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EDMA310: AT1 Cassandra Lia: S00142660

ASSESSMENT TASK ONE: Evaluation of two assessment strategies

Part One: Rational Number Interview
Report on students rational number understandings [400 words].

Ella demonstrates a conceptual understanding of the basic mathematical

concepts related to rational number. She engages with multiple strategies to

demonstrate her understanding, in particular using visualization strategies and

prior knowledge. Ella was able to provide a justification for all of her strategies,

which allowed her to make self-corrections where she discovered errors in her


Ella demonstrated a preference for using benchmarks of one and one-half to

assist in determining the size of a fraction. She also chooses partitioning and

iteration strategies when working with fractions. She is able to iterate parts onto

a whole, and uses the same strategy to find the whole when only part is given.

She understands how to partition equally, using her fingers to measure equal

parts. In her reasoning she demonstrates a strong understanding of equal

sharing. However, Ella showed uncertainty in treating fractions as a number

rather than a portion of an object. She initially preferred to treat the length of

the number line as the whole rather than referring to the whole numbers.

However, she demonstrated an ability to self-correct, recognising that fractions

are numbers upon re-evaluation.

Ella has a partial understanding of equivalence. She is able to find the

equivalent fraction of one given fraction, but is unable to recognise if two given

fractions are equivalent. It is also apparent that Ella has not yet developed a full

understanding of how to apply operations to fractions. She is able to easily find

EDMA310: AT1 Cassandra Lia: S00142660

a fraction of a whole number, but has difficulty applying the same knowledge to

find a fraction of another fraction.

In working with decimals Ella demonstrated a strong understanding of place

value. She is able to use language such as tenths, hundredths and thousandths

accurately when describing decimals and fractions. However, Ella holds a

misconception when comparing fractions in regards to size. She believes that if

one fraction has a digit in the thousandths it is of a smaller value than a number

that does not, because thousandths are smaller than hundredths, disregarding

the size of the other digits. She is able to record decimals when they are given

in written language, and demonstrates her knowledge of zero as a placeholder.

Ella uses her knowledge of operations using whole numbers and applies them to

decimal operations, however is unconfident about the placement of the decimal

point in her answers.

Ellas comprehension of ratios is not fully developed. She has an understanding

of some of the constructs that underline ratios, such as part-whole concepts,

and can compare ratios using visual representations, but did not demonstrate

any connections between these and a knowledge of ratios.