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Insect Stories

Mrs. Kimmes Kindergarten Class

tude Studios Publications

This book was produced using Google Drive and Adobe InDesign.
It was edited by Sara Bartol, tude Studios Publication Design Intern,
and published in February of 2017 through lulu.com.

tude Studios Publications is pleased to offer books developed,

researched, written, designed, and created by students in kindergarten
through high school at The tude Group of Schools.
We celebrate their thinking.

tude Studios is a team of high school student interns collaborating with

three key goals in mind: to cover the learning at all three of The tude
Group of Schools and make this learning visible, to benefit our greater
community, and to learn and grow in specific disciplines that will benefit
the interns in their future pursuits.
Insect Stories
Mrs. Kimmes Kindergarten Class
The essential question for our unit was How do things change? This was taught through
the study of insects and the author/illustrator, Eric Carle. The kindergarten students had
various opportunities to study, observe, and recreate insects throughout the unit to gain
a deep and meaningful understanding of how insects change and grow around them. Some
of these opportunities included hatching live butterflies, collecting insects, using modeling
clay and various other art materials to create insects, and scientific tools to study insects.
We chose Eric Carle for our artist study because his stories not only teach about
insects, but how characters can develop and change through time by their experiences and
influences. Eric Carle is a very unique illustrator with the process and materials that he uses
to create. He compares himself to kindergartners and paints various textures and colors
on tissue paper before cutting the shapes that he collages together to make his final illustra-
tions. In the observing/discovery phase of the creative process, the children experienced how
colors and paper can change. They experimented with mixing paint colors and textures to
create their own paper. In the creating phase of the creative process, they used the paper they
created to make their own insects. Students used their knowledge from the discovery phase
to include attributes of an insect. Their insects were then mounted on chalked backdrops.
Continuing in the creating phase, each student wrote a companion story for their insect
using their knowledge of characters, setting, problem and solution. Both in drama class and
in the classroom the kindergarten students learned about putting stories together through
a story spine. This spine focused on the flow of a story and how to include all of the key
information that a reader needs to know. Each student used their created insects as the in-
spiration for their story. Having their own creation to base their story on gave them a sense
of ownership to their stories and created excitement.

Creating both a story and illustration really helped them to think like Eric Carle and reflect
on all of the work it takes to create his books.
As a part of the presentation phase of the creative process, students presented their insect
creations and stories to each other and then to their families during their presentations of
learning. During drama, they learned how to present and then used peers to provide feed-
back to improve their presentation skills.
During the reflection phase of the creative process, there were many opportunities for
collaboration and feedback during their creation process. Throughout the paper making
process students were working together, sometimes even on the same paper, to create.
They were supporting each others ideas and designs giving great positive feedback to their
classmates. It was a fantastic experience to watch and listen to them work. We heard stu-
dents talking about what textures and colors they were attempting to create and working
together towards a common purpose. As they wrote their stories, they used multiple meth-
ods to share their ideas with each other and provide feedback to improve their stories.
Once upon a time, there was a bug named Ailyn and she had a little sister.

Every day, she ate grass. But one day, she went for a walk and got lost in the

And then, she cried.

And then, she used her hands to dig.

But then, she found snakes and she ran and yelled!

Until finally she called out to her sister and her sister saved her and they went
back to her home.

And ever since then they stayed together forever!

Once upon a time, there was an ant named Rock Star Shooter.

Every day, she was thirsty and went in the water.

But one day, she got bit by a shark!

So then, she went to the doctor.

And then she went back to the water where mermaids help keep sharks away.

And then, she got lost in the fountain.

Until finally, the mermaids saved her.

And ever since then, she only drinks from the waterfall.
Once upon a time, there was a bug named Bentley.

Every day, the sun came up. But one day, it stayed dark forever and Bentley got

And then, he yelled for help! He tried to find his way but bumped into things
because it was so dark.

Then, he tried again and again but it always stayed dark.

Until finally he picked up dirt and got superpowers to find his way to make it
back to day.

And ever since then it finally stayed day.

Once upon a time, there was a princess bug.

Every day, she walked in the forest. But one day, there was a flood and she
couldnt walk there and she got lost!

And then, she cried Help! Im lost.

And then, her friend came and helped.

But then, she got lost again! Until finally she swam all the way through the flood
and found her way home.

And ever since then, she lived happily ever after!

Once upon a time, there were bugs named Emmaus and E-Man.

Every day, they went to the mountain forest and the fire station. But one day,
the fire station got a call that there was a fire at the neighbors house!

So then, Emmaus and E-Man came and rescued the people from the house.

Then the winter came to the mountain forest and people did not have food, so
Emmaus and E-Man shoveled. They shoveled so people got food. But they needed

So then, Emmaus and E-Man went to the ocean to get water for the people in
the mountain forest.

Until finally, everything was okay. And ever since then, Emmaus and E-Man still
help people.
Once upon a time, there were two insects named Henry and Nothing. Every
day, they went to the fire station. But one day, there was a fire so they drove as fast as
they could to the fire.

And then, both got burned in the fire!

So then, Nothing used his super power pinchers to move all the burning wood

Then, they walked and walked to go home. Until finally they got to their house
and their burns healed.

And ever since then they try to stay out of fire danger.
Once upon a time, there was a bug that hopped on a spaceship.

Every day, he drove to the moon. But one day, when he came home, he landed
in the mountain.

And then, he hopped out of the ship. It was out of gas and it exploded!

And then, he ran far away from the ship.

And then, hot lava came down the mountain. Until finally he took a special kind
of vacuum and sucked up the hot lava.

And ever since then he never went into space.

Once upon a time, there were two creatures named Kai and Emmaus.

Every day, Emmaus and Kai walked to the mountain. But one day, it rained and

And then, Kais eyes disappeared like they were erased and he died because
he drowned. And then, Emmaus saved Kai out of the flood and he came alive, but
there were hundreds of mountains to cross and Emmaus wanted to go.

But there was water and Kai said, Dont go in that water!

So then they walked around the water and found hot lava. Until finally they just
turned around and went home.

And ever since then, they never took a journey again.

Once upon a time, there were bugs named Pinky and Purple. Every day, they
climbed the brick wall.

But one day, Purple fell off!

But, Purple didnt know what to do. So then, she yelled out for Pinky to help.

Then Pinky dug through the brick wall with her sharp prickers because Purple
could not climb it. Until finally, Purple had a good day, all day long.

And ever since then Purple didnt fall off of any walls.
Once upon a time, there were bugs named Sparkles and Lucy.

Every day, they took a walk in the woods. But one day, it was nighttime and
Sparkles was sad because she wanted to go on a walk.

So then, she went out into the woods in the dark. And then, she got lost!

She called for help.

Then, Lucy came and brought the sun. Until finally, she could go on a walk in
the woods again.

And ever since then she lived happily ever after with her friend Lucy.
Once upon a time, there were two bugs named Shine and Sparkle that lived in
a castle.

Every day, they swept the floor because there was dirt. But one day, it snowed
by the castle.

But Sparkle wanted to go for a walk but she was stuck inside by the snow!

So then, she dug a snow tunnel with her hands. And then, she got out!

Until finally, she went on her walk.

And ever since then, she kept a shovel by the door to get out!
Once upon a time, there was a bug named Owen. Every day, he went out for a
walk and to go swimming to cool off.

But one day, he cant swim and washes up on an island.

So then, the volcano on the island erupts! And then, he uses a hose to squirt
water out onto the hot lava.

So then, he keeps walking around the island to find his way off. Until finally, he
finds a boat and rows back home.

And ever since then, he lives happily ever after.

Once upon a time, there were two bugs named Tayla and Jodi who lived in a

Every day, Jodi went into the mountains. But one day, she got lost.

And then, Tayla came to help. She pulled and pulled. Until finally, she got her
out and hugged her very hard.

And ever since then, Jodi laughs and laughs at Tayla because she makes silly
Once upon a time, there was a bug and a friend.

Every day, they went on a walk in the woods. But one day, the woods became

The bug didnt know what to do. Then, he called for help. And then, his friend
came to help him.

Until finally, it stopped flooding.

And ever since then, they still walk in the woods together.

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