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Approved: WPS No.: 5B903 Rev.

: 4
Date: March 7, 1994 Revision Date: April 6, 2000
Supporting PQR No. (s): WITH PWHT L8718 (PRN058-1)
Welding Process: GTAW Type(s): Manual

Refer to WPS No. GEN for typical joint designs and allowable root openings and mismatch. This WPS may
be used with or without backing.


P-No.: 5B Group No.: 1 to P-No.: 5B Group No.: 1

This WPS is appropriate for 9% chrome materials only e.g. SA335, P9; SA182, F9; SA234, WP9

Thickness Range:
Base Metal: Groove 3/16 thru 1.812 With PWHT Fillets Any

Maximum Deposit Thickness Per Pass Shall Not Exceed Inches

Spec. No. (SFA): 5.28 (Solid Core)
AWS No. (Class): ER80S-B8
F-No.: 6
A-No.: 5
Size of Filler Metals: 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32
Weld Metal:
Thickness Range:
Groove: 1/4 Maximum With PWHT
Fillet: All

Position(s) of Groove: All

Temperature Range: Condition (2): Stress Relieved
Welding Progression: Up XXX
Down ____ Time Range: N/A(WPS Not Allowed for ASME III)

Position(s) of Fillets: All

PREHEAT (QW-406) GAS (QW-408)

Preheat Temperature Minimum: 400 F Composition CFH
Gas(es) (Mixture) Flow Rate
Interpass Temperature Maximum: ------ Shielding Argon 99.99% 15 Min

Preheat Maintenance: See WPS GEN for Purge Nitrogen 99.99% 5 Min
Special Reqts
Trailing Not Required
WPS No.: 5B903 Rev.: 4


Current: AC or DC: DC Polarity: EN

Tungsten Electrode Size and Type 3/32 or 1/8 2% Thoriated (SFA 5.12, EWTh-2)
Pulsed Current Neither required nor prohibited.

Weld Filler Metal Amp. Volt Travel

Layer(s) Process (Note 2) Range Range Speed Other
(Note 3) (IPM)
Class Dia.

GTAW ER80S-B8 1/16 60-180 10-17 WPS

Root Pass
GTAW ER80S-B8 3/32 60-180 10-17 IS FOR
GTAW ER80S-B8 1/8 60-180 10-17 9% CHROME
Fill & Cap
GTAW ER80S-B8 5/32 60-180 10-17 MATERIAL

String or Weave Bead String or Weave

Orifice or Gas Cup Size Diameter Minimum
Initial and Interpass Cleaning Machining, Grinding, Chipping or Brushing
Oscillation N/A
Method of Back Gouging Grinding Wheel, Carbon Arc and Plasma Arc to sound metal.
Multiple or Single Pass (per side) Multiple
Multiple or Single Electrodes Single
Peening Not Permitted


Note 1: Welding surface shall be free of scale, rust, oil, grease and other deleterious foreign

Note 2: This WPS must be used in conjunction with WPS No. GEN.

Note 3: Voltage ranges are not required by ASME IX and are given for reference only.

Note 4: All passes shall be made with the addition of filler metal.