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Expansion Rules

Zombie Plague
Packet XAA

Version: 01JAN2016

The idea for this packet came from a discussion of what other D.N.O.E. packets could be created. Chris suggested Zombies and further discussion arrived at making it
a packet that had a condition to open it. Bailey provided good ideas, and Ken ran simulations to test the strength of the Zombie Hoard. Kevin took all the information
and typed it in.

Each Risk Legacy packet has an identifying letter (A K) and each card in has a unique serial number. The cards in this packet have been assigned serial numbers
starting with XAA. 'X' to designate an unofficial expansion packet, and 'AA' to indicate the first packet.
--Fall 2013
Zombie Plague Packet 1. OUTBREAK (initial event occurrence)
Pack 5: Open this packet as soon as a player When a Zombie Plague event is triggered, the
collects a resource card with 6 coins on it. outbreak number is determined. That number of
zombies is placed into the outbreak territory along
with the lowest-numbered hoard marker. If troops
are present in that territory, up to the outbreak
This packet will be opened in the middle of number are removed. If there are fewer troops than
the game. the outbreak number, then all the troops are
removed from the outbreak territory.
Legacy Key Terms
Imperial Balkania has unleashed a LOCAL
Zombie Hoard: Walking dead who move as
ZOMBIE PLAGUE in China (Hoard #1). Since
a group. Their strength is the ability to infect China's resource card has 4 coins, the
and convert living troops to the Hoard. Outbreak Number is 4. A Hoard Marker and 4
zombies will be placed into the territory. At
The Zombie Hoard is not a Faction and is not the same time, 4 Balkanian troops will be
controlled by a player. removed. Since Balkanian troops remain, a
battle will occur for control of the territory.
Each Zombie Hoard operates as an
independent army.

Hoard Marker: A marker used to identify a

Zombie Hoard. The Zombie Hoards will take
their turns in the order specified by the
Hoard Markers. A Hoard Marker does not
count as a zombie.

Outbreak Number: The initial number of

zombies in an outbreak. This is the number
of coins on the resource card for the
outbreak territory.

Outbreak Territory: A territory has an

OUTBREAK when it is identified by a Zombie
Plague event card. Enclave of the Bear has unleashed a LOCAL
ZOMBIE PLAGUE in Brazil (Hoard #2). Since
Brazil's resource card has 6 coins, 6 zombies
TURN OVERVIEW are placed into Brazil and 6 Enclave troops
should be removed; however, only 4 troops
The Zombie Hoards take their turn immediately are present. All troops are removed and the
following the player who unleashed the Plague. Zombie Hoard has overwhelmed the territory.
When a Zombie Hoard is eliminated from the board,
its turn ends immediately. It will not SPREAD PLAGUE
at the end of the turn.

Each Zombie Hoard will take its turn using the steps
listed below. When more than one Hoard is on the
map, each Hoard will take its turn in the order
specified by its turn marker.

1. Outbreak
2. Feed
3. Spread Plague
4. End of Turn

The lowest available Hoard marker is placed with the If the Defender Still Has Troops in the Territory
Hoard. This marker determines the order in which A Zombie Hoard will continue to attack either until
each Zombie Hoard takes its turn. all defending troops or all attacking zombies are
If any troops remain in the outbreak territory, the eliminated.
Zombie Hoard immediately attacks them.
Knocking Out A Player
After the initial outbreak, the Zombie Hoard takes no A Zombie Hoard defeats a player if it defeats his last
action during this step. troop on the board. Since the Hoard does not collect
resource cards, the player's resource
The player to the left of the attacking/defending cards are placed into the discard pile. The player
player will roll for the Zombie Hoard. keeps his Scar cards and Red Star/Missile tokens if
he has any. Depending on the state of the board, this
Repeat this step for each outbreak territory. Once all player may or may not be able to Join the War at the
outbreaks have been resolved, proceed to the next start of his next turn.

2. FEED (attack) 3. SPREAD PLAGUE

Each Zombie Hoard will attack the adjacent territory The Zombie Hoard carries the plague with it. Local
containing the most troops. In case of a tie, civilians will be infected and will join the Zombie
randomly determine which territory will be attacked. Hoard. Each Zombie Hoard on the map will receive
one zombie for the territory plus zombies for the
If all adjacent territories are unoccupied, the Zombie population of any city in its territory.
Hoard will become dormant and remain in the
current territory. Zombie Hoard #3 has ended its turn in Japan
with one zombie. At the end of its turn, it will
A Zombie Hoard will ignore other Hoards. SPREAD PLAGUE and new three zombies will
appear - one zombie for the territory plus two
How To Attack for the major city of Neo Tokyo III.
Normal combat rules apply with the following

Each Zombie Hoard is limited to one all-or-

nothing attack per turn. (The attack during the
initial outbreak does not count as the all-or-
nothing attack.)
A Zombie Hoard never breaks off an attack. It
continues until it conquers the territory or is
A Zombie Hoard always attacks with all available
zombies. This is possible because the advancing
Hoard leaves behind unoccupied territories.
See the section COMBAT CASUALTIES for details on
infection of defeated troops.
The player to the left of the defending player will
roll for the Zombie Hoard.

Repeat this step for each Zombie Hoard on the map.

Continent Bonuses
Resolve attacks for the Hoard with the lowest turn
Zombie Hoards do not receive continent bonuses.
marker first, then proceed in order. Once all attacks
have been resolved, proceed to the next step.
Resource Cards
Zombie Hoards neither collect nor turn in resource
If Defender Has No More Troops in Territory
Move the entire Hoard into the territory. The
attacking territory is left unoccupied.

Expanding into Unoccupied Territories Sea Lanes
Zombie Hoards do not expand into unoccupied When crossing a sea lane, a Zombie Hoard loses two
territories. If a Hoard finds itself surrounded by zombies upon entering the sea lane.
unoccupied territories, it will become dormant,
waiting for food to appear in an adjacent territory. This reduction may eliminate a Zombie Hoard before
it reaches the opposite end of the sea lane.
A Zombie Hoard considers other Hoard territories to
Zombie Hoards will still SPREAD PLAGUE in this Zombie Hoards do not maneuver at the end of their
situation. turn.

Defending Event Cards

When attacked, a Zombie Hoard will defend using With the exception of events which specify the
the maximum number of dice. Zombie Plague, Zombie Hoards are not affected by
Event cards.
The player may break off his attack per the standard
combat rules.
Mission Cards
See the section COMBAT CASUALTIES for details on Zombie Hoards are not eligible to complete Missions.
conversion of troops lost during combat with a
Zombie Hoard. When a Player completes a mission, he may choose
to destroy one Zombie Plague event card instead of
accepting a Red Star for the mission.
Modifying Die Rolls
Zombie Hoards are not affected by any Scars on the Destroying a Zombie Plague card has no effect on
map. any Hoard currently on the map.

For example, if a Hoard is attacked while in a

territory with a Bunker Scar, it does not receive the END OF GAME
+1 defender bonus. However, a non-Zombie player
attacked while in a Bunker would receive the bonus. World Domination
If the Zombie Hoards attain world domination, a
random resource card is destroyed. Shuffle all
Missiles resource cards, pull the top resource card and
The Zombie Hoards cannot use Missiles, however, destroy it.
players may use Missiles to affect battles with the
Hoard. The winner is recorded as The Zombie Hoard. This
does not count toward any player or faction wins.

Combat Casualties
When attacked by a Zombie Hoard, any combat Held on But Did Not Win
casualty results in a zombie added to the Hoard. If a Zombie Hoard remains on the map at the
completion of the game, the winner of the game
When defending, the Zombie Hoard only adds a must place a circled Z in front of the game number
zombie when it wins both defender dice. in the victor's section.

When a Zombie Hoard leaves a territory, it leaves it