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IEEE 1115 battery sizing principles

Capacity rating factor (Kt)

- Varies by discharge time and final voltage, as other published data

- Generally constant for a given plate type (thickness and dimensions)

Rated capacity in Ah (C5)

- Kt =
Discharge current in A available for time t

- Units: Rated ampere hours per load ampere

- Usage: Multiply load current by Kt factor to calculate rated ah required to support load

Battery sizing principles

- The duty cycle is broken down into sections

Load profile

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

- Each section starts at time zero and includes one more load than previous section

Section 1 includes load 1 only

Section 2 includes loads 1 + 2
Section n includes loads 1 + 2 + n
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- Each section is broken down into periods based on load changes and time to end of
Section 3:



- Separate battery sizes are calculated for each section

The parameters for each period size are the following:

- Load change
- Kt capacity rating factor
- Tt temperature factor

The section size is the sum of period sizes

Period size Cumulative

Section 3:



Positive load
Positive loadchange / positive
change Ah value
/ positive Ah value
Negative load
Negative change
load / negative
change Ah valueAh value
/ negative
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- The uncorrected size is the largest section size

- Random load
A random load is a load which can occur at any stage of the discharge. It is therefore
treated as a worst case and added to the final result. Thus it is calculated separately
by the same methodology as the normal calculation i.e. Kt factor for the random load
time multiply by load to obtain the random load section size.

- The uncorrected size adjusted for the following:

- Random load section size (added)

- Design margin (multiplier)
- Aging factor (multiplier)

=> The result is the required capacity

The final cell size is the next available capacity if the cell size is greater than a standard.

Note that Kt factors used in calculation must be applicable to final cell size.