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Religious Education in Roman Catholic Schools Second Level

Experiences and Outcomes Block 1 2 3 4

I examine God’s precious gift of life and can reflect and RERC 2-01a
act upon my God-given role.
Mystery of
God I explore the Biblical stories of Creation and I can RERC 2-01b
reflect on how we understand these truths in our
modern world.

In the Image I know that God wants me to develop my God-given

of God gifts and I have reflected on how I can use them for the RERC 2-02a
common good.

I can examine God’s relationship with myself and

Revealed others. I have reflected on how the gift of faith can RERC 2-03a
Truth of God permeate my whole being.

I can identify the three persons in the Holy Trinity and I

have reflected on how I can honour the Holy Trinity. RERC 2-04a

I know that Jesus is truly divine and truly human and I RERC 2-05a
can acknowledge Him as our Saviour who brings the / RERC 3-
New Covenant. 05a

I have examined some political, social, historical and RERC 1-06a

religious elements in first-century Palestine and gained RERC 2-06a
Son of God an understanding of Jesus’ life on earth.

I have examined the role of Jesus as a teacher and a RERC 1-06b

healer and I have reflected on how His words and RERC 2-06b
actions influence my own life and the lives of others.

I have explored the events of the Passion, Death and

Resurrection of Jesus and I have reflected on the RERC 1-07a
Catholic meaning of eternal life. RERC 2-07a

I have explored Christian heritage and my role in the RERC 2-08a

Catholic community and I have reflected on how this
role can affect my life

Through my study of the Seven Sacraments I have

developed a deeper understanding of them and I have
Signs of God reflected on how they strengthen my relationships with RERC 2-09a
God and others.

I can understand that the Eucharist is ‘the source and RERC 2-09b
summit of the Christian life’.

I can reflect on the Holy Spirit’s prophetic influence. RERC 2-10a

I have studied the structure of the Bible. I can identify

the different parts of the Bible and I have explored RERC 2-11a
Word of God God’s message in these.
RERC 0-12a
I know that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and RERC 1-12a
that I should treat it with reverence. RERC 2-12a

I recognise the importance of personal prayer and

communal prayer in the growth of all people’s RERC 1-14a
relationship with God. I know a number of traditional RERC 2-14a
RERC 3-14a
Catholic prayers and I have developed an RERC 4-14a
understanding of the meaning of these prayers. I have
participated in different approaches to, and
experiences of, prayer. I can describe how prayer is an
Other world religions

Beliefs I have explored some beliefs of the Jewish and/or

Muslim communities. RERC 2-25a

Values and I can identify some of the principles by which people of

issues the Jewish and/or Muslim faith communities live RERC 2-26a

I can share some of the key features and rituals

associated with the Jewish and/or Muslim RERC 2-27a
Practices and communities’ places of worship and their festivals.
I can identify some of the customs and artefacts RERC 2-27b
related to the Jewish and/or Muslim communities and
their festivals.

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