e n t e n c eC s h e c kt h a t 5 su s et h e try to guess
activityfromEx10 Ss,with booksclosed,
linkerscorrectly what the activrtyis The one who guesses correctly
becomes the new leaderandthe gamecontinues.
Suggested AnswerKey
houseBhasn'tgotone. 1 1 a. o Gothroughthetableandpresent anynewvocabulary
House A hasgota poolwhereas
by givingexamples,miming,etc Alternatively,Sscan
BothhouseA andhouseBhavegota garden.
lookup the unknownwordsin theirdictionaries.
BothhouseA andhouseBhavegotan attic.
. Explainthat Ssaregoingto listento a persontalking
House A hasgota patioalthough houseBhasn'tgotone.
havea fence. abouthow the coloursof a roomcanmakeusfeel
HouseBhasgota garden, butit doesn't
. Playthe cassette.Ss do the exerciseCheckSs'
Besides havinga balcony,houseA hasgotairconditioning.
House Bhasn'tgota balconybutit hasgotairconditioning.
Bothhouses havegota security system. AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted
HouseBhasgota cellarbutit hasn'tgota fireplace.
HouseA hasgot a fireplace. However, it hasn'tgot a cellaror b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k P l a yt h e c a s s e t taeg a i n 5 s t h e n d o
built-inwardrobes. the exercrse
Bothhouses havecentralheating
Suggested AnswerKey
Whereas houseA hasa fittedkitchen,houseBhasntgot one.
House A hasa poolanda garage. Also,it hasa garden I wouldpainta child'sbedroomgreenbecause it makespeople
Aswellashavingairconditioning anda security system, house feelrelaxed
Bhasalsogotcentralheating. I wouldpaint a play areared becauseit makespeoplefeel
AlthoughhouseB hasn'tgot a fireplace, it has got central active.
heating I wouldpainta livingroomyellowbecauseit makespeoplefeel
Writing Project t wouldpaint a classroom bluebecauseit makespeoplefeel
b. Explainthe task Elicitthe vocabulary Ssneedto use confident
i n t h e w r i t i n gt a s k .H e l pS st o d o t h e t a s ko r a l l yt,h e n
12 . Readout the listof nouns Checkthat 5s knowthese
assignit aswritten HW
words by asking them to point to the relevant
Suggested nhiort< in the nirtrrro
. Quicklyreviseprepositions of place Positionyourself
A ForSaleLondon.Largedetached housewith garden,patio'
somewhere in the classroom and ask:Whereaml? (l'm
balconyand pool.Fittedkitchenwith centralheatingand
system. with a fireplace'
Fullyair-conditioned next to George.Tim is behindGeorge.Billis in front of
Privatedrivewayand large garage. Attic suitablefor George.)etc Sscanwork in pairsand askand answer
questiona s b o u t t h e p o s i t i o no f v a r i o u sS s i n t h e
conversionCloseto shopsand public transport.Contact
cl:ss CherkSs'nerformance
BrysonProperties: TeL0208253 6 149. ( q m : k o rv Yn <
r J ! rc n
' rtLt' r n a o qahnrrt thp nirtttre
B For RentLargedetachedhousewith centralheating,air
conditioning system.Allbedroomswith
Largeattic.Frontgardenwith private
burlt-rnwardrobes. Thereisa lampnextto thesofa.
drivewayand largegarage.Availablefor long lease.Full Thereisa windowbehindthesofa.
details Agents:TeL020
atN Estate 89426851. Theglasscoffeetableisoppositethefireplace.
Therearesomecushions on thesofa.
t h a t h o u s e h o lcdh o r e sa r eb y g i v i n qe x a m p l e s
1 0 a . E l i c iw Thereisa paintingbetween andthewindow.
(Washing the dishesis a household chore.)5s work in Thereisa plantabovethefireplace
pairsand completethe exerciseCheckSs'answers There in themiddleof theglasscoffeetable
isa candlestick
Elicitadverbsof frequency(sometrmeg often,always,
o As an extension,Ss work in pairs One 5 drawsa
etc) and write them on the board Ss make up
s e n t e n c euss i n gt h e p h r a s e s livingroomand then theytaketurnsto instructeach
other whereto put the furniture(sofa,
answers) table,lamp,cushions,
answers) e g SA: Drawa coffeetablein the middleof the room
SB:Now,you draw an armchairnextto the
I alwoysmakemybedbeforeI leavehomefor work. coffeetable etc
I hatedustingthefurniture. etc
- "' -
b. . Explainthe task Ss work in pairsand complete ixerciser ruip. sl
t h e e x e r c i sC , sm a k eu p
s hen5
e h e c k5 s ' a n s w e r T t sametapescript. I
5s can referto p 189of the S'sbookfor the
W h a t c o J o u rasr et h e r o o m si n y o u r h o u s ep a i n t e d ?W o u l d i t s u r p r i s yeo u t o
Suggested AnswerKey learnthat the coloursaroundyou can affecthow you feel?Well.it'strue, colour
can drastically affectyour mood So it makessenseto surroundyourselfwrth
do the do thewashingup;do thedusting;
ironing; c o l o u r tsh a t y o u l i k ea n d o n e st h a t w i l l p u t y o u t n t oa p o s i t i v fer a m eo f m r n d
do thevacuuming; do thecleaning Cont p 13(T)

9 a. Usethepromptsandthe b. Whichof theseverbscanbe changed
to do+ ing
to makeupsentences formof the verb?Makeup sentences
for eachhouse,asin yourfamilyusingthesephrases.
e bothr aswellas
o alsor besides
. whereas. but
. although. however
in connection
with eachcolour.

. driveway / ./ r 0atcony
. chimney ,/ X . a i rc o n d i t i o n i n g
. garage / ./ . secu|tysystem
o pool .
,/ X cellar x /
. garden ,/ ./ . fireplace
o attrc ,/ ,/ o built-inwardrobes Listenagain.Whatcolourwouldyoupaintthese
o patio ,/ X o centralheating rooms? Why?
. fence X X . fitted kitchen . a d i n i n rgo o m. a c h i l d bs e d r o o m
. a p l a y a r e.aa l i v i n rgo o m. a c l a s s r o o m
AandBhavegota driveway.
HouseAhasgota chimney,but house
B hasn,t
got one. lwouldpainta dining
it stimulates
HouseAhasgota drivewayaswellasa garage. appetite.
havinga garage,
house Ahasgota driveway.
'll Usethe prepositionsandthewordsin the listto
WritingProject describe
the livingroom.
b. Lookat the picturesA andB andwritean o in frontof . nextto . behind. opposite.
advertisementfor eachhouse.Sayif it isfor o between. above. in the middleof
renVsale,what kindof houseit is,how muchit
. fireplace
. candlesticks
r carpet. parntings
. sofa
whatspecial features
it hasgot andgivea . armchair . cushions
. plantr glasscoffee
telephonenumberfor contact. Usethe table
owindow. lamp
advertisementsin Ex.6aasmodels to helpyou.

H o u s e h oC
l dh o r e s
1 0 r. Matchtheverbs
to thenouns.
wash thebeds
d ust tha r:rna+<

the clothes
the windows
the floors

Whichof thesehousehold
choresdo youdo?
Howoften?Whichdo you like/notmind/hate
I sometimes
in theeveninas. There
isa glasscoffeetablein frontof thesofa.
tenseof theverbin brackets.
1 5 Fillinthecorrect
r t e 5 e tt t L c r 5 e s
Drnrnn+ fnnrnr

G r a m m aR
r eference 1 A : l sJ a n es t i l lt h i n k i n g( J a n e / s t i l l / t h i nokf )r e n t i n g
'l ldentifythe tensesin bold,then matchthem to that house?
J B: Yes,why?
t h e i ru s e .
A: Well, some people think (think) that it is
1 TheEarthrevolvesroundthe Sun b h au n t e d
2 T h et r a i nl e a v e sa t 5 : 3 0 I
2 A: Mark is tasting(taste)the curryto see if we
3 J o h ni s l o o k i n gf o r a n e w h o u s e d
needto add anymorespices.
4 S h ec a n ' tp l a y S h eh a sb r o k e nh e rl e g e
B: I don't think we do It tastes(taste)delicious
5 H ei s a l w a y sb i t i n gh i sn a i l s c
a st t t 5
6 | havebeentrying to callyou for an hour a
7 He is flying to Madridtomorrow f 3 A : W h y a r e y o u s m e l l i n g( y o u / s m e l lt )h e m i l k ?|
8 lt's getting colderand colder h o n l yb o u g h ti t t h i sm o r n i n g !
B : W e l l ,i t s m e l l (ss m e l lo) f f t o m e l
a a c t i o nw h i c hs t a r t e di n t h e p a s ta n dc o n t i n u eusp
t o t h e p r e s e nwt i t h e m p h a s o i sn d u r a t i o n r. Talkabout Britishhomes,usingadverbsof
1 6-
b law of nature frequency,as in the examPle.
c e x p r e s s i ni rgr i t a t i o n
d a c t i o nh a p p e n i nagr o u n dt h e t i m eo f s p e a k i n g i . ,i i , , i i :
e resulVconsequence of a pastactivityin the present ,.l,.
I l,ltl.'t'-
f fixedarrangement in the future
g timetable 100%
h g r a d u adl e v e l o p m e n t 7\Yo usuaily
50% o f t e n. . . . . . . . . . .a. g a r a g e
We do not normallyusebelieve,forget, hate,know,
like, love, need, prefer,realise,remember,suppose, 10% rarely a
u n d e r s t a n dw, a n t , a p p e a ri n c o n t i n u o ut se n s e s 0Yo
you. NOT
I believe
Theverbsthink, taste, see,look, smell,feel and have British
homesalwayshaverunning water.
can havecontinuous tenses,but there is a difference in There running
isalways waterin homes.
meanrng Youcanalwaysfrndrunningwaterin British
I think he is desperate.(= l believe)BIJT(m thinking about
b. ln pairsdrawa similar
moving house. (= 1'pconsidering)
yourcountry,thenpresentit in class.

Put the verbsin bracketsinto the correctpresent

In pairs,
| { 17
tense,then identifytheir use. . whatyoudo/don'tdo in yourfreetime
. whatyouaredoingthisweekend
1 Sheis moving(move)housenextweek . whatyouhavedonesofartoday
2 Carland Mary are lookingfor a new house The
landlordhasevicted(evict)them from theirflat 'l muchhaveyouchangedsinceyouwerefive
$ How
3 Haveyou beenwaiting(you/wait)a longtime? asin theexample.
4 Theyare converting(convert)the old mill into a
b e a u t i f unl e w h o m ea t t h e m o m e n t
pairs,actout dialogues,asin the example'
5 Waterfreezes(freeze)at 0" C 1 9 In
6 Herflightarrives(arrive)tonightat 7pm . sleepoutdoors. visita castle'bein a treehouse
7 Are you signing(you/sign)the contractfor the ' stayat a campsite' redecorateyourownbedroom
housenextweek? . stayin a house pool
with itsown swimming
8 The Earth rs becominq(become)warmer and . havea powercutat yourhomet movehouse
9 The bus comes(come)everyten minutes A: Haveyou eversleptoutdoors?
1 0 J a c ka n d M a g g i ea r e s t i l ls e a r c h i n(gs t i l l / s e a r c h ) B: Have
No,thaven't. youevervisiteda castle?
for the perfecthouse A: I have.
1 1 B o bc a n ' tm o v eh o u s en o w b e c a u shee h a ss i g n e d B: Really?
When wasthat?
(sign)a two-yearcontract A: Twoyearsago.Have youever...?etc
: . - . r e t a s k ,t h e nd o i t e m 1 w i t h S s S sw o r k i n p a i r s 17 . Eljcitdifferentfree-timeactivjtres from Ss(reada book,
r rl ire exercrse CheckSs,answersAs an extension.
''-i(e watchN gardening,ridea bike,meetfriends,surfthe net,
up sentencesfor each use ReferSs to the go to the cinema,play games/sporf,etc) and write
-ar Reference
Sectionfor moredetail t h e mo n t h e b o a r d
: ^: ter Key(Seeoverprinted answers)
. E x p l a itnh e t a s k R o l ep l a yw i t h a S T h e n S
, sw o r k i n
:'.:?'1t Slmple
p a i r s a n d a s k a n d a n s w e rq u e s t i o n sC . heckSs,
5 present continuous
: '::entsimple answers. Asksomepairsto act out theirdialogues in
6 presentpeffectcontinuous
:'a;2'ttcontinuous front of the class.
7 present continuous
:'::ett perfect 8 presentcontinuous Suggested AnswerKey
. :=.1 out the theory A: Whatdoyou usuallydo in yourfreetime?
box. Ask Ss to make up B: Well,I usuallygo to the cinema.Sometimes,
: = ^ : e n c euss r n gt h e v e r b si n b o l d R e f e r S s t o t h e I surfthe net.
:-.-:nrar Reference Sectionfor moredetail
. - c,../5s two minutesto complete A: I don'tlikethe cinemaso I usuallywatchW or play board
the exercise games.
, ^ e c k S s ' a n s w e r so n t h e b o a r d S s j u s t i f yt h e i r
: _
i 1/trr<
B: Whatareyoudoingthisweekend?
A: fm visitingmy aunt.Shelivesin thecountryside. Howabout
": ,verKey(Seeoverprinted answers) you?
' ':d arrangement B: l'm goingto a party.
in thefuture
-'::.tlt/consequence ofa pastactivity A: That'snice.Whathaveyoudonesofar today?
in thepresent
: ::.;on whichstartedin thepastand continues B: t!/ell,l'vemademy bed,l,vehad breakfastand l,veplayed
up to the
:'esentwithemphasis on duration footbalI. What aboutyou?
t on happeningaroundthetimeof speaking A: l'vefixedmy bikeandl,vetakenmy littlesisterto herfriend,s
', of nature house.
' 'ed 1 8 E x p l a i tnh e t a s k .E l i c rftr o m S sw h a t t h e s ec h a n g e cs a n
in thefuture
,':lual development be: height, weight, appearance,etc. Aljow Ss t\,vo
: ^'etable m r n u t e tso t h i n ko f s e n t e n c etsh, e n a s ki n d i v i d u aSlst c
::.tcn happening aroundthetimeof speaking readout theirsentences
of a pastactivityin the present Suggested AnswerKey
lh a lot taller.
=:'. 55' 31'15yygrs
on the boardwhile they readthem
t'veput on weight.
: 's,',er Key(See
1 9 R e a do u t t h e l i s to f p r o m p t sC h o o s et w o S sa n d m o d e l
: .
Qurcklyrevisethe adverbsof frequency. t h e d i a l o g u e S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d a c t o u t s r m r l a r
adverbs from Ss (always,sometimes, neverfelc). dialogues. CheckSs'answers, then choosesomepairsto
iVrrte: - Heis late for work.Heworks/afe._ on the a c to u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s
Suggested AnswerKey
Ask5sto put alwaysin the correctplacein these
sentences Elicitfrom Ssthat adverbs A: ...beenin a treehouse?
of frequency
go beforea main verb (Healwaysworkslate.)but B: No,I haven't.Haveyou everstayedat a campsite?
after auxiliary/modal A: No, I haven't. Have you ever redecoratedyour own
verbs (Heis alwayslatefor
,\/orK.) bedroom?
. G o t h r o u g ht h e d i a g r a mw i t h B: Yes,I have.
S s R e a do u t t h e
e x a m p l e sP.o i n to u t t h a t S s c a n u s ea n y o f t h e A: Really? Whenwasthat?
:hree structures (have,there is,you can find) to B: Lastsummer.Haveyou everstayedin a housewith itsown
.nakeup sentences. swimming pool?
Ssthen completethe task.
A: No,I haven't. Haveyoueverhada powercutat yourhome?
;" agested AnswerKey B: Yes,I have.
:: - :' lcmesusually havea gardenor a yard. A: Really? Whenwasthat?
s oftena garagein Britishhomes. B: A weekago.Haveyouevermovedhouse?
- - : i " sometimes finda cellarora basement in Britishhomes. A: Yes,I have,
: . :' ^omesrarelyhavea swimming pool. B: ReallyT Whenwasthat?
-:-'. s never A: Twoyearsago.
a stormcellarin Britishhomes.

: : <ciainthe task and set it for homework Ask

-CividualSs to present
their tablesto the class
draw a similartableon the board Elicit
oeasfrom 5s about what a typicalhome in your
:cuntry has/hasn'tgot and completethe table Ss
.opythe iableintotheirnotebooks,thentalkaboutit

. Explain the task Readout the prompts,then choose AnswerKey(See answers)
two Ssto readout the examPle arrangementthus
1 fixedfuture present
. G o t h r o u g ht h e p r o m p t sa n dc h e c kf o r a n yu n k n o w n 2 ttmetable simPle
w o r d s S i w o r k i n p a i r sa n da c t o u t d i a l o g u e C
s heck 3 acttonwhichstartedin thepastand continues up to the
S s 'p e r f o r m a n cteh,e n c h o o s es o m ep a i r st o a c t o u t present
with emphasis on durationthuspresentperfect
t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s conunuous
AnswerKey of a pastactivityin the presentthus
4 result/consequence
2 A: Youlooktired.What haveyou beendoing? up to the
5 actionwhichstartedin thepastand continues
B: I'vebeendoing mY homework.
presentwith emphasison durationthuspresentperfect
A: Whathaveyou doneT
B: Wel[t'vefinishedmy Mathsand writtena composition,
butI haven'tstudiedforthetestyet workswith Appendix1
24 a. . Explainthat this exercise
3 A: Youlookexcited Whathaveyoubeendoing? a t t h e b a c ko f t h e b o o k P r e s e nt h t e t a b l ei n t h e
B: l'vebeenorganisinga PartY. Appendix a n d g o t h r o u q hl e t t e r A
s & Bwith Ss
A: Whathaveyoudone? . S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC' h e c kS s '
B: Wetl,l've sentout the invitationsand bookedthe a n s w e r sT h e n ,S st r y t o e x p l a i nt h e p h r a s e bs y
butI haven'tbookedthebandyet
caterers, g i v i n g e x a m p l e s s, y n o n y m s ,e t c S s s h o u l d
m e m o r i steh e s eP h r a s e s
. Elicitfrom Ss how we use thesetime adverbsAsk
questions:Whichtimeadverbs do weusewiththepresent AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)
perfect? already, for,since); What sentence structuredo
we use wtth yet'? (We use yet in the negativeand A P P e n d i1x( P .1 1 )
interrogative of thepresentperfect. e.g.I haven'tcookedyet' Sscanreferto p 182 of theS'sbookforthesameappendix 1
Haveyoucookedyet?); Whatsentence structure do we use
with already? (We use already in the affirmative of the A
. absentfrom (adj). abstainfrom (v)' accordingto (prep)' accountfor (v)
present perfect. e.g.I havealreadycooked')etc . accusesll of (v). accustomedto (adj)'acquainted wrth (adj)
. A l t e r n a t i v egl yi v, ep r o m p t sa n da s kS st o m a k eu p
s e n t e n c euss i n gt h e I i s t e dt i m e a d v e r b s
. amusedaVwth/by(adl). angry at what sb does(adl)
invitations; TonY/buY a car,etc
. W h e ny o u a r es u r et h a t S sh a v eu n d e r s t o otdh e u s e
a n d s e n t e n c es t r u c t u r e a , sk them to make up
sentences about themselves
Suggested AnswerKeY of (ad1)
. (un)aware
I haven'tdonetheshoPPing Yet . bad at (ad;)(but; Hewas verybad to me ) ' baseon (v) beg for
' (v)
pro1ect (v)' bet on (v)
I am stillworkingon myscience . begin with (v) ' believein (v)r 6q16.t to (v)' benefit from
I hovealready readthismorning's paper. . b e w a r ee f ( v ). ( p u tt h e )b l a m eo n s b ( n )o [ 1 3 6 " s b f o r s r h
)ohnfor3years. . blamesth on sb (v) ' boast abouvof(v)' boredrvith/ofiadl)
I haven'tseenmycousin t t ( a d j )' b u s yw r t h l a d l l
. b o r r o ws t h f r o ms b ( v ) ' b r i l l i a n a
I haven'tseen myfriendMarysinceMarch
t amdoingmyhomework at themomenL
b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k 5 s d o t h e a c t l v r t yH e l pt h e mw h e i ' e
lwakeup earlyeverydaY. lf 5s havedifficultydoingthe taskyou can
I amsittingat mydesknow.
r e a do u t e s u g g e s t eadn s v / e ! ' k ebye l o w
t h
I amseeingJeffnextSaturdaY'
. Write: I havecleaned thehouse.l havebeencleaningthe
housesince10 o'clock - on the board' Ask: l/Vhlch
sentence givesemphasis to thedurationof theaction?(2)
Whichsentence isabouta finished action? (1)
. D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s ,t h e n g o t h r o u g ht h e r e s to f t h e
itemsand check for any unknown words
. A l l o w S st w o m i n u t e st o d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s '
answers while 5s read out their sentences
Alternatively, completethe task orallyin class,then
assignit aswrittenHW
2 Hehasbeensittingin thesunallmorning
3 | havebeenwatchingW forhours.
4 Hehasstudiedhard.
5 Hehasbeenonadiet.
6 Shehasboughta newhouse'

i Explain t h e t a s k 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s e
A l i o w t h e m t w o m i n u t e st o c o m p l e t et h e t a s k t h e n
checktheiranswersAsk Ssto justifytheiranswers
20 Usethe promptsto actout f J Circle
asin the example.
'! 1 l ' m a f r a i dI c a n ' t m a k e t o n i g h t I the estateagent at 7
exhausted- work/garden o'clock.
. planVflowers(/)
A see @ am seeing C haveseen D havebeenseeing
. prune/bushes(/)
. water/lawn(X) 2 T h ef i l m . . at 7:30
A hasbeenstartingB hasstarted C is starting @ starts
A: Youlookexhausted.What
3 He to flnda cleaning womanfor a monrnnow
haveyou beendoing?
B: l'vebeenworking @ has been trying B tries C istrying D hastried
in the
= garden. 4 Look!You coffeeall overmy deskl
Whathave youdone? A h a v eb e e ns p i l l i n g C w e r es p i l l i n g
Well,l've some @ havespilt D spill
andprunedthe 5 He the propertysectionof the newspapereveryday,but
butlhaven't h e s t i l lh a s n ' ft o u n da n y t h i n g
thelawnyet. @ frasbeenreading B is reading C haveread D read
- do/homework
. finish/Maths(/)
o writey'composition
(/) Prepositions
o study/test(X) Appendixj
- organise/party
24a Fillin the correctpreposition,then explainthe phrases.
o book/caterers
(,/) 1 Ann hasbeenabsentfrom work for two weeks
. book/band(X)
2 it hastakenMarka longtime to becomeaccustomed to the Australian
3 Theyaccusedhim of stealingthe car.
21 Makeup sentencesabout 4 We needto agreeon a time to meet.
usingpresenttenses 5 Heapologisedto Maryfor beinglatelastnight
andthe timeadverbsin the list. 6 Emmahasappliedto LeedsUniversity for a placeon the Historycourse.
r yet o still e already. for 7 Some people don't approve of the council,splan to build a new
. sincer at themoment shoppingcentrein town
' everyoayI no* 8 Theold manwas beggingfor food
. nextSaturday 9 Do you believein magic?
1 0 Robhasbeenbusywith the redecoratinq allweek
I hoven't

Usethe promptsto write b . ChainStory.Readthe beginningofthe story,then, one after the

asin the example.Use othel continuethe story usingthe phrasesin bold from Ex.24a.
perfector present
JohnSmithworkedasan office
1 Anncan'tgetintothehouse goodat hisjob,but
(lose/herkey) unfortunately
She wasn't
haslostherkey. workbecause he
2 Tom'ssunburnt(sit/inthe
3 My eyeshurt (watchTV/
Nickhaslosta lot of weight
(be on a diet)
Amy looksso happy!(buy/
new house)
2 5 Then
Fillin the correctPrePositions. WordFormation
chooseany five
Phrases and
makeup sentences 27 Filin the.correct
word derlveoTrom
1 out of the ordinarY;2 from the word in bold.
scratch;3 in the countrYside; 4 to
expectsth from sb; 5 in the winter;
6 to appealto sb;7 to liveIn a tree
top; 8 to becomeshort of sPace;
9 an extensionto his home, 10 to
c o n v i n c ep e o P l eo f s t h ; 1 1 t h e
benefitsof sth; 12 suitablefor sb;
13 to sufferfrom haYfever;14 fear
of heights

Replacethe words in bold
2 6 ^ with the approPriate Phrasal
verb formed with breokor

My computer has stoPPed

working (= brokendown)
My favourite band have just
releasedtheir new album (=
Schoolsfinish for the summer
tomorrow (= breakuP)
Shewas raisedbYhergrandma
(= broughtup)
The burglarsentered bY force
and stole all our valuables
(= brokein)
A fire began suddenlYon the
second floor of the building
(= brokeout) Can you imagine anything worse than returning
7 Visiting my old neighbourhood home to find that burglars have broken into your
house? 0) tJnfortunotely, this happens to about I FORTUNE
always makes me recall
m i l l i o n p e o p l e i n B r i t a i n 1 ) a n n u a l l y .H o w e v e r ' i f y o u ANNUAL
memoriesof familY holidaYs
want better 2) protection against burglars, there are PROTECT
(= bringsback)
several things you can do. To improve 3) security, SECURE
8 The two countries ended
diplomatic relationswith each check all the locks on your doors and windows' The
4) installation of lighting all around the house will
othertwo Years ago.(= brokeoff)
make sure a burglar is 5) unable to hide in the
shadows. An alarm system is another good
Competition 6 ) p r e v e n t a t i v em e a s u r ey o u c a n t a k e . PREVENT
Startinga 7) neighbourhood watch group is also a NEIGHBOUR
b. Choose oneof the Phrasal
verbsin Ex.26aanddrawa
pictureaboutit. In teams,
showyourPictureto the away on ho1 s is when your neighbours'help
. Ask them to collect your mail, VALUE
class. is most l0)
the phrasalverbfirstgetsone open and close your curtains etery day, switch your
point.Continue the game lights on and off and even mow your lawn to make
untilallof Youhaveshown your houselook occuPied.
the mostPointsisthewinner.
. Explain t h a t t h e p h r a s e si n t h i s e x e r c i saer e t a k e n T e a m A5 1 : T h ec o m p u t ehr a sb r o k e nu p
l r o mt h e a r t i c l eo n p p 6 - 7 D o i t e m1 w i t h S s t, h e nS s
'.vorkin pairs T: No, it hasn't
and completethe exerciseCheckSs, TeamBS'1: Thecomputerhasbrokendown
answers 5s choosefive expressions and make up T: CorrectOnepointfor team B
. Alternatively, assignthe exercise as written HW Ss 2 7 o Pre-Reading: Ask Ssto look at the title of the article
creparetheirsentences for the nextlessonCheckSs, and the picture Ask Ssto sayhow this housecould
answerS be broken inlo (throughthewindow,ctimbingontothe
answers) balconyand getting in throughthe door,etc). Ask Ss:
Whatcan wedo to protectour houses fromburglars? (put
:t CWnAnSWerS)
locks on the doors/windows,have an alarm system
installed, efcl Ask Ssto skim the text quicklyand say
e . Explainthat this exercise workswith Appendix2 what the articleis about,
at the backof the book Explainthat the words in bold are the stem from
. Ask Ssto think of any phrasalverbsformedwith whichthe missing wordsarederived
b r e a ko r b r i n g W r i t et h e m o n t h e b o a r d E l i c i t o R e a dt h e t e x t a l o u du p t o t h e e x a m p l e
E l i c rtth a t
t h e i rm e a n i n gbsy a s k i n gS st o g i v ee x a m p l e s unfortunatelyis an adverb Continuewith item t
r D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s ,t h e n S s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d Elicitwhat the missingword is by askingquestions: /s
completethe exerciseCheck Ss, answers Ss it a verb?(No,thesentence hasgota verb*,happens,.); lsit
s h o u l dt h e n m e m o r i steh e s ep h r a s avle r b s an adjective? (No,thereisno nounafter it.);lsit an adverb?
4nswerKey(See overprinted (Yes, it is.);Howdo wenormallyformadverbs? (Byadding
-ly to the adjective.);What is the
missingword, then?
Appendix2 (p. 12) Write the answeron the board Repeatthe same
-:n referto p.185of the S,sbookfor the sameappendix process for the restof the itemsin the exercise
. When Ss have completedthe exercise,
-ri;:r;,r i n d i v r d uSa lst o r e a do u t t h e t e x t
I n : , r 3 i v n = 1 )( i n t )( o f m a c h i n e r y ) bring about = (tr) AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted
causeto happen answers)
. _ ' . t g ; 2 ) ( i n t )( o f a p e r s o nl )o s e bring back= (tr)cause
to recall
: : " e e l i n g s 3; ) ( i n t )( o f bring down = (tr)causeto fali . Post Reading:Sswork in pairsand desiqna leaflet
: : r: - ationsetc)fail;4) (tr) bring forward = (tr)movesth to dn
. r - = _ i d e rh e a d i n g s
e a r l i edr a t eo r t i m e o n h o w t o b u r g l a r p r o oyfo u r h o m e . S s c a n a d d
: : : . I = i r n t )e n t e rb y f o r c eo r bring in = (tr)createprofiVmoney picturesand helpfuladvice
bring on = (tr)cause.ususth o A s a n e x t e n s i o na,s k S s t o m a k e a
: i:, rto = 1) (tr)enterby force; tablein their
unpteasant notebookswith 5 columns.Writetheseheadingson
- - errupt
b r i n go u t = ( i r )p u i o n t h e m a r k e t
: ' : : , : f f = ( t r )e n da r e l a t i o n sph/ b r i n gr o u n d= ' i 1 1i c a l r s reo r e g a r n
the board: verb,noun(person), noun(abstract), adjective,
c o n s c l o u s n e2s)s( ,t r )p e r s u a d e
b ,r i n g adverbSscopythem into theirnotebooks.
: : ; . l J t - , 1 1 f)o -w d r ,e t c rb e g i n over (to) . Startfillingin the tablewith the words
in bold from
bring up = 1) (tr)raisea child,2) (tr) Ex 27 Then, ask Ss to think of derivativesto
: : : . : - r o u g h= / r n ra) o v a r c re, r s p r L e mention/introduce
a sublect c o m p l e t et h e t a b l e , 5 s c o p y t h e t a b l e i n t o t h e i r
: : : , : : = i i r ) t e l l( u s ub a dn e w sr)o notebooksAsk Ss to updatethis table each time
:. :wa! theycompletea word formationexercise
: . : . _ p = ' t) ( i n t )( o f s c h o o l se,t c ) ;
: : - - l | d a y s2 ) ( i n t )e n da

I b . P l a yt h e g a m ea s i n s t r u c t eidn t h e S t u d e n t ,Bso o r

S sc o m p l e t e
3 0 . E x p l a itnh e t a s D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s T h e n
28 . Pre-Reading: Ask Ssto look backat pp 6-7 and list sing their dictionaries if necessary
the exercise,
t h e u n u s u ahl o u s e sB r a i n s t o rwmi t h S sa n dl r s to t h e r
Check Ss' answers
u n u s u ahl o u s etsh a t S sh a v eh e a r do f
. Explain that in this kindof exercise Ssaregivena text Answer Key(See overprrnted answers)
which some llnes contain a mistake in the form of
out . A s a n e x t e n s i o na,s k S s t o t h i n k o f s i m i l a ri d i o m s
an extraword whrchneedsto be removedRead u s i n gc o l o u r si n t h e i rm o t h e rt o n g u e T h e n 'e x p l a t n
the title and elicitwhat the text might be about t h e s ei d i o m si n E n q l i s h '
5s to skimthe text silentlyto checkif their
werecorrectPresent the tiP '1 the
31 Explain the task Do item with Ss,then Sscomplete
. Readout the first sentenceFocusSs' attentlonon
and exerciseCheckSs'answers
the word to Ask 5s to explainwhy to is extra
thereforewrong (because modalverbsdo not takea to- Answer Key(See overprinted answers)
infinitive) 1 on themove,usuallY outdoors
. Readout the secondline of the text Elicitthat it 2 resolvetheir differences
doesunot containa mistakePointout that Ssneed 3 disaPPear comPletelY
line by line, not sentence by
read the article 4 insistent
sentence 5 to notgo alongwithsth
. Ask Ssto readthe third line and look for a mlstaKe 6 makeadeal wtthoutcomProm$tng
Continuewith the restof the text Ssshould '*'-"- '"*
'. *'--'"': ..-:''"*"'" I
justifYtheircorrectlons for Exercise 11a (p' 9) Cont'
ask individual Tapescript 1
. When Sshavecompletedthe exercise'
text S, .un refer to p.1 89 of the S's book for the sametapescript. I
5sto readthrouqhthe corrected i;., ...,-.-.-

Answer Key(See overprtnted answers)

afterrelative pronouns whenthe
1 we do not usepronouns
relattvepronoun and the subiect are the same short arnountof time eachdaY
we can say'of many' but not'many of' without a pronoun
5 wedo notuseboffithe nounandthepronoun
preposrtion between the verb and the
6 we do notpur a
7 'insrze'isa setphrase and doesnotneedthedefinite
'if'ln thisstructure lmpatlenr
9 wecan'tuse'even' with
before the adiective becausethe quality is
li wedo notneed,so,
notbeingemphasized it issimplybeingstated.
12 *, ,on'iurc to-rnfinitive before a pastparticiple
we are
14 we only usetheconiunctton'that'wtth'so'when
for somethtng - here the text is
introducing the reason
simPlY referring to the next event
: s k 5 s t o d e s i g nt h e i r i d e a lh o u s e
. P o s t R e a d i n gA
a n d a d d
E n c o u r a g5 es t o u s e t h e i r i m a g i n a t i o n s
featuresthat reflecttheir personalities The designs
canbe Put uP in the classroom
(an o u r c o l o u r s c h e m e sw h e n t h e
T h e r e f o r e ,w e s h o u l c lt h l n k c a r e f u l l ya b o u t
. As an extenslon,ask 5s: f4lhottypeof wntingis rt? because different colours can affect how we feel
(a newspaperor cornes to reclecorate
artrcle); Where could it be found? t h o u g h , w e s h o u l d rely or our own taste
number of ways That said,
a n d f e e l c o m f o r t a b l ew i t h . U s e
magazne) s u r r o u n do u r s e l v e sw t r n t n e c o l o u r sw e l i k e
that the
29 o Presentthe tip and readitem l Pointout
meanlng as
secondsentenceshouldhavethe same
that 5s should use the
the first one Also point out
w o r d i n b o l dw i t h o u tc h a n q r n igt a n d c o m p l e t e
gaPwith two to five words
. Do item 1 with Ss Elicitthe grammarstructure
tested Then Ss work in pairs and complete
1 superlative present wtth
2 PresentPerfectwith'fo/
j PresentPerfectcontinuous
4 andPhrasalverb
5 phrasalverb

ron ldioms& FixedPhrases
30 Fillinthecorrect
ateadr line.
explain theexpressions

hthere, write
ct the lines,asin

Sophiegoesto the cinemaonce

in a blue moon. Shedoesn't
likeit much.(= rarely)
Jackfell down the stairsanq ne
is black and blue all over.
(= bruised)
Angela definitely has green
fingers- evefihing rn hergarden
grows really well. (= good at
Heis a bit green- he hasn'tgot
muchexperience in this kind of
work. (- inexperienced)
Theyknewthat if shefoundout
the truth it would hurt her
feelingsso they told her a little
white lie (= fib)
She doesn't want to say
anythinguntil she hasseenthe
factsin blackand white.(= 6;ss1
a n ds i m p l e )
31 Underline
t!) Complete
thesecond explain
sentence usingthe word
in bold.Youcanusetwo lan is veryactive.He is always
to fivewordsincluding out and round.
the wordgiven.Don't After the argumentthey both
changethe wordgiven. did their bestto cleon/cleorthe
I can'tfind my keysanywhere -
theyseemto havevanished
1 I'veneverseensucha tiny house
into thh/delicateair.
ever lt'sthe tiniesthouseI haveeverseen
Matt lsverydetermined to buy
2 lt'sa longtime sincehe lastvisitedus. the cottage.Hewon't
for He hasn'tvisitedus for a longtime. accep no for an answer
3 lt'sa yearsincehe startedworkinghere. Theywantedto builda holiday
been He hasbeenworkingherefor a yearnow. resorthere,but the ownersof
thosebeachfront cottages
4 Hisnew bookwill be on the marketnextMarch
niedto play ball
out Hisnew bookwill be broughtout next March
Theyknewtheywould haveto
5 Two menforcedtheirway into Sally,s
flat lastnight drivea difficul bargain if
broke Two men brokeinto Sallv's
flat lastniqht theywantedto buy the house
at a pricethey couldaffo..l
as true (IJ
32 Ttvepeopre Listenagainand mark the sentences
:. :.: or false (F).
problems 1 MarshaWardis a writerand a parent T
theyare 2 1 , 0 0 0c h i l d r e inn B r i t a i nh a v ea c c i d e n t s
at homeeachyear F
theirhouses. 3 Youngchildren have more accidents
t h a no l d e rc h i l d r e n T
the problems(A-F) 4 Thebathroomisthe mostdangerous
(1-5). r o o mi n t h e h o u s e F
to thespeakers
Thereis oneextraproblemwhichyoudo not need
ro use. J $ Lookatthe and,inpairs,
pictures talkabout:
o thedangers faceat home
A badlyfittingwindow S p e a k e1r . h*w (* ri:;kr {--rijr
hiitis*i; sfi{e i'Jt *hri*}l'+:n
B centralheatingdoesn'twork Speaker 2 rF-]
l r l
Usethe promptsbelowto helPYou.
C a i rc o n d i t i o n edro e s n 'w
t ork Speaker 3 E
D l e a k i n gr o o f Speaker 4
E not enoughspace Speaker 5 E
F drivewayneedsrepairing

andcontrast them.
JJ Lookat thepictures.
belowto help

. WhrchhousewouidYou
Grvereasons o electrical sockets/hot stoves - lril{:'ty {ti",'/.sjf1
\rketo iivein?
house similar . chemicals/cleaningproducts/medicine- ir.re.is'ltj
. uo* is Your
from the ones il-l i:llJ{l;l i'ij:}
r cupboards& drawers- r;ri*i! {.fii*il+:ss:rr:
in the Pictures?
miS-l\t . swimmingpools - q'-l;,:r'r{ r+ils
. What Problems
of house r . -
staircases rnfely 1*ie:
facein each tYPe
neiqhbour s' r knives/irons- ireer*fl:Lxl,;l i#ii{fi
r]lint unout' noise'
cefrom shoP Electrical
sockets because
areverydangerous childrencan
di stan
elc covers
beelectrocuted. put
shouldbe on.

cA I /h'c'ck6
Youaregoingto heara womantalkingabout
homesafety. Whichof thesewordsdo you the house.
expectto hearandin what context?Listenand
. headache . falling. burning' drowning
. choking. toothache r poisoning. scaldrng
o cutting. electrocution ' tndigestton

I wouldn't tohearthewordheadache'
"Fatling isa common
downthestairs accident'"

3 2 . P r e - L i s t e n i nE g :x p l a i tno S t h a t t h e y a r e g o i n gt o Choking ona pieceof foodisa commonhouseholdaccident.
listento five peopletalking bout problemsthey are Poisoningfrom drinking cleaningproductsis a common
h a v i n gw i t h t h e i r h o u s e s .E j i c i tv a r i o u sp r o b l e m s household accident.
people can have (noisyneighbours, brokenwindow, Scaldingyourselfwith hot wateris a common household
leakingroof,no centralheating,notenoughroom, eIc). accident.
Ask Ssto readthe problemsA to F.Explainthat Ss Cuttingyourselfwhilepreparingfoodis a commonhousehold
areexpected to matchthe speakers to the problems accident.
Poino t u t t h a t t h e r er so n ee x t r ap r o b l e m Electrocutioncausedby faultywiringis a commonhousehold
E x p l a itnh a t S ss h o u l dl i s t e nt o e a c hs p e a k ecra r e f u l l y accident.
a n d w a i t u n t i l t h e y h a v ef i n i s h e ds p e a k i n qb e f o r e
t h e y m a t c h t h e m t o t h e p r o b l e m sb e c J u s et n e r PIaythe cassetteSscheckthejranswers
s p e a k e rcsa n u s e m i s l e a d i nign f o r m a t i o np o j n to u t
t h a t t h e yw i l l l i s t e nt o t h e t a p e s c r i pttw
s ice b. Ask Ssto readitemsI -4 playthe cassette
again Ss
Playthe cassette5s listenand do the exerciseCheck markthe sentencesastrue or false
Ss'answers AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted
35 o A s k S st o l o o k a t t h e v r s u apr r m p t s a n d s a yw h a t
. a c c i d e ncto u l dh a p p e ni n e a c hs u a t i o n .
+s an extension, playthe cassetteagarn pausethe o G o t h r o u g ht h e w r i t t e n p r o m p t sa n d h e l p
:assetteaftereachspeakerAskSsto write down the S sw i t h
.',ordsrelatedto each problem,then use them to a n yu n k n o w nw o r d s
-ake up sentences (badly . A l l o w5 so n e m i n u t et o p r e p a r teh e i ra n s w e r s
fitting window:double- Check
; tzing,feelthedraught,gap,coldair comesin.My house
-.sn't got double-glazing.
Whenthe frontdooris openI Suggested AnswerKey
: :. feelthedraughtin thelounge. ln winter, coldair comes Hot stovescanbe dangerous because childrenmay burn
, ^derneath thebackdoor.) themselves. Safety
coversshouldbeusedon cookers..
- - : r n a t i v e l ya,s k S s t o t a l k a b o u t o t h e r p r o b l e m s
Chemicals, cleaningproducts
andmedicine aredanqerous
: = : c r ec a nh a v ew i t h t h e i rh o u s e s because childrenmayswallowthemandbepoisoneld. They
shouldbekeptin lockedcupboards.
: , : : r t h et a s k E l i c iwt h a tt y p e so f d w e l l i n g t h et w o Cupboardsand drawersmay contain itemsw*hichare
- :.-'es show (4: cottage,B:blockofftats) Ask Ss to dangerous forchildren.
Safetycatchesshouldbeput on so
: : : : - c e e a c hp t c t u r e thatchildren
' cannotopenthem.
! - . ^ . o u g ht h e e x p r e s s i olni sst e dE x p l a itnh a t w h e n Swimming poolscanbe dangerous because childrenmay
- - - : - c a r e a n d c o n t r a stth e t w o p i c t u r etsh e y n e e d fall in and drownin them.Childrenshouldbe supervised
- - s . : r e s ee x p r e s s i o nEsl i c iith e p o i n t sS sn e e dt o nearthemanda guardrailshouldbebuilt.
, - , r o r d e rt o c o m p l e t teh e t a s k W r i t et h e mo n Staircases can be dangerousbecausechildrenmay falt
.a'. type,size,location,specialfeatures, price,etc. downthem.Theyshouldbeclosedoff withsafetveatesso
- ' e i u l v o c a b u l a r tyo h e l p S s c o m p a r et h e children cannotgo upstairs
= ' 5 sd o t h e t a s k ,t h e na n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n s Hot irons are dangerousbecausechildren mav burn
: AnswerKey themselves on them.They shouldbekeptoutof reach.
Knivesaredangerous becausechildrencancut themselves
:: :^c,udwellrngs
' - ,',:3 on them.Theyshouldbekeptoutof reach.
cottagebutpictureBshowsa blockof flats.
' : ::ire A isin
perhapsin a village. 3 6 o Pre-Listening: Ask Ssto lookat the form Elicitwhat
-' .'e otherhand,is in a city or largetown and it is for (detailsof typeof housesbis lookingfol andwho
: :,:) notn road wouldhavesucha form (estate agent) Ask Ss to read
:t livein thecottagein pictureA because t like t h e f o r m a n d a s kq u e s t i o ntsh e e s t a t ea g e n ti s l i k e l y
a?. to be asked Then,elicit possibleanswers (Type of
. :iite differentfrom the onesin the pictures house:detached, flat, etc)
: j :,',,o-storey
houseon a quietstreetin a small . Playthe cassette twice Sslistenand fill rn the form
* sr to picture C h e c kS s 'a n s w e ros n t h e b o a r d
A because it hasa garden.It is
: t ctureBbecause it ismadeof brick.
^:,teproblems AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted
with theheatingin winter.lt
' :.
ctedandquitefarfromthelocalshopsand o As an extension,
askSsto usethe completedform to
talk aboutthe houseor write an advertisement
for it
': .,eproblems with thenoisefromthe street
:^bours.lt nay bedifficulttopark,too.
Tapescript for Exercise 32 (p.1a) -+ Seep. 16(T)
and the task 5s do the Sscanreferto p 190 of theS'sbookforthesametapescript

Tapescript for Exercise 34a (p. 14)-+ Seep. 16(T)

: 'zir theword'toothache' 5scanreferto p 190 of theS,sbookforthesametapescript
or 'indigestion,.
,' lhe cookeris a commonhousehold
Tapescript 36 (p. 14)-+ Seep. 17(T)
for Exercise
-nrng pool is a common
household Ss c:n r c f o r iL n np 1r rOun -- Ir y
^ Up O 1r o
^ ff t+h
h ^e c , . h ^ ^ ,
S ' sb o o k fr o
r t h e s a m et a p e s c r i p t

. E x p l a i nt h e t a s k , G o t h r o u q h t h e p i c t u r e sa n d 39 a. . E l i c i tw h a t k i n d so f s e r v i c es b c o u l d r e q u e s t
rdentifytheir content (remodel kitchen, havea fireplace (plumber, electrictan, locksmith,etc) Explain the
built, have a swimmingpool built, add a second task Playthe cassette5s answerthe question
bathroom) Write on the boardsome usefulphrases AnswerKey(See answer)
5s will need (That's a goodidea;Yes,you're right;Yes, but
youknow...;That's true;l'm afraidI don'taqreewithyou' ';
. C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r st h, e na s kt h e mt o r e a do u t t h e
etc) dialogue
. M o d e lt h e e x a m p l e w i t h a S T h e n5 s w o r k I n p a l r s AnswerKey(Seeoverprrnted
a n da c t o u t t h e i rd i a l o g u eMs o n i t o rS s 'p e r f o r m a n c e ,
then askthem to swap roles Ask somepairsto act b . Go through the list of prompts,Elicitvariou:
s f r o n to f t h e c l a s s
o u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei n problems (air conditioning- not working,bathroon-'
window- broken,kitchentap - leakingetc) Then Ss
Suggested AnswerKeY that Ss
work in pairsand do the exerciseExplain
A: t thinksheshouldadda second bathroom. canusethe dialogue in Ex39aasa modelCheck5s'
B: Yes, got
she's a familyof four,
so anotherbathroomwould answers,then ask some pairsto act out thelr
bereallyuseful. dialoguesin frontof the class
A: Especiallyin the morningwheneveryone is tryingto get
readyforworkandschool! Suggested AnswerKeY
B: An extrabedroomwouldalsobea goodidea.Thatway,the A: Brown & HowcanI helPYou?
children wouldhavemorePrivocy. B: Hello.MynameisAnnSmith.
A: Thatstrue.Theycouldstudyor evenlistento mugcin peace A: HelloMsSmith.WhatcanI do foryou?
andquiet. B: l'vegota problemwithmyairconditroning.
B: Youknow,anothergood idea wouldbe to remodelthe A: What'swrongwithit?
kitchen. B: lt'snot working.
A: Yes,you'reright.tt wouldmakeit a morepleasant workplace A: l'llsendsomeone to lookat it rtghtaway'
and alsoa nice place for thewhole familytc get together B: Thankyou, thatwouldbegreat
and eat A: Whatisyouraddress, Please?
B: Yes,butdo youknowwhat I think everyone would really Iike?A B: 21, MarketStreet.
swimming pool!
A: You'rejoking! 40 a. Elicitpossiblesituationswhere we can expressour
B: No, not.lf sheput rn a swimminqpool,thenthewhole
l'm sympathy(failingan exam osingyouriob, not gettinga
familywouldbe ableto get someexercise and enioythe promotion,etc) Explainth task Playthe cassetteSs
outdoors, esPeciallYin summer' do the exerciseCheck5s' answers
A: You'reabsolutely right.The wouldstayathome
bring a
theirfriends,too.Yes,poolwouldbegreat! AnswerKey
t havinga caraccident 3 sbbeingevrcted
a. . R e a do u t t h e h e a d i n gE l i c ipt o s s i b lpel a c ew
s here 2 gettinglockedout
such a dialoguemay take place (of an estate
agent's, overthetelephone, on thepremises of a house b . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k ,t h e n S sd o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s '
to rent,etc) anSwers
. Playthe cassetteSsanswerthe question
AnswerKey(See answer)
c. Readout the list of phrases,then go through the
[ . o 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s ' andcheckSs'understanding
situations Explain the task,
answers,then ask 5s to read out from the then model a dialoguewith a 5 Sswork in pairsandact
dialogues out their dialoguesCheckSs' performance, then ask
somepatrsto actout theirdialoguesin frontof the class
Suggested AnswerKeY
. G o t h r o u g ht h e p r o m p t sS sw o r k i n p a i r sa n da c t A: There'sa firein thebasement!
o u t t h e d i a l o g u e sP o i n to u t t h a t S sc a n u s et h e B: Howterrible!
d i a l o g u ien E x 3 8 b a sa m o d e l Shefelldownthestairs.
A: Myauntisrnhospital.
Suggested AnswerKeY B: Youmustbe verY worried.
A: Howdoyoulikeit,then? A: I drdn'tgettheflqtI wanted
B: Wetl,it'sin a niceareaandtherearefourbedrooms, but it'sa B: That'sa shame!
longwayfromtheshoPs. A: Myfriend's daughter burntherhandon thecooker'
A: That'strue,but thereisa busstopnearby. B: That'stoobad.
B: Andthereisno centralheating.
A: Mmm,yes.Butthereisa logfire' 4 1 P l a yt h e c a s s e t t eS sI i s t e na n d f o l l o wt h e l i n e sP l a yt h e
B: t thinkit will surtourneedsAnd it'snotsoexpensrve' either' cassette again,then Ssreadout the exchanges in pairs
A: Okay,then Let'stell the estateagentthat we aredefinitely
interested. etc
J/ Yourfriend,who'sgot a
L ^v V
n rr y
familyof four;hasinherited
-ff \
f10,000 andsheisthinkino
of makingsome 40 Listen
improvements dialogue
to herhouse.
ln pairs,decidewhichwould b. Readthe exchangesand
bethe bestandwhy. underline
the phrases
:: I thinkshe
second bathroom. 1 A : l ' m a f r a i dt h a t t h e p l u m b e r
j: Yes, gota bigfamily,
she's w o n ' t b e a b l et o c o m e
soonother bathroom t o d a y H e ' sh a da c a r
wouldbevery useful. accident
B: Will he be all
r i gh t ?
) e c i d i n go n a h o u s e 2 A : O h ,n o l l o c k e dm y s e lof u t !
B: That'stoo bad
38 3 A : T h e S m i t h sa r e g o i n gt o b e
b. Completethe dialogue,then usethe promptsto act out similar

l : H o wd o y o u 1 ) l i k ei t , t h e n ? c. Usethe phrasesto make up

B Well,it's nicelydecoratedand the gardenis lovely,but the kitchenis dialoguesexpressing
very2) small sympathyin the following
A : T h a t ' st r u e B u t i t i s 3 ) f u l l ye q u i p p e d situations.
B: And thereareonlytwo bedrooms
o How terrible/awful/sad I
A: Mmm,yes.Butwe can usethe 4) atticas anotherbedroom
o That'sterrible/awful/a pity/a
B : I t h i n ki t w i l ls u i to u r n e e d sA. n d i t ' sn o t s o e x p e n s i veei,t h e r
A: Okay,then Let'stellthe estateagentthat we aredefinitely shame/toobadI
5) interested
o You mustbe veryworried/
. nrcearea(+) . four-bedroomed upset
(+) . a longway from the shops(-)
. l'm (really) sorryaboutthaV to
. a busstopnearby(+) . no centralheating(-) . log fire(+)
h e a rt h a t
. well maintained(+) . garden(+) . no garage(-)
. parkon the street(+) . no fence(-). modernsecurity 1 fire in the basement
2 a n a u n tf e l ld o w nt h e s t a i r s
3 not gettingthe flat you wanted
4 a friend'sdaughterburnt her
handon the cooker.
herfront doordoesnot lockproperlyNow matchthe exchanges.

[T6-l Brown& SonsHowcanI help a Wellit doesn'tlockproperly

you? b H e l l oM y n a m e ' sA n n
lZld-lHetto,Mssmith.what canI Smith. exchangesin pairs.
do foryou? c 21, MarketStreet
l:lil what'swrongwith it? d l'vegot a problemwith my . A: I haveto moveoutl
l4lEl l'llsend
someoneto lookat it front door B : T h a t ' sa s h a m e .
rightaway e T h a n ky o u ,t h a t w o u l db e . A: My flat was brokeninto last
lSlcl wf,atisyouraddress,
please? great
B : l ' m s o r r yt o h e a rt h a t
b. Usetheprompts
to makeup similar
. A: I can'taffordthe rent
B: Youmustbe veryworried
r A : M y a n t i q u et a b l ei s r u i n e d
B : H o ws a d l

Howdoesthe title relateto the pictures? a. Thinkof threequestions
youwouldliketo ask
42 a. 43
abouteachcastle.Readthe textsandseeif you
b. In what contextdo youexpectto findthe cananswerthem.
followingwordsin the texts?
b. Readthe textsagainandanswerthe questions.
WriteA (forBlarney or B (forDunnottar
o touristattraction. in ruinsr battlements
. well-keptgrounds . interesting
Whichof the castles
Dunnotar Castle
1 was usedto hidesth precious?
past. theScottish
. cliffs. exciting CrownJewels
. the strongest . lodgingsr stables 2 hasa specialstone?
fortresses G-]
o storehouses . oooular 3 isassociatedwith a famousfilm star? l p l

isa famous
hassomething that nobodyreallyunderstands?
standson a cliff?
c. Explainthe wordsin bold.Whichwordsare
to wordsin yourlanguage?
similar Wherecould
youreadsuch piecesof writing?
d. Findthe synonyms.
TextA TextB "
the city of Cork you will
Eightkilometresnorth of . psyment ({ 9) o situated
(0 3)
of the.fa,lous Blarney
find BlarneyCastle,home . e n d u r(e0 13) . deserted(0 11)
believedto give
Stone. This stone is traclitionally . merit(0 24) . modern (0 15)
of eloquentspeech'Built
whoeverkissesit the gift
King of Munster'
5 in 1 aa6 by Dermot McCarthy' a
history' lt is believedthat
BlarneyCastlehasa rich
4'000 men to help Robert
pastking of Munstersent
of Bannockburn in 1314'His
the Brucewin the Battle
half of the Stoneof Scone'
reward was said to be
10 whichwasrenamedthe
B l a r n e y C a s t l e t o d a y i s a v e r y . p o p uMany
although most of it is in ruins'
attraction and the
like the
features remain,though' .tower to kiss
vi'ito's who wish
narrow spiral staircu'J''
a very narrow winding
15 the stone musr climb up
battlements'then lie on
staircaseto the top of the
over the edge of the
their back and lean slightly
Visitorscan also enjoy a
tower to reachthe stone'
well'kept grounds'
walk through the beautiful'
Rock Close' This is a
20 where they will find the
stonesand treesthat
mysteriousplacewith ancient
were usedbYthe druids'
interesting historicalsite
BlarneyCastleis a very you
a visit' lt is one place
and definitelywell worth
chanceto go to Southern
25 mustnot missif you getthe
a R e a do u t t h e t i t l e S sa n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n AnswerKey
Suggested AnswerKey payment:reward situated:located
-'. endure:remain
titlerelatesto thepictures
becausetheyshowcastlesthat deserted: abandoned
',.'e buiitin thepast.These merit: worth modern:recent
-'a ottractive.

o Readout the list of wordsand explainany unknown SS can relcto n rf .( hr roc J( ' <r u
n 1qn u r ft n -h^.,-^ -a^ac.r
u . L tt q ) d [ e t d p c s l t , i J^ r+
vocabulary. Alternatively,
Sscan look the wordsup in
rieir dictionaries.
Ssexpress S p e a k e1r
SiLggested AnswerKey
' ':
st of thecastleisin ruins
-': ',,iew
fromthetopof thebattlements isamazing.
, .ars can enjoy a walk through the beautiful,well_kept c a t c ht h e w a t e r D o y o u t h t n ky o u c o u l dc o m ea n ds o r ti t o u t , p l e a s e ?
- -inds. S p e a k e2r
:,ney Castleisa veryinterestrng, historicalsite.
"'-'eoresteepcliffson threesides.
,'nottar hasa longandexciting past.
-. Scottish
CrownJewelswerekeptin thecastle. S p e a k e3r
,.',nattarwasoneof thestrongest fortressesin thetJK.
- z,earelodgings
forguestsin thecastle.
: ,cokthehorseto thestables
e storehouses werefull of vegetablesandotherfood.
'? reais popular S p e a k e4r
with birdwatchers because of the many Yes,it'sa veryniceflat,two big roomsanda big balcony.
: :: iful birdsfoundthere ood vtew too
overthe parktowardsthe river, soyou don,tfeelciosedin feelingof space
rswonderful. Soit wasfineforjustthe two of us,but now goingto havea
: . H e l p5 st h i n ko f q u e s t i o ntsh e yw o u l dl i k et o a s k family- twins,too - we realy haveto move.lt,sa pity,but areI
in termsof . datebuilt;material; reason built;location, S p e a k e5r
efc Sswrite down theirquestions We'vehad someonein to checkit - he saysthere
e Allow Ssthree minutesto silenilyreadthe texts n o t w o r k i n gp r o p e r l yI .m e a n ,j t , sr e al y h o t o u t s i d
a n ds e ei f t h e yc a na n s w etrh e i rq u e s t i o n s a t l e a s t t ' sg o i n gt o b e c o o la t h o m e .B u tw h e n I
w a r ma r W e ' l lh a v et o t a k e i t b a c kt o t h e s h o p i
:: cwnanswers) r o K e e pm e c o o l .

I . Explainthe task AllowSsthreeto four minutesto Tapescript

rorrxerliiei?l' tp.'r?i
silentlyreadthe texts Do rtem j with Ss,then
allowSsthreeminutesto complete the task Check l,?p-l-e!gl-lh9::b?-"!.1?i
l, "::.:9"..i-uf:i lh:":9r."
!1q::.:i!t ,
4nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)
' S e c u r yeo u rh o m e ;S a v ey o u rc h i l d, ,W e l c o m eM
, arsha
TheScottishCrownJewelswerehiddenat DunnottarCastle
Marsha:fhankyou lt's greatto be here
in the 17thcentury.(N.
- Homeof thefamousBlarneyStone. (0.2-3)
: Usedas one of the locationsfor the film 'Hamlet,starrtng
MelGibson. (t.16) Marsha:DefinitelyDid you know that more than a m llion chrldrenn Britain
: Thisisa mysterious placewithancientstones andtreesthat

Withsheercliffson threesides.(9.3-4)

c. Ss explainthe words in bold by givingexamples or H o s t : W o u l dy o u s a yt h a t t h e b a t h r o o mi s t h e m o s td a n g e r o urso o mt n t h e

iookingthe words up in their dictionariesAsk Ss n o U s1e
where they could read these texts (travelbrochure,
newspaper, magazine,etc),then ask them what the
wrlter's purposewas (to recommend theseplacesto a

d. Allow Ssthreeminutesto findsynonyms

for the words
rntne text,

44 a. (Ss'own

b. Writethe headings on the board Choosea castleor a

famous building in your country Elicit sufficient
information to complete the table Ssusethe tableto
t a l ka b o u t h e b u i l d i n g

45 . Ss use the plan to write their own article Elicii

p h r a s eos f r e c o m m e n d a t i o a n d w r i t et h e m o n t h e
board (/t3 wellwortha Don't
visrt; missthechanceto vrsit
theplace;Avisitthereisa'must';etc)Alternatively, Sscan
u s et h e i n f o r m a t r oi n E x 4 4 b t o w r i t et h e a r t i c l e
. As an extension, askSsto draw a castleand labelits
p a r t s S s t h e n u s e t h e i r d r a w i n g st o d e s c r i b e
. Alternatively, saywords 5s,in teams,sayif the word
is relatedto a castleor not Eachcorrectanswergets
Theteamwith the mostpointsisthe wtnner
Suggestedlist of words: barracks, Frenchwt ows,
r u i n s ,a t t l c , p a t r o ,b a t t l e m e n t sh,u m i d i f i e r , b l e s ,
l o u n g ew , i n d i n gs t a i r c a sdeo, u b l eg l a z i n g e, tc
e g, T: barracks
TeamAS1: Yes,a castlecanhavebarracks
T: French windows
TeamB51: No,a castlecan'thaveFrench

36 (P. 14)
for Exercise
Sscanreferto pp 190-191 of the S'sbookfor the sametapescrlpt

M o n d a ya b o u tb u y i n ga h o u s ea n d y o u a s k e dm e t o p h o n eb a c kt h i s m o r n l n g

l a n t e da b i g g a r d e nd, r d n ' ty o u ?
b e s u l t a be Y o ue s p e c t ya w
C/ientiYes,that'sr ght My husbandand I areboth keengardeners

f r o n ta n db a c kg a r d e n s
C/lentiHmrn that soundsinterestingHow rnuch s it?
Estote Agent:fhey areaskingfor f400,000 Qultea good pricefor the area
C/ient:I see What sort of age is the house?
Estote Agent:Well, lt was built in the 1930sso it's farrytyplcalof the tinre very
w e l lb u l l t
C/iertjWhat about parking?Thoseod housesoften don't havea garageand
w e d o n ' tw a n t t o l e a v et h e c a ro n t h e s t r e e t
E s t o t e A g e nNto: p r o b l e mT h e r e 'as l a r g ed o u b l eg a r a q e
C/ient;GoodI Now,how aboutthe inside?

n e f n t e l yn e e dt h e i ro w n
t h e c h i l d r ed
h se,m a n b e d r o o mh a sa n e n - s u i t b
E s t a t e A g e n t : Yt e e a t h r o o ma n dt h e r el s a l s o
a n o t h eor n e u p s t a i r s
C/lenfiWhat about downstairs? Doesit havea TV room?
EstatA e g e n tW: e L l ,i t s t h e u s u a la r r a n g e m e nst :i t t l n gr o o m ,s e p a r a t ed i r f q

w h i c ht sa n e x t r af e a t u r et h a t l ' m s u r ey o u rf a m iy w i I a p p r e c l a t e
C/ient:WeLl,it doessoundlust what we're ookinqfor Whetrcan I seeit?
EstoteAgent:Let'ssay lfade]


44 u. Whichof thetwo buildings

wouldyoumostliketo visit?

b. Arethereanybuildingslikethese
In yourcountry?
. location
. historicai
. exterior/interior

{l Writea shorlarticleforyourschool
magazine abouta famous historic
buildinginyourcountry. Intheflrst
paragraph, writeitsnameandlocation.ln
thesecond paragraph, writeitshistorical
thethirdparagraph, writea
of itserterior/interior.
afticlewith a recommendation.

legends.one such
scotlond is full of costles,eoch wiih its own myths ond
milesfrom the city of
costle is DunnottorCostle on Scotlond'seost coqst, 15
sheercliffs on three
Aberdeen.Locotedon o huge outcropof flot rock with
been one here since
sides,it is the perfect ploce for o fortress,ond there hos
the l3th ceniurv.
Mory Queen ot
Dunnottorhos o long ond excitingpost. Williom Wolloce,
oll ployed o port in
Scots,King Chorlesll tnd the Morquisof Montrosehove
"Honoursof Scotlond",were hidden
its rich hisLry. The ScottishCrown Jewels,the
here in the lzth centuryso ihqt oliver cromwell couldn't
10 Dunnottorused to be one of the strongestfortressesin
it fell into decoy until 1925'
the costle wos obondonedin the l8th centuryond
see the l4th century
when viscountesscowdroy begon repoirs.visitors con
]392 ond is still intoct'There
keep, which wos built by Sir Willlom Keith in
ore olso borrocks,lodgings,stoblesond storehouses'
sincethe site
15 The cqstlehos becomeo lot more populorin recentyeors
"Homlet"storringMel Gibson.lt
wos used os one of the locotionsfor the film
is olso populorwith birdwotchers becouseof its locotion.Whotever the reoson
for your visit, it will certoinlybe memoroble'
a ModelText
a. Read thetopic
.'. five paragraphsWe start our letter with Dear+ our sentences, themwith
.. friend'sfirstname
,, Introduction
'r, In the first paragraph,we write our openingremarks
::, and the reasonfor writingour letter.
;r ain BodY
,:r In the secondparagraph,we describe the locationof
,,t the houseand givedetailsof the rent
In the third paragraph,we describethe exteriorof
the house(whatit is madeof, garden,etc)
ln the fourth paragraph,we describe the interiorof
the house (e g floors, rooms, furniture, special
features,etc) We start each main-bodyparagraph
with a topicsentence(i e a sentencewhichintroduces
t hse p a r a g r a p h )
or summarise
In the last paragraphwe write our closingremarks
and sign off using Yours,Bestwishes,etc + our first
We can use a variety of adjectivesto make our
to the reader

R e a dt h e r u b r i c ,l o o k a t t h e u n d e r l i n e d s nd
46 questions.

Peterhasbeen lookingfor a summerhouseto l'll tellyouallof mYnewsthen

rent on the coastfor August.He hasaskedhis YOUTS,
l: friend , Laura,to find a housefor him. Laurahas Laura
ft founOa suitablehouseand is going to write
ff eetera letter describingthe houseand givinq b. Whichwords/phrases doesLaurauseto describe
T rentaldetails. the interior/exterior In which
of the house?
paragraphs doesshemention these?
1 Who is goingto write a letter?To whom?What is Style
t h e i rr e l a t i o n s h i o ?
of informal
c. Studythe table,thenfindexamples
2 What styleis approPriate? letter.
stylein Laura's
f o r m a -l t o s o m e o n e
semi-formal to someonevou do not know very InformalstYle
well a abbreviations e g.I'vegot
informal- to someoneyou know verywell a s i m p l el i n k i n gw o r d se . gb. u t , s o , a n d , e t c
3 Whichof the followingwouldyou expectto find in a shortersentences e.gl'dlrketoseeyou
letter?Tick(/) accordingly
Laura's a personal tone e.q.I'vegotsomegreatnews
a everydayexpressions e.g Thanks a lot.
. description of the outside
. Formalstyle
d e s c r i p t i oonf t h e i n s i d e
a no abbreviations e.g.lhavegot
location of the house
. historica d le t a i l s E a

l o n g e sr e n t e n c e s
. weatherconditions E a

o impersonal Ionee.g.passive
. rent
o formalexpressions e.q.llookforwardto hearing


_:: red words.Explainthat theseare the ey words

: - r v t l h e l pS s u n d e r s t a nw
d h a t t h e y a r a s k e dt o
= S sa n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n s
-ouraisgoingto writea letterto peter.Theyarefriends
- -- '.{crmalstyleis appropriatebecausethey are friends
' - --: , - '.
t ?a-t.otherverywell.

'il, :r! ,nurErq- ti 5 3,r'6F,,them tWO minutes tO read the

-: :, c,'riry
the topicsentences
to suggest alternative
AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)
't islocatedin a great
Thehouseislovelyandcosyon theinside,too.

b. Sswork in pairsand find the wordsthat relateto the

of the house CheckSs,answers
Para3: exterior:charming;old brickfarm building;holiday
interior:niceand comfortable;two floors;cosyliving
room;kitchenwith modernequipment;diningroom;
WC;two smallbedrooms; bathroom;fullvfurnished

c R e a do u t t h e t a b l e .5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d g i v em o r e
e x a m p l e tsh, e nd o t h e e x e r c i s e .
obbreviations: Hopeeverything s OK;l,mwriting;l,vefound;
It'sin;lt'san;lt'sgot;l'll seeyou;t,tttellyou
simplelinkingwords:but;so;and;aswellas; AIso
shorter sentences: How areyou?;HopeeverythingsOK;lt
hastwo floors.
personaltone:l'm wilting to let you know;I'vefound the
perfect summercottage for you; with ail the modern
equtpmentyou would expect;you don,t need to worry
aboutthat;if you likethesoundof it; t hopet'll see you;l,lltell
youall of mynewsthen.
everydayexpressions: Hopeeverything,s OK;the bestthinq
aboutit is;youdon'tneedto worrv;Letmeknow

(The A: Howmuchistherent?
d. ' Elicit what opening/closinqremarks are
whichsb uses to start/endhisletter) B: It is f800Permonth.
' S sf i n d L a u r a 'osp e n i n g / c l o s irnegm a r k sC h e c kS s ' 50 o Present the plan-Explain the task Ask questlons ano
answers answers
elicit to compiete the plan
e g T: Whatareyougoingto writeafterDear?
S1: MYfriend's firstname
T: What openingremarks couldyouwrite?
52: How are You?
T: Verygood Anothersuggestion?
etc) 53: l'vegot greatnewsfor You'
useof rnformalstyle,contracttons' colloquialisms
T: ExcelleniNow,whereisthe houselocated?
g i v i n gr e a s o n sF'i n a l l y ,sc h o o s t
e h e o n e st h a t c an
5 4 : I n t h e s u b u r b sa n d c o n v e n i e nfto r p u b l i c
replace Laura's remarks transPort
AnswerKeY T: That'sright How muchisthe rent?etc
. Assignthe letteraswritten HW
' Laura'sopeningremarks:
oK' Suggested AnswerKeY
a andc canbeusedinstead Dear Peter,
' Laura'sclosingremarks: Letmeknowif you likethesound
Howareyou?| thinkl'vefoundtheperfecthouseforyou'
of it.I can,otily tolkto theowner'Mr Smith'foryou'I hope It in a really nicelocation' lt's in the suburbsand
you heresoon't'tltellyou allmynewsthen'
l'll see convenrent for publictransport'Also,therentisfB00a month'
d ande canbeusedinstead quitereasonable I think'
' b andf cannot beusedbecause thelanguage istooformal
Outstde,the housets veryattractive'lt is a big wooden
then housewrtha frontgardenanda garage'
4 8 G o t h r o u g ht h e t a b l e E x p l a iann yu n n o w nw o r d s ' iscosytt rsfullyfurnrshed' there
h e i rh o u s eS sc a n lnside,the house
S su s et h e c o l l o c a t i o nt os t a l k a b o u t and a bathroom' Downstairs'thereis a
they have learn in this unit if they are two oearooms
useany otherwords and
fireplace a
bathroom, a hugelivingroom with an old
wish isalsoa modern fittedkitchen'
Suggested TZilmeif it sounds goodto you'lf youwant'youcantalKto
theowner, Mr Jones, about it Seeyousoon'

51 . one at a time and help5s to

Readout the sentences
Suggested AnswerKeY
pairsand ' You don'tneedto travelbecauseyou will find everything
49 a. Choosea 5 to readout the rubric'5swork in
necessary'then 5s youneedat home.
the keywords Help5s if
underline ' YouwilllearnbeautYat home'
answerthe questtons
ask5sto findsimilar
. As an extension, in their
AnswerKey(See overprinted answers)
mothertongueandexplain themin English
1 Aninformal to
letter a friend givinginformation
2 I amsending theletterto a friendof mine' for Exercise9b (P. 19)
is to
3 An informit styleis appropriatebecausethe letter Sscanreferto p
.191 the S'sbookfor the sametapescrlpt
someone I knowverYwell'
4 Locatton, descriptionof exterior' rent'
of interior'
descrrption A:
5 SuggestedAnswerKeY
Opening remarks: Hr,howareyou?'How'sit going? A:
in the
b' Explainthe task Playthe cassette 5s fill A:
m i s s i n ign f o r m a t i o nC h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s
s e r v i caesw e l l ,w h c h r v l l b e h a n d yi f y o u d o n ' td r i v e
AnswerKey(See answers)
overprinted B:
c . E x p l a l tnh e t a s k T h e nS sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d a s k
a n s w eqr u e s t r o nuss i n gt h e i n f o r m a t i o nn t h e t a b le'
f u l l yf u r n i s h e dl s. t h a t r i g h t ?
AnswerKeY v"rat-,u,Scorrect.Let'ssee,therearetwoveryspaciousbedr
Suggested andth
b a t h r o o mu p s t a l r sT. h e nd o w n s t a i rtsh e r ei s a n o t h e rb a t h r o o r n '
B: .-'at 32,BeachLane,Deighton' t h e r e ' st h e d i n i n
l i v i n gr o o m ,w h i c h h a sa b e a u t l f uol l d f i r e p l a c eT' h e n
from the kitche
A: Whatistheexterior of thehouselike? r'ooi, .na a largemodernkitchen Ah and there'sa door
B: lt is a big, attractivewoodenhouse'lt has a front
anda garage. A:
A: Whatistheinterror of thehouselike?
B: tt is cosyand fullyfurnished room'a
witha largelivrng/dining f o r t h i sP r o p e r tIyt h l n K
fireplace,a modernfittedkitchen'two bedrooms and two EjYes,thatsoundsexceJ|entCou]dImakeanappointmenttoc
the house?
A : O f c o u r s em a d a mi,f I c a nj u s t t a k e s o m eo f y o u r d e t a i l s
Remarks c. Useyournotesto askandanswerquestions,
thentalkaboutthe house.
d. What are Laura'sopeningand closingremarks?
Which of the following can you useinstead?
Why can't you usethe others?

a Thanksfor your letter

b I feelobligedto write to informyou
c SorryI haven'twrittenfor so long
d Get in touchwith me soon
e Lookingforwardto hearingfrom you
f I lookforwardto receiving a promptreply

{$ Usethe phrases
to describe
the buildingwhereyou
live. A: Where isthehouse
B: It islocated...

$Q Usethe information in Ex.49bto answerthe

questionsin the Thenwriteyourletter.you
canusethe letterin Ex.47aasa model.

Dear (yourfriend's first name)

rniture lntroduction
(Para1) openingremarhs
! livein a detached
Main Body (suggest
tapic sentences)
& Write (Para2) Whereexactlyis the house?How muchis the
49 r. Read
(Para3) What is the exteriorlil<e?(material,garden,
(Para4) What is the interior like? How many Jloors/
. He/Shehas roomslfurniture?

'l (Para5) What shouldyou do next: givephonenumber/
What typeof writingis it?
book it?
2 Who is sendingthe letter?What is the relationship
cl osingremarhs
betweenyou andthe recipientof the letter?
3 What styleis appropriate? Justify
your first name
4 What informationdo you needto include?
andclosingremarks canyou use?
: J
you had with an
51 Explain
estateagent and completethe table.

Location 1 ) 3 2 B e e c hL a n eD
, eighton
Exterior large2) gardenat the fron! garage A man travelsthe world over in searchof what he
n e e d s ,a n d r e t u r n sh o m e t o f i n d i t .
Interior fully-furnished;
two bedrooms;
a GeorgeMoore (lrish author/poet)
3) bathroom Strengthof charactermay be learnedat work, but
downstairs:bathroom;livingroom;old beautyof characteris'learnedat home.
4) fireplace; Henry Drumm ond ( 1I 5 I - I 897) (Scottish naturali st)
Rent 5) f800 a month
a. Whichof the followinglifeeventsmatchthe pictures
. engagement ' movinghouse' havinga baby
o graduationwedding
. retirement

t4 belowto talk
in piirs,usethe adjectives
someimportanteventsin yourlife.
' thrilled' excited
' sad' happy' scared
. pleased
. worried. disappointefl ' irriiated

l'llnever I feltveryscared'
myfirstdayat school.
I wassohappyatmy wedding
stster's shelooked gorgeous
tnherwhitedresslt wasunforgettable!

a. Lookat thechartandseewhatAmerican adults

consider life
to be the top ten stressful events'
Thenmakeup sentences, asin the examples'

73% Divorce

6 3 %D e a t hi n t h e f a m i l Y

'ilt percent af
= , Americans conside
eventin ltfe.
3 6 7 .C h a n g i n jgo b s SrxtY-three
Percent of
school Amertcansconstdera death
Marta Y o u rj o b
losinE 26"/"Starting/leaving
Steve 2 3 %T r o u b l a
et w o r k thesecond moststress
Laura h a v i n ga b a b Y event inlife
2 0 %M o v i n gh o u s e
l e a v i n sgc h o o l
Bill& Terry retirement lifeevents
b. Whicharethe threemoststressful
for you?Givereasons'
: ,:-i: 1,,,.... , I couldn'tbelieveit when I failed my driving test.I was so
'::r-t disappointed.
r a p p e d s e n t e n c e lr; e a d i n gf o r s p e c i f i c I wasthrilledat mycoming-of-age party.lwasan adultat iast.
; , -, 5Canntn a gt e x t WhenI got my firstcar l washappyand worriedat thesame
: -..- - .,y: life events;stages in life; describing
. '=: -gs& emotions
- . - . . i o a s t e n s e su; s e dt o / w o u l d 3 a. . P r e s e nt th e b a r c h a r t E l i c i th o w s u c ha c h a r ti s
- - : ' E n g l i s h :p r e p o s i t i o n p s ,h r a s a vl e r b s( c c _ r m e , made (Asurvey isconducted andpeopleareaskedto
, , :rd formation; open cloze; key_word ranka numberof itemsin orderof importance on a
- --'ltons;
i d i o m sa n df i x e dp h r a s e s scaleof l-10,whereI isnot importantat all and l0 is
- - = - ^g:
s t e n i n gf o r s p e c i f i ci n f o r m a t i o nl i,s t e n i n g very important. The results are collected and
: , - s t e n i n gf o r d e t a i l ;m u l t i p l em a t c h i n gn; o t e percentages arecalculated, whicharethenrepresented
by thebarsin thechart)Readout the examples.Ss
. : . : . - g : t a l k i n ga b o u t p a s t e x p e r i e n c edse; s c r i b i n g m a k eu p s e n t e n c e s .
. = . a i k i n ga b o u t i m p o r t a n tl i f e e v e n t s t; a l k i n g
':-ri res; AnswerKey
talkingabout two differenttypes of
-. expr ing opinions; introducing people; Fifty-threepercentof Americansconsiderpersonalinjury or
, - :,edict s illness
to bethethirdmoststressful eventin life.
' - _- : : r o n : Fiftypercentof Americans considermarriageto be the fourth
c o n t r a s t i vset r e s s
. ^g:a story moststressful eventin life.
Forty-fivepercentof Americansconsiderretirementto be the
fifthmoststressful eventin life.
: .
l e a d o u t t h e t i t l eo f t h e u n i t E x p l a itnh a t i t i s a Thirty-nine percentof Americans considerbringingup children
croverb Elicitwhat ihe title means(While to bethesixthmoststressful eventin life.
strllalive,we canhavehopeor faith aboutthe future.) Thirty-six percentof Americans consider changingjobsto be
Elicitfrom Ss other proverbsthey can think of theseventhmost stressful eventin life.
relatedto ltfe (Lifeissweet.Everydayof yourlifeis a Twenty-six percentof Americansconsiderstartingor leaving
pageofyour history.etc) schoolto betheeighthmoststressful eventin life.
. Matchthe lifeeventsin the listto the pictures, Twenty-three percentof Americans considertroubleat workto
betheninthmoststressful eventin life.
: 's,',,er
Key Twenty percentof Americans consider movinghouse to be the
- ovinghouse tenthmoststressful
3 graduation eventin life.
- ^avinga baby 4 wedding . As an extension, askSsto write the life eventsin
,:"er life events: starting/leavingschool;getting a job; t h e g r a p ho n a p i e c eo f p a p e ra n d n u m b e rt h e m
:.ce,etc rn order of how stressfulthese eventsare for
t h e m C o l l e cS
t s 'a n s w e r sA n a l y s teh e r e s u l t os n
l ilicit words from Ss and write them on the board t h e b o a r da n d d r a w a c l a s sg r a p h A s k S s t o
Allow5stwo or threemjnutesto makeup sentences c o m p a r teh e A m e r i c a g
n r a p ht o t h e i ro w n
JStng t h e m ,t h e na s ki n d i v i d u aSlst o r e a dt h e mo u t
b. Sssaywhich are the three most stressfullife events
SttggestedAnswerKey f o r t h e m .A s s t o m a k eu p s e n t e n c euss i n gt h e i r
- Thecoupleinpicture2 havejusthada baby.They arein the choices. 5ssh d justifytheiranswers.
hospitalroom.They bothlookvery pleased. Suggested AnswerKey
: Thegirl in picture3 is at her graduationceremony.She,s
wearinga cap and a gown. She is probablywith her Themoststressful eventin lifeis deathin thefamity.lt is a very
mother.Theybothlookveryexcited. d istressi
ng experie ncefor everyon e.
: Thegirl in picture4 is at her wedding. Thesecondmoststressful eventin life is personal injuryor
Sheis wearinga
lovely white wedding dressand a veil. She,s illness.
lt canchangeyourlifeforever.
bouquet.Sheis probablywith herfather.Heis wearinga Thethird moststressful eventin life is bringingup childrenlt
tuxedo.They bothlookveryserious. involvesa lot of responsibility.
----' -
a Readout the prompts playthe cassetteSslistenand : Tapescript for Exercise
Za (p.20)
m a t c h t h e p e o p l et o t h e p r o b l e m sC h e c k S s , tr to.p:]^?l the S,s
bookfor thesametapescnpt
i "- -9?-.-
f"-f"l .of
answersEIicithow Ssthink eachpersonfeeis

b. Elicitvariousiife eventsfrom the Ss(firstdayat school,

comingof age,gettingyourfirstcat etc).Write them on Steve
the board Ask Ssto matchthe adjectives to the life
eventsSswork in pairsandtalk aboutthe lifeevents
Suggested AnswerKey
l'll neverforgetchangingschools
whenI was nineyearsold.I
wassad to leavemy old friendsbut I wasalsoexcitedabout
starting something new. cont p 24(T)

t thinkAlexander GrahamBellwashardworking because
the man ls
4 a . L o o k a t t h e p i c t u r e E x p l a i nt h a t he spentall free
hrs timeon hisinventions'
A l e x a n d eGr r a h a mB e l l R e a d t h e t i t l e E x p l a i tnh a t he
which means t thtinkAtexander GrahamBellwas patientbecause
A DreamComeTrue is a set expression youngdeafmutes,'..
t i m ea n d spentmostof hislifeworkingwith
thata dream f i n a l l c
y a m et r u e a f t e ra l o t o f
then quickly i dor', tnirk that AlexanderGrahamBell was indifferent
effort Ask Ssto answerthe questions' hecaredaboutchildren.
scanthe articleto checktheiranswers
RemindSsto practiseReadingaloudusing the S'sCD/
AnswerKeY ! o
to the text and follow the lines Ss
Graham Bellinventedthe telephonein 1876'
Alexander cassette. Sslisten
from the text'
famrly' listen again with pauses, then read out
Alexander Bellcamefroman average-sized lrfe;
a Write these headings on the board: Early
life;Telephone Allow Ss two minutes to
t h e t a s k E x p l a itnh a t
b . G o t h r o u g ht h e t i p a n de x p l a i n Professional
a r t i c l a
e g a i nt,h e n a s kS sq u e s t i o ns:
Ssneedto follow thls advice in order to completethe r e a dt h r o u g ht h e
Alexander do at age 16? (Started teaching young
task successfully Ask a S to read out the sentences What did
(A-l).Sssilentlyfollowthe text Read the example out deafmutes)elc.
and elicitwhy F is the correctanswer'did
(ltcontains the Write 5s' answerson the board,in note form' under
'absorbed' which refers to not notice' the correctheadings. 5s copythesenotesinto their
reference word
sentence lt continuesthe story')Ss notebooks and then use them to talk about
from the prevrous
completethe task CheckSs'answersSs
justifyiheir A l e x a n d eGr r a h a mB e l l ' lsi f e
chotces Suggested AnswerKeY
answers) Earlylife:at 16 startedto teachyoungdeafmut.es' a fewyears
Answer Key(See overprinted
in thenextsentence' It gtves tatetbotnbrothers family
dted, moved to Canada
1 referencewords:'whole family'
Professionallife: teacher, taughta groupof Mohav'''
information abouthisfamtlY' Speec"
'the sentence' It in Canada,teacher tn Boston,taughtVisible
2 referencewords: two men'tn theprevious lndians
gave prtva:''
the two men' becamesuccessful, opened his own school'
givesmoreinformation about
'brotherswere kitted'rn the prevtous
3 ieferencewords:
sentence in the nextsentence' lt provides
theresultof thefirstevent'
'continuethe work' in the previous
4 reference words:
ana sobusy'rnthenextsentence lt continues the
'she'and 'losther hearing'rn the next wfthPatentoffice
5 refelrence words:
lt introduces
sentence' a newcharacter'
6 reference words:'Professor John Henry'in the previous
tt gNesmoreinformatron
sentence. aboutthrsperson'
'mechanical voice transmftte(in the
7 reference words:
prevtoussentence and'firstwords' in the nextsentence' lt

6 c. ' Allow 5s two or threemrnutesto readthe article

again Ask 5s to explainthe words in bold
grvrngexarnples or synonymsSscan look up the
wordsin theirdicttonartes
e g transmitted:sentfrom one placeto another
. Ssthen usetheir dictionary for
to find synonyms
thehighlrghted w o r d s '
AnswerKeY withthePatentofftce.
creating: wasaboutto:wasreadYto r Sstalk aboutthe importanceof Bell'sinventton
attained changed
influenced: . As an extension,you can ask Ssto chooseanother
allowed:let absorbed:engrossed famouspersonandwrite an articleabouthim/herfor
giveup:abandon goal:obiective the schoolmagazlne
s the
& d. Read the list of words and eliciVexplain
i n p a i r sa n d d e c i d w
e h i - c w
h o rds
m e a n i n g sS. sw o r k
A l e x a n d eG r r a h a m B e l a
l n d w h y C h e c k5s'

. Alexander GrahamBellwasverypersistent hekept
on workrng on his He
inventron' give
dtdn't up'
. I don'tthiik AlexanderGrahamBellwassensttive'
. t don't thinkAlexander GrahamBellwas a daydreamer
because heworkedverYhard'
. t think Alexander GrahamBellwasstubbornbecausehe
didn'tgrveuP on hisdream

5./'scl,f,oa& z

sound. c-vct.
theftrstsounu planto invent a
_,., unii*ort inaudible l u u v i l t th.athe
t't" tr . irrghi
-.,lEhu *ii, Themachrne voice transmrlri
transmfierw a s a

_ Graham
.lil,lnil.';;ilnffi;,; B'il. ;ffi
I1:"I'*"11" human
-.^u l$il,li;'',.''ii;#l*'re{used voice "Y:,:"1
-: 28
,i,.,.rv ''g
years -anatomy,
ulrryr'o JLq'r"'- 'roirO
{il';f lfll*l:ll ioglvu
and t0 up
up nl: o::lT^::,nlil**[:'JH1',l].:I[:,TJ,lt
rrrJurvq"" earuslllg
tfp designof the human
oi'ir'e'1ne samee{{ect
Arexander tan
,..]#liJ,ii: .iiil#''*,iuinoor' olh9*:o^,,.,lli[ilT:ilfi""";^;ils'wort<with
rris soon
I0rIIrur brvr'u'rv"*v-
-=::i wellas
::,;as ;"ffi;
ascreating outol
out Hewas
olmonev' ffip-ty:*yl,::-,T,#?\tff"t
*.t:rtin:Ti:rffirJ.i;';r*'*U.Uf gt
''',";'11"p":Sl^l# .l,l
,;ao{ Arexande*l^::91'^:11.t:l'i,X':::,'it
u6u"ot'o -jl,lioiJ*'Jdil:!:.."r', il
JJf.l'trfi:'Lli,i:1'1i'[*[ Y'JT;:,,;i,,:l;
I il;Iil'uutliffi
I ffi;]]r*unoo *rt t*o mechanical
l'ffi important;;
31F'* onoJln,,
nisffii E
:',i;; il;.; this q*:T"ft'1"1'"^Xii
ilF,at0l!, lI wdb dtuut'''O"t,rouqf, bi'thdav
notn 0nhis2eth
and both
PlaguesP$ Readthetextthrough'
ln whiteplague was '::#":";; to^a AlexanderGrahamBell
--- .s hr^thorq
-,:,'- 3)
brothers I tl
u I Alexander
tL!-l AlexanoelYi:
Alexarruu' his .,
tl'nn ofwhatinformation
lu"rd registered
or might bemissing
'i.*o- *o'*r
,.'il;o- rndians'n-1
in_asmall-c::1*T":t-Il withthe
n:*'il inurntion
,tl1"r:liltT.rt#l ,,':il",i
ffi; ih; B;tlonBold:^^^nr{nrdear*l*,Tn.nu,
rnures and, ffit-:il:ffi"::;:Tij:[:H::1[Jj
;l ,j, ,.J.,'i',iin,
,j,,1.,'i inr'iin u.t*:schootror
uin',u,'.ew ::t?:J::-l?tiH:? ffi;;r;il;;ffi ropicorrhemissinssentencewiththetooico
r,r,:,:der was very rrappyto m.9vg!f31T:,:til\^,2s
l- very
. i ' r E ! : , l d e fW a S V e { Y l r d P P Yt w
l1q u ,-. he had uo*rur,, he wasso
s0 nru?l::11
on fris anythinglil
'. ':i;*:":::T'"1f
beforeor after eachgap.Checkthat the sentence
you choosefitsgrammatically
Readthe completedtext to seeif it
maKes sense.

F Hewastotallytbsolbed,inhisstrangemachinewhich
Reading he hadbeenworkingon for aboutthreeyears
'iVhatdo you know G As a result Alexanderand his parentsleft the
aboutAlexander Graham
Whatdidhe invent? When?Didhecome c o u n t r ya n d m o v e dt o C a n a d a
froma big family?Readthe articleandfindout. H On that summerafternoonin 1g75,whenAlexander
heardthe firstsoundtransmitted overhis machine
Choose fromsentences, A-1,the onethat best herealised
fitseachgap1-7to complete the text.There
is He becameso successful
that he soonopenedhrs
oneextrasentence youdo not needto use. ownschool "TheSchool
called physrology,,
of Vocal
:'cfessorHenry realised
rmmediately thatAlexander
-ad madeanamazing Readthearticle
^ r to continue bold.Givesynonyms
for the highlighted
r. thattimehe hadanother student who greatly Whichof the followingwordsbestdescribe
AlexanderGraham Bell?Givereasons.
Hisgrandfather had inventeda systemto help
c e o p l ew i t h s p e e c h problems . persrstent
. sensitive
. daydreamer . stubborn
D H ew a si n s p i r ebdy t h e B a r o n ,wso r ka n dr e f u s e tdo . hardworkingr patient. indifferent
g i v eu p h i sd r e a m
E M r A l e x a n d eEr l l i sa, p r o f e s s oorf p h i l o l o g ya,n d S i r Follow-up
CharlesWheatstone,an expert in telegraphy, Readthe articleagain and make notes a0out
s t a r t e dh i mt h i n k i n ga b o u ts e n d i n sg o u n d tsh r o u g h Alexander
Graham Bellslife.Then,
a machine Howhashisinvention
changed ourlives?


b.. Listenandmatchthe jobs

to the famousPeoPleabove'

E n g l i sthe a c h e r r c h e c k o uct l e r k A
' footballer B

asin the example'

A: WhenwasMichelle born?
B: wasborntn 1958?
A: WhatdoesshelooklrkeT
B: Shehas longblonde
got hairandblueeyes'
A: Whatdrdshedobefore became
she anactressl
B: She clerk.
wasa checkout

b. ln pairs,completethe tablewith asmany

adjectivesor phrases
wordsto describe Yourself. Prepare Writetheirjob'
a posterof famouspeople.
ageanda shortdescriptron your
of each'Decorate
projectwith Pictures.
, Height/Build: rnuscular
wavy,straight, bald'curly in Life
agesfor peoplein
a. Listenandfill in the average
the USA,then make up asin the
thick,thin, bushY
, i g ,a l m o n d - s h a p e d
E y e sg: r e e n , b r o wbnl,u e ,g r e y b school
lhlc( lon9,short
Eyelashes: go to college/unlverslty

N o s e s: n u bp, o l n t e dh, o o k ,b u t t o n ,s t r a i q h tc' r o o l < e d

get married
M o u t h :w i d es, m a l lf,u l ll l p s c, r o o k e d
C h i n :P o i r f e dd o r , o l e5, q u a " e
I am talland sltmand"'
I am in myearlyteens. usuallv
Amertcans elementary
start at theageoff

: -' -.,cr'mwith Ss AskSsto sayasmanywordsas I r
R e a d o u t t h e l i s t o f j o b s E l i c i V E x p l aar n y
. - = , : - n t h i n ko f t o d o w i t h d e s c r i b i npge o p l ea n d u n k n o w nv o c a b u l a r p y o i n t o u t t h a t t h e s el o b s
.- .: .aem on the board (longhail shorthair,thin a r e w h a t t h e p e o p l ei n t h e p i c t u r e sd i d b e f o r e
:: .,te eyes,tall,short,old,young,middle-aged, etc). they becamefamous
- . . S sr o g r o u pt h e s ew o r d su n d e rt h e h e a d i n g s : . E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S s l i s t e na n d m a t c h C h e c kS s ,
=,-=ctlld, facialfeatures answers
: : : : c u t t h e l i s to f w o r d sa n d e l i c i V e x p l a i n
their AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted
-=i^.lgs answers)
b y g i v i n g e x a m p l e so r p o i n t i n gt o
: - : . s f a c i afle a t u r e s . A s a n e x t e n s i oa n s k S st o f i n d o u t w h a t o t h e r
: . . ' ,; . k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s ' famouspeopledid beforethey becamefamous
and shareit with the classAlternatively, Ss can
r :. ,t;' (;;t, w o r k i n g r o u p sa n d m a k ea q u i zf o r t h e r e s to f
t h e c l a s st o g u e s sw h o d i dw h i c hl o b s
t': - : ^ : .s a centreparting,straighthait a wideforehead,
c. Choosetwo 5s to readout the exampleSswork in
p a i r s a n d a c t o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g u e sC h e c k S s ,
a n s w e r s t, h e n a s k s o m e p a i r s t o a c t o u t t h e i r
d i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s
)t - "r <','.,;nkles,
a wideforehead,sideburns
j :-.'''.:,
a wideforehead,straight
hair Project
As instructedin the Student'sBook
: . : ' : a t n t h e t a s k 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d c o m p l e t e
. ^ : : a b l e C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r so n t h e b o a r d S s 8 a . R e a do u t t h e l i s to f e v e n t sE x p l a itnh e t a s k p l a yt h e
_ . . , a n y e x t r av o c a b u l a riyn t o t h e i r t a b l e s S s cassetteSs lisien and do the exerciseCheck Ss,
- : ^ d e s c r i bteh e m s e l v e s
answers, then 5s makeup sentences
. -i ei extension, dividethe classinto two teams AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)
l-rcse a leader. He/She thinksof a classmate The
.=:-s taketurnsandaskquestions Suggested AnswerKey
to findoui who
-: cersonis The Americansusuallygo to college/university at the age of
teamthat guesses correctly earns
: - : o o r n tC h o o saen o t h elre a d ear n dc o n t i n uteh e eighteen.
l?re Americans usually leavehomeat the(average) ageof eighteen
= : TeamA S1: ls it a boy? Americans usuallygetmarriedat the(average) ageof twenty-
Leader:Yes,it is stx.
T e a mB 5 1 : l sh e t a l l ? Americans usuallyhavetheirfirstchildat the(average) ageof
Leader:Yes,he is twenty-seven.
T e a mA 5 2 : H a sh e g o t r e dh a i r ? Americans usuallybuya houseat the(average) ogeof thirty-
LeaderN : o ,h e h a s n ' t etc five/in their mid-thirties.
Americans usuallyretireat theageof sixty-five.
-r,eaily teens.lam tall and slimand
I'vegot blonde ; Tapescript 7b (p.22)
for Exercise I
-. '. i vegot a round
faceand rosycheeksl'vegot thin
- ',: cnd almond-shaped blueeyeswithshorteyelashes.
::: s pointedand my mouth is small.l've alsogot a S p e a k eAr
:_, :. in, S t i n gi s o n e o f t h e m o s t p o p u l a rs o o a r t i s t sr n t h e w o r l d a n d h a s h a d h u g e
s u c c e sw s i t h h i s i a t e s tw o r d t o u r S t i n g ,o r , t o u s e h i s r e a l n a m e ,G o r d o n
S u m n e rh, a sa i w a y so v e dg u i t a rm u s i c a , l t h o u g hh e w a s t r a i n e oa s a p t a n i s r
, : . - t h a t t h e p i c t u r es h o w f a m o u sp e o p l eE l i c i t
- =: eachperson's - actress,
1obis (Michelle Pfeiffer Rod
:.,',c,t- singer, Harrison Ford- actor,JohnMalkovich - h i sh o m e t o w no f N e w c a s t laen d m o v e dt o L o n d o nt o p u r s u eh s c l r e a m
:_.-.jting-singer)AllowSssufficient timeto prepare, S p e a k eB r
. - = ^ 5 sd e s c r i beea c hp e r s o nC h e c kS s ' a n s w e r s M a n yo f H o l l y w o o dq' sr e a t e sst t a r ss e e mt o h a v ec o m ef r o m ' p o obr a c k g r o u n d s
o n l yt o r n a k ei t b i g o n t h e s i l v e sr c r e e nH a r r i s o F n o r d , lsi f es t o r y s j u s t o n e o l
- - 1:estedAnswerKey t h e s er a g st o r i c h e st a l e s I n h i se a r l yc a r e e rH, a r r i s ohna dv e r yl i t t l em o n e ya n d
' :^ eilePfeifferisin her.... Shehasgotlongblondehairanda
evenhadto teachhirnselfcarpentryin orderto find work Theseoays,nowever,
h e l s o n e o f H o ly w o o d ' sb i g g e snt a m e sw r t h m i l l i o nos f d o l i a r si n t h e b a n ka n d
: -: : ':ce withhighcheekbones. Hereyebrowsarethin and a never-endin sug p p l yo f e a d i n gr o e s
: --:: :,.d shehasgot blueeyes. Hernoseisstraightandshe
":-:_...',,idemouth. S p e a k eC r
I l u s t o v e M i c h e l l eP f e l f f e Ir t h n k s h e ' sa f a n t a s t iac c t r e sas n d , v es e e na l h e r
::.t Stewartisin his.. . Hehasgotshortspikyhair.
He hasgot f i l m s I n m y o p i n i o n s, h ej u s t g e t sb e t t e ra n d b e t t e r t m u s t b e r e a l l yh a r Cr o
: , -:'3.e, bushyeyebrows andbrowneyes.Hehasalsogot a b e c o m ea s u c c e s s ffui l m s t a r Y o u h a v et o b e v e r ya m b i t i o u sM l c h e l l ep f e r i i e r
: : '.t. thinlipsanda pointedchin.
-:'r,isonFordis ...withshortspikygreyhair.
Hehasgot small a r eJ U snt a t u r a l ltya l e n t e dt;h o u g h ,a r e n ' t h e y ?
'. : ,',' zyes
anda crooked nose.Hehasalsogotwrinkles.
. : " n Malkovichisin his.... Hehasgot shortbrownhairandis cont p 24(T)
^ - '- cald.Hehasgotsmallbrowneyesandhe wearsglasses. ""'i,p#,ipi -',
-: ' :s alsogot wrinkles, a moustache anda beard. i- i; i;;i,; rii"rp.'Dj'-s""
:: ng s in his.... Hehasgot shortblondehairandan angular pp.,:s.2.1s:of the S'sbookfor the sametapescript
': -= ,',,ith ..::_.:i :.-lgt..:
a wideforehead. Hehasgotsmalleyesanda pointed
- ::: ie
alsohasthinlipsanda squarelaw.

thelr llGothroughthe|istandcheckcomprehensionbyas
[. r S s w o r K l n - p a l r sa n d m a k e a t a b l e a b o u t waiting?
enmightweheara siren
qr.i,ionti rrvn
(Whena police
necessary Then 5s
country. Help 5s where byon thewayto
passes an Play
Ask Ss to try to think caror an ambulance
.otpur" the two countries
the sounds
eachsound Then5swork in pairsand match
to the feelings make up sentences
Answer Key(See answers)
feelsafeand comfortable etc
1 2 o
Suggested AnswerKeY
Peopleln JaPan +29
startelementar4school- + 6 havefirstchild
'+ 18
go to college/universitY buya house'+ 40 look likefacialexPresstons'
leave home + 27 retire+ 60 Co throughthe symbolswith Ss Readout the
the symbols. Ss do
getmarried+ 27 r.rrug". 5, respondusingone of
the reit of the exercise in pairs As an extension' Ss
o A s a n e x t e n s l o nS,su s et h e i rt a b l e st o t a l k a b o u t work in pairs and write messages, exchange papers
theircountryAssignthe exercise aswrittenHW'
a n dt h e na n s w eer a c ho t h e ru s i n gt h e s y m b o l s '
(5s'ownanswers) As further practice,ask Ss to look on the lnternet
and find some more of thesesymbols,write them
c. . Go through the diagramand explainwhat tt d o w n w i t h t h e i rm e a n i n gasn d p r e s e ntth e m t o t h e
represents.Ask5sto makeup sentences usingthe classin the nextlesson
informationIn the table to show that they
the titles (Ababy issomeonewhoisunder AnswerKeY
oneyear old')Alternatively,ask5squestionsWhatdo 1 $ ) : - o 3 :'-( : ( 5 X =
wecaltsomeone whois25yearsold?(Anadult') 2 :)\o/ -D 4 \o/ :) :D 6 :e :-(
. Explainthe ta thenreadout the exampleSswork
in andd he exerciseCheckSs'answers'
pairs 1 3 G o t h r o u g ht h e l i s to f a d j e c t i v eE l i c itth e i rm e a n i n g sS s
do the Jxercise,then make p sentencesusing the
Suggested AnswerKeY collocations
A babygetsa name AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers)
A toddlerlearnsto talk'
to school' SuggestedAnswerKeY
A chrldlearns to readandwrite/goes
A teenager goes to high a
school/college/university/gets Hefeltexhausted afterhislongjourney'
drivinglicence. Paulastartedto feelworriedwhenthebusdrdn'tcome
An adultgetsmarried/haschildren/buys a house Tomcouldn'thelp feeling fortheaccident'
A niddle:aged person getspromoted/has grandchildren'
A senior citizen a
retires/claims pension/hashealthproblems' 10 (P.23)
for Exercise
Sscanreferto p 193 of the S'sbookfor the sametapescript
9 a . G o t h r o u g ht h e l i s to f a d j e c t i v eEs l i c itth e i rm e a n i n g s
by asking'Ss to give examples5s work in pairsand
do the exercise Check5s'answers

AnswerKey(See answers)

[. r E x p l a itnh e t a s k ,t h e nv a r i o u sS st a l k a b o u tt h e i r w i t h m e a n d I l e f tt h e b u i l d i n g l
own experlences
SuggestedAnswerKeY It wasthe lastthingI expectedl'd anivedhomeiatefrom
lt h u n g r y . T h e h o u s e w a s u n u s u a l l y d a r k al lnedt m
q uyise t
Thelasttimethatlwas terrifiedwasduringa thunderstorm' j and shouted
lounge Srddenly,the lightswent on and everyone
was lastMondayeveningandI wasat home'Myparentshad "suririset"We hada fantastic time.lt wasthe bestblrlh r had

goneout.Suddentyit startedrainingheavily"' etc

&. (5s'ownanswers)
. As an alternative,dividethe 5s into groupsof
four Ask them to write the adjectives on pleces
o f p a p e r T h e n ,S s c o l l e c t h e p i e c e sa n d p u t evena student,iust a visitor!
them in a container5s take turnsto draw out a
pieceof paper,think of an experience relatedto
that adjective and describe it to the group

was reallyscary
once 5s listenand do
the task.PIaythe cassette
10 Explain
Check5s' answers
the exercise. Playthe cassetteagain
with pausesfor Ssto why
explain eachspeakerfelt the
way he/shedid
p i l eo f c a r d sI r e a l l ym u s tf i n da m o r ei n t e r e s t r nj ogb
Suqqested answers)
b. Makea similartablefor yourcountry.
yourcountrydifferfromthe USA?
youwouldfeel.Then,makeup sentences,
asin the
Studythe diagramandin pairs,thinkof two example.
eventstypicalof eachstage. s i r e nw a i l i n g irritated
dogsbarking nervous
Ioddler WAVCs
Whenever I heara sirenwailing,Ifeelnervous.
A sirenwailingmakesmefeelnervous.

'f Thesesymbols,or emoticons,

areusedin e-mails
f and
chat roomsto suggestfeelings.Studythem and
1-2 2-12 13-19 20+ 40+ thenusethe symbolsto respond
to the comments.
! toddler
to walk.


9 a. Writethe adjectives
on the correctline.

. terrified. bored. delighted . worried

r r
tmpatrent calm. annoyed . cheerful. sad
. depressed r ecstatic. furious. miserable
. pleased . nervous. relaxed. frustrated

annoyed,depressed, furious,
1 ysubelieve
Con it?lleueh00id
$I millisn
2 Guesswhot? [ got engaged!
b- Chooseoneadjective fromeachcolumn.When 3
wasthe lasttimeyoufelt likethis?Whathad
happened to causethisfeeling? 4

TrwfusttimeI feltannoyed
waswhenthetrainwaslate.... ,r

1 3 Fillin be and/orfeel.Thenusethe collocations

makeup sentences
. ,l-kilenandwritehow eachspeaker
eadrspeakerfeelthat way?
1 feel/beconvinced 6 ho ovnro<<irro

1 : ' - r i o u s- p o o rs e r v i c e 2 feel/beexhausted 7 be easy-golng

2: re ighted/thrilled - surprisebirthdayparty 3 bekind 8 be forgiven
3: a^royed- lecturecontinuously interrupted 4 be pathetic 9 be interested
tl: :e..;fled- scaryrollercoasterride 5 feel/beworried 10 be/feelresponsible
5: co'ed- repetitive work
that shedidn't likehim.
"Did you work (you/work)late
Past lastnight?"
" Y e s , a c t u a l l YI d i d n ' t l e a v e
ldentifythe tensesin bold,then matchthem to their use' (not/leave)until 11 Pm "
14 ".
sixyears (pastsimple) She had visited (visit) France
1 b Sheleft university
beforebut she only went (go)
2 d Hewas waiting for the busyglen the accidenthappened(past
to Parislastmonth
3 c He had finishedhisreportwhen hisbossaskedto seehim A: Did you see(You/see) Jamie
(pastperfectsimPle) at the partylastnight?
4 a She had been working as a clerk for two years she got B: No, by the time I got (get)
promoted(pastperfectcontinuous) there, he had alreadYleft
a h a p p e n ebde f o r ea n o t h e pr a s ta c t i o nw i t h e m p h a s iosn c o n t i n u a t i o n
1 0 Amy was walking(walk) home
o h a p p e n eadt a s p e c i f i c e i n t h e p a s t
t i m
when she heard (hear) her
m o b i l ep h o n er i n g
o was in oroqress at a certaintime in the past

usedwith eachtense.what other

the timeadverbs
b. underline
adverbscanyouthinkof whichcanbe usedwith thesetenses? Underlinethe correctwords.
| /
Makeup threesentencesusingthem.
1 When she enteredher flat she
had found/ that someone
promptsfromeachcolumnto makesentences'
1 5 Matchthe /broke in
Hehad beendriving
home yqlg/after he crashed
into a tree
When Laura /had arrived
at the restaurant,Tony
/had beengone home
WhenAffhileI walked into the
room,they had /Yet finished
t h e i rd i n n e r ,
After they /lived
there since two YearstheY
decidedto buildan extenslon to
He didn't shave/hadn't
'l Put the verbsin bracketsinto the correctpasttense'Justifyyour s h a v i n gt h i s m o r n i n gb e c a u s e
answers. he hadn't had
) i sa r mw h i l eh e w a sp a i n t i n q( p a i n t )t h e w a l l
l r o k e( b r e a k h
1 P a ub
While he graduatedfrom
university,he /wasjoining
reallyhardfor months
the army
She I
watched TV /since Tom
B: Morethan twentyYears
c a m eh o m e .
4 W h i l eI w a s w a l k i n g( w a l k )h o m e l a s tn i g h t ,I b u m p e d( b u m p )i n t o
He had a bathwhen
the lightshad gone out.
) n d t h e b i r d sw e r es i n g i n g( s i n g )a s w e
T h e s u nw a s s h i n i n g( s h i n e a
1 0 She had ever been to
weredriving(drive)towardsthe village
SouthAmerica before/after
We had finished(finish)the maincourseand werewaiting(wait) for
dessertwhen the firealarmrang(ring)

: , . c i a i nt h e t a s k ,t h e nd o i t e m 1 w i t h S s S sw o r k
p a r r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s ee u i c k l yr e v i s et h e Tapescript j" tp zOjconi.
for Exercise
tenseforms Ss say the appropriate , !: _:.l.l.Tf-llg_g1e1of theSs bookfor thesametapesclpt
-ple pasttenseform
CheckSs'answers Laura
Suggestedverb list: answer,take, swrm,read,
d r i v ew
, o r k ,e a t ,s l e e pe, t c
= : T. answer
S1: answered
T: take
52 took
t h e s a m et o e l i c i t h e p a s tp a r t i c i p lfeo r m
= c T. answer Tony
Sl: answered
T: take
5 2 : t a k e n ,e t c
:='er 5sto the Grammar
R eference Sectionfor
r+h^r l^+^;l
!rrcr ucLdtl
. - s a n e x t e n s t o na,s kS st o u n d e r l i n ae l l t h e p a s t
. e n f o r m si n t h e a r t i c l et n E x 4 , t h e n i d e n t i f y
e a c t e n s ea n d i t s u s e .
B i l la n d T e r r y
t er Key(Seeoverprinted

: , c l a i nt h e t a s k S sc o m p i e t teh e t a s k H e l pS sw h e r e
- e c e s s a r tyh, e n
a s k i n d i v i d u aSl s t o r e a do u t t h e i r
- : ,',erKey(See
(past perfect);while (past
- 'JOUS)
: . -'--.. -'
r Tapescript
for Exercise 7b (p.22)Cont.
, lEestedAnswerKey
i -:'.:"l lg1._,19.p of thes s bookfouurrl. t1q::..,ilLl.
:,,',tatchingW whileTom washavinga shower.
- :i been S p e a k eD
in NewYorkfor threemonthswhenhedecided

: a n the task Ss work in pairsand do the exercise

- =ck
S p e a k eE r
: a r nt h e t a s k S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s e W h o ' s m y f a v o u r i t ea c t o r ?W e l , l , d h a v et o s a y l o h n M a l k o v r c hH e , sb e e n
-eck w o r k i n gi n t h e f l m i n d u s t r yf o r a l m o s t w e n t yy e a r sa n d h e h a ss t i l lg o t t h a t
5 s 'a n s w e rasn da s kS st o l u s t i f yt h e i ra n s w e r s . s p e c r aql u a l t y t h a t m a k e sa b r j l l i a nat c t o r H e c a n t a k e o n a n y r o e a n c lr e a l l y
: nswerKey(Seeoverprinted m a k ei t w o r k ,r f y o u k n o ww h a t m e a n H e , sh a c a l v e r yi n t e r e s t i nlgi f e ,a sw e l l .
answers) D r dy o u k n o wt h a t h e u s e dt o w o r k a s a f o r e s tf i r ef i g h t e ri n a n a t t o n apl a r kt n
pastactioninprogress interruptedbyanotheraction C a n a d a ?l t ' st r u e . H e a s o h a d j o b sa s a d l s h w a s h earn d b u s d r i v e rb e f o r eh e
happened beforeanotherpastactionwith emphasis b e c a m ef a m o u s
happened beforeanotherpastaction
pastactioninprogress interruptedbyanotheraction
actionsin progressat a certaintimein thepast
hadfinished - happened beforeanotherpastaction
werewaiting- past actioninterrupted by anotherpast
happened at a specifictimein thepast
hadvisited - happened beforeanotherpastaction
went- happened at a specifictimein thepast
Didyousee- happened at a specific
timein thepast
hadalreadyleft- happenedbeforea specificactionin the
pastactionin progress interruptedby anotheraction

E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S s d o t h e e x e r c i sien p a i r s C h e c kS s ,

[. o Pre-Reading: Lookat the photographAsk Ssto
readthe first sentence.Ask 5s: Whois thisT(Alex
to each of
. Lookat the picturesand elicitwhat happened Mortoil Whatdoeshe do?(He'sa writer')Whatis he
thepeople doingnow?(He'sreading')elc
the exercise
. A l l o wS st h r e em i n u t e st o c o m p l e t e
3 hit hishead CheckSs' answersby askingthem to read out
1 breakarm
4 burnhishand from the text
2 cut hisfinger
BooK AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers)
Playthe gameas instructedin the Student's
. Post Reading:Ask Ssto think of a suitabletitle
Suggested for the article.Any answeris correctprovided5s
2 Hewasmakinga satadwhenhecut hisfinger' can justifyit Explainthat the B ker Prizeis a
Hewaspruningthebushwhenhecuthimself' literaryprizefor fictionwriters lt Britain's most
3 Hewaspaintiig hisroomwhenhefellofftheladderandhit importantliterarY award.
hishead. . As an extension, askSsto research other llterary
He was walkingdown the streetwhena pot fell on his prizesand presentthem to the class in the next
head. lesson.Alternatively, ask 5s if their country hasa
4 Hewasmakingan omelette whenheburnthishand' literaryprize,lf so,askSsto find out the prevlous
Hewasfryingfishwhenheburnthishand' etc fivewinnersand the titlesof their books Sscan
presentthem to the classin the nextlesson
1 8 a. . Readout the theory Draw Ss' attentionto the
examplesRefer5s to the GrammarReference c. . G o t h r o u g ht h e p o i n t sa n d e l i c i tusefulphrases
Sectionfor moredetail for eachone Write theseon the boardand Ss
. Write: - a) | usedto wakeup earlywhenI wasfive' copythem into their notebooks
b) | usedto livein a cottagewhenI wasfive' on the . R e a do u t t h e e x a m p l et ,h e n a l l o wS ss o m et +r^m e
board.Ask Ss to say in which sentence used to to prepare t h e i r m o n o l o g u e sV a r l o u s5 s llr

can be replacedby would (sentence o) Explatn aboutan olderrelative

that both usedto andwould canbe usedto talk SuggestedPhrases:
a b o u th a b i t u aal c t i o n isn t h e P a s t c h i l d h o o d :w a s b o r n , m o v e d h o u s e ,l i v e d i n '
. Ssdo the exerciseCheckSs'answers PIaYed in, etc
education:startedschool,left school'entered
Answer answers)
university, studied(Math , graduatedfrom' etc
[. o Expla the task.Go throughthe list of activities work: joined(the police appliedfor (a post as)'
a n d p l a i na n y u n k n o w nv o c a b u l a r yP l a yt h e looked for a job, found a position as' got
cassetteSsdo the task Check5s'answers P r o m o t e de,t c
family:got engaged/marriedto, starteda family'
AnswerKey(See answers)
overprtnted h a dc h i l d r e ne,t c
Suggested AnswerKeY achievements:a successfulcareer,a happy
familY, win a Prize/award, etc
Samand Sarah drdn'tuseto havetheirownpr:ate telephone
later years: retired, travelleda lot' took up
Itnes. g a r d e n i n ge,t c
5amandSarahusedto playoutdoors'
usedto playwiththeirfriendsin thestreet'
iam and Sarah (5s'ownanswers)
SamandSarahusedto go fishrng' . As an extension, Sswritea shortbiography of oneof
SamandSarahdidn'tuseto goswrmming in theriver' photograph and presentit in
theirrelatives, attach a
Sam and didn't
Sarah use to doors'
classin the nextlesson
SamandSarahusedto do lotsof chores' . Alternatively, Sswork in pal and take roles Ss
SamandSarahusedto haveearlynights' act out interviewsabout th r favouriterelattve'
SamandSarahusedto weara uniformto school' Ask somepairsto act out therrinterviewin front
SamandSarahdidn'tuseto go schoolsixdaysa week' of theclass
Samand Sarahusedto visrttheirgrandparents in theschool
e g S 1 : W h o a r ey g o i n gt o t a l ka b o u tt o d a y ?
holidays. 5 2 : l ' m g o i n g t a l ka b o u tm Yu n c l e
. As an extension, 5s can askeachother questtons 5 1 : W h a ti sh l sn a m e ?
about themselves and what they used to do 5 2 : H l sn a m el s P e t e r
when they wereyounger'Sscan usethe phrases S 1 \ \ ' i e r e r " a sh e b o r n ?e t c
i n t h e e x e r c i saesw e l la st h e i ro w n i d e a s ' - **
e g SA:DidYouPlaYin the street? . rapescript for exerciie'i8th.Tli"'*- I
58: No,I didn't Didyou useto walkto school? .un ::
rere" : '9-::' --e5'sbook
,--- !o1]! ."9?_-e1.-t,
SA:Yes,I did I usedto walkto schooleveryday
c. SuggestedAnswerKeY
in thestreetwhenI wasa child'
t used
t usedto go to bedearlY' etc

1g a. Explainthe task 5s read the two sentencesand

a n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n
you rer:-::'-l , :-: -::l:: s t e nl n O n U S ?
AnswerKey(See answer)
overprinted C o n t p _Z 9 ( T )

cP /rtra.el lt
f] Listento SamandSarahandtick(/) the thingsthat theyusedto
do whentheywerechildrenandcross(l) the thingsthat they
Lmk at the cartoons. thenin
didn'tuseto do.Thenmakeup sentences, asin the examole.
teamstry to explainwhat
happened to eachof the people playwlth computers l o c kt h e i rd o o r s
pasttenses.Eachcorrect havetheirown private do lotsof chores
sentence gets1 point.Theteam t e l e p h o n lei n e s h a v ee a r l yn i g h t s
with the mostpointsis the playoutdoors weara uniformto school
wtnner. p l a yw i t h t h e i rf r i e n d si n t h e go to schoolsixdaysa week
street v i s i t h e i rg r a n d p a r e nltnst h e
go fishing schoolholidays
go swimmingin the river


c. Talkaboutwhatyou usedto do duringyourchildhood.

,le fell off the ladderwhilehe was 19 a. Study

thetwo examples.
to thepast?
oainting thewallandbrokehisarm. mettenyearsago.
g They b. They
,1ehod beenplayingfootballfor an
nourwhen... b. Putthe verbsin brackets
into the pastsimpleor
the presentperfect.

to / Would ex Morton is a talented writer who l) has led (lead) a very
sting life.He was born in 1945 in Manchester,
and he was the
of six children. From the moment he could read, he

18 r. Study
Inwhich never without a book in his hands.He was an avid reader .
ofthe sentences1-6canyou his schooldays,and he soon 2) showed (show)
usewouldinsteadof usedto? talent for writing, too. In fact, his teachers 3) gave (give)
Tick(/) accordingly. extra assignmentsiust to be able to read more of his

Heusedto/wouldgojoggingbefore After he 4) left (leave) school he went to Mancnester

breakfast. By the time he got his BA, he hadalreadypublished
Heusedto livein York
asa student. t.tnumber of short stories,and his first novel was almost
@oststate) ,rinished. Over the next few years he 5) wrote (write) non_stop
NOTHe veinYorkas a and each of his bool<swas more successfulthan the last. Desoite
student. beingso busy with his worl<, Alex still 6) found (find) time for romance.
iHe met FionaJones while he was at universityand they were married in
I usedto comeherewhen I was :il97l.They have two children. He 7) has always been (always/be) a devoted
Jack'sparentsused to live in i,r Alex Morton 8) has written (write) over twenty books so far and his name
Canada 9).hur o""n (be) on the best sellerlist more rimesthan he can remember.
Louise used to have a :ver,the pinnacleof his career was when he l0) won (win) the Boolcer
m o t o r b i k eb u t I t h i n ks h en a sa f o r F i c t i o ni n l 9 9 5 . S i n c et h e n , A l e x I l ) h a s c o n t i n u e d( c o n t i n u e )t o w r i t e
car now.
Caroline used to play tennis
every week when she was a
you cantalkabouthis/her:
c' Talkaboutoneof yourolderrelatives.
c h i l d/.
When they were younger,they ' childhood
r education . work. famiry
(eg marriage/chirdren)
usedto go for longwalksin the . achievements
. lateryears
My grandfather is calledHarry.Hewasbornin Brighton in 1920.whenhe left
Grandma used to make
school Hegotmarried whenhewastwenty-six.He
porridgefor breakfast. /
Adahadseven children.
in life.Mygrandfather retired
grandmotherhavespenttheirtimetravelling andgardentng.
' 3 W h e nL u c y ' us n c l ed i e ds h ec a m et n t oa l o t o f m o n e y '
Preposrttons 4 5 u ea s k e dR i c ka n dC l a i r et o c o m er o u n df o r d i n n e rt o n i g h t '
A P P e n d i1x
5 Dannycarriedhisspeechoff perfectly
Jasonis goingto carryon the business afterhisfatherretires
2 0 ^ Underlinethe correct
then exPlainthe
7 Theauthorhasa new novelcomingout nextweek
p h r a s e isn b o l d . 8 L i zh a sc o m eu p w r t ha n e x c e l l e nsto l u t i o nt o o u r p r o b l e m
9 Doctorswill carryout moreteststo find out what the problemis
J u l i ei s c a p a b l e r doingit
10 J o h ni s i l l ;h e h a sc o m ed o w nw i t h c h i c k e n p o x
o n h e ro w n
You can dependt Simon
He'sveryreliable b. Lookup other meaningsof comeoutandcome(a)roundin your
He shouldn't comment o dictionary.Then make up sentencesusingthesemeanings'
that whenhe doesn'tknowallof
the facts
I t w a sv e r yu n f a i rt h a t P a u w
l as
dismissed /of his 1ob Fil in the correctwordderivedfromthe word in bold.
T h e c r i m i n ahl a s b e e nc h a r g e d
forl burglary
something Although the 0) maiorityof people say that they MAJOR
'for the moneylthe l) financjalreward isn't FINANCE
Children are very curious for/ work,
t h e w o r l dt h e Yl i v ei n actually the only thing that they think about'
2) Recently,researchhas shown that peopleconsider RECENT
Julian is very serious and
S h e i s f i n d i n g i t d i f f i c u l tt o
srudents showed that after 5) graduation they woultd GMDUATE
be looking s f o r jjoobbss t h a t a l l o w e d t h e m t o b a l a n c et , h i r
1 0 S a l l yi s a m a z i n gI d o n ' t k n o w PERSON
6 ) p e r s o n a ll i v e s w i t h t h e i r w o r k l i v e s .
how she copes t her job,
a n d h e rk i d sa t t h e s a m et i m e I t ' s n o t j u s t t h e y o u n g e r g e n e r a t i o nw h o t h i n k l i k e
t h i s e i t h e r T h e r e l . r a se v e n b e e n a n i n c r e a s e i n t h e
b. Fillin the correctpreposition. n u m b e r o f r n i d d l e - a g e d7 ) r ' v o r k e r sw h o a r e m o WORK
Thenchoose anYthreePhrases away from highly-paid executive positions tnto
and makeup sentences using 8) stressiul jobs. They are looking for somet
them. w h i c h i s m o r e 9 ) e nj o y a b l e a n d g i v e st h e m m o r e l e
time. All this has meant that l0) employers
1 in fact; 2 to beinvolvedin sth; r e a l i s i n gt h a t t h e y n e e d t o d o m o r e t h a n j u s t o f f e r
3 to moveto Boston;4 to sPend wagesif they are going to keep their workers h
timeandmoney on sth; 5 a waste a n d m o t i v a t e dI
of time; 6 an experton sth

A p P e n d i2x

21 a Fillin the correctparticleand

e x p l a i nt h e p h r a s avl e r b s .

. out (x2) . up with ' into

. acrosso round . away. on
r off r down with

The fansgot completelY carried

a w a yw h e nt h e i rt e a ms c o r e dI n
t h e l a s tm i n u t e
N e i lw a sr e a d i n g the newsPaPer
when he cameacrossan article
a b o u ta n o l d f r i e n do f h i s

1-. r;'
1 a t t h e b a c ko f t h e b o o k G o t h r o u g ht h e l e t t e r s
c o m ea c r o s = s ( i r )f i n d / m e ebt y c o m er o u n d= 1 )( i n t )v i s i tc a s u a l y ;
C&DwithSs chance 2) (int)recoverconsciousness
. P r e s e nt ht e t a b l ei n t h e A p p e n d iax n dg o t h r o u g h comeby = (ir) obtajn cometo = (tr)amountto a total
it with Ss c o m ed o w n 1 e= ( t r )b e p a s s eodn t o c o m eu p = 1 ) ( i n t )b e m e n t i o n e d ;
o 5 s w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s eC h e c kS s , sb by inheritance 2) (int)arise;occur
c o m ed o w n * ; 1 6 = ( t r )b e c o m e i l l .9 0 c o m eu p t o = 1 )( t r )a p p r o a c h ; 2( t)r )
a n s w e r sS ss h o u l dm e m o r i steh e s ep h r a s e s
down with equal;(of expectations) be up to
AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted comeinto = (tr)inherit comeup *;16 = (tr)find (ananswer,
comeoff = (rnt)succeed solution,etc)
comeout = ) (int)(of flowers)begln
A p p e n d i x1 ( p . 2 6 ) i t o b l o s s o n2r),( i n t )b e p u b l i s h e d ,(3i n) t )
j: :anrerer,to
q Lq? to1..!.'?T.:,ugp.n9i1 (of stains)beableto be removed
"r"l!.::'_?go.f ;
C b . A l l o wS ss o m et i m et o l o o ku p t h e p h r a s avle r b si n
' :n::bje of (adj). careabout (v). carefor sb (v)(- ike). (take)careof (n) t h e i rd i c t i o n a r i e
a sn d m a k eu p s e n t e n c eTsh e na s k
' ::'e ':r sth (v)(= liketo do sth). carefulof (adj). carelessabouVwithadj)
' individua Slst o r e a do u t t h e i rs e n t e n c e s
::-se :f (n) . certainof (adj). chargefor (v) . chargesb with (a crime)(v)
' : -: r re for (n) . choicebetween/of(n) . cleverat (adj)(but: 1twas very Suggested AnswerKey
: : . = ' o f y o ut o b u yi t ) . c l o s et o ( a d j ). . o r r " ' . ' a o n ( v ). c o m m u n i c a t e . comeout: 1)(offlowers)
. comparewith (v)(howpeopleandthingsarealikeand how theyare beginto blossom - Roses comeout
: : : . compareto (v)(showthe l kenessbetweensb/sthand sb/sthelse) in spring.2) (of stains)be ableto be removed- Thisstain
' : t : : : . s o nb e t w e e n( n ). c o m p l a i no f ( v )( = s u f f e rf r o m ). c 6 p 1 p 1 urlon r O willcomeoutif youusebleach.
: - (= beannoyed a t ) . c o m p l i m e nst b o n ( v ). c o m p l yw i t h ( v ) . come (a)round:recoverconsciousness - Whenshe came
' : - : : - t r a t e o n ( v ). ( h a v ec) o n f i d e n c ien s b ( n ). c o n g r a t u l a tseb o n s t h ( v )
round,shewason thekitchenfloor.
' : ' - : : : r o n b e t w e e n( n )( b u t .i n c o n n e c t i o nw i t h ) . c o n n e ct o / w t h ( v )
' :' ; : : Js cf (adj). 6q65;51.f(v). q6n1".,between(n)(but:in contactwith) (Ss'own answers)
' : '::.t ' ih (ad;). contraryto (prep). contributeto (v). convertto/into(v)
' r :: :- v) . correspond toiwith(v). crashinto (v). cra2y26o11116,; 22 . Pre-Reading: Ask Ss to look at the picture Ask Ss:
' : '::C , 'th (adl). cruelto (adj). curefor (n). 6u1t6rtabout(adj) Whereare thepeoplegoing?(to work) Howdo peoplein
D yourcountryusuallytravelto work?(catbus,train,walk,etc)
' : ' : : : : . r r o ( v ) . d a t e f r o m( v ) . d e a l w t h ( v ) . d e a r t o ( a d ] ) d. e c i d e o n /
. decreasein (n) . dedicateto (v). deficientin (adj). delay in (n)
o Ask Ssto lookat the title of the article,skimihe texi
I : : : ^ : - r v ) . d e l i g h t ew d i t h( a d j ) .d e m a n df o r ( n ) . d e m a n df r o m( v ) q u i c k l ya n ds a yw h a t t h e a r t i c l ei sa b o u t
' : : : : : ' : m ( v )o i g p s r t r r e f r o m( n ). d e p e n do n / u p o n( v ). d e s c r i b e sb/ . E x p l a i nt h a t t h e w o r d s i n b o l d a r e t h e s t e m f r o m
: - : :e (v). descriptionof (n) o 6;s oflfrom (v). die in an accident(v) w h i c ht h e m i s s i nw
' -: ' ' r g o r d sa r ed e r i v e d
1v). (have)differencebetween/of(n) . differentfrom (adj) . Readthe text aloud up to the exampleElicitthat
' - :- :y r/with (n) .
disadvantageof (n) (but:there,sa disadvantagein 'j
-: ::' . majorityisa noun Continue with item Flicit whatthe
disagrew e i t h ( v ). d i s a p p o i n t ewd i r h / a b o u(ra d . ]. ) 6 ; t " O O r o u "
' : i c o u r a g ef r o m( v ). d i s c u s s i oanb o u V o n( n ). missingword is by askingquestions: (No,the
tsit a verb?
d j s m i s sf r o m( v )
' ::::::led with(adj).distinguish
^ - . g r n e )
b e t w e e n( v ) . d r e a ma b o u t( v ) . d r e a m sentence hasgot 4 verbs- 'say,work,thinlTisnt,.);ls it an
= . d r e s s e di n ( a d j )
adverb?(No,it isn't.lt doesn'tcomeaftera verb.);ls it an
adjective? (Yes,it is.lt comesbefore a nounanddescribes/ gives
: : x p l a i nt h a t t h e p h r a s e si n t h i s e x e r c i saer e t a k e n moreinformation
' r o mt h e aboutthenoun.)Whatisthemissing word,
a r t j c l eo n p 2 1 D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s ,t h e n S s then?(financial) Write the answeron the board Repeat
,,,/ork in pairsand completethe exerciseCheckSs, the sameprocess for the restof the itemsin the exercise
arswers,then 5s choosethreeexpressions and make . When Ss have completedthe exercise,choose
-p sentencesAlternatively, assignthe exerctseas individual Ssto readout the text
,vrittenHW Ss preparethe sentences for the next
AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)
e s s o nC h e c kS s 'a n s w e r s
: o R e m i n dS so f t h e t a b l et h e y s t a r t e di n t h e p r e v i o u s
u nj t D r a wt h e t a b l eo n t h e b o a r da n d c o m p l e t e the
:: )Vr'nAnSWefS)
c o l u m n sa c c o r d i n gbl yy e l i c i t i n a
g n s w e r fsr o m S s S s
" . c o p yt h e t a b l ei n t ot h e i rn o t e b o o k s
. E x p l a itnh a t t h i se x e r c i sweo r k sw i t h A p p e n d i x2
VERB NouN r No{JN t'eowna-' ,
at the backof the book , iottcitvt
o Do item 1 with 5s,then Sscompletethe exercise (person) (abstract)
C h e c kS s ' a n s w e r sS s s h o u l dt h e n m e m o r i s e
finance :
thesephrasalverbs ) recent
-. recently
answers) '-
thoose chooiy i -
. graauarc graaua qroduatton
Appendix2 (p 26) persoiialisb
: . ' r e f etro p 1 8 5 . ot fh eS sb o o kf o r t h es a m e work..
'-0 away = carryout = (tr)conductan experiment employ
be veryexcited
: - = : r ) h a n d l ea d i f f i c ut c a r r yt h r o u g h= ( t r )c o m p l e t e employee
, ' . -ccessfully successfully in spiteof difficuty
: ^ ( w i t h )= ( t r )c o n t i n u w
e th
. P o s tn " . O i n g ' R e a dt h e a r t i c l ea g a i na n d u n d e r l i n e
the reasons why peoplework Ask Ss:lsit thesametn
yourcountry? Whatotherreasons canyouadd?
. As an extension,ask Ss Whattypeof writingis it?(an
article)Wherecouldit befound?(anewspaper orjournal)
C h e c kS s '
2 3 o Pre-Reading: Readout the title AskSs.Whyisyourfamily 2 6 E x p l a i tnh e t a s k S s ,i n p a i r s d, o t h e e x e r c i s e '
importqnttoyou?Whatdoesyourfamilydo/ provide foryou? answers, then 5s explain the expresslons
a G o t h r o u g ht h e t i p . E x p l a i tnh a t S s n e e dt o f o l l o w AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers)
this advice in order to complete the task successfully
1 lrkelyto happen
Explainthe task Ask Ssto readthe text quicklyto 2 something thathelpsotherpeople
g e tt h e g t s t 3 explainin a waythatmakesit easyto understand/ obvious
R e a dt h e e x a m p l eA s k 5 s t o e x p l a i nw h y h a s i s t h e 4 isunaware
correctanswer(auxiliary verbfor thepresent perfect3rd
5 angry
personsingular form)
Do item 1 with Ss Ask them to look at the words Tapescript for Exercise 8a (P.22)
beforeand after each gap and then decide on the *T-"-t1p-ll-'|P
missinw g o r d . S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s e i::-'u!.:ut"'":9fl-:1e?:1.e1-?lif
9,-1' !."..9r
CheckSs'answerson the board A i S o ,w h a t d o y o ut h t n ko f L i f ei n E n g i a n dA, m y ?
8 ; O h , I d o n ' tt h i n ki t s q l lt h a t d i f f e r e l t o m i f El I A m e r c a ,r e a ] l y
AnswerKey(See answers)
overprinted A i O h ?H o w ' st h a t ?
1 depend on 8 ; W e l l ,p e o p l et e n dt o d o f h e s a n et h l r l g sq t t h e s a r n es t a g e si n t h e l rl l v e sW e
h a v et h e s a m em i l e s t o n eisf ,y o u k n o ww h a t I m e a n
2 clause requires beforetheverb
a subiect,'there', A ; H m m ,l ' m n o t s u r eI d o G i v em e a n e x a m pe
3 usedto B ; O K W e l l ,c h i l d r e nh e r ej n B r i t a i ns t a r te l e m e n t a rsyc h o oal t t h e a g e o f f i v e ,
4 more...than d o n ' tt h e y ?
5 'Despite'tointroduce an ideathat appearsto contradict Aj Yes,that'sriqht
8 : W e l l ,i t ' st h e s a m ei n t h e U S
6 thinkof
7 indicatesthat sthbelongsto thegroupofpeople
8 quantifierbeforenoun
to Secondar)/ scnoo
9 at home inthe tis
8: Yesb, u t t h e yl e a v es c h o oal t t h e s a m ea g ea sc h l l d r e n
10 more..than
11 wouldbe ..if
12 spend(time)with/ bewithsb
13 workedtoohard a w a y ,b u t ] f y o u l e a v ea t 1 8 , y o u c a n e i t h e rg e t a i o b , o r y o u c a n g o t o
14 pastperfect
I5 even1l

. PostReading:Do a classsurveyto find out what the

meansthat they can eavewhen they aretwenty
average fa y is likein theircountryAsk5s:lsthisthe A : I s e e S ot h e e d u c a t l osny s t e masr es m l l a ri n b o t h c o u n t r l e s
sameas th veragefamilyfortyyearsagoTHow is it the B ; Y e a h ,b u t i t ' s n o t o n l yt h a t P e o p l ei n t h e U S a n d i n B r r t a i nt e n d t o L e a v e
same/different? Alternatively, Ss can work ln pairsand h o m e ,g e t m a n i e da n d h a v ec h i l d r e n a t a r o u n dt h e s a m ea g e st,o o
t a l ka b o u t h e i f
r a m i l i e s A: Do ey?
8 : Y e a P e o p l eu s u a l l ye a v eh o m e a t 1 8 i n b o t h c o u n t r i e sb, e c a u s e
. As an extenston,ask Ss: Whattypeof writingis it?
(article);Where couldit befound?(newspaper oriournal)
m a r r i e dt ,h e n ?
24 Explainthe task.Ss do the exerciseCheckSs'answers 8 : T h e a v e r a g ea g e f o r m e n i s a b o u t 2 7 , b u t w o m e n a r e u s u a l l ya l i t t l e b i t
whilethey identifythe grammar/lexical y o u n g etrh a nt h a t - a r o u n d2 5 s ot h a t ' sa n a v e r a gaeg eo f a b o u t2 6 W o m e n

AnswerKey(5eeoverprtnted answers)
1 presentperfectcontrnuouswrth'fo(
2 timeexpression usedwithpaststmple
'since' you fo d out?
3 pastsimPlewrth 8 : W e l l ,I n t e l ly o u t h a t p e o p l ej n A m e r i c au s u a l lby u yt h e i rf i r s th o u s ew h e n
4 trmeexpression usedwithpastsimple
5 fixedphrase
6 fixedphrasewitha Phrasalverb

25 . E x p l a itnh e t a s k .E l i c i V E x p l tahi na t a s " . a s i s u s e dt o

s h o wt h a t s o m e t h i n g i s e q u a li n s o m ew a y E x p l a i n
t h a t t h e r ea r em a n yt r a d i t i o n aals . ' . a s e x p r e s s i oinns 6 2 ,t h o u g h
EnglishSsdo the exerciseCheckSs'answers, then
S se x p l a i n theidioms
l i v ea r o u n dt h e w o r l da n dc o m p a r eL r f ei n d r f f e r e ncto u n t r i e s
AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) A ; A n d w h i c hc o u n t r yw o u l dy o u m o s tl i k et o l i v ei n ?
4 verydifferentin all asPects B : O h .I w o u l dh a v et o v l s i t h e ma Lbl e f o r eI c o u l dd e c i d eo n s o m e t h i nlgi k et h a t l
1 veryquiet
2 physically ill 5 wellbehaved
3 strong/noteasilYuPset 6 veryeager
s their
. S s c a n t h e n t h i n k o f s i m i l a re x p r e s s i o ni n
m o t h e rt o n g u e


1-rfrri*:- - ..-zo We haven'thada holidayfor years
v F - ! v a L

ages lt's (been)agessincewe (last)had a

W e h a v e n 'bt e e no u t s i n c el a s ts u m m e r
fi word time The last time we went out was last
,vhichbest SUmmer
5 After hoursof discussion, they finallysucceeded
r e a c h i nagn a g r e e m e n t
rrr,} ONE
managed Theymanagedto reachan agreement
afterhoursof discussion
6 S h ew a s n ' ti n v o l v e idn t h e a r g u m e nat t a l l
nothing She had nothing to do with the
a r g u m e nat t a l l

ldioms& FixedPhrases

2 5 Underlinethe correctword,thentry to explainthe


. . . : . E u r o p ea n d t h e 1 Let'sput on somemusic.lt'sas uretas the

fe 0) hcs changed gravein here
:ver the last forty years,
He'sgot food poisoningand he'sbeenas sickas a
: = f a m i l i e tsh a t d e p e n d1 ) o n b o t h P a
o f a l lw e e k
: - . ' , ' o r ko,r w h e r e2 ) t h e r ei s o n e p a r e n tr a t s t n g
: - : f n e , i s m u c hg r e a t e trh a n i t 3 ) u s e ctlo b e Don't worry about Maggie;she'sas tough as old
: - : n o r ep e o p l em o v e a w a y f r o m t h e i r f a m i l i e s shoes/boots
= , : ' b e f o r e . 5 )D e s p i t teh e s ec h a n g e sm, o s tp e o p l e T h e M a r t i nc h i l d r e n
a r e n o t a t a l l a l i k e T h e y ' r ea s
6 ) 3 ' t h e i rf a m i l ya s o n e o f t h e m o s ts i g n i f i c a n t different as chalk and cheese/milk
r -- r-lives
5 l'll look after Jo anytime Really,
she'sas good as
- ':centAmericansurveyshowedthat 8) many/most silver/9old
- r t n k t h a t s p e n d i n gt i m e 9 ) a t h o m e i s m o r e
6 Ben can't wait to get startedon the project He's
1 O ) t h a ne a r n i n ga h r g h s a l a r yo r h a v i n ga
as keen as ketch
1ob The majorityof young peoplesurveyed
' . . r h e y1 1 ) w o L r l d b e h a p p yt o e a r nl e s sm o n e yi f
: r ' r o r e t i m et o 1 2 )s o e n d / bw e i t h t h e i rl o v e do n e s . Circlethe correctword, then explainthe
- : : o p l e a l s o c o m m e n t e dt h a t t h e y h a d w o r k e d expressions in bold.
r a r d i n t h e p a s tw h e n t h e y s h o u l dh a v e1 4 )b e e n :
- - . r rf a m i l i e s1 5 )E v e nr f t h e t y p i c a fl a m i l yd o e s n ' t ; 1 Thingsare goingverywell at work at the moment,
. n et r a d i t i o n aml o d e lt o d a y ,i t i s s t i l la v i t a lp a r t o f : I t h i n ka p r o m o t i o nm i g h te v e nb e o n t h e
:S A books @ cards C letters D papers
2 Chris does lots of work for charity.He,salways
t d o i n gs o m e t h i nfgo r a g o o d
A aim B e x a m p l e@ c a u s e D r e a s o n
KeyWordTransformations 3 Youhaveto makeit :. to herexactrv
now vou
I ccl

]{ Complete the sentences

usingthe wordsin bold. A easy B straight C clean @ clear
Youmustusebetweentwo andfivewords,
4 Helenis a lovelygirl, but shealwayshas her head
in the . . S h en e v e rn o t i c e w
s h a t ' sg o i n go n
1 Hestarted
to playgolffiveyears
ago. a r o u n on e r
for Hehasbeenplaying golffor fiveyears A sky B stars @ clouds D air
5 lt was only a sillyargument,but they were both
2 Howlongisit sinceyoumovedhere? gettrngvery underthe collar.
ago How longago did you movehere? f'ot B red C heated D warm
'/ ) t 7
, h'&, t' J
Youwill hearfivepeopletalkingaboutthe most 29
27 importantthingin theirlives.Listenandmatch
sentencesf (true)
Thereisone orF (false).
to the statements'
the speakers
statementwhichdoesnot matchanyof the 1 Rachelgetsplentyof to m?tih keywglds
lre words
withsimilar in
speakers. fromn"r narents1
Speaker1 I r l
A We havea greatrelationship 2 HerParents sPoilher F
B Financial securityis veryimportant Speaker 2 She never lonelY
feels F
to m e S P e a k e3rtn]
t_v__.) 4 Shesometimes wishes she hada brother F
N o t h i n gi s a s i m p o r t a n ta s y o u r S p e a k e4r l A l 5 Shedoesn't wantto sharethingswithanyoneF
health s P e a k e5r 6 Shelikeshaving herownroom T
D They'relikemYfamilY 7 She thinksthat canbeasgoodassistersT
to me
E My familyis everYthing
T My careeris mYlife talkaboutYourfamilY'
b. ln pairs,
D Listenagainand write one reasonwhy each How big isyourfamily?Whatdoeseach
personfeelsthis waY' member of yourfamilylooklike?Whichfamily
member do youadmiremost?Whoisyour
andthe visualprompts'
Lookatthe surveyresults Why?Howoftendo yousee
l$ favouriterelative?
Then,in pairs, thefollowing:
discuss yourrelatives?
. to be
Whichof thesethingsdo youconsider your
Then,in pairs,express
the pictures.
important not?
in YourIife?WhY/whY ]Q
. Aresomethrngs asotherthings?
Whrchones? Givereasons r theadvantaqes of eachtypeof
A: lthinkfanity thinginmyhfe
tifeisthemost family
because myfamilyhelpandsupportme' theproblems the E
t thinkfriendships thing childrenin each
B: Really,
because I share with
everythtng my etc
friends' typeof family
compares to )/our

100peoplewere questionedabout ! oPlNloNS

what theYthoughtwas the I
28% most imPortantthing in i PictureA shows , whereas I t h i n k , l b e l i e v e, l n
their lives.This is { m y o p i n i o n , l t s e e m tso m e
what they sald.
You'rerighVThat's true/ Do you (really) think so?
18% I q u i t ea g r e ew i t h Y o u N o , l ' m a f r a t dI c a n ' ta g r e
I withyou,
PictureA shows aretheparents
a largefamtty'There and
three twogirlsanda boyTheylookEuropean
children; or
American. What doYouthink?
B: t thinkyou're happy.etc

whatthe speaker
matches says.Thereisoneextra
whichyou do not needto use'

A I s i m p l yd i d n ' tw a n t t o d o r t
(no:kor 1 r-

B lt was an unforgettable experience ( n o : L c r ?

(ne:kpr ?
C l'veneverbeenso afraid
D lt wasthe bestdaYof mYlife (no:I pr 4

E I was reallyexcited Speaker 5

F I d i d n ' tk n o ww h a tw a sg o i n go n
a .
Pre-Listening: Write theseheadingson the board: n e e dt o i h i n k a b o u t i n o r d e rt o c o m p l e t et h e t a s k
family- financialsecurity- health- friends- cereer- Write them on the board(theamountof money/trme/
relationship. Ask 5s to saywhichof the aboveis the attention/etc requiredfor eachchild,etc) Elicit usefu
mostimpoftantto them Ssraisetheirhandsto show v o c a b u l a rtyo h e l p 5 s c o m p l e t et h e t a s k T h e n S s
theirpreference Pointout that theycanchooseonly w o r k i n p a i r sa n dd o t h e t a s k
one Write the resultson a graph Ask Ss to give
reasons for theirchoices, After SshavedoneEx 28, SuggestedAnswerKey
theycompare the class' graphto thatin Ex 28 . PictureA showsa largefamily.Thereare the parents
. R e a do u t t h e s e n t e n c eAs- F a n d t h e n p l a yt h e threechildren,two girlsand a boy.TheylookEuropeanor
c a s s e t t eS sd o t h e e x e r c i s C
e h e c kS s , a n s w e r s American. Theylookveryhappy.Theyaredressed in casual
:,nswerKey(Seeoverprinted clothes.lt mightbesummer.
answers) . PictureB showsa smallfamily.Therearetheparentsand
: ) l a yt h e t a p ea g a i n A s kS st o l i s t e na n d one child,a little boy.Theylook Europeanor American.
m a k en o t e s
c n t h e s p e a k e r sj u' s t i f i c a t i o nC
s h e c kS s , a n s w e r s Theylookrelaxed.lt mightbespring/autumn.
a r o u n dt h e c l a s s . A: I thinkonedisadvantage of beingpartof a largefamilyis
Suggested AnswerKey thatyouhaveto shareallyourtoys
Sgeaker1 (family):we are veryclose;we loveeachother/we B: That'strue However, an advantageis that you always
.:-ild do anythingfor eachother;yourfamitywiil alwaysbe havesomeone to playwith.
:':,e foryou;a strongfamilywillmakeyou moresecureand A: You're right.On the otherhand,it seems to me that a
-. '':ident disadvantage of beingan onlychildis thatyou would
Speaker2 (career):I lovemy work;t get a lot from myjob; t getlonely.
. - iy theresponsibility,
respectfrommy colleagues; I getpaida
B: Doyouthinksol I thinkthatyouwouldspendmoretime
-: cf money;thefeelingof greatsatisfaction withyourparents andsothatwouldbean advantage.
. A: ln my opinion,childrenin a largefamilycouldbejealous
Speaker3 (friends):my friendscertainlymeana lot to me; I
, ::e d mostof my timewiththem;I carewhattheythink;I can of eachotherandthatmightbea problem.
': ': t9 B: I quiteagreewithyou.However, t alsothinkthatan only
il1spaboutanything;we're alwaysthereforeachother
Sseoker4 (relationship): weclickedfrom thestart;we haveso childmighthavea problemmixingwithotherchildren
" -:h in common;we talk for hours on A: Doyoureallythinkso?
end; we share . A: ln my familytherearetwo childrenso wearenot similar
.. z'ything;importantto havesbyou canrelyon and who will
- _..3ortyou to eitherof thefamiliesin thepictures.
jceaker5 (health):you canenjoyliving;you can B: Really? ln my familythereare threechildrenso we are
do anything
: -' want;you canlivelifeto the fullest;withoutgoodhealth similarto thefamilyin pictureA.
: -:havenothing
31 . Pre-Listening: Explain to Ssthat theyaregoingto listen
-s< Ssto lookat the graphandthe picturesReadout the to five peopletalklngabout a pastexperienceFlicit
--:. question pornrour various pastexperiences andwritethemon the board
and then starta classdiscussion
-a: Sscan . Ask Ssto readthe statements A to F.Explain that Ss
in Ex 2jb to supporttheir
:'rrments 5scanthenworkin pairsanddiscuss areexpected to matchthe speakers to the statements
--en, the points
pairscanpresent P o i not u t t h a Lt h e r ei so n ee x r r as t a t e m e n t
theiropinionsto the class . E x p l a itnh a t 5 ss h o u l dl j s t e nt o e a c hs p e a k ecra r e f u l l y
:s ownanswers) a n d w a i t u n t i l t h e y h a v ef i n i s h e ds p e a k i n gb e f o r e
t h e y m a t c h t h e m t o t h e p r o b l e m sb e c a u s et h e
a . Pre-Listening: 5s read items 1 to 7 Ask Ss to s p e a k e rcsa n u s e m i s l e a d i nign f o r m a t i o np o j n to u t
g u e s si f R a c h ei sl a n o n l yc h i l da n dt h e ng o o n t o
t h a t t h e yw i l l l i s t e nt o t h e s p e a k e rt sw i c e
predictthe answers to the questions . Playthe cassetteSslistenand do the exerciseCheck
. Ask Ss to undedinethe key words in the
statements(Keywords:1 gets- attention- parents; 2 . A s a n e x t e n s i o n5,s i a l k a b o u ta p a s te x p e r i e n coef
parents- spoil;3 never- lonely;4 wishes - had- brother;5
notwant- share -withanyone;6friends - asgood- sisters)
Explain that 5swon't hearexactlythe samewords AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted
inthelistening b ,u t t h e m e a n i n w g i l lb e t h e s a m e
Playthe cassette5s do the exerciseCheckSs,
for Exercise27a(p.28) -+ Seep. 31(T)
Tapescript I
answers by playingthe cassette againwith pauses 1
Sscan referto p 194 of the 5'sbookfor the sametapescript i
b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k G o t h r o u g ht h e q u e s t i o n s5 s w o r k Tapescript for Exercise 29a (p. 28) --+Seep. 31(T) I
i n p a i r sa n d t a l k a b o u tt h e i rf a m i l j e sC h o o s es o m e Sscanreferto p 194 of theS'sbookforthesametapescript
p a r r st o p r e s e ntth e i rd i a l o g u et so t h e c l a s s :
Tapescript for Exercise 31 (p. 28) -+ Seep. 31(T) j
5scanreferto pp 194-195 of theS'sbookforthesametapescript
E x p l a i nt h e t a s k E l i c i tw h a t t y p e o f f a m i l ye a c h
plctureshows (A:bigfamily,B:smallfamily).Ask Ssto
describe the pictures
G o t h r o u g ht h e e x p r e s s i o nEsx p l a r tnh a t w h e n S s
e x p r e stsh e i r o p i n i o n sa b o u t t h e t w o f a m i l i e st h e y
need to use these expressions Elicitthe points Ss

b . G o t h r o u g ht h e e x p r e s s i o ni ns t h e b o x M o d e l a
3 2 Ask Ss to look at the pictures Elicitmhat the scenes
to dialogue*itf, u S ThenSswork in pairsand act out
, e a do u t t h e e x a m p l eA l l o w S st w o m i n u t e s
depictR e h e na s k
A s k i n d i v i d u S
a l st o t a l k a b o u ta . n i t o r5 s ' p e r f o r m a n c T
t h e i r " d i a l o g u eMs o
preparet h e i r a n s w e r s d i a l o g u eisn f r o n to f t h e
s o m ep a i r st o a c t o u t t h e i r
memoryto the class.
Suggested AnswerKeY
A fancydressPartY C a birthdaYPartY
D ridrnga bike A: Sam,comeandmeetmYParents'
B startingschool
t LertatntY.
answers) A: Sam,tnese aremyparents,Mr andMrsLeeMumandDad'
55 a. Explainthe task Playthe cassette5s do the task It rsa pleasure Mr andMrsLee'
to meetyou,
CheckSs'answers Pleased to meetYou,too,Sam
AnswerKey t\: youto myemployer'
David,l'd lrketo rntroduce
1,4- givebadnews of course.
B: Yes,
A: David,thisismy employer, Mr Brown'Mr Brown,thisismy
2,3- givegoodnews
husband, David.
B: Howdoyoudo,Mr Brown?
C: Howdoyoudo!lt isa pleasure to meetyou,David'
the intonationMonitor5s' performance
practise A: MissScarlet, associate
I wouldlikeyouto meeta business of
B: Certainly.
A: MissScarlet, thtsis my business Mr Black'Mr
performance, then asksomepairsto act out their Btack,thtsis Miss Scarlet.
d i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s B: lt isa pleasureto meetyou,Mr Black
SuggestedAnswerKeY C: HowdoYoudo,MissScarlet?
A: l'vegotsomethingtotellyou "
B: That's be
must happy'
very rrpli.tipi ror.r"eiliselautp zi) iont
Tobygota bigpromotion' < , L- d- l^l I,q^l rs o " +t wn n 1r JoJ ? vnr { r! n e S ' sb o o r r o t t h e s a m e r a p e s c r , p l
A: Haveyouheard? )>

B: Wow!Congratulationstohtm'
Markwasin a
A: l'm afraidt'veiustheardsomething
r ver.
B: Ohno!Howawful! S o r a h : I h a tr' sl g h t ,b u t h e w o u l d n e v e rl e t u s s w i mt h e r e
H e s a i dt h e c u r r e n t

A: Guess mYexams'
what!I Passed
B: That's
A: Guesswhat!I've7otmydrivinglrcence
B: Wow!You mustbePleased.
Alexlosthisiob' choreseverYdaY.
A: Haveyouheard? I usedto feedthe chjckensand collectthe eggs
a ptty.Hemustbereallyupset'
B: That's Sam:And I hadto chopthe wood everyday for the stove
s .e a l lh a dt o
S a r a h : Y eW u r w e l g h ta r o u n dt h e h o u s e
54 Playthe cassette.Ss listenand underlinethe stressed Sam: And Mum and Dad us go to bed earlyeveryn ght
again Ssreadout the exchanges Sarah:Yes, especially on I niqhts fhe teachersat schoolwere ratherstrict
words Playthe cassette
too, weren'tthey?
AnswerKey(See answers)
s . l m iY e s I, h a dt o w e a ra t i e a l ly e a rr o u n d ll t w a st e r r i b l e l
3 5 a. Readout the question Playthe cassetteSs listen Sarah;But we were alwaysfreeon Saturdays and Sundays' though And schoo
t o v ! s i tG r a ndma ndGrandp
and answerthe questton holrdays w e r e a l w a y l
s o t so f f u n , t o o W e u s e d
o n t h e f a r ma n ds p e n d t h e w h o l e s u r n m ewr i t h t h e a n i m a l s '
AnswerKey(See answer)

b. Explain the task.5sdo the task CheckSs'answersby

u r l i n g , o t " S s t o r e a d o u t t h e d i a l o q u ei n t h e
. o r r " l t o r d e r .T h e n , 5 s a c t o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g u e s
basedon the Pictures
Answer answers)

36 a. Readout the question Playthe cassetteSs
a n da n s w e trh eq u e s t t o n
AnswerKey(See answer)

li.mkat the picturesand identifywhat theyshow.
Wf{<hof thesebringbackmemories of yourearry

b. Matchthecolumns to forma dialogue. Then,in

pairs,actout similardialogues
for the peoplein
the pictures.

MTI rtrisisa greatparty, 1 No problemLet'sgo overand

Fred l'llintroduce
Yes,I am, but who's O h ,t h a t ' sD i a n aS h e ' jsu s t
startedwokingin my office
that overthere?
F-T_-t Do you want to meetherT
IL I Z I T h eg i r lw i t h t h e l o n g
ThanksAre you havinga
b l o n d eh a i r . g o o dt i m e ?
m Yes,pleaseThat
w o u l db e g r e a t .
4 Who?

tlf nanerforgetmy firstfancydressparty.I wasdressed

oso cowboy.lt was...

,', -a
L L -
.a. Listenandidentifywhichextractsgivegood/

b. Readthe exchanges
andpractise the intonation.
Then,usethe promptsto actout similar
. Yoursisterhasgot engaged l, n, ,t rLn' rv' lvrvt r! i,n ,aY rp e o p l e
r Yourbrotherhasbeenpromoted
o Yourfriendwasin a caraccident
. Youpassed yourexams
place?At a business
r Yougotyourdriving licence
o Yourfrrendlosthisjob. b. Readthe dialogue.Then usethe expressions
1 A: l've got somethingto tell you. l,m afraidI the box to introduce:
failedmydrivingtest . your new friendto yourparents
B: That'sa pity.Youmustbereallydisappointed . yourhusband/wife to youremployer
2 A: Haveyouheard?| wona tripto Florida . two business associatesto eachother
B: Wow!Congratulations!
A : M i s sL a n e l,' d l i k et o i n t r o d u c yeo u t o a c o l l e a g u e
3 A: Guess what! l'vegota newjobI of mine.
B: That'sbrilliantlYoumustbeveryhappy B: Certainly
4 A: I'm afraidI'vejust heardsomething
terrible. A : M i s sL a n et,h i si s m y c o l l e a g u eM, r K e n t M r K e n t ,
Simon crashedhismotorbike t h i si s M i s sL a n e
B: Ohno!Howawful! B: How do you do? lt is a pleasureto meet you,
Mr Kent.
C: lt is a pleasure to meetyou too, MissLane

,' Listen,
markthe stressedwords,thenrepeat. INTRODUCTIONS
" Formal Informal
. A: Didyoumakea chocolate cake? May I introduce T h i si s
B: No,I madea fruitcake
I wouldlikeyou to meet C o m ea n d m e e t
. A: Doyouwantthreeboxes of chocolates? I would liketo introduce
you to H i ,h o w a r ey o u ?
B: No,I want boxes How do you do? H it h e r e !
. A: DidyouaskMrJohnson?
It isa pleasureto meetyo. Pleased to meetyou
B: No,I askedMissjohnson
27 Readthetitleandtheauthor'sbiography. Whatdo youthinkthe novelisabout?
HowcouldAlcott'sown experiences havehelpedherwritethe novel?Lookat
what timeof yearis it?what arethe children
the picture.

with theirdescriptions,
a. Readthe extractandmatchthe characters
makeup sentences explain
aboutthem.Finally thewordsin bold.

l1lZlFrank Minot a w h i t et e e t h ,g o l d e nh a i r
12TFlLittle b shortlegs,roundface
Ir lElrd oevlin c t a l l ,k e e ns p a r k l ien h i se Y e
l+Ia ltack d blackeyes,redcheeks
e sweet-faced, rosYcheeks
is: serious;
Whichof the characters popular;
protective; Underline which
implythe character.

canyouseein the pictures?

whichof the characters them.

Matchthe highlighted wordsto theirsynonyms in the list'

. b o V .s e r i o u ss.m a r t e rg. u y . g a t h e r e' dp l a y f u' lg e n e r o u s l y
. first-rate r protected e shy

is calledTheCatastrophe. do youthinkmight
3 9 a Thischapter
pairs, next'
whatyouthinkisgoingto happen

rsgoingtobea fightbetween
t thinkthere

Youhavedecided to enterthe LouisaMayAlcottdrawingcompetition.
Readthe extractagain,thenchoose a sceneto drawfor the competition
i : - : a dt h e b i o g r a p hayn da n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n s congregated:gathered shielded:protected
solemn:serious brighter:smarter
- - :::sredAnswer
Key lad:boy tiptop:first-rate
.'e novelis abouta groupof childrenwho livein the mischievous:
playful timid:shy
ig. Lo-uisaMay Alcottprobablyusedher diaryand chap:guy handsomely:generously
'-.,i of
herownchildhood to helpherwritethisnovel.
3 9 a . E x p l a i nt h e t a s k E i i c i ti d e a s / s u g g e s t i o n s
from Ss
. m e t t m e t o l o o k a t t h e p i c t u r e sa n d a b o u tw h a t t h e y t h i n k m i g h th a f i p e nn e x t S s
3. uestions. r n p a i r sa n d m a k e p r e d i c t i o n sA s k s o m e p a i r s
reporttheirpredrctions to the class
,:r Key
Suggested AnswerKey
iren areoutsideenjoyingthesnow.Thechildrenare l.think somethingterriblemight happenon theway
f1om, on the way to, theparty.Thile might be an
9r accident.
Somebody mayfaltthroughthethin iceor fZllin thesnow. etc
, c i a i nt h e t a s k A l l o w S sf o u r
t o s i xm i n u t e st o
=rtly readthe extract Allow sometime for Ss b. Play the cassette Ss listen a n d c h e c k
if their
-'a<e Project
u p s e n t e n c eA s s k i n d i v i d u aSlst o r e a do u t
.-: r-sentences E x p l a itnh e t a s k A s s i g nt n e t a s ka s H W S sm a yp r e s e n t
, - : ( S s t o e x p l a i nt h e w o r d s / p h r a s jens their
boldby pic in the next lessonAlternatively,
- . -g synonymsor examples.Alternatively, u s et h e p i c t u r e tso
Ss ma c l a s sm u r a l .
: . ^ t o o ku p u n k n o w nw o r d si n t h e i rd j c t i o n a r i e s
rcposed: relaxed,rested)
:' Qy Seeoverprinted answers) : Tapescript
for Exercise
39b (p 30)
tallboywitha keensparklein hiseye. 5scanreferto p.195 of the S,sbookfor the same
: -- t shortlegsanda roundface.
- :. ^,isa sweetJaced boywithrosycheeks.
l u : k , l n 9 J i l ld e c i d e dt o t r y a g a i n T
. h e yw a l k e du p t o t h e t o p o f t h e l
' :.; got q u i c k l yj u m p e do n t h e i rs r e d T h e yw e r e
whiteteethandgoldenhair. s t i I t a l k i n ge x c i t e d r sy o, J i l l l
' :, h o l dt i g h t a n d J a c kf o r g o tt o s t e e rc a r e f u l l Ty h e yk l p t g o i n f f a r t . , a ,
lct blackeyesandredcheeks Theycrashedthroughthe fence,went overthe
steepbankaridttew in
W r t ht w o l o u dc r i e st,h e yl a n d e di n t h e m i d d l eo f
the road.
- - : r a t s o m e o f t h e c h i l d r e n ,csh a r a c t e rasr e
-r led
i n t h e e x t r a ca t n d t h a t S sw i l l h a v et o
.-: :ext for thesewordsas well as synonyms to
: . : t h e t a s k .D o t h e f i r s ti t e mw i t h S st h e n ,i n
: > : o m p l e t et h e t a s k .C h e c kS s ,a n s w e r s .

:,i : - :' , - ...vr,hichprovedwhat a favouriteshewas.(1.54)

: -..:: ,. , ::< - Jackhad shielded
'r;:i-- ...,,Fraidcat.,,
_ ., _co-.,.triedtocare...patience.(l69_70)

. : : - . ' . . . h e c h a r a c t e r st,h e n u s e w o r d s
from the
- : - - . . t : e s c r i b et h e m

: , f brownboots.Jill hasgot blackeyesandhair,

: ':7 andshelooksveryhappy.She,s wearinga red
:::t o greyskirtanda pairof boots.She,s
'. coy an
the brownsledgeis GusBurton.Heis
^ :"e hill His
headisat thebottomand hisheels
.',2.innga greycap,blueishscarf,bluejacket,

.:. u p t h e h r g h l i g h t ew
d o r d si n t h e i r

; TaPescriPtfor Exercise:1(P' 28)
to pp 194-195 of theS'sbookforthesameTl:scrl
. S,.un l.uf.|. I
then readout fromthe text
listenagainwith pauses, i"" - -.,"- "--

Jackandlill and
As an extension,5s can readthe novel
write a book review

Tapescript for Exercise 27a (p' 28)

t h a t n o o n e w o u l d b o t h e rm e l O f c o u l
'1 thesametlptttnP: -. l
Sscanreferto p 94 of the S'sbookfor

i l t h a d b e e n r a t n t n go u t s i d ea n d

n g f a m i l yb e h i n dt h e m i s m o r es e c u r e
er s t i l ls e eo n eo f t h e s c a r s !
b r u i s eas l lo v e rm y l e g s L o o k y, o u c a n

behind I hatedthe ideaof chanqing

get a lot from mYjob I enioYthe resP fact that I would be leavlngall my friencls
m v c o l l e a q u easn d I g e t P a L da tleoer r
n - o o ' t a n t o m e , t h o u q n i, ' t h a t
was fine
and everything
d c l e v e dm y g o a ' sa f [ e 'a o r f tc " l r d a y weeks,but I soonmadenew friends

S p e a k e3r y o uc a n 5peaker4
y o u c a n ' tc h o o s e y o ufra m i l yb u t r ,h e n I w a sf o u rY e a r o
I r e m e m b ew s lo
T h e r e 'as s a y t n g m e a na
a l l yt r u e a n c lm y f r r e n d sc e r t a i n l y
c h o o s ey o u r f r t e
,ot l.^l,iliftijljlll#J;;:Ji;llili the car and Dacldroveto the hospiti
o f g o o df r r e n d a
crrclu snd
I t h u u "u s m a i l gooo 5oon as we arrived,mY n"lotnerwas
theretor eachother if any one of us needsanything lt's a
we are always

S p e a k e4r . e m
a t t h e m o m e n t s m y -f i a n c 6w
T h e m o s ti m p o r t a npt e r s o ni n m y l i f e j1:l^-tl:::d' vou Know'
university and got ensased three rnonths'n" y"
Sometirnes we talk for hou
frornthe start We naveso much in common S p e a k e5r o n eo c c a s l own n l c r
share everytnlng unJ *t t"ff each other everything l thrnk T h e r ea r ec e r t a l nt n l n g sw f t c h y o u n e v e r
f o r g e t F o rm e 't
end. We to ltaly l was only
in my memory !s tire time my parentstook
standsout a n dl i s t e n l ntqo r n
lxPeriences seeing theColosse
a b o u te i g h ty e a r so l d ,b u t I r e m e m b e r c e t h e r e I w a sv e r
t h a t h a dt a k e n
[ i q i r # " . i " f f i " g m e a b o u tt h e f i g h t s t v i s i tw i l l a l w a y si l (
t h e r es i n c eb' u t t h a t
i m p r e s s e Idc, a nt e l ly o u l v e b e e n
t h e m o s tm e m o r a b l e t o m e
a n d m e d r c abl i l l s t, h e n w h a t ' st h e P c

"l for the sametapescrrpt

I ,, .un referto p 94 of the S'sbook
i ,, - "-""


's CA
l7eeK 3


"mufrr the lulla!" was the general cry on a bright fun and sparkle, as she waved Jack,s blue tippet like a
atternoon, when all the boys and girls of
banner with one hand, and held on with the other.
n \ illage were out enjoying the first good snow
of "Jill goeswhereverJack does,and he lets her. He,s such
llG !ea-{r1n.Up and down three
long coasts they went as a good-naturedchap, he can,t sayNo.,,
&uq u* legs and sleds could carry them.
One smooth path "To a girl," slyly addedone of the boys,who had wished
.:: meadow,and here the littte folk congregated; to borrow the red sled, and had been politely refused
r , . r uroup of lads and Iassessitting or leaning 40
on a becauseJill wanted it.
If,EEll :,r rest after an exciting race, and,
as they reposed, "He's the nicest boy in the world, for he never gets
*rn-u-rd themselveswith criticising their mates. mad," said the timid young lady, recalling the many times
:': -',_rmes Frank Minot, looking as solemn as a Jack had shielded her from the terrors which beset her
p- --ned one, as a tall fellow of sixteen spun
by, with a path to school, in the shapeof cows,dogs, and boys who
iutlrkahout the mouth and a keen sparkle 45
of the eyes, made facesand called her ,Fraidcat,.
ud m dre distantgoal with a do-or-die expression.
"He doesn't dare to get mad with Jill, for she,dtake
"fl.flry-:'s his
\folly Loo and Little Boo,', sang out another: head off in two minutes if he did,,, growled Joe Flint.
'fluw: came a girl with flying hair, carryinga small
boy "She wouldn't! She's a d,ear!you needn,t sniff
at her
mer.so fat that his short legs stuck out from the becauseshe is poor. She'sever so much brighter than you
amrihis round face looked over her shoulder like 50
a are, or she wouldn't alwaysbe at the head of your class,
*\[here's old Joe," cried the girls, standing by their friend with
Gus Burton; doesn,the go it?,, and such a very unanimity which proved what a favourite she was.
S fn:'r rhizzed by, that it looked almost aBif his heels Joe subsidedwith as scornful a curl to his nose as its
u :he top of the hill when his head was at
the chilly state permitted, and Merry Grant introduced
a 55
subject of general interest by asking abruptly, ,,Who
ffirm3n tbr Ed Devlinl', and a general shout greeted is
a going to the candy-scrapetonight?,,
lad with a laugh on his lips, a fine colour on "All of us, Frank invited the whole set, and we
I]ynn@r.-heek,and a gay word for every girl shall
'*0.,aur-l he passed. have a tiptop time. We always do at the Minots,,,,
and Lotty keep to the safe coast into the cried
S u e .t h e t i m i d t r e m b l e r .
lMlw. end Molly Loo is the only girl that dares 60
to try "Jack said there was a barrel of molassesin the
rrrrro the pond. I wouldn,t for the world; the house,
ice so there would be enough for all to eat and some to carry
rrasktrn_er-et,though it is cold enough to freeze
one,s away. They know how to do things handsomely,,,and
rdi- :aid a timid damsel,who sat hugging post the
a and speaker licked his lips, as if already tasting the feast
rrlle\.er a mischievouslad shook the fence. in
'*rhr. store for him.
:oc isn't. Here,sJack and Jill going like fury.,, 65
-![fis+: "Mrs Minot is a mother worth having,,,said Molly
:he track for jolly Jack!,, sang the boys, who had Loo,
coming up with Boo on the sled; and sheknew what it
.an',inicknames for nearly everyone. was
to need a mother, for she had none, and tried to care
@utlr -:amea gay red sled, bearing a boy who fbr
seemed the little brother with maternal love and patience.
ind sunshine,so white were his teeth, so golden "She is just as sweet as she can bel,' declared
miis his hair, so bright and happy his whole Merry. 70
air. enthusiastically.
Behind him clung a girl, with black eyes and
hair. cheeksas red as her hood, and a face full of
-t:i,'rr. :" ir:"' r, ir'i:--l:'rli.r'':).i":ii;li:' i: ::i''ii':::r':rir'
a ModelText
To write a storywe first decide Whattenseshasthe writer
a. Readthe storyandfill in the linkers'
the tYPeof storY,the Plot and
,,, on used?
r. the maincharactersOur storycanbe a
'..: comedY,a sPY storY,a thriller' an ' bythetime o while' then ' but ' assoonas ' as
:,. adventurestory, a detectivestory'
,. fairYtale etc b. Whichscenedoesthe pictureshow?Whathappened
.r: lntroduction it?Whodo Youthinkthe writeris?
:) In the first paragraph, we write when
. andwhere t h e e v e n th a P P e n e dw' h o
i', the peopleln the storywere and what
r:' haPPened first
M a i nB o d Y i:
m a i n b o d Y w e 'l
ln the Paragrapns,
describethe eventsin the order they -'.
h a p p e n e dO n e o f t h e e v e n t ss h o u l d: ,
be the climaxevent We can use so"
because,and, also elc to Joln our 'l
sentences or ideas
In the last paragraph,we write what ''
h a p p e n e di n t h e e n d a n d h o w t h e . ' '
peoplein the storyfelt We can use a
varietyof adjectives or adverbs to make
i our story more interesting We
. normallyusepasttensesin storles

a Rubric
Readthe rubricandanswer Whenever I lool<at that photograph,it takes me back
{Q was so important
questlons. those earlyyearswhen every new experience
that it was almostunbearable' lt was towardsthe end of the school
- I had been
year - my first year at primary school that it haPPened'
ENTERNOWANDH E loolcingforward to that day with such eagerness'
as I went out
YOURSTORYPRINTED I can still rememberthe shoutsof the spectators
onto the sportsfield with my classmates' Earlierthat weel<| had
IN TEENS! loolcingaround'I
oualifiedfor the finalsof the 100 metres'Now'
What is Your most unforgettable
c h i l d h o o ed x P e r i e n c e ?
0 o r d s f) o r
S e n di n y o u rs t o r y( 1 2 0 - 1 8 w
your chanceto win a two-week all- spectators, and I saw my proud Parents
expensesPaid triP to DisneYland' enthusiastically. My heart was pounding fast 2) as I lined up
P a r i s R u n n e r s - uwpi l l r e c e i v ea o n e - with the other eagercomPetitors'I felt so excited
that my whole
to IEENSI deep breaths and
yearsubscription body was shaking.I braced myself,took some
d a t e :1 O t hD e c e m b e r soundedand I set off
Closing waitedfor the signal'3) Then the startingpistol
R e s u l tasn n o u n c e d1:7 t hF e b r u a r Y down the tracl<.
but the noise
l cou|d hear the crowd shouting excitedly,4)
' not looking at
seemed very far away.I sprinted as fast as I could'
WherewouldYouseethis anything the finishingline'5) By the time I crossedthe
line I
a n n o u n c e r n ePnut b l i s h e d ? "*."p. soon as I heardthe
was so exhaustedI could hardlybreathe'6) As
What is the announcernent I collapsedon
result announced,I realizedI had won! Overioyed'
the soft grasswith a broad grin on my face'
Who are You going to write "Well done!" said the Headmasterlater'as he presented
about? had never fe|t so happy and
|.. : with the winner's certificate.I
What could Your story be proud in mYlife.
' r=.d out the
r u b r i c G o t h r o u g ht h e q u e s t i o nasn d
: : . answersfrom Ss
- -;;.sted Answer Key
' : :nagazine;
on a schoolnoticeboard
;-; rywritinQ
rtmewhenI metmy bestfriend;something
I didforthe
trme;winninga contefi,etc.

' ' . ,:r Key(See

-:' Ss to look at the picture
a n d a n s w e rt h e
" . :5ttons
. _ -.rre showsthe end of the race itself.Before
this the
. . linedup with the othercompetitors, readyto go.
: -
e wontherace,thenhecollapsed on the grass.The
: -' betheboyin blackshorts anda whiteT_shirt.

directspeech' done!"said
patrs' At theend,thewriteruses
Explainthe task Readout the sentencesSs'tn as he presented me with the winners
Ss' the Headmaster,
put them in the correctorder'Check
your childhood?
AnswerKey(ieeoverprinted Do you have prcasantmemoriesfrom
answersCheck me
42 a. Allow 5s sometime to preparetheir w'assoh-ippyandproudwhentheHeadmaster
Ss'answersby askingindividual Ssto readout their lt wasoneof thebestdays of my
with my winne* certificate'
ask some Ss to suggestsynonyms
sentencesThen, Itfe.(ending)
for the adjectives
the plan Explain the task Ask questions and
answers) 46 a. Present
AnswerKey(ieeoverprinted elicrtanswers to complete the plan
the phrases e g T: WherewereYou?
b . S s r e a dt h e s t o r ya g a t na n d u n d e r l i n e
Ss to suggest other 5 1 : I w a si n t h e s c h o oYl a r d
Check Ss' unr*t" Then ask
on the board Ss worK In palrs T : W h e nd i d i t h a P P e n ?
adverbsWrite these
s e n t e n c u
e ss i n t
g h e m S 2 : l t h a p p e n ew d h e nI w a ss i xy e a r so l d
a n d m a k eu P
T : W h a th a P P e n e d ?
AnswerKeY 53: I was watchingsomechildrenplaying
usiastically,breathing heavrly'shouting excite a b a l li n t h e s c h o o l
waving enth
answers) SuggestedAnswerKeY

from Ss(sight'hearing'touch'taste' Main bodY

c. Elicitthe fivesenses road'- Tom
down the Thebalt bouncedoverthe fenceand intothemain
smelt).Ss readthe story againand write - get the -
teacher Weheard thesound
uni*tit Ask what sense each Brownwentafterit. | ranto j

fhrur", Check Ss' -The teacher grabbedTom in

iust time
of brakes
P h r a su
es e s , Conclusion
AnswerKeY Tomwasokay.- lwaspraised foractingquickly
crowdof spectators
excitedly the task Go througheachof the itemsto be
b. Explain
pounding(hearing); the
hear crowdshouting
(hearrng) rncludedin the text Assignthe taskaswrittenHW'
(hearing);the faraway
Suggested AnswerKeY
yardso longago'lt
l'll neverforgetthatdayin the school
e l i c i V e x p l ati h
4 3 a . R e a d t h e p a r a g r a p ha l o u d a n d -my yearat school-
meaningof any unknown words Explain the task was a dull,griy FridayoTt"noo'
In palrs
Allow5ssometime to rewritethe paragraph
Ss to read out their answers to
Then,ask individual
thismaybe set as written HW
the classAlternatively,
AnswerKey(See answers)

[. r E x p l a i nt h e t a s k S s u n d e r l i n et h e
Check Ss' answers Then' ask what
senseeachword/Pnrase uses'

Suggested AnswerKeY
to see(sight);
madeit difftcult flashof lightning(sight);
dieafentng (hearing);
of thuinier crashed loudly(hearrng);
lookedat each other nervously(sight)

of the
44 Explainthe task Ask Ss to read the beqinning relievedthat everything wasokay'
a b o u t t h e q u e s t i o n T
s h e n 'a s k
i t o r y u g u i na n d t h i n k
of: who' one at a time and helpSsto
individual5s to try to answerthe questions 47 . Readout the sentences
w h e n ,w h e r ea n dw h a t i n t e r P r et h
t em
e g T: Who is the storYabout?
Suggested AnswerKeY
S 1 : T h ew r i t e rh i m s e l f
T: Whendoesthe storYtake Place? ' lt is notels1to beYourself'
yearat thewaypeoplethinkif youbelieve in
52: On SportsDaywhen he was in the first ' lt is possibl'e to change
and alwiys live according to these beliefs'
PrimarY schooletc something
that the
45 Go throughthe theorybox and elicittechniques . As an extension, ask Ssto find similarquotationsin
writerusedAllowSssometimeto rewritethe
5sto readout theiranswers in class t h e i rm o t h e rt o n g u ea n de x p l a i tnh e m i n E n g l i s h
Suggested AnswerKeY
to hisfeeltngs'
At thebeginning,
photograph takesme back to those earlyyears
t lookat that
that rt was
when everynr* i*p"'"'e was so important

e of events
TostarVenda storyyou can:
H fre storyagainandputtheevents
inthe . Use direct speech.(e g ,'Hurry
q]E|CtOrder. upl,'Jimshouted, as
herandownthe stairs.,,We aregoingto belate!,)
Itthsct off . Ask a rhetoricalquestion (e g
5 Haveyou ever
f,ilrcrunnerslinedup for the race 3 wonderedwhatit wouldbetiketo escape for a day?)
fihfimishedthe race o Referto feelings/moods(e g lt was
7 a bright,clear
iltbtvaspresentedwith a certifrcate 1 0 Sundayafternoon,and I wasexcitedby thethoughtof
ftfturalkedto the start. 2 theadventure ahead.)
']llNt'le o use our senses
resultwas announceo 8 to begina story (e.g.Thesunwas
lfhttent veryfast. 6 shining brightly,and the birds were singingas )m
tlthestarting pistolsoundeo pulledon a lightjacketandranoutof thehouse.)
lft collapsedon the grass 9
llf'henteredthe sportsfiero 1 Whattechniques hasthe writerusedto start/end
hisstory?In pairs,rewritethe firstandlast
Techniques paragraph usingdifferenttechniques.
Fil in the adjectives
fromthe story.ln pairs,
think of synonyms for eachadjective.
& Write
ll eagercompetitors 5 soft grass 46 a, Youhavereadtherubricin Ex.40
I p*r'oudparents 6 deepbreaths decided planyour
to enterthecompetition.
3 oroadgrin 7 startingpistol ownstorybyansweringthequestionsbelow
I b,ustlingcrowd 8 f i n i s h i nlgi n e

b- Underlinethe verb/adverb
uniterused.Canyouthinkof otheradverbs
usedwith theseverbs?Writethemdown,then lntroduction
(Paral) 'Where
makeup sentences usingthem. wereyou? Whendid it happen?
What happened?
c Thewriterusedhissensesto describe
the event.
Readthe storyandfindexamples. MainBody
(Paras2-4) 'Whatexactlyhappened? (List thee\tentsin
a Usethe adjectives What was the climax event?
andadverbs in the listto
makethe paragraph moreinteresting.
. : . . f e n i n g. h e a v y .w i n d i n g. (Para5) What was the outcome?How did you
b r i l l i a n tg. l o o m y .h u g e Jeel?

I s u d d e n l.y l u c k i i y. n e r v o u s l .y l o u d l y. b. Write your story.Checkyou have:

, ' ,e w e r e d r i v i n gs l o w l y a l o n g t h e w i n d i n g r o a d . m a d ey o u rb e g i n n i n ign t e r e s t i nbgy a p p l y i n o
:rrough the gloomy forest, on the way to my o f t h e t e c h n i q u ems e n t i o n e d
g r a n d m o t h e rh' so u s eT h e h e a v yr a i nm a d ei t d i f f i c u l t o useda varietyof adjectives and adverbs
to see where we wefe going Suddenly, there was a . put the eventsin the correctchronological
c r r l l r a nftl a s h o f l i g h t n i n gf o l l o w e db y a d e a f e n i n g o e n d e dy o u rs t o r yb y u s i n go n eo f
t h et e c h n i q u e s
c r a s ho f t h u n d e rA h u g et r e e c r a s h e d l o u d l yi n t o t h e mentroned
road in front of us Luckily, my fatherstoppedthe car o g i v e ni t a s u i t a b ltei t l e
i n t i m e W e a l l l o o k e da t e a c ho t h e rn e r v o u s lW y hat
werewe goingto do now? ll Explain
belowin yourownwords.

b. Underlinet h e w o r d sa n d p h r a s e tsh a t u s et h e
sensesto makethe story interesting.

Beginnings/Endings It takescourageto grow up and becomewho you

really are. e e cummings
44 Read thebeginning
of thestoryin Ex.41again.
andyoucanturn theworldaround.
Whatdoesthewritersayabouttheplace/time his H D Thoruu(IJSpoet)
people involved?event?
& Grammar L i s t e nA! s i r e ni s . . . . . . . . ... . .
A barki ng@ w ai l i ng C crashi ng D splashing
Fillin the missingword.
A n n h a sg o tf r i z z yh a i ra n da . . . . . . . . . . . "c.h. i n .
1 A fire brokeout in the schoolcafeterialastnight' A wide @ pointed C crooked D sPikY
2 They'retired.Theyhavebeenpaintingall morning' B i l lhasgot a w rde.. andw ri nkles.
3 A r ey ou h a v i n ga g o o dti me ,J i m ? Cchin Dface
4 B illis nin e te e ns,o h e ' ss ti l li n h i ste e n s .
9 Ji mhascome the flu, so he won't be
5 When he reached65 he retiredfrom work.
6 Oh nol I haven'tfinishedmy homeworkyet! abl eto come.
7 He usuallymowsthe lawnon Sundays. @ down with B uo with C on with D in with
8 Peterwas washingthe disheswhen the phone for a small
1O He givesprivatelessons
r ang. @ fee B money C PaYment D receiPt
9 lsJ anett h i n k i n go f mo v i n gto l ta l y ?
10 We usedto playfootballeveryday when lwas a (10 marks)
11 Jasonwas accused of cheatingon the test.
12 Did you know that John was dismissed from his Useof English
Completethe secondsentenceusing the word in
13 | don't know how she copeswith a full-timejob 3 bold. You can use two to five words includingthe
and a family.
14 | go to the theatreoncein a bluemoon. word given.Don't changethe word given.
15 Sarahwascleaningthe atticwhen shecameacross
1 lt'sa monthsincehe startedworkinghere.
her grandmother's silvernecklace-
been He hasbeenworkingherefor a month.
16 Because of a childhoodillnessshelost her hearing'
2 How long is it sinceyou went to Russta?
Now shecan't hearat all.
ago How longago did Yougo to Russia?
17 My wallethasdisappeared into thin air!
3 Their new album will be on the market next
18 Reading my old diaries always brings back
memories of my childhood.
out Their new album will come out next
19 l'm afraid I just don't approveof this kind of
4 Shesucceeded in passingher exams.
20 The fans got reallycarriedaway when Beckham
managedShemanagedto passherexams.
scoreda goal. , 5 Theyhaven'tbeenout for months.
(10 marks) ages lt's beenagessincetheywent out.
(5 marks)

2 Circlethe correctitem.

1 Theycouldn'tfindwhattheywanted,sotheyhad
Fill in the correct word derived from the word in
to buildit from 4
A begin B scrape @scratch D first bold.

2 H e r. . . . . . . . . . . .l e w h e ns h eh e a r dt h e n e w s '
. .a. p e d 1 Jimseemsto havefinancialproblems. FINANCE
A head @ heart C mind D stomach womanin her
2 Jennyis an attractive
earlythirties. ATTRACT
3 Sheis verypretty,with rosy .' and big eyes'
3 Theydecided to havea system
A nose B mouth C face @ cheeks
i nstal l ed. SECURE
4 My new flat hascentral . , so it'sreallywarm' 4 Hewas unableto find a solutionso he
@ heating B system C wardrobe D askedfor help. ABLE
5 After graduationhe startedlooking
5 J a n eb e c a m e. . . . . . . . . . . .a.s. s. h ew a sw a i t i n gf o r T o m
for a job. GRADUATE
to turnup.
A easy-going @ i mp a ti e n t
(5 marks)
B exhausted D depressed
5 Read the sentences.lf a sentenceis correct put a
A Memoriesof unusualhouses Speaker
tick (./). lf it has a word which should not be there,
B Hand-made furnishings Speaker
write this word on the line.
C Largebut almostempty Speaker
1 TheSmiths'house,whichit is in the suburbs, it D Builtfor anotherpurpose Speaker
2 was brokeninto the lastnight.Theowners the E Expensive fittingseverywhere Speaker
3 wereat the theatreat the time to celebratingto F An escapefrom city life
4 theirtenth weddinganniversary. Surprisingly ,/ (10 marks)
5 the alarmdidn't go off althoughit was
switchedon. /

9 Leohasdecidedto go on a ten-daytour of
Lookat the visualprompts,then,in pairs,
Communication decidewhat he needsto takewith himandwhat
you canalsosuggest
he doesn't,givingreasons.
Completethe dialogue. otherthingshe cantakewith him.
A: Hi Ben,it'sJanet.1) How areyou? (SeeSuggested
B: Oh hi, Janet.l'm fine.How 2) areyou?
A: l'm okay.Look,are you busyon Saturdaynight?
B: No, as a matterof fact, l,m not.
A: l'm havinga partyat my house.Would3) you like
to come?
B: l'd loveto. 4) What time?
A: Anytimeafter g.
B: Soundsgreat.5) Seeyou on Saturday, then.
A: l'll be there.
(5 marks)

7 Complete

A: What doesshelook like?

B: She'sgot shortfair hairand greeneyes.
A: Mr Smith,this is MrsJames.
B: How do you do? lt is a pleasure to
meet you.
A: Whereis the the post office?
B: lt's on AppleStreet,five minutesfrom the tube
A: Hello,M r S m it h C
. a nI h e l py o u ?
B: Yes.l've got a problemwith the roof.
A: What'syouraddress, please?
B: 21 Blueberry Street.
(5 marks)

8 a. Youwill hearfivepeopletalkingabouttheir
childhoodhomes.Whatdo you thinktheywill Invitingspeaker:
I ngreeing/Disagreeing:
talk about? o What do you think? . I couldn'tagreemore,
typeof home,location,
etc o lsn'tthat right? . I thinkyou,rewrong.
o Don'tyou agree? . Yes,you'reright.
o I don't agree.
statements(A-D.Usethe lettersonly once.
Thereis one extraletterwhichyou do not need
(10 marks)
to use.
.t n youareq;nq to reada briefsummary the mostsuitable
of the book" BlackBeauty".Choose fromthe list
t you
which do not need to use' isan
" (n-H)foi"..i part(1-6)of thearticle.Thereisoneextraheading
example at thebeginning(0).


animals.Unfortunately, case,thisoftenproved
in BlackBeauty's
or misused.
to be harmful.Hewasofteneitherneglected
4 F

aftersometime BlackBeautywas boughtby Jerry

Barker,a kind cab owner.There,he was treatedverywell'
Althoughbeinga cabhorsewasveryhardwork,BlackBeauty
alwaysdid his best because he enjoyedpleasinghis master.
eat, a warm stableto sleepin and lots of kind words'Black
Anna Sewell(1820-1878) wrote only one novelduringher Beautylearnedmanythingsfrom his new owner,suchas the
lifetime,a bookdescribing lifeof a beautiful,
the blackhorse,
advantagesof not beinggreedyandof beingfairandkrndto all
BlackBeauty.Sewell was very concerned about animals and
creatures.Black Beautyspenta coupleof very happyyears
usedthe bookto writeabout the treatment
terrible of horsesin
England The
at the time. book iswritten from the point of view
the influence that 5 A
of the horse,whichhelpsus to understand
goodand badtreatment had on the horses in the story. Black Thisoleasant lifecameto a suddenendwhenJerrywasforced
Beautyhad a greateffecton the treatmentof animalsand to sellhishorses.After severalotherowners,BlackBeautywas
changed the waythat peoplethoughtabouthorses. soldto Nicholas Skinner.He had to workeverydaywith no rest,
food and
insufficient poor accommodation' Althoughhe was
0 D
stilla cabhorse,it wasa drfferent world. Black various
BlackBeautyspenthisearlyyearsin a picturesque,greenfield Black
driverswould swearat him and whip him.
with hismotherandsomeother young colts.when rt wastime this hard work and bad
Beautybecamevery lll from all
for himto be trainedto servemen,he wasgentlyand patiently whenhe could
treatment. Hisownerwanted to have him killed
brokenin by hismaster. to
Helearned wear a and
saddle bridle, to allow
no longerdo the job. Luckily,
a vet convinced Skinner
andcarrya humanquietlyon hisback. BlackBeautyto restand recovel and then sellhim,so that he
1 H would makea bigger profit.The owner agreed to have the
of spared,
horse's'life but onlyfor the sake of money'
BlackBeautylearntaboutthe way horsescansufferbecause
men veryearlyin life. He witnessed a huntingexpedition in 6 I

whicha horsewaspushedtoo hardandfastby an inexperienced After spendingyearson London'sstreets,BlackBeauty'snext

andoverconfident rider.Theconsequencesweretragic.Therider farm,with a caringmaster.Afternursing
homewasa pleasant
took a fallthat killedhim andthe finehorsebrokehislegand him backto goodhealth,the farmerdecided that BlackBeauty
wasthenshot. neededto be in a placemoreappropriate thana farm.Hesold
2 b BlackBeautyto two kindyoungsisters, who livedon a pleasant
countryestatewith a large,greenmeadow.Herethe wearybut
At his next home,one of the horseswith whom he shareda
This contenthorsefinallyfoundthe restandpeaceof mindthat he
stablehad the reputationof beingwild and aggressive.
shehad beentreatedvery sodesiredanddeserved.
horse,Ginger,saidthis was because
badlyat a youngage.Gingerwastakenawayfrom her mother,
A A crueland greedyowner
not long after birth,and was trainedto work, in a veryrough
Althoughhernew B Unableto trust
manner, by menwho did not carefor horses.
were verykind,she couldnot help C Timeto take lt easY
masterand his employees
of men.
beingsuspicious D A gentleteacher
E In the wrong hands
3 E
F Hardbut satisfYing work
BlackBeauty'skind ownerwas forcedto moveabroadfor the G Lifeas a cart horse
of a string
sakeof hiswife'shealth.Thismarkedthe beginning H A fatalaccident
Some were well-
of owners with different personalities' (15marks)
intentionedbut allowedtheir groomsfull controlof their
Writinga first-person
narrative S i n gA l o n g !
1 1 Usethe notesto writea shortstoryentitled
OttttoRemember"(120-180 words).Usethe notesas
wellasyourownideas. Jimmyworked in an office
(SeeSuggested Fromeighto'clock1) till four
Hisjob was satisfying
But he 2) longedfor somethingmore
He was waiting for a sign r *r
Introduction Andheknew
there'd A TURNING
(Para l) oneafternoonlast summer- friend cameto come a time
your home- invitation- o bike ride When a turning point
would changehis life
Main Body And bring a chance
(Para 2) mode sandwiches - setoff - early morning- for him to shine
countrylanes- openfields - niceweather Ji mmyhadan ol d gui tar
(hra 3)
field - stopf or lunch- picnic - butt ron at us - People
'l:::::;i; -
a'[esandwiches 3) lovedto hearhim play
^'i'1,,;"!,'),t And he knew he couldbe
4) famous
Conclusion lf he couldonlyfind a 5) way
(Fara 4) bach home- f ett hoppv - tired -
He was waiting for a sign ...
(20 marks) WhenJimmyplayedat a party :
(Total= 100 morks) Hisdream6) life becamereal
A 7) recordproducerheardhim
12 a. Lookat thepicture.
WhatcouldJimmybe And offeredhim a 8) deal
dreaming about? He was waiting for a sign ...
promotion,own business,
buyinga house,etc Jimmymadea record
It went straightto 9) numberone
He'dfoundthe life he wanted
He'dfound his 10)placein the sun
He'd beenwaiting for a sign ...

How do you rateyour progress?
Tick(/) the box
that appliesto you.

Excellent Good OK Coulddo better

**** *** ** *
b. What areyourdreams?What do you think you Writing
shoulddo to makethem cometrue? Communication
(Ss ' o w na n s w e rs )



I L I rneCzech

d *'S


. seepeople
Lead-in . admire
in traditiona
to the pictures?
Howisthetitlerelated In luhich youcanvisrt
ln Russia galleries, castles
iseachplacein the pictures?
continent Whatdo
youknowabouttheseplaces? Haveyouever
visited you iiketo vistt? i , 2 andmatchthe people
a. Listen to thetypeof
why? hoiiday. in the pictures
Whichof the places is
do youthinkyoureamdo
b . Whichof thefollowing Carl a d v e n t u rheo l i d a y
Youcanaddyourown ideas.
in eachplace? Sonya c u l t u r ahl o l i d a y
. visitgalleriesimuseums/ancient castles/historical Rick packagh eolrday
sites Moira islanh doliday
. s e ea n i msai nt h e i n
r atura
e ln v i r o n m e n t againandwritedownwhateachperson
b. Listen
" go scuba drvLng/snorkell ngikayaking/
Lng/hrki asin
isqoingto do,thenmakeup sentences,
white-water rafting theexample.
. walkalongwhitesandy beaches
o trydelic!ous Hersgoingto visit
Carlisgotngona culturaltourof Russia.
locaL cuisine
. seespectacular lheHermitageMuseum.
. takelesurely strols e. Wheredo youlikespending yourholidays:
. buyhandmade souven rs thesea?on an island?Why?Whichcountry
n'ouldyou mostliketo visit?Why?
b . G o t h r o u g ht h e l i s t o f p r o m p t sa n d e x p l a r na n y
u n k n o w nv o c a b u l a rSy sa n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n s
' : : i i n g : m u l t i p l em a t c h i n g ;
reading forspecific
-. --:tion; SuggestedAnswerKey
s c a n n i nag t e x t
: : : c u l a r y :w e a t h e rh; o l i d a y sh;o l i d a tyr o u b l e s ; A ... see the beautifulnatural sceneryand admtreme
: : :r''stips;festivals interestingarchitecture.
Youcan alsotry the localcuisine
l ' : ' n m a r : f u t u r et e n s e sc;o n d i t i o n atlysp e sO a n d 1 ; andbuyhandmade souvenrrs
= : : a i n i t ea r t i c l e B ln Australiayou can see anrmalsin their natural
- t : c f E n g l i s hp: r e p o s i t i o npsh; r a s avle r b s( c u t ,d o ) ; environment. Youcanvisitthebeachresorts andthemany
. : e choicecloze;errorcorrection; key-word nearbyislands. Youcanalsovisitmanyothernaturalsites.
. - . - : ' m a t i o n si,d i o m sa n df i x e dp h r a s e s C ln the CzechRepublicyou can visit galleries,museums,
- ' : : ' r i n g : l i s t e n i nfgo r s p e c i f iicn f o r m a t i o nl i;s t e n i n g ancientcastlesand historicalsites.you can also take
. . . d e d u c i nm g e a n i n gn;o t et a k i n gm ; ultiple leisurelystrolls,admire interestingarchitectureand see
, - - r g ; l i s t e na n dt i c k ;m u l t i p l e choice; peoplein traditionaldress.
= :' se/Doesn't say
D ln Canadayou can see animals in their natural
- : : < i n g : p r e d i c t i ntgh e w e a t h e rd, e c i d i n o gn environment You can also go kayaking,white water
r . . d e s t i n a t i o ndsi ;s c u s s i nhgo l i d a a yctivities;
' . ' : 1 g h o l i d ae raftingor hikingandseespectacular falls.
y x p e r i e n c egsi v; i n ga d v i c e ;
, - . . : 1 g a f e s t i v adl ;i s c u s s r w n ge e k e n da c t i v i t i e s ,
'; a. Readout the prompts Playthe cassetteSslistenand
a c c e p t i nagn d r e f u s i n gc;a n c e l l i nagh o t e l
m a t c ht h e p e o p l et o t h e t y p e o f h o l i d a yC h e c kS s ,
: - : : o n ; r e n t i n ga v e h i c l ec;o m p a r i nagn d
a n s w e r sE l i c iw
t h e r ee a c hp e r s o ni sg o i n g
. = . : ; n gn a t u r afle a t u r e s
' -: - ation:
s h o r ta n s w e r s AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted
: n g : a s e m i - f o r mtar la n s a c t i o nlaelt t e ra; n a r t i c l e
b. Playthe cassetteagain Ss listenand write down
w h a t e a c hp e r s o nt sg o i n gt o d o i n e a c hp l a c e
. .Readout the title Explarn that it isa proverbElicit
,.vhatthe proverbmeans (youcanlearna lot about Suggested AnswerKey
lhe worldand itspeopleby travelling.) Ask Ssto look Heis alsogoing to visitthe Grandpalace,takea tour of the
at the picturesand readthe namesof the places gardensandpavillionsandget ticketsfor theKrov Ballet.
Elicithow the title is relatedto them (lfyoutravel Sonyais goingon an islandholidayin Australia.Shetsgotng
ond visitnewplaces, you get to knowotherpeople,s to walkalongthebeaches andgo surfing.Sheisalsogoingto
habits,customs, culture,etc,therefore you expandyour go snorkellingand scubadivingand go on a glassbottom
<nowledge ) Elicitthe namesof the continents (Asi4 boattour.
Africa, North America,South America,Antarctica, Rickisgoingto theCzechRepublic on a packageholiday.Heis
Europe andAustralia) andwrite them on the ooaro goingto visitancientcastlesandadmirethearchitecture. Heis
Eiicitthe continentin which each country is alsogoingto visittroditionalvillages.Heisgoingto seepeople
ocaled (Australia is in thecontinentof AustraliaThe in traditionalcostumesandeattraditionalfood.
Czech Republic isin thecontinentof EuropeRussia isin Moiraisgoingto Canadaforan adventure holiday.Sheisgoing
the continentsof Asiaand Europe.Canadais in the hikingand she will see lots of animals.Sheis alsogorng
continentof NorthAmerica.) Ellcitfurtherinformation kayakingand white-waterrafting and sheisgoingto seethe
abouteachplacefromSsaroundthe classSsmay NiagaraFalls.
usean atlasor encyclopaedia if available
c. . Elicitanswersfrom Ssaroundthe class
- ,;gestedAnswerKey
" Russia youcanvisitmuseums andart galleries or enjoya
:tllet performance. o As an extension,Sscan designa travelbrochure/
- ' Australiayou can swim posterfor the placetheywould mostliketo visit l
in crystalclear watersand
: 'nbatheonsandybeaches Youcanalsoseekangaroos. Ss collectinformationabout what a visitorcan
- ' theCzech Republic youcanvisitmuseums do/seethere Ss can decoratetheir brochures/
or walxarong
',ecobbled streets. posterswith pictures
' Canadayou can enjoy magnificent
:cppedmountains andhugelakes. Tapescript 2a (p. 3g)
for Exercise
. T h e n ,S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d d i s c u sw s h i c hp l a c e s bookfor rhesametapescr
1:ql.fl::-:,: t'.1:,-9_gl.!l:.s'
they would liketo visitand why.Ask somepairs Carl
t o p r e s e ntth e i rd i a l o g u ei sn c l a s s
:,ggestedAnswerKey yearntngto actuallyseeit for myselfAt last,l,m off _ the day after tomorrow
- Theplacel'd liketo visit mostis Russia.I get veryexcited
cboutthiscountry'slonghistory. d a t e sf r o mt h e 1 8 t hc e n t u r ya n dt a k e a t o u r o f t h e g a r d e n as n d p a v i l l i o nt h s at
- That'strue.ltscultureis fascinatingtoo,and l,vereadthat a r es c a t t e r etdh r o u g ht h e p a r k S t p e t e r s b u rtgs t h e h o m eo f t h e K i r o vB a l l e t ,
thepeopletherearewarmandfriendly.etc to l ' m d e f i n i t e igy o i n gt o t r y t o g e t t i c k e t sI c a n , tw a i t l t , sg o i n gt o b e a
fa rctrip
. As an extensron,5s can researchone of the
countries in the library/onthe Internetand makea Cont p 39(T)
poster.Posters canbe displayed in the classroom

aloud Suggested AnswerKeY
a. Readthe titleof the articleandthe subheadings
Elicit country the places arein (England)
and what Name:Radisson SASPortmanHotel
information 5swouldexpectto find in the texts Locotion: Central London
Description: deluxefourstarhotel
Suggested AnswerKeY cableTV,
Facilities: roomservice
extensive menu,fully
I would expectto read about the facilitiesavailableat the equippedgYm,tworestau rants
sitesto visitand thingsto
differentplaces,aswellasinteresting Thingsto see/do:go shoppingin OxfordStreet,visit
do in thesurroundingarea of place
each Buckingham Palace andtheHouses of Parlrament

[. o E x p l a itnh e t a s k S sf o r mt h e i rq u e s t i o nuss l n gt h e Radisson 5AS PortmanHotelin centralLondonisa deluxefour-

starhotel.lthasgotcableW,an extenstveroomservicemenu'a
futlyequrpped gymandtworestaurants' Duringyourstaythere
Suggested AnswerKeY you can go shoppingin OxfordStreet,or vrsitBuckingham
Where isthehotelsituated?lsit modern? Palace andtheHouses of Parltament
lsrtcloseto theshoPs? Does rthaveroomservice?
canYoudo? b. Explain the task Sscompletethe task Al rnatively'
lsrtrnthecountrYside? Whatactivitrcs
lstt bythesea? Whatfactlitiesdoesthehotelhave? this task can be set as written HW Ssca illustrate
theirshortarticleand presentit to the class
. As an extension,brainstormwords relatedto
booka room,roomservtce'
hotels(recepfionrst, maid' Suggested AnswerKeY
swimming hotel,etc)
pool,four-star Name:Balmoral Hotel
Location: Edinburgh
Description: Iuxury five-star hotel
Facilities: excellent cablery gym'
keyword hotel.Thetext whichdoesnot containthts swimming Pool, sauna and steam room
word isthe answerto the questionAllow5sthreeto'l
i,. four minutesto silentlyreadthe texts Do question
Thingsto see/do:
go andseea PlaY
Castle,shopin thecity

w i t h S s ,t h e n S s ,i n p a l r so r o n i h e i r o w n , c o m p l e t e
TheBalmoralHotelin Edinburgh hotel'lt
is a luxuryfive-star
the task CheckSs'answers W as
has real an
fireplaces, restaurant
excellent and cable
AnswerKey(See answers)
overprinted wellasa gym,a swimming poolanda saunaandsteamroom'
Dur'hgyourstaythereyou can visitEdinburgh Castleand go
d . H e l p S s t o e x p l a i nt h e w o r d s i n b o l d b y g i v i n q oryou can go andsee a play'
for shopping rnthecitycentre
examples or synonymsSsmaylook up synonyms
t h e h i g h l i g h t ewdo r d si n t h e r rd i c t i o n a r i e s h e c 5s'
- "-
a n s w e ras r o u n dt h e c l a s s
Suggested I Sscanreferto p 196 of the 5'sbookfor the sametapescript r
stylish:chic fascinating: interesttng
trendi est:m ostfashionabIe experience: feel
sample:trY fans:admtrers
dine:eat wander:stroll
situatedin: located in appealto:interest
amazing:wonderful alike:similar

t o t o u c hl t L
l s l a n d1m a ye v e ng e t t h e c h a n c e

Suggested AnswerKeY
A: t'd ltketostayat theRadisson PortmanHotelin London
because What
it'sa luxurrcushotelwith lotsof facilities'
B: Well,luxurtous aren'tto mytaste'lprefersmallqutet
hotels in thecountryside l'd chooseto go to OldOxenhope
HallCottage. etc
(5s'ownanswers) t o o , l i k eg o u l a s hd, u m p L i n gasn ds a u e r k r a uItc a n ' tw a i t l
. RemindSs practiseReading aloudustngthe 5's
CD/ casset 5s listento the text and follow the
l i n e s S sl i s t e na q a i nw i t h p a u s e st ,h e n r e a do u t
from the text

4 a. Writethe headingo s n t h e b o a r di n a t a b l e E l i c i t
answersfrom Ssto completethe table Then'5scopy
t h i st a b l ei n t o t h e i rn o t e b o o kasn d u s et h e n o t e st o
talk about one of the hotels Ask someSsto report f o r w a r dt o i t l t ' sg o i n gt o b e t h e t r i p o f a l l f e t i m e !
backto the class

'/ \ c.Dfra4 V

A Radisson SAS Portman Hotel, London

: - '-- ish reading,go bacl<to the questions
For thosewho enjoy the finer things in rife, a break at the Radisson
:-: rry to answerthem one by one SAS
":'erringro the texts.Keepin mind Portman Hotel will be right up your street.This deluxe four-star hotel
just a minute'swalk awayfrom Marble Arch and a stoners
inar some informationmaybe throw from the
rephrased. iitlifi boutiques of oxfgrd Srreet. Afrer spending a day shopping and
sightseeingin London's trendiestarea,you can relax in your room, iratch
cableTV and enjoy somethingfrom the extensiveroom servicemenu.
Reading this hotel, you will also be in the ideal place to visit the many sishts
London such as Buckinghamparaceand the Housesof parriament.you

a. Lookat the must also be sure to allow yourserfthe time to enjoy the leisure facilities
subheadings of the hotel itself. The hotel has a fully equipped gym and two fantastic
of the
article.Inwhichcountry restaurantswhere you can:sam$l*gourmetcuisine.
aretheseplaces situated? B Langley Castle Hotel, Northumberland
Whatinformation do you For a touch of medieval magicwhy not take the time to visit Lanslev castle
expectto read? Hotel. Setin its own ten-acrewoodlandthis fabulouscastlehotel aaiesbact<
b. fuk questions to 1350.All guest rooms have got private facilities and are lururious. some
hotels,usingthe keywords: have specialfeatures such as four-poster beds, stained glass windows and
window seats.The hotel is the perfectbasefrom which to exploreHadrian's
situated?shops? countryside?
wall and the Northumberlandcountryside,as wel as the ScottishBorders

c Readthearticleandanswer
1-13.WriteA,B,Cor D.

place(s): C The Metropole Hotel, Cornwall

5 -'r: a hotel?
F , ,l -
* t t ,

drEs r a luxurybreak?
-! '

r,'ri"sthe chanceto visita famous

5l -
E 5 , : r a t e do n a h i l l ?
;T- j - l

e.E'rot far from shops?

=I:t r-:r-.i_:-r D Old OxenhopeHall Cottage,West yorkshire
ir-e's the chanceto eat outdoors? Faos,ofEnglish Literature should not missthe opportunity to spenda few
' t - l
daysat old oxenhope Hall cottage. This attractive17th centurybuilding
is just five minutesfrom the village of Haworth, where the famousBronte
s .titable for fitnessfanatics?
sisterslived. Their house,Haworth parsonage,isopen to the public and
o l .-rl
o l is
I well worth a visit. The moors, where they would'w,,fudeifor hours, are
s -ear the sea? perfect for those who enjoy walking. The cottage iirett is fully
- -l
t contained and has been restored to a high stanclardof comfori. tt
s rot jn the countryside? ,,
furnished with all the modern conveniences,and wiil certainry
l history lovers and aspiring writers dika
o r!,3sbuilt more than 100 Vearsaqo?

explainthewordsin bold. 4 a. Readthe articleagain,chooseone hoteland makenotesunderthe
Then,givea synonym for the headings
below.Then,useyournotesto talkaboutit.
. name. location. description
. facilities
. thingsto see/do
findanywordsin the text
to yourlanguage? b. Makenotesunderthe sameheadings for a placeyou havestayeoon
Whichplacewouldyou like holiday.
Thenuseyournotesto writea shortarticleaboutit. you
to stayat?Why? canusethe articlein Ex.3 asa model.
7 Whattypeof holidaysuitsyou best?Dothe quiz"lo
,' ['t'i
Weather findout.
andfill in the gaps'
to theweatherforecast
lV ,?
a. Listen
thentalkabouttheweatherin theseplaces'

How do you feel when you go sho'pping or

sightseeing during your holiday?,',r ,r'

Havana:hot, drY,sunnY, H o n gK o n g :r a i n Ys e a s o nh,o t ,

temperature n . l - n i dt,e m P e r a t u r3e5 C

You're staying in an old family friend's house

for your summer holiday. How do you thank
A lnvite them on an adventureweekend'
B lnvite them to your house for a long weekend'
Geneva:warm,drY,Dteezy' c lnvite them for a weekend out on the town'
belowfreezing temperature
temperature 18"C D lnvite them to a health sPa.
ttshotdryandsunny'The A friend suggests a trip to a country you've
ln Havana
never visited before' What do you ask him
highthirttes. about first?
youarea weatherreporter'
b. lmagine A the nationalParks
tomorrow's B the beaches
C the nightlife
+k snowy sunny lk rainy ::ii"tcloudy "' foggl D the best restaurants
What's your ideal sPring break?
35aC boitinghot; 3OoC hot,25aC warm, 15aC cool;
5"C cold; -5oC freezingcold
A Walking over the ruggedYorkshiremoors'
B Wanderingalongthe beachinTahiti'
415gn5 {:iif 15oC lstanbuli:,rtr1OoC Moscow_tiai
4oC c A stopoverin NewYork citY.
D A luxuriousMediterranean
Barcelona 17aC Kiev;:, 8oC Prague.rl,ii{
Singapore *,? 33"C
B u d a p e s ti i i l r '1 O o C Madrid 2AaC
c h l c a g o# 2 o C Milan \-lac Warsaw

of 15oC'
witha temperature
It willbe coolandrainyin Athens

whichof the itemsbelowyouwould
In pairsdiscuss forest.
6 in Ex'5a'
packif youweregoingto eachof theplaces MostlyB)'s,you enioygentlerpasiimes'You would.be
haoorest'somewheie whereyou can relax A secluded
mountainresortor a sandy,palm-fringedbeachwhere
umbrella boots gloves you need do nothing but lie back and relax ts the
pedectspot for You.
rucksacK gogglesl,'':,.::'- i
MostlyC)'s,you want to be with people You would
moneybelt be happiest in a bustling city centre where you car'
sandalsshorts creditcard fill youi days shopping in elegant bouti-ques and
kit your eveningssamplingthe non-stopnightlifeof the
gu i d e b o o k ,a15 area'strendiesthot spots.
: i 'r:::'' 1 u o 1 o
coo mp u te r Mostly D)'s, you appreciate comfort and luxury
camera raincoat Glamorous resods, upscale hotels and first-class
cruiseswere createdwith you in mind Your holidays
are the time when you want to experienceall the
A: lf I vtsited takemyboots
t woulddefinttely finerthingsin life.
because rtiscoldandwetthere.
B:t couldn't agree Araincoat
more. isabsolutely
a Readthe heading Elicitwordsrelatedto it from Ss J c E x p l a iw
n h a t a q u i zi s a n d h o w i w o r k s E x p l a itnh e
(windy,freezingcold, below }oC, cool, it,sraining,etc)
t a s k . R e a do u t e a c h q u e s t i o n n d S s c r r c l et h e i r
E x p l a i nt h a t S s a r e g o i n g t o l r s t e nt o a w e a t h e r
report.Ask Ss to look at the picturesand readthe
prompts Playthe cassetteSslistenand write down or Ds
the missingwordsfor eachplace CheckSs,answers
S st h e n u s et h e p r o m p t sa n d t h e i r a n s w e r st o t a l K (5s'ownanswers)
a b o u tt h e w e a t h e ri n e a c np r a c e
. A s a n e x t e n s i o nS,sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d m a k eu p r n e t r
AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) own holidaq y uiz
HongKongit is the rainyseasonand it is hot,humidand
: :ickywith a temperatureof 35oC.
;' CapeTownit is wet and cool with temperatures below Tapescript
for Exercise
5a (p. 40)
i - ,:: ,:?l i:f:j"t?"!:]*?-6.thes,sbookforthesametapescript
Genevait is warm,dry and breezywith a temperatureof .gl
irc Weatherforecaster:
G o o da f t e r n o o nl ' m G aI W j n t e r sw i t h t h e w e e k l yw o r l d w i d ew e a t h e fr o r e c a s t
3 o G o i h r o u g h t h e l i s t a n d e l i c i V e x p l a itnh e
m e a n i n g os f t h e w o r d s R e v i e wp l a c en a m e si n
t h e t a b i e a n d h e l p S s l o c a t et h e m o n a m a p .
Allow Ss two minutesto preparetheir answers.
Thenask some Ss to presenttheir forecastsfor
differentcitiesto the class
w e r e g o r n gt o h e a dr i g h ta c r o s tsh e p a c i f i cO c e a nn o w a n d t a k ea l o o ka t
Suggested AnswerKey
- ,'till
be cooland sunnyin Barcelonawith a temperatureof
.',,illbe chillyand cloudyin Budapest
with a temperature

,'. becoldandsnowyin Chicagowith a temperature of 2oC.

', bechillyandrainyin
lstanbulwith a temperature
of lToC.
.', I be chillyand rainy in Kev with a temperature
of BoC.
,', I be warm and sunnyin Madridwith a temperatureof

becoolandsunnyin Milanwith a temperatureof l7aC.

in Moscowwitha temperature of 4oC.
becoldand cloudyin praguewith a temperature
of 5oC.
in Singapore
witha temperature

bechillyandfoggyin Warsawwith a temperature

of | 2oC.
. A s a n e x t e n s i o nS,sc a nd e s i g na s i m i l atra b l ef o r
towns/citiesin their own countryand say the

: . Read out the list of items and eliciVexplain

meaning o f a n yu n k n o w nw o r d s
. Explainthe task and readout the exampleAllow Ss
two minutesto completethe task,thenaskindividual
Ssto readout theiranswers
Suggested AnswerKey
lf I visitedHavana,t woulddefinitetytakemy sunglasses,
shorts,T-shirt andsandalsbecause it ishot anddrythere.
I agree.I'd alsopacksunscreen becauseit,sveryhot and
lf I visitedHongKong,I woulddefinitetytakemy umbrella
andraincoatbecause it istherainy season there,
An insectrepellent isneededtooas it,ssohumid.
lf I visitedGenevalwould takea camerabecause thereisa
lot of beautifulscenerythere.
l'd alsotakewalkingshoesas you can go walkingin the

s s 'a t t e n t i o no n t h e u s e
1 1 a . R e a do u t t h e e x a m p l eF o c u 5
S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d d o t h e e x e r c i s e C h e c kS a n s w e r s (' in case + present tense'so that+
t a l k b o u tt h e of the conjuctions
u n O. * p t u i na n yu n k n o w nw o r d s S st h e n subiect + can..') Ss completethe exercise CheckSs'
p l a c et h e ys p e n t h e i rl a s th o l i d a y s anSwe15
Answer Key(5eeoverprtnrcdanswers)
Suggested AnswerKeY in caseanyofyour
I spenta lotoftimelool<ng 3 - d Takeouttravelinsurance
LastyearI wentto ltwasfantastic'
Spain' arelostor stolen'
l alsosampled thelocal belongrngs
aroundtrendyshops andbuyingpresents' ofyourcountry's embassyor
4 - c Findiutihe localaddress
lt wasdelictous.
cutsine. something
tn case seriousgoes wrongat
twtce Ssdo the exerciseCheckSs'
9 a. Playthe cassette Yourdestination'
5 - b Makephotocopies ofyourtrckets andpassport
answerS if lost'
theyc'anbereplaced moreeasily
AnswerKey(See answers)
C h e c kS s ' b . S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dc o m p l e t teh e t a s k
b . S s l i s t e na n d c o m p l e t et h e s p i d e r g r a m s
t h e n a l l o w S s s o m e t i m e t o make up Suggested AnswerKeY
Ss' answers by youvisita
sentencesfor each place Check Findoutaboutthelocallawsand customs before
a s k i n gi n d i v i d u a5 lst o r e a do u t t h e i rs e n t e n c e s anyone
'lf sothatyouwon'toffend
Suggested AnswerKeY youareflyiig,makesurethatyoudon'tcarryanythtng
in it
case is illegal'
swimming pool'gym'staff'manager' tie planeforanyoneelse,
restaurant 12 a. Readout the promptsin the table Quickly
CruiseIiner:pool,experrenced crew'setsail'on board' lndta-lndian;
nationality adjectives(Japan-Japanese;
'Caravin: pool etc) Ss'in pairs'complete
fully equippedkitchen'homecomforts'bur the task CheckSs' answers
Hiostel: io,ititi'l,,communaldininghalls'sharerooms'
baqs Key(See
Answer answers)
answers) Suggested AnswerKeY
Ss do the TheRocketFestivat takesplacein Thailand'TheThaipeople
the prompts Play the cassette etc
10 a. Readout celebrate it by makingrockets andsetttngofffireworks'
in thetr
from Ss [ . o 5 sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d t a l k a b o u ta f e s t i v a l
Key (See overprinted answers) Monttor 5s' performance and then ask
Answer country.
Ssto presenttheiranswers to the class'
b . V a r i o uS s st a l ka b o u tt h e i ro w n e x p e r l e n c e s ' As an extension, Sscanwrite a shortarticleabout
the festivalfor the schoolmagazine5s can
W r i t i n g( P . 4 1 ) photographs showing festivals from
thetr collect
. Explainthe task ElicitphrasesSs need to use in varlouscountrLsand preparea festivals
dtssaitisfaction' was drsappointed' to make of the
wrrtinq lasKlexpress for therrclass Ss should write the name
mattersworse,overcharged,writtenapology'partialrefund) country/date it takes place under
festivaland the
. Elicitthe plan5sneedio followandwriteit on the board eachPlcture
Suggested Plan
lntroduction(Para1): reason forwritrng- exactdatesof stay
MainBodY Para2): com7latnts iup"t.tipt for Exercise 9a (p' 41)
complaint - state actton
Conclusion (Para3): restate
expected to betaken ' s:.?fl"lg'lop.? 1?,?'1?.1?f lf : s.:b9?k I?'t!' :-'T''liP'::1pl '
l t a s
. H e l pS st o d o t h e t a s k o r a l l yi n c l a s st'h e n a s s l q n
written HW
Suggested AnswerKeY n d a f u l l Ye q u i P P eqdy m ,s o I c a n k e e P
a n d t h e r e ' sa v e r yc o s yl o u n g e
DearSir, f i t d u r i n gm y s t a y l h e r e s t a u r a nl st f a n t a s t i c
my drssatisfactronwith my recent
I am writtngto express
from7th Mayto
stayat theMilton Hotel'l stayedat thehotel a bit of luxuryl
Whilet washappywith the spacious roomand pleasant'
quietatmosphere,'t'imafraid that the food'whichI ordered
bookeda firstclasscablnandI can'twaii
wasdreadful' Thesoupwaswatery' andthe
ThemealI received
worse'I that
feel I was ms p e c i a llloyo k i n
e n t e r t a i n m e n t , l 'e
maincourse was cold'Tomakematters b o r e d ,b u t t h e r e sg o l n gr o D e p l e n t yo f for first clas
iabie' which is a special privileqe
for thismeal i"*.r.f a dlningai the captain's
overcharged ljust can'twait tillwe aresitting by the pool soaking up the sun
disappotnted'l believe passengers
Asyou canimagine'lwasextremely
thatI am entitled'toat leasta partialrefundand written Cont P 42(T
can bedealt with pro ptly
I hopethatthrsmatter
Yours , iapescript?oi iou tp +ri- seep' 4zti)
ltmLaurte ,sr.anrefertop'197oftheS'sbookforthesametapes

Guessthe noun which goeswith the adjectives,
thenusethemto describe
the placeyouspentyour
lastyear. lmagine that youareTim.Writea letterof
1 clean,sandy,dirty,sec/udedb e a c h complaint to the Manager of TheMiltonHotel.
lncludethesepoints: , r,.,y.:*tr
*,*i*s *f_l
ue"sond-hand,souvenirsh o p.
o ee*:p{*intt. #{ii#n*;r6:ect*d t* b* t*k*n
e i n o - g , c o b b l e d st r e e t
ffirlrmlfut,fue.sta1 Victorianh o t e I
,dldhco;s,\oca\,gourme\cu\ s \ n e
t ro\,snosr-tappedmp \ \ \ a \ n
7 e x o t i c , t r o p i c a l , d e s e rIt i sa n d 1"1 a. Jointhe itemsfromthetwo columns with ii: s:=r*
or s* thatto formsentences,
asin the examples.
LastyearI wentto a tropical
islandin theCaribbean.
lt was
great.I spentmostofmydaysonthesandybeaches.
Be carefulin crowded a they/
a r e a so r a t n i g h t g e rI n r o
2 Let your family know wltn
hotel Speaker1 yourtraveiplans
hostel 5 p e a k e2r 3
carava Speaker 3
crut5e S p e a k e4r 4
c. Listen
t t
aqain be lostor
with words
which match r"-,iif]","rlrir,i;,.
eachplace. ,f,.jf]Ii,i,l,
Useanyfour I e- Becareful
in crowded
areasorat nightin casethereare
wordsto make pickpockex ormuggersabout.
up sentences. -
2 a Letyourfamilyknowyourtravelplanssothattheycan
$,,;:,iili,;fi ;l;:1i I getin touchwithyouinanemergency.

b. In pairs,thinkof othertraveller's
themdowngivinga reason.

'{'2 a. Matchthe festivals
with the events.
havegota swimming
a gym. up sentences,
asin the example.
,. '|
t0 '.a.' Lrstento thespeakers
theyhadwhileon holiday.Whatother
experiences canyouthinkof?
firein hotel,caraccidenr.

f l i g h td e l a yl,o s tl u g g a g e ,

TheHoliFestivoltakesplacein lndia.Thelndianpeople
Pam celebrate
it bythrowing
b. Talkaboutoneof yourbadholidayexperiences.
b. In pairs,talkabouta festivalin yourcountry.
Saywhereyouwere,whenit happened , then whenit takesplaceandhowyoucelebrate it.
toyou in detail.
3 He'llpayus backwhen he gets(get)a
Future 4 We're not goinq out now We're going to
Reference (arrive)
tc 'dl
at the question, 1 to 4' 5 As soonas he comes(come)back,l'll tell him
I'-J Look arranged?
Whi.hsuggests: a futureactionalready you
an intention/plan?an uncertainty/possibility?
a predictionbasedon evidence?
futureformof theverbsin
17 Fil in

1 A: Are you doinq anythingthis afternoon?
1 Theweatheris gettinghotterand hotter I'm you're
going (go) to Marco's for lunch if
g o i n gt o s p e n dt h e s u m m eor n m y y a c h t
2 l ' m t o u r i n gM a l t a (be) in
B: Oh that soundsgood l'm goingto be
3 I d o n ' tk n o wY e t I t h i n kl ' l l 9 o t o R i o (meet)you after I
a town this morninq l'll meet
4 I ' m w o r k i n ga l ls u m m ebr u t l ' m g o i n gt o s p e n d (finish)my shopptng
few daYsin Majorcain SePtember
2 A: l'm going (go) to the baker's Do you neeo
lnpairsdiscussyourplansfor yournextholiday' anYthing?
Talkabout: B: Yes,Please, a loafof bread
o destination ' means of transPort A: OK, l'llget (get)Youone
. peopleto gowith ' lengthof staY
3 A: We'regorng(go)to the parklater'
r placeto stay ' thingsto do
B: Are you crazy?Lookat the clouds lt'sgolngto
A: Areyou dotnganything onyournextholiday? rain(rain).Youwillget (get)soaked
B: Yes,l'm a friend
visiting inEdinburgh' 4 A: Wrll you help (you/help)me cleanthe house
A: Thatwittbe nice.tsanybodygoingwithyou? todaY?
willcome he'snotsure
but yet' etc
B: t thinkmybrother B: Yes,of course l'm picking(pick)Janeup from
*t the stationat threeo'clock,but lwill help(help)
Readthe sentences below'Whichexpresses:
1 5 u. r-"=f{*r? Youas soonas I get
leq**:t' * p:c:+iit*'* hi:r:t' * f**r' *l:
Whichtenseis usedin all of thesesentences?
FutureSimPle correcttense'
1'-R Put the verbsin bracketsinto the
1 l'm afraidhewillbe firedif he keeps lateto
coming Ho* do you feel about holidaysin space?
work a fear
callyoutomorrowa promlse
2 l'lldefinitely

| hopeshewon't be late We haven'tgot mucn of '

5 want a holidaYthat is reallYout
time todaYa hoPe inp ticketsfor two weeks in outer
am of science-fiction writers f<
b. Think of anothersentencefor eachuse'
are predicting
turLL'r 16 that soon this

a real possibilitY. lt seemsthat

f Th" or"r"nt simpletensecan alsobe usedto talk
. (also/realise) that there rs
about future eventswith time words,suchas after'
while, before,as soon as,until, unless,when etc
e g I'mgoingto meetsomefriendsclifur/ f,i$isir work'
Col/meerss*e:nesyouk*+rr whatyouaregoingto do'
l'llphoneyouwhenlqm ready(timeword)
Dovouknowwhenhe'llbebqckZ (questionword)

in brackets
verbs tense'
! $ tut the
Jennyis goingto finishher essaybeforeshemeets
(meet)herfriends adventureholidaY'
WhenwillSamfinish(5am/finish) work tonight?

: , < p l a itnh e t a s k ,t h e nd o i t e m 1 w i t h 5 s S sw o r k i n p a i r s As an extension,ask Ss:Whatkindof writingis it?(an
:-d do the exerciseCheckSs'answersReferSsto the article); Wherecould it be found? (a newspaperor
l'ammar ReferenceSectionfor more detail As an magazine);What doyou thinkofthistypeof holiday?
: , ' e n s r o n , 5ms a k eu p s e n t e n c ef o
s r e a c hu s e PostReading:Sscarryout research in the library/on
:,nswerKey t h e I n t e r n e ta n d f i n d o u t a b o u t t h e p l a n e t sa n d
. complete a table (distancefrom the sun,diamete4
a predictionbasedon evidence
temperature, etc) Alternatively,Ss could make a
: c futureactionalreadyarranged
modelof the solarsystem
: cn uncertainty/possibility
- en intention/plan

- , : a i nt h e t a s k .S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d m a k eu p d i a l o g u e s . rrpeslript
roi i*eriiii s; tp.4il co;t.
-'::rt their plans for their holidays Monitor Ss, t9 pg:1?6].]e:
1lr :u1",:f._f of the5'sbookforthesametapescript
: : - - o r m a n c ae r o u n dt h e c l a s s
S p e a k e3r
,A/hereareyou staying?
At myfriend'sflat. W e ' v e e v e n g o t a f u l y e q up p e d k i t c h e n E v e r y t h i nigs v e r y c o m p a c t T h e
low areyougettingthere? f u r n r t u r ee i t h e rc o n v e r t si n t o s o m e t h i n ge s e , o r f o l d s a w a y t o m a k e e x t r a
s p a c el t ' s r e a l l yi b e r a t i n gt ,o o f w e d o n , t l k e a c e r t a i na [ e a ,w e c a n s i m p l y
3y train.
T n o v eo n T h e b e a u t yo f b e i n gm o b t l ei s t h a t w e c a n t o u r a w h o l ea r e aa n d
tlowlongareyoustaying? choosethe llest placesto stop
i'mnotsureyet.I thinkl'llbetherefora week.
,r/hatareyougoingto do? S p e a k e4r
V/e'regoingto visithistorical W e l l ,m y f r e n d sa n d I a r ea l la t u n i v e r s i tayn, dw e d o n , th a a o t o f m o n e yt c
andmuseums. etc s p e n do n h o l i d a y sW. e h a v ea b u d g e t o s t i c kt o e v e r yd a y , w e t r y t o f i n ctl h e
c h e a p e sptl a c e tso s t a y O . f c o u r s et ,h e a c c o m m o d aotn i sv b a s t cW. e usually
E x p l a itnh e t a s k ,t h e n d o r t e mI w i t h S s S sw o r k i n h a v et o s h a r er o o m sa n d s e e p i n n a r r o wb u n k sa n d w e u o u r o w n s l e e p i n g
carrsand do the exerciseCheckSs'answers b a g s ,a s s h e e t sa n d b l a n k e t as r e n o t p r o v i d e dT h eg o o d n g a b o u tt h e m i s
t h a t t h e y h a v ec o o k i n gf a c i Lei ts a n d c o m m u n adl i n i n gh a l s , w h e r ey o u c a n
answers) m e e t t r a v e l l e r sf r o m a l o v e r t h e w o r l d T h a t , sg r e a t , b e c a u s ey o u c a n
s o m e t r r - npei cs ku p t i p so n o t h e rp l a c e tso s t a y a
, sw e l la so n p l a c e tso a v o i d l
i lxplainthe task Elicitanswers
-- t )d \^\ - -
T a p e s c r i pf ot r E x e r c i s1e0 a( p . 4 1 )
S,tggested AnswerKey
- nfraidwe'lllose game I Sscanreferto p 197 of theS'sbookforthesametapescript
the if wedon'tplaybetterin the
::tnd half. Claire
:'inise l'lltellyouassoonasI knowwhat,shappening.
', ' youpick
Heather up fromtheairportT
-elpyouwiththatif you
like. p o s s i bi ti y t h a t m y l u g g a g em i g h tg e t l o s ts o I h a da s p a r ec h a n g eo f c l o t h e sn
- -ce we'llbeable
to affordto go awaythissummer. m y h a n d l u g g a g eI e v e nw o r r i e dt h a t t h e f i g h t m i g h t b e d e l a y e ds o I h a d a
book to readto passthe tirne Nevertheless, I had no dea that my worst fears
. Read out the theory Draw Ss' attention to the w o u l d c o m et r u e a n d t h e p a n e w o u l d h a v et o s e t d o w n i n t h e m d d e o f
n o w h e r ed u et o e n g r n et r o u b l e
examples Refer 5s to the Grammar Reference Tim
Sectionfor moredetail
. Allow 5s two minutesto completethe exercise
C h e c kS s 'a n s w e ros n t h e b o a r d c l e a n I c a n ' ts t a n ds t a y i n gi n t i n y r o o m s T h eo t h e rg u e s t sk e p tr o r f e r s 3 : :
a n d d l d n ' tm a k et o o m u c hn o i s eI o n l yo r d e r e dr o o ms e r v i coen r e o e c a r s :: - =
4nswerKey(Seeoverpintedanswers) f o o d w a s s o t e r r i b l eb , u t w h e n l g o t t h e b i l l l n e a r l y h a d a h e a r ta i i a : i
c o u l d n 'b
t elievh e o w m u c hI h a dt o p a y i t w a sd l s g r a c e f u l l
: , c l a i n t h e t a s k A l l o w S s t h r e e m i n u t e st o d o t h e
= ' e r c i s eC h e c kS s 'a n s w e r sb y a s k i n gt h e m t o a c t o u t 1n e v e tr h o u g h ts o m e t hn g i k et h a t w o u l dh a p p e nt o m e I a m a v e r yo , c - - : = l
d i a l o g u ei sn p a i r s
answers) b a t t e r yw o u l dg o f i a t a n dI w o u l db e u n a b l et o r e c h a r giet o n s i t eb e c a u siei e . e

. Pre-Reading A:s k S s t o l o o k a t t h e t i t l e a n d t h e
plcture Ask Whatdo you think the articleis about?
(Earth,planets,space)Elicitthe names of the other
planets (Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,
Uranus,Neptune,P/uto) Ask Ss to read the first
sentence Ask lf you couldhavea holidayon oneof the
planets,whichwouldyouchoose? Why?
. Explainthe task Ss completethe task CheckSs,
answersby askingindividual Ssto readfrom the text

E x p l a i nt h e t a s k a n d r e a d o u t t h e e x a m p l eA l l o w S s . Whatistheofficiallanguage? - Spanish
s o m et i m e t o n r e n a r et h e i r a n s w e r sA s k v a r i o u sS st o . Whatisthehighest mountain? - PicoBolivar
r e a do u t t h e i rs e n t e n c e s . Whatis thelongestriver?- TheOrinocoRiver

SuggestedAnswerKey Alternatively, thesequestionscan be set as written

HM/ Ss nrenAretheir answersfor the next lesson
I Nextyearl'm goingto buya car. CheckSs'answers
2 I'mgoingtojoin thepolicewhenlfinishcollege, E x p l a i tnh e t a s k Q u i c k l yr e v i s et h e u s eo f t h e , S a y
3 Technology is advancrngso quicklythat computers
names5s,in teams,add the wherenecessary
goingto controleverythingsoon. High Street,
Suggestedlist: America,Nile,Everest,
4 | hopelwill beableto studycomputergraphics.
ofl T: America
20 . Explainthe task 5s do the exerciseCheck Ss' T e a mA 5 1 : n o t h e
T: Nile
answers) T e a mB 5 1 : t h e N i l e
Refer Ss to the GrammarReferenceSectionfor
. Elicitrulesand use from Ss (Type 0 is usedfor lawsof
nature.Type1 is usedfor a real situationin the future.) . Do item 1 with Ss Allow Sssometime to complete
P o i n Io u t t h a t w h e n t h e i f - c l a u sper e c e d etsh e m a i n
the taskthen checkSs'answersby askingvarious5s
c l a u s et,h e t w o c l a u s easr e s e p a r a t ebdy a c o m m a to readfrom the text
Alsopoint out that unlessmeansif not ReferSsto
the GrammarReference Sectionfor furtherdetail AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted
I countryname 16 thereisonlyone
2 1 a. Write thesesentences on the board.We'llgo to the
2 continentname 17 thereisonlyone
beachif theweather improvesWe'llgo to thebeachwhen placename
3 physicalenvironment |8
theweatherimproves. Elicitthe differencein meaning physical
4 sea 19 environment
(ifmeansthattheweather mayimprove;when meansthat
5 ocean 20 therersonlyone
theweatherwill definitelyimprove.) Explainthat both if
6 physicalenvrronment 21 placename
a n d w h e n c a n b e u s e di n s o m es e n t e n c eTs h e n ,S s physical
7 environment 22 thereisonlyone
do the exerciseCheckSs'answers
B mountaingroup 23 superlative
AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) 9 physicalenvironment 24 placename
- lf therarnstops,wewillgo out. t0 physicalenvironment 25 river
- Whentherainstops,wewillgo out. l1 alreadyknown 26 nameof singlemountain
- lf I seeTom,l'll invitehim to theparty. 12 expression 27 alreadyknown
- WhenI seeTom,l'll invitehimto theparty. 13 therersonlyone 28 river
- lfyouneedhelp,youcanaskJoanne 14 capitalname 29 placename
- lf he worksovertime, he willfinishtheproiectin time. 15 placename 30 thereisonlvone
- lf you lose
yourpassport, youshouldreportit immediately.
- lf shehassomefreetime,shewillcallon us. . As an extension,ask Ss.Whattypeof writingis it?(an
- Whenshehassomefreetime,shewillcallon us. article);Where couldit befound?(newspaper, or
b . P l a yt h e g a m ea s i n s t r u c t e idn t h e S t u d e n t ' B
s ook . Post Reading:Ss collectinformationand write a
O t h e rs i t u a t i o ncsa nb e u s e da sw e l l s i m i l aar r t i c l ea b o u tt h e i rc o u n t r y
e g l f A n n g o e st o S p a i n ,
l f S a l l yl o s e sh e rj o b , etc

22 a . E x p l a itnh e t a s ka n d r e a do u t t h e e x a m p l e sS sc o p y
t h e d i a g r a mi n t o t h e i r n o t e b o o k sa n d m a k e u p
sentences aboutthemselves,

b . E x p l a itnh e t a s k ,t h e nS sd o t h e t a s ko r a l l yi n c l a s s
lf lget my university degree, geta goodiob.
lwill probably
lf I becomefamous,I willdefinitelybeon W.
lf I getsometimeoff work,I maygo to NewYork.
lf I getmarried,I willprobablyhavechildren.

23 . P r e - R e a d i n gG: e o g r a p h yQ u i z G a m e D i v i d ec l a s s
into teams Ask quiz questionsGiveone point for
eachcorrectanswerTheteam with the most points
i st h e w i n n e r
. Where isVenezuela? - ln SouthAmerica
. Whatrsthecapitalcity?- Caracas

l!f Writetwo sentences
w i l ld e f i n i t e l y
I plansfor nextyear
w i l lp r o b a b l y
NextyearI amgoingto portugalfor myholidays.
2 ambitions could
3 o r e d i c t i o nasb o u tt h e f u t u r eo f t h e w o r l d
.* ropes/fearsfor the future might
l'lldefinitelygotoParis - t'llprobably
thisspring. visitthe
EiffelTower. - hotel.- l mayvisitthe
I couldstayina S-star
Types - | mighthirea car.
landl G r a m m aR
r eference

Hll in the correcttense,then saywhat type of

b. Usethe prompts
to makesentences

1 S h ew i l l m i s st h e t r a i n u n l e s ss h e c o m e s( c o m e )
row (type1)
2 f y o u m i xr e da n d b l u ep a i n t y, o u g e t ( g e t )p u r p l e
3 ,vrllcome(come)to the concertif there are any
:'cketsleft (typel) lf I getmarried,
I willdefinitely goto Newyork
4 ; you wear that coat, you will be (be) too not
_ v p er ) lf lfinda wellpaidjob,twillprobably
buya house.
5 He'llgo to university unlesshe fails(fail)hisexams
:'rPe '1) TheDefinite
5 f you pour(pour)oil on water,it floats.(type0) GrammarReference

23 Fil inthewherenecessary,
a- Useif/whentomakeup sentences,
asin the Where mightyoufinda textlikethis?

'l) -
: < e/ t r a t n is o beoutif
ul countryin
: r-l/ StOp 2) - SouthAmericowhichhos
:ee TOm somethingto offer to every
tve rttrne
- lassport

f ),outakethetrain,youwillgettheremorequickly.
Mosi people,however,cometo see 19)the noturolwonders

b. Chainstory:ln
teamscontinuethe storyusing
type1 conditionals.
Eachcorrectsentence wins
a point.Theteamwith the mostpointsisthe to 29) - HochoFolls lt will be 30)the experience
of o lifetime
lf Tomwinsthecompetition ...
Team A 51: lf Tomwinsthecompetition,
he'llwin lotsof
Team BS1:lf Tomwinslotsof money,he'llbuya sports
e. Usethe diagramto makeup sentences
Prpnncitinnc 4 When he readthe article,he found that the most excitingpart had
b e e nc u t o u t !
A p p e n d i x1
5 lt'scoldtoday,so makesureyou do up yourcoat.
24 ^' Fillin the correctphrases
6 I couldreallydo with a cup of coffeerightnow
then explainthe
7 Sooneror laterwe will haveto do awaywith room keysand haveonly
On the day of the sale,crowds
of peoplegatheredbeforethe M u l t i o lC
e h o i cC
e loze Look at the title
s h o p o p e n e d ,a l l e a g e r f o r a of the text to get an
idea of what the text is about.Reac
bargain f $ Readthe text andcirclethe answer
the text once to get the generalidee
Anne has reallyput a lot of A, B,C or D,whichbestfitseach
Readthe text again,looking at the r
effort into planningthis holiday, gap(1-15). Thereisan exampleat
before and after eachgap.Then,look
so she hopesshe will have a the beginning(0). choicesand decidewhichword fits be
reallygoodtime Do not leaveany blanks.Finally,reac
the completed text to see if it
The managementalwaysputs
makes sense.
special emphasison the comfort
of its guests
The whole class was really The four-hourrail journeyto Machu
enthusiasticabout the trip to Picchu isnothing0) shorr of spectacular On
Disneyland Paris. either1) of the tracksyouwill
Are you familiarwith this part seesteepmountains towering above
of town? Astheoutlines of the2) .....site
San Francisco is famous for its loom out of the mist,you vvill
magnificent Golden Gate 3) ........ yourfirstglimpse of the
Bridge. 'lost
silent ruins of the city',
All of our agentsareexperienced whichstandon a highridgewith
in allaspectsofthe business a great4). . . of the Andes
I et's sneak to leff He's an
Mountains.5) opposite
expert on travelin Asia sides of the ruins,youwillbe able
to 6) .........straightdown at
b. Fillin the correctpreposition, different rivervalleys Youcanfollow
then chooseany five of the anancient stoneroad,7) . ... leaves
phrasesand make up thesiteto climbto a gap8) .. asthe
sentencesusingthem. 'Gateof the Sun'.9) the climbis
1 to datebackto 1350; 2 to exhausting, the astonishing scenery 10)..... ... an
dinein style;3 situatedin an unforgettable experience Eventhoughthe lncasleft 11) . cluesbehind
area;4 to standon a hilltop; whentheyabandoned MachuPrcchu some500years12) it'sbelieved to
5 trip to a place;6 idealfor sb; h a v eb e e no n eo f t h eh o m e s
of t h er o y a1l 3 ) . . . . A w a l k i n 1
g 4 ) . . . . . . of
7 opento the public;8 to be the sitewill takeyouaboutfouranda halfhours,but the experience will be
furnishedwith; 9 to appealto 15)... . . worththeeffort
0 A except @ short C less D other
1 @ side B bank C edge D part
2 A previous B past @ ancient D old
Verbs 3 A grasp B take @ catch D hold
Appendix2 4 A picture B sight C scene @ view

25 particle,
Fillinthecorrect and s@on B From C Over D For
explain thephrasal
verbs. 6 A watch B view @ toot< D see
7 @ which B whose C where D who
1 Tomalwayscuts acrossthe park 8 A called B understood C thought @ kno*n
on hisway home. 9 A When @ n lthough C Even D Despite
2 John is trying to cut down on 10 A m a k e su p @ makes for C makesoff D makesof
the amount of sweet food he 11 A little @ te* C many D much
eats everyday. 12 @ aso B before C later D after
3 She forgot to pay the bill, and 13 A team B group C people @ family
now her phone'sbeencut off! 14 @ tour B trip C journey D travel
15 A fairly B rather @ well D quite
: :.-.:-.:t-rt::..-.=::.,:i:-;,,
: , c l a i nt h e t a s k R e m i n dS st h a t t h i se x e r c i swe o r k s
, : n A p p e n d i x' 1 a t t h e b a c k o f t h e b o o k G o nppendii
- ' o u g ht h e l e t t e r s Sscanreferto p 185of the S'sbookfor the sameapoendix
E & F w i t h S s S sd o t h e e x e r c i s e
l ^ e c k S s 'a n s w e r st ,h e n S s e x p l a i nt h e p h r a s e sS s
r: -,ti
, - : l d m e m o r i steh e s ep h r a s e s Ji:l

- : ,,,er Key(See cut across= (tr)takea shorterway do away with = (tr)abolish

overprinted answers) cut back(on)= (tr)reduce(expenses, do down = (tr)speakbadlyof sb
. t1t orexpect
something production); cut down on d o j n = ( t r )k i i t
or enjoyable
' :,< hardandspend c u t i n = 1) ( i n t )m o v es u d d e n liyn f r o n t do up = (tr)fasten;tie
timeto achievesomething o f a n o t h ecr a r , 2 )( i n t )i n t e r r u p t do with = (tr)want
: ? something extraor special
importance cut into = (ir) interrupt d o w i t h o u t = ( t r )I i v eo r c o n t i n u e
,:',,interestedandexcited aboutsomething cut off = 1) (tr)disconnect; 2) (tr) wlthout havingsth/sb
,'.v/ing or understanding something solate(usuplaces)
, z,iknownbecause cut out = (tr)omit
of something
be cut out forlto be = be suted for (a
: lavedoneajob or activityforsometime prolessron)
, 'c'u a lotaboutsth c u t u p = ( t r )c u t i n t os m aI p i e c e s

4\ i

-:-er 2 6 . Pre-Reading A:s k S s t o l o o k a t t h e t i t l e a n d t h e

i. n 1R? nf tho ('. bookfor the sameappendix i pictureand try to guesswhat the articleis about.(an
E ancientsite/city/civilisation) Ask Whatwouldyou expect
:| . . . i ) . ( p u t )e f f o r t i n t os t h ( n ). e m p h a s i os n ( n ). s 6 g 6 g g 6; . to find there? (remainsof buildings/stones/pieces
. : n g a g e dt o s b ( a d j ). e n t h u s i a s t iacb o u t( a d j ). e q u a lt o ( a d j ) of
: : : - ' : r ( v ). e x a m p l eo f ( n ). g 1 q . | 1 . . *a t ( a d j ). e x c e p t i o nt o ( n )
. : . : e p t l o no f s t h / s b= t r e a ts b / s t ha sa s p e c i acla s e. t a k e e x c e p t i o n G o t h r o u g ht h e t i p E x p l a i tnh a t S s n e e dt o f o l l o w
: r - ::r ro sth) e qx.6r.t. sth for sth else(v) . s16;1s6about (adj) this advicein orderto completethe tasksuccessfuly
E x p l a itnh e t a s k A s k S st o r e a dt h e t e x t q u i c k l ya n d
s i l e n t ltyo g e t t h e g i s t
, = ::^ skilled a t ) . e x p e r ta V l n l o n( s t h / d o i nsgt h )( a d j )( = d o n ew i t h
R e a dt h e e x a m p l a e n de x p l a i n
t h a t n o t h i n gs h o r to f
r , ng greatknowledge). expert with sth (n)(= good at usrngsrnT
: : . r - r n )( = p e r s o nk n o w l e d g e a bal eb o u ta s u b j e c t ) i s a f i x e dp h r a s ew h i c h i s u s e dt o e m p h a s r z-e: .
F g r e a t s o m e t h i n gi s T h e n d o j t e m 1 w i t h 5 s - j
-: : n e x a m()n ). f a i t h f u lt o ( a d j .)6 " r ; 1 ' u r r o r b ( a d(j=) ( 6 e y y n 1 6 t g y them to lookat the wordsbeforeand aftereacr :::,
- :- ,
in (adj)(= haveknowJedge oD . famousfar (adj). fed up wrth thenthinkof a word that wou/dfit Thentheys"c- :
" - ::- ,rvithsth else(v) . fond of (adj). forget aboutsth (v) . f61g;u"
. -riendlywith/to (ad]). fp;n11,"n"O l o o kt o s e ew h i c ho f t h e o p t i o n sm a t c h e w s hat .-:.
of (ad'l). full of (adj)
: -i , r s b a b o u t / ast t h ( a d ] ) t h i n kt h e m i s s i n w g o r d i s 5 s d o t h e e x e r c i s eC - . . .
5 s 'a n s w e r sM. a k es u r e5 se x p l a i w n h y t h e r e s to : : - =
: .
Explainthat the phrasesin this exercisearetaken distractors do not fit an answer
from the articleon p 39 Do item 'l with Ss,and e g 1 A except(usually followedby for)
then Sswork in pairsand completethe exercise C l e s s( n e e d st h a n o r a n a d j e c t i v e / a d v e r o
CheckSs'answersThen5schoosefiveexpressions after it)
and maKeup sentences D o t h e r( u s u a l lgyo e sw i t h t h a n )
o Alternatively, assignthe exercise as written HW AnswerKey(5eeoverprinted answers)
5s preparetherr sentences for the next lesson
1 on eithersideof sth:fixedphrase
Check5s' answers
2 ancientsite:collocation
:'siver Key(Seeoverprintedanswers) 3 catcha glimpseof:fixedphrase
4 a greatviewof sth:fixedphrase
,_ )r/nonswers)
5 on oppositesides:collocation
. :xplainthat this exercise
6 lookdown:verb + prep= to seewhatisbelow
workswith Appendix2 at
7 which:to starta non-defining clause
: r e b a c ko f t h e b o o k
. Ask5sto think of any phrasalverbsformedwith cut 8 knownas:fixed phrase
9 although: introduces a subordinateclausewhichcontrasts
c r d o W r i t et h e mo n t h e b o a r d E l i c itth e i rm e a n l n g s
with themainclause
cy askingSsto giveexamples
. D o i t e m 1 w i t h 5 s , a n d t h e n 5 s w o r k i n p a r r sa n d 1 0 makefor:phrasalverb= causes or resultsin sth
1 l few:usedwithcountable nouns
completethe exercise. CheckSs'answers. S ss h o u l d
1 2 ago:beforenow
memorise thesephrasalverbs
1 3 royalfamily:colIocation
:,nswerKey(Seeoverprinted answers) 1 4 walking tour: collocation
t 5 well:usedbeforecertainverbsforemphasis

a As an extension,ask Ss Whattypeof writingis it?(an

article); Where could it be found? (a newspaper,a
magazineor travelguide);Howdoesthearticlemakeyou
feel? etc
Post Reading:5s can do some researchinto a
historicalsite jn the library/onthe Internet and
presenttheirfindingsto the restof the class

Pre-Reading: Ask 5s to e their eyesand rmagrne b . E l i c iitd i o m sf r o mS sa r o u n dt h e c l a s s
2 7 o
theyarein i hot-airball Ask Ss: Whatcanyou see? (5s'ownanswers)
a r o u n dt h e c l a s s 30 E x p l a itnh e t a s k D o i t e m1 w i t h S s S s w o r k i n p a i r sa r :
Explain that in this kindof exercise Ssaregivena text completethe exerciseCheckSs'answers
i n w h i c hs o m el i n e sc o n t a i na m i s t a k ei n t h e f o r mo f
an extraword that needsto be removedReferSsto AnswerKey
the tip on p 1 3 if ecessary. 1 listencarefully andsympathetically
Readout the firs line of the text Elicitthat it does 2 toosoonto besureaboutsomething
not containa mistakeReadout the secondlineand 3 veryexpensive; costrng a lot of money
focus5s' attentionon the word on Ask Ss to explain 4 bevery interested or excited
why on is extraand thereforewrong (because on can't 5 copeor managefinanciallY
be isedwith getin thrsstructure)Pointout that Ssneed
to read the article line by line, not sentenceby
Ask 5s to readthe third lineand look for a mistake
Continuewith the restof the text Ssshouldalways
. W h e nS sh a v ec o m p l e t etdh e e x e r c i s e a ,s ki n d i v i d u a l
Ssto read through the corrected text

2 wedo notuseboththepronounand[henountogether
3 incorrecttense
'asfarawayas'isa setexpressron
second PrePosttion
6 wedo notuseboththenounandthepronountogether
7 wedo notneeda preposttion in thrssentence
'amemberof isa prepositional
requirea secondPrePosition
10 incorrect tense
11 theinfinitiveformdoesnotrequire'so'asa prefix
mustbefollowedbya noun phrase'nota
15 thrsnoundoesnotrequire article
. Post Reading:Ask Ss to talk about a festivalthat
they have attended They can talk about: festival

28 . t u t t h a tt h e s e c o n d
E x p l a itnh e t a s k P o i n o sentence
s h o u l dh a v et h e s a m em e a n i n g a st h e f i r s to n e A l s o
p o i n to u t t h a t 5 ss h o u l du s ei h e w o r d i n b o l d
w i t h o u tc h a n g i n igt a n dc o m p l e t teh e g a pw i t h
betweentwo and fivewords
. D o i t e m 1 w i t h 5 s .E l i c itth e g r a m m asr t r u c t u r e
t e s t e dT h e n5 sw o r k i n p a i r sa n dc o m p l e t teh e
AnswerKey(See answers)
1 phrase
2 threat
3 in case+ PresentsimPle
4 unless= if not
5 timewordfollowedbypresentsimple
6 -ingformafterno Pointtn

2 9 a . E x p l a itnh e t a s k D o i t e m 1 w i t h S s T h e n ,S ss h o u l d
c o m p l e t et h e e x e r c i s eu s i n g t h e i r d i c t i o n a r l eisf
necessarY CheckSs'answers
1 travelsomuchit won'tbeworthunpacking
2 writea letter
3 relax
4 hurryup
5 unwell
6 arrhetastmoment
Correction ldioms
& Fixed
Readthe text below and look carefullyat each
line.lf the line is correct,put a tick (/). lf it has 29 a. Fillinthewordsfromthelist.
Thentryto explainthe
a word that shouldnot be there,write this
phrases in bold.
word on the line,as in the examples.
r feet r time o suitcase
. mover line o weather

1 Thisnewjob in salesmeansthat
l'll have to live out of a
suitcasefor months.
2 l ' l l d r o p y o u a l i n ea s s o o na s I
get there and let you know
w h a t ' sg o i n go n .
I can't wait to put my feet up
and forgetaboutwork.
C o m eo n ! I f y o u d o n ' t g e t a
moveon, we'll missthe train
l've been feeling a bit under
the weatherall week
We arrived in the nick of
time. The show was about to
startaswe sat down

b . A r e t h e r es i m i l a ri d i o m si n
your language?What are

ns JQ Underline
Complete usingthe word in bold.you mustuse
the secondsentence
betweentwo andfivewords,including
the wordgiven. That's what we like about
P h o e b e5 h e ' sw i l l i n gt o l e n da n
We aregratefulfor all yourhelpin the matter.
and giveheradvice
appreciate We reallyappreciate all yourhelpin the matter
lt's early mes yet Pete
Hewill neverusethat travelagentagain hasnot yet madehisdecision.
last lt'sthe lasttime he will usethat travelagent
I can't believe
you'regoingon a
l ' l l l e a v em y m o b i l ep h o n eo n s o t h a t y o uc a nc a l lm e
cruisethis summer;it must be
case l'll leavemy mobilephone on in caseyou need/have/ costing thefortun
want to callme
You haveto see that new film
lf you don't leaveimmediately,you'llmissyourflight. a t t h e R i a l t o ;I w a s o n t h e
untess your
You'llmiss flight unlessyou leaverightaway corne of my seatuntilthe
5 Thefirstthing l'll do when I get to the hotelisto havea hot shower veryend
500n l'll havea hot showerassoonas I qet to the hotel We're finding it reallydifficult
6 Youneedn'twait for me l'll be a lonqtime to make ends gether
point T h e r e 'ns o p o i n ti n w a i t i n gf o r m e l ' l lb e a l o n gt i m e sinceJasonlost his job at the
, What was the first Placehe went?
3 ra
A To the beach.

holidayin Walesand @ to the hotel.

C Tothe Carnival
fill in the missing
information. Do not ! What doesDavesayabout the dancers?
usemorethanthree @ ff,ey weretireless
wordsin eachgaP. B TheYweretiring
C TheYweretired

4 How long doesCarnivallast?

A 1 0h o u r s
B 10days
@ s oays
5 What doesDavesayabout the nightlife?
A lt'san interesting mix
B H ed i d n ' tg o o u t m u c h
@ rne nightclubs weregreat
' ^^^'l nlaceto t
15a guuu Y
6 What is Janetgoing to do?
A TakesomePhotos-
@ rook at somePhotos
C Get somePhotosdeveloPed

Youhavejustcomebackfroma trip' Tella friendof

a whyyouwentthere
a howyougotthere
and,in pairs,
Lookat thepictures howlongyoustaYedandwhere
32 ^.

discuss listed. a stay
to gothere?
A: Sowhydidyoudecide

MarkeachstatementasTrue/F sayby
tickingthe aPProPriate

b. Talkaboutyourmostexcitingweekend'
wereyouwith?Whatdid you do?Whatmadeit

conversation betweentwo
33 For
ut a recenttriPto Brazil.
a badexperience
-]fi,- Youhad
ouestions of the following
A, B or C isthe bestanswer'
choices NowYou
holiday. are relate:
. what the Problemwas
1 WhYdid Davego to Rio? . whereyou wereandwhat you weredoing
A Ona businesstriP . who helpedyou and how the problemwassolved
B Togo to thebeach'
I hadwas"' ' I was"'
Oneof theworstexperiences
@ ToexPerienceCarnival
Go throughthe tip Explainthat Ss needto follow three.I had bookedhotel rooms,so I didn,t have any
ihis advicein orderto completethe tasksuccessfully pro0rcms.
Pre-Listening: Explalnthe task.Readthe sentences A. I see.Didyou buyanything?
Elicitfrom Sspossible missing words. B: Oh yes!I bought lotsof postcardsfrom all the placest
e g 1 s e e m st o b e a n o u nm i s s i n g visitedandbeautifulvasesfromVenice.etc
2 n u m b e rm i s s i n-g p r i c e
3 numbermissing- century 3 5 . Pre-Listening: Elicitfrom Sswhat probiemssomeone
4 n o u nm i s s i n-g p l a c e can experience while on holiday(e.g.missing
5 n o u nm i s s i n-g a c t i v i t y missa flight;etc)
6/7 nounmissing - facilities e g pool . Explainthe task Ss read the items 1-6 Ask Ss to
8 noun missing- food underline the keywordsin the statements.Explain
9 n o u nm i s s i n*g m o n t h that, for someitems,Sswon't hearexactlythe same
. )lay the cassette twice.5s completethe task Check wordsin the listeningtaskalthoughthe meaningwiii
Ss'answersby playingthe cassette and pausingafter be the same.Also,explainthat other itemswill not
:ach pieceof informationis given be mentionedat all. Playthe cassetteSs do the
: "swerKey(5eeoverprinted answers) exerciseCheckSs' answersby playingthe cassette
a g a i nw i t h p a u s e s
. Post Listening5 : s , i n p a i r s ,c a n w r i t e a s i m i l a r
for a hotelin theircountry AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted

: rsk 5s to look at the picturesReadout the points 36 Explainthe task. Elicitpossibleholidayproblems(/osr

: , r c i t a c t i v i t i e sp e o p l e d o i n t h e i r f r e e t i m e . luggage,missedflight,flat tyre,travelsickness, etc) Allow Ss
+ l t e r n a t i v e lSy s, c a n w o r k i n p a i r sa n d d i s c u s tsh e s o m e t i m e t o p r e p a r et h e i r a n s w e r s M o n i t o r S s , I
r o i n t sa n dt h e np r e s e ntth e i ro p i n i o ntso t h e c l a s s performance, and then ask some studentsto present
: g A : I l i k et o s p e n dm y f r e et i m e p l a y i n gs p o r t s . their experiences to the class.The classcan assess each
W h a ta b o u ty o u ? S'sperformance
B: l'm not a sportsperson I prefergoing to Suggested AnswerKey
t h e c i n e m ao r p l a y i n gm y g u i t a r
Oneof theworstexperiences I had waswhileI wasin Germany.
. - :wn answers) I waswaitingfor my transferflightto Munich,enjoyinga cupof
coffee.Theman sittingnextto me movedsuddenly and the
: { s k s o m e 5 s t o t e l l t h e c l a s sa b o u t t h e i r m o s t coffeespilt on my trousers.Thankfully, t stillhad my hand
-.xciting weekend luggagestillwithmesoI wentto the men's toiletto changemy
-: g Lastweekendwas the most excitingweekend trousers.
WhenI finished,I put my dirtytrousers in my bagand
of my life I went to a fishingvillagewith some hurried towards the gate, as my flight had just been
f r i e n do
sf mine announced. etc
-. cwnanswers) *"- -:-l
. P r e - L i s t e n i nEgx: p l a i tnh a t S sa r e g o i n gt o l i s t e nt o (< ran rafar fn n tez9i1f9!,sn_?"-!.I"-i
s o m e o n tea l k i n ga b o u ta t r i p t o R i o ,E l i c iwt h e r eR i o
Why not treat your fan:rlytA a_great winter weekendin Walesthis month?
:s (in Brazil),then Ss think of three questionsthey Breakaway ts offering special family weekend breaks wnn tuxury
w o u l d l i k e t o a s k a b o u t R i o S s c h e c ki f t h e y c a n a c c o m m o d a t i oi nnt h e S n o w d o n irae g t o nf,o r . l u sft2 0 0
answerthe questions theywrote aboutRioafterthey With its relaxinglog fires, stunning lakesidevrew, extensivegardensand
n a v ed o n et h e l i s t e n i ntga s k w o o d l a n dw a l k s t, h e b e a u t i f u1l 8 t h c e n t u r yB r o n - y - B y H
t ho t e li s t h e i d e a lb a s e
. E x p l a i tnh e t a s ka n d g o t h r o u g ht h e q u e s t i o n sp l a y
the cassetteSslistenand completethe task playthe
cassetteagain if necessaryCheck Ss' answersby
of the most
playingthe cassette with pauses :!9:ta!.11lorlgs in the wortd

happy All 9!.-s!49_lQqrns are attractivelydecorated and provide air-
a ,c o { o utre l e v i s i o tne, l e p h o n a
e n de v e na h a i r d r y eO
r t h e rf a c i l i t i e s
: , c i a i nt h e t a s k R e a do u t t h e e x a m p l eS sw o r k i n p a i r s
= ^ l c o m p l e tteh e e x e r c i s Me ,o n i t o rS s ' p e r f o r m a n caen,d
. -:r asksomepairsto present theirdialogues to the class which delrcioustraditionalWelshdishes Be surenot to rnissa tasteof
roastWelshlambwith mint sauceor a fine selectionof tastyWelshcakesand
SuggestedAnswerKey cheeses
.. going to ltaly. I always wanted to see its famous
museums, theLeaningTowerof Pisa,etc.So,I feltverylucky
to betherelastsummer. a 1 8 A2 2 7 8 9 5 4
Luckyyou.Howdidyougetthere? - ":
Bycar.l'd nevermissthegreatltaliancountryside r"p"f.'iptf;;;;;" ;tlp. ;;- i"" o.'+gitl ;
Howlongdidyoustaythere? Sscanreferto p '198 of theS'sbookforthesametapescriptf
Wheredidyoustay? Tapescript for Exercise 35 (p. a6) -+ Seep. 49(T)
I spentthe first weekin Rome,then in the secondweekI
Sscanreferto p 198 of theS'sbookforthesametapescflpt
went to Florencefor threedaysand Venicefor another

A: Goodafternoon. Monsieu*Brstro,howcanI helpyou?
37 a. Explainthe task Playthe cassetteSs completethe wtthyou about
B: Goodafternoon, I made a reservatron
task CheckSs'answers
AnswerKey(See answers)
overprinted Justa mtnute,please.Ah,yes.Youreserved a tablefor
sixforNewYear's Eve.
b . S sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d a c t o u t t h e d i a l o g u e sM o n i t o r B: Yes,that'sright.rm verysorrybut canyou cancelrt'
S s 'p e r f o r m a n caen d t h e n a s ks o m ep a i r st o a c t o u t please?
t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s althoughyoudo realise
A: Certainly, that thedeposityott
SuggestedAnswerKeY paidrsnon-refundable?
B: Ithoughtso.That's nota Problem.
a reallygoodplayon at theEmpire
1 A: t heardthatthere's
at themomentShallwegoandseeit? 40 a. Readout the question Playthe cassetteSs listen
B: Thatwouldbegreat.ShaltI tryandgetussometickets?
a n da n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n
2 A: (m havingdtnnerwith Kateand Suetonqht Would
youliketo come? AnswerKey(See answer)
B: Where areYougorng? -
A: Gianni's
Thatttalianplaceon Bridge [. o Write:- What'shisname?lwonderwhathisnameis
B: Oh that place'sreallyexpensrvel'm not sureI can on the board.Elicitthat the first sentencets a
whereasthe secondsentence
directquestion, isan
affordit at themoment
theweekend at the indirectquestionElicitdi erencesin the structure
3 A: Ninaandlaregoingto Cornwallfor
month l waswondertngif you wouldliketo of the sentencesFocuso the positionof the verb
endof the
us. in eachsentence
B: l'd loveto

38 a. Expla the task Readout the extractsand modelthe notebooks

i n t o n i o n . S s w o r k i n p a i r s a n d p r a c t i s et h e e g C o u l dY o uP l e a stee l lm e
intonation Monitor Ss' performancelf necessary' W o u l dY o ul i k et o t e l lm e
p l a yt h e c a s s e t taeg a i n I w o u l dl i k et o k n o w

b . M o d e la d i a l o g u w e i t h a S ,t h e nS sw o r k i n p a i r sa n d
a c t o u t t h e i r d i a l o g u e sM o n i t o r5 s ' p e r f o r m a n c e ' C h e c kS s 'a n s w e r sT h e na s ks o m eS st o r e a do u t
a n dt h e na s ks o m ep a i r st o a c to u t t h e i rd r a l o q u e s thedialogue u s i n gi n d i r e cqt u e s t i o n s
SuggestedAnswerKeY Suggested AnswerKeY
' 51: Pathasn'tcalled,hasshe? Would liketo tellmehowI couldhelpyou?
52: ldon'tthinkso Couldyou tellmewhattypeof caryouwouldlike?
' theinvttations? lwould liketo knowhowmuchrtisgoingto cost'
51: HasAnnPosted pleaset
Couldt askyouto showmeyourdrivinqlicence,
52: lthinkso etc
c . G o t h r o u g ht h e p p t s .M o d e la d i a l o g u w e itha S'
39 a. Readout the question Playthe cassetteSs listen
a n da n s w etrh e q u e s t i o n t h e n S sw o r k i n s and act out theirdialogues

# AnswerKey(Seeoverprinted

b . A l l o w 5 s t w o m i n u t e st o c o m p l e t et h e t a s k C h e c k
M o n i t o r5 s 'p e r f o r m a n caen, dt h e na s ks o m ep a i r st o
a c to u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s
Ss' answersby asking some 5s to read out the , A: Goodmorning. HowcanI helPYou?
d i a l o g u ien t h e c o r r e cot r d e r B: Hello.l'd tike to hire a motorcyclefor the weekend'
answers) please.
A: Certainly.Whattypeof bikewouldyoulike?
c . G o t h r o u g h e p r o m p t sM . o d e la d i a l o g uw e ith a 5' B: A 125cc,please. Howmuchisit goingto cost?
t h e n S s w o i n p a i r sa n d a c t o u t t h e i r d i a l o g u e s ' A: Wett,rncluding itwill costf50'
M o n r t oS r s 'p e r f o r m a n caen, dt h e na s ks o m ep a i r st o B: That'sfine.
a c to u t t h e i rd i a l o g u ei sn f r o n to f t h e c l a s s please'
A: I needto seeyourdrivinglicence,
B: Ofcourse. HereYou are.
Suggested A: Now,if youwillsrgnthecontracthere,l'llgetthekeys'
' A: Goodafternoon AzarAirlines,howcanlhelpyou?
. A: Goodmorning.Howcan lhelPYou?
B: Hello.I madea reservatron withyouabouttwomonths please'
B: Hello.t'd tiketo hirea boatfortheweekend,
two seats A: Certainly. Whattypeof boatwouldyoulike?
A: Justa minute,pleaseAh,yes'Youreserved
22ndAugust' B: A speedboat, please.Howmuchisit goingto cost?
on the 10am to
ftight Madridon the
A: Wetl,including theinsurance,it willcostf'!75'
B: Yes,that'sright.l'm verysorrybut canyou cancelit'
B: That's frne.
please? please'
thatthedeposit A: I needto seeyourdrivinglicence,
althoughyoudo reahse
A: Certainly,
B: Ofcourse.HereYou are'
Paid isnon-refundable?
nota Problem' A: Now,if youwrllsignthecontracthere,l'llgetthekeys'
B: lthoughtso.That's

Invita ingandRefusing b. In pairs,
actout similar
a.' Listento the dialoguesand write A (accepted),
(refused)or N5(not sure)for eachone. ncelling
a hotelreservation
I R 2 A 3 R 4 N S Listento the dialogue.Who arethe speakers?
Theyarea customer(Vanessa Bryce)and a hotel
I A: Oh hi SteveHow areyou?
B : F i n eL i s t e nl ,' m m e e t i n gG e o r g ea n d M a r yf o r
l u n c hi n a n h o u r W. o u l dy o u l i k et o j o i n u s ? b. Readand matchthe exchanges.
A : T h a n k sl.' d l o v et o b u t I ' m w o r k i n qt h i s A B
lTk-l cood afternoonTne a I thoughtso That's
2 A: HiMatt! Palace Hotel,how can I nota problem.
B: Oh, hi Ann I haven'tseenyou for ages. help u?y o b Yes,that'sright l'm
A: I know haveyou got time for a coffee? J u s ta m i n u t e p, l e a s e verysorrybut canyou
B: That'sa great idea. Ah, yes You reserveda r,anrpl it nlp:qp?

3 A: Shallwe go to that new restaurant doubleroomfor two c H e l l oI m a d ea

for dinner
nights reservation with you
B: No, l'd rathernot l'm not keenon Chinese l 3 l a I C e r t a i n l ay l, t h o u g hy o u abouttwo weeks
do realise the deposit ago My name's
you paidis non- VanessaBryce
1 A: I heardthat there'sa reallygood film on at the refundable?
Odeon Why don't we go?
B: I don't know l'vegot to finishthis report l'll c . U s et h e p r o m p t st o a c t o u t s i m i l a rd i a l o g u e s .
let you know how l'm gettingon later. . AzarAirlines/2monthsago/Tina Charles/
2 seats/1
O am flightto Madrid/22nd
b. In pairs,act out similardialoguesusingthe prompts
. Monsieur'sBistro/6weeks agoltable/Barry
and the phrasesin the box.
tablefor 6/NewYear'sEve
. go to the theatre
. havedinnerat an expensive restaurant
. s p e n dt h e w e e k e n di n C o r n w a l l

probablytakesplaceat a carrentalagency
Inviting Accepting/Refusing
b. Readthe dialogueand changethe questionsin
WC l'd loveto but bold into indirectquestionsas appropriate.
don't we/you. l ' m a f r a i dI c a n ' t
about I supposeso A: G o o dm o r n i n gH . o w c a nI h e l py o u ?
we should . (not)fanry,(not)keenon, (not)like B: Hello l'd liketo hirea carfor the weekend,please
could. I d o n ' tr e a l l vf e e lr r nt o i t . A: CertainlyWhat type of carwould you like?
you liketo .. l'd loveto B: A smallhatchback,pleaseHow much is it going
wonderingif Thatwould be great. to cost?
A n o t h e tri m e p e r h a p s A: W e l l ,i n c l u d i ntgh e i n s u r a n c iet ,w i l l c o s tf 1 0 0
l ' m n o t s u r eI c a n B: That'sfine.
A: May I seeyour drivinglicence,please?
B: Of courseHereyou are
A: Now, if you will signthe contracthere,l'll get the
answers) keys

c. Usethe promptsto act out similardialogues.

A : T h ep l a n ew i l l b e o n B : I hopenot
time. A : HasBethcancelled
B: I hopeso the milk?
A : J o s hi sc o m i n gw i t h B : I d o n ' tt h i n ks o
u s ,i s n ' th e ? A : HasTimbeenthere
B : I t h i n ks o before?
A: lsVickycomingtoo? B: I supposeso.
Whatdo theseplaceshave
a. Lookat the pictures'
-At I
in common? Wheredo youthinktheyare?
b. In what contextmightyou find these
the texts?
TextA: ' stunning views' chalk' coastline
' shiowrecks ' strateglc
' s h i p p i nlga n e s
TextB: 'slopes'spectacular scenery
'wild game lndian ' tribes
' railroad route' snow-capped peaKs

TheWhite offerstunningviewsof the
of Dover
Whencrossing theEnglishChannel from
continentalEurope to Dover,England, thefirst
sightyou seeis thefamous WhiteCliffsof
Readthe textsandwrite A or I for each
42 a. question. Oovei.ffreyarealmost70 million years old and
havebeenin existence sincedinosaurs were
Whichnatural roamingthe earth. Therr white
colourii due to thefactthattheyaremadeof
the remains of ancientanimals?B
1 contains chalk.Theyarebelievedto grow15meffes
2 hasbeenusedto guardthecountry? A everymillionyearsand arenowaround250
allowsYouto seeanother country? A
3 metreshigh.
ismadeup of several ranges?
different B
4 i.,&idtf'eir strategiclocationtheyhave
5 allowsYouto seelocalwildlife? beenusedto helpdefendthe coastfrom
tunnels? A
6 contains invasionthroughout England'shistory'During
7 for
madeit difficult