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Activity Action Target Deadline Persons Done/

Involved Undone

Planning Set a meeting to the To build camaraderie. May 29, Adami, Samoi Done
owner of the 2017

Acquire the Set an interview to To get some information May Brendan, Done
background the owner and others, about the nature of 30,2017 Adami
of the observe operations business that is very
business. and make an inquiry. essential to the study.

System Promote a better To make smooth and TBA All Members Undone
Promotion advancement system. fastest transactions
between cashier and the

Application Apply the system To seek improvement TBA All Members Undone
of the from day to day and to check the
System operation. sigficance.


This project action plan provides the general framework and establishes specific action,
target and specific time frame or deadline for execution of the Computerized Receipt System.
Since Emeals& Cakes uses the traditional receipt system in which, they write down first the
order of the customer on a paper which is not an official receipt unlike other stores which has a
printed receipt due to its advance system. Sadly if business continues to use this outdated and
traditional use of receipt system some issues might occur that might bring significant problem to