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Senior Weekly Writing Planner: Term 4 Week 10 VOICES STRATEGIES-

WEEK 8- Personal Writing I My ideas are related to the topic title

Biographies / Text Responses C Add punctuation marks to show where to stop and
Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Understand that paragraphs are Understand how texts are made Plan, draft and publish Plan, draft and publish
a key organisational feature of cohesive through the use of imaginative, informative and imaginative, informative and
written texts (ACELA1479) linking devices including pronoun persuasive print and multimodal persuasive texts, choosing and
reference and text connectives texts, choosing text structures, experimenting with text
Reread and edit texts for ( ACELA1491) language features, images and structures, language features,
meaning, appropriate structure, Recognise how quotation marks sound appropriate to purpose images and digital resources
grammatical choices and are used in texts to signal and audience (ACELY1704) appropriate to purpose and
Curriculum punctuation (ACELY1683) dialogue, titles and quoted Develop a handwriting style that audience (ACELY1714)
Code/ (direct) speech (ACELA1492) is becoming legible, fluent and Reread and edit students own
Plan, draft and publish texts Plan and publish imaginative, automatic (ACELY1706) and others work using agreed
I can demonstrating increasing control informative and persuasive texts Reread and edit student's own an criteria and explaining editing
statement: over text structures and containing key information and d choices (ACELY1715)
language features and selecting supporting details for a widening others work using agreed criteri Develop a handwriting style
print and multimodal elements range of audiences, a that is legible, fluent and
appropriate to the audience and demonstrating increasing control for text structures and language automatic and varies according
purpose (ACELY1682) over text structures and features (ACELY1705) to audience and purpose
I can change the tense of verbs language features. (ACELY1694) (ACELY1716)
to match the tense of my writing

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4

Explicit Teaching Explicit Teaching Independent Writing Guided activity
Writing Expand Vocabulary Modelled Writing I My ideas are Sharing
Prompts: Prefix and Suffix I My ideas are related to the topic Independent Writing
related to the topic title C- Add punctuation
title marks to show where
to stop and pause.
Spelling Groups to be done in Read through an Information Students write theirs and Read your work aloud to a
your own class. Report or a Biography. using the proforma, ensure partner. Make sure they can
Brainstorm the sounds: Take note of the paragraphing their sub-headings and the see the text you are reading
er as in ladder, dollar, doctor, etc and that the ideas are paragraphs are relevant to so they are critiquing the
Students then choose some separated into paragraphs or each other. use of punctuation. Has the
for spelling tasks. sections with sub headings punctuation all been put in
Conventions: Choose based on information of the correct spots? Is there
something that your class similar nature. Ie- any addition punctuation
needs working on. Early Life that would add to the
Whole Group Prefixes and Suffixes are Career reading of the text? What
session (How in the Year 4 book to focus Personal Life about question and
are you on Achievements exclamation marks?
teaching the Once it has been read aloud
When you then write a and critiqued for adequate
modelled text on the board, punctuation, writer may go
or look at one on the IWB, on and continue adding
take note of the headings or detail.
paragraph themes.
here is one online I will also
give you some hard copies of
Focus Group: Sustained writing (20mins): Sustained writing (20- Sustained writing (30mins):
(What students Students are to write a 30mins): Continue to refine and add
biography based on someone Start to flesh out their details to the writing,
are you else. biography using longer making the text longer and
working with? Students use a mindmap with sentences and include more more informative for the
Guided their seedbook to begin detail and better words. reader.
reading/recipro planning and drafting their Are they using paragraphs
biography. and sub-headings to direct
Research, note-taking on the their information?
reading/strateg person of their choice.
y being
Choose 2 students to share Choose 2 - 3 students to Choose 2 3 students to
their Plan. reflect on their writing. reflect on their Biographies.