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Eric Nelson

927 W 3200 N, Lehi, UT 84043


Senior software engineer, passionate about software and the creation process.
Particlularly focused on scalable, distributed systems that adapt to ever-changing
load and usage by utilizing languages and frameworks that embrace architectures
allowing for robust design. Am constantly trying to learn new methods of design
that adapt to changing times and needs. Finding a love for functional and
functional reactive programming.

Summary of Qualifications
Participate in project scoping and estimations as member of senior
architectural committee
Knowledge of start-to-end systems analysis and design of large projects
Extensive experience in design of enterprise-class systems
Experience in both business-logic/persistene-tier architecture, and GUI
Work well in both team and individual projects in agile environments

Languages: Java (15 years), Scala(2 years), Objective-C(5 years), Ruby(3 years),
HTML/CSS/JS(15 years)
Frameworks: Spring(4 years), Play! Framework(2 year), Akka(2 year), Spray.io(1
Testing: ScalaTest(2 years), Specs2(1 year), Mockito(3 years), JUnit(10 years),
TestNG(6 years)
Databases: MongoDB(4 years), MySQL(15 years), PostgreSQL(2 years),
Cassandra(1 year)
Environments: Linux, Mac OS, Windows
Development: Object Oriented, Functional

Professional Experience
SpinGo - Draper, UT (04/2015 - 07/2015) Senior Software Engineer / Team
Lead - Billing Project Led the architecture of a new, incremental billing system to
replace the current system. System allowed contracts to be billed over time, as
opposed to up-front catpure. Also helped create API's for our promotion system.

Wrote an incremental billing system based on Akka's Reactive Streams and

Integrated PayPal into our existing billing system
Helped create an open source RabbitMQ consuming library

Simplifile - Provo, UT (2008 - 2015)

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead
Lead a development team in development of our flagship web application. Have
been working for the past 2 years in complete rewrite of our system, to create a
long-term, sustainable and scalable product. This product allows for electronic
recordings of legal, recordable documents to flow from title companies to county
systems for e-recordation.

Created a distributed flow execution manager and messaging system based

on Akka. Incorporated distributed image processing a while later.
Created REST-ful API with Spring, along with accompanying service and
DAO layers, to be used both internally and externally.
Created a portal system for our partners where they can track volume,
revenues and monthly metrics.
Currently writing analytics/metrics system for general use within multiple
areas of our current product, and for future products as well.

Fantasy Interactive - New York, NY (2012 - 2012)

Senior Developer / Contractor
Worked for a few months full time, then went to contractor position for this agency.
Worked with clients such as Google, Viacom, Porsche, Ducati, Red Bull. Projects
ranged from iOS to enterprise Java systems, to Python/Django applications.

Worked extensively with these clients and participated in project scoping,

creating statements of work, and development plans. Then led the teams in
development of the projects.
Led the initial design and development phase of the new Nickelodeon iPad
Led scoping and estimation efforts for a large Enterprise Java project for
USA Today.

Unishippers - Salt Lake City, UT (2007 - 2008)

Senior Engineer Program Manager
Helped architect and write their new web application for domestic and
international shipping solutions. System allowed complex handling of real-time
business processes including contact management, invoicing, dynamic PDF
reports, international government regulations and mult-tier pricing.

Designed custom web services for allowing customer integration with Siebel
Spent several weeks working with another engineer to vastly improve
performace of our JBoss application servers.
Helped design dynamic user interface that adjusted to business rules and

Instore Broadcasting Network - Salt Lake City, UT (2005 - 2007)

Senior Software Engineer
Helped created hardware and softare solutions for placing screens throughout
retail stores and streaming targed advertisements to each screen, based upon its
location and context. The solution had video rendering clients for each channel
that would schedule and stream ads to each zone.

Wrote monitoring software that interfaced with each TV through HTTP-

>RS232 communication to make sure each screen was on and the volume
was at appropriate level. Sent notifications to us when there were
irrecoverable errors.
Created PXE boot system whereby a video rendering thin client can be
booted up out of the box, communicate with base system and automatically
download custom Linux kernel, install the kernel, and be up and running
within a minute or two.

Novell - Provo, UT (2000 - 2001 / 2003 - 2005)

Software Engineer (Level 2)
Helped spec and design enterprise-class retail solutions software on the Linux
platform for large retail stores. Product was written in an administrator-branch-
client architecture. Designed custom Linux kernels

Developed windows and web applications in Java and C# for use in

advanced directory services administration over LDAP.
First week on team, successfully migrated schemas, ahead of schedule, from
OpenLDAP to eDirectory, which was a very important feature for product

Bachelor of Science
Management Information Systems
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

Masters of Science
Masters of Information Systems Management
University of Phoenix, Murray, UT