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Graphic Designer

San Jos State University
BA, Design Studies:
Graphic Design
Freelance Work
Santa Clara County Public
Defenders office,
Logo design
Drive California,
State-wide design campaign
K n o w Yo u r R i g h t s C a m p ,
Colin Kaepernick,
Poster design
S i l i c o n Va l l e y B i k e s ! F e s t
Design direction Programs
NASA/ City of San Jos, Illustrator
Flag for the International Photoshop
Space Station InDesign
U.S. Census Premiere
Outreach poster design
AD Prints Exhibit
Design and printing Gallery Exhibit:
BA Senior Project
2005Present Design 197
Spring 2017
lead designer, Silicon
Valley De-Bug org. Awards
Lead designer for Silicon 2017
Valley De-Bug organization SV@Home
Affordable Housing
Week 2017 Poster Con-
20012005 test winner
staff designer, Silicon Languages
Valley De-Bug magazine English
Designing of advertise-
ment materials and layout
spreads in the magazine

21 BA Senior Project 4 | Process Notebook BA Senior Project 4 | Process Notebook 22