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In this course, I have learned several things about the identity and the

history of the Arabs. I understand now the real meaning of being Arab and the
real identity of Arab. Through the various assignments, I learned how to write
journal responses. By reading the materials provided by the instructor, I had the
opportunity to write journal responses and improve my writing skills. Another
important thing I learned during the semester was the book review. I had a great
experience in writing the book review because it was something new and not
challenging. It was an opportunity for me to improve my reading and writing
skills so that I cannot have difficulties in the near future. Also, movies and film
documentaries were very helpful during the semester to relate our main topic to
famous movie that exist in our world. The biggest main thing I have learned from
the instructor is that plagiarism is wrong. One should depend on him/herself so
that can have the opportunity to practice and learn skills that may be needed in
our future careers.

During the semester, the instructor provide us with a lot of reading

material and movies to help us find an answer about the identity of Arabs. In this
reflection essay, I will talk about three different material that I found really
important to mention. The first article was The origins of the Muslim
community. The author of this article try to explain the importance of words like
Islamic and Arab in explaining the early history of the Islamic Empire. He
includes many valuable information about the expanding of Islamic civilization.
He states that Islam, the main religion of Arabs, came to be exist after the born
of Prophet Muhammad. After that, he talks about the main factors that gave rise
to the Arab conquests. This article was the first article I red during this semester
and that pave the way to answer our main question. The second material I want
to mention is Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People. This is a
documentary movie about Hollywood. It is an exceptionally fascinating movie
that shows how Hollywood control the psyche of individuals by showing films that
contained negative stereotypes about the Arabs. It portray the Arabs as fear
mongers, rich, Sahara leave, treating ladies as prostitute... These sorts of movies
make people change their point of view of being Arab. For example, when I was a
kid, I used to watch a lot of cartoon series specially Aladdin. I had a very
negative idea about the Middle East. I used to say that people in the Middle East
are just people who love money and killing people. This idea was absorbed from
Aladdin when I was kid, but now all the ideas changed when I saw the reality of
people who live in the Middle East. The last material I want to discuss too is
Control Room. This movie is a documentary movie about Al Jazeera channel
where it cover the beginning of Iraq war. One of the most issues this film present
is the way the U.S government attempt to change Al-Jazeera's coverage that
focus just on American tanks and Iraqi casualties as it is a piece of the United
States military procedure.

What I understand from all the article I red and the movies I watched
during the semester including the one mentioned before is that Arab personality
is characterized freely of religious identity. Historically, the spread of Arab
civilization and Islam are attested by Arab Jewish tribes and Arab Christian
Kingdom. I understand somehow that Arab identity depends on a typical culture
and depends on shared experience and the basic place in history. In addition to
that, the hidden clashes between these encounters. These incorporate ethnic,
religious, regional, linguistic, and tribal. Also, I understand that Arab identity has
been viewed as essentially in light of language. For some Arabs, language rises
above race, religion, tribe or district. Arabic; in this manner, can be viewed as the
unifying aspect among almost all Arabs. Since the Arabic dialect additionally
rises above nation outskirts, Arabic makes a feeling of Arab patriotism. The
peculiarity of Arab identity needs to assess an exceedingly complex human
reality that incorporates language, religion, territorial association, tribal
devotions, ethnicity and outside powers. These elements are continually
changing, and isolating Arabs at various intersection. It is just by analyzing all
the nuances of Arab culture and society that enables us to shape a photo of Arab
identity in the current world.

During the semester, we did a big final project that provide Al Akhawayn
University students to have a look on some posters done by my teammate who
are in turn try to find an answer for the real identity of Arabs. I chose to speak
with my teammate about a Quranic manuscript from the Abbasid period. Im
always interested to know more about the main events that happened during the
Abbasid period, and that why we chose a poster to display it to AUI students. The
Abbasid period for me was quite influential because all what happened during
that period helped shape the Arab people and helped also in shaping the Islamic
world. The existence of the Abbasid Empire was one of the main important step
to shape what we call now Arab culture and language. The exhibition was
interesting because all my friends work on a same topic which is the history of
the Arab world. By displaying these posters to AUI student, I think that all
student who passed to have a look at these poster will think again about their
point of view as being an Arab. To conclude the whole work I did during this
semester in order to find an answer, I think that anyone in this world cannot find
a specific answer to define the real identity of Arabs. However, it worth to find an
answer for it.