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Questions 1 - 4
Choose and circle the best words to complete the paragraph below.

1. A eight B nine C ten D eleven

2. A blows B blew C blow D blowing
3. A sisters B brothers C friends D neighbours
4. A song B card C noise D present

Questions 5 - 10
Fill in the simple present tense of the verbs given.

5. He ____________ (cut) the grass with a sickle.

6. I ____________ (throw) the rubbish into the dustbin.
7. They ____________ (play) with dolls.
8. She ____________ (walk) to school with me.
9. We ____________ (give) them some presents.
10. It ____________ (build) a nest in our garden.

Questions 11 - 12
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

11. He eats noodles with _______________ chopsticks.

A a pair of C a bundle of
B a set of D a collection of

12. My sister looks _______________ a daisy.

A as quiet as C as fresh as
B as gentle as D as pure as

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Questions 13 - 16
Read the sentences and match to the correct words.
We must drink at least seven bread
glasses of it a day.

I eat it for breakfast every water

15. morning.

We wear them to protect our football

16. feet.

The boys play this game in the shoes


Questions 17 - 22
Write the correct words.


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Questions 23 - 27
Look at the table. Complete the sentences.

Name Job Place

Mr. Tan policeman police station

Mrs. Rama lawyer court

Mdm. Zaleha teacher school

Miss Nina clerk office

Mr. Yunus farmer farm

23. Miss Nini works as a _________________. She works at the school _________________.
24. Mr. Tan catches bad people. He is a very strict _________________.
25. _________________ works at the court. She is a _________________.
26. As a _________________, Mr. Yunus works very hard planting types of vegetables and fruits at his

27. Mdm. Zaleha is a _________________ at my _________________. She teaches me Mathematics.


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Questions 28 - 32
Read the passage. Answer the questions.
28. What is Kim Hock doing?
29. What are Afiq and Lee doing?
30. What is Tasha doing?-
31. Who is dusting the teachers table?
32. Who is arranging the books on the shelf?