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Hotel Rwanda - Movie Review

Director: Terry George, Book Author: Immaculee Ilibagiza

Synopsis Review
In the movie Hotel Over all I thoroughly
Rwanda a Hutu man enjoyed the movie Ho-
named Paul lives with tel Rwanda. It was
his Tutsi wife and their thrilling and heart-
children. Paul is the warming, but also very
manager of a hotel and sad. Every minute of
he and his family are the movie left me
living peacefully until wanting to watch
the Hutus are told to more. I was glad to see
kill all Tutsi cockroach- Paul Rusesabagina
es and they follow house all of the Tutsis
those orders. During from being murdered.
this genocide Paul was He saved many lives in
able to house hundreds this movie. I believe
of Tutsis and their fam- this movie captured the
ilies in his hotel and main message of the
save their lives. But, Rwandan genocide.
outside the hotel was a The fact that thousands
massacre. In the end the of people were being
UN transfer the surviv- killed and for the long-
ing Tutsis from the ho- est time and no other
tel to refugee camps country was willing to
where they are safe and help the Tutsis and
can reconnect with sur- moderate Hutus.
viving family members.

The book Left to Tell and the movie Hotel Rwanda were similar because in both there were fam-
ilies suffering and struggling to survive. In the text, Immaculee Ilibagiza and her family were try-
ing to survive and in the movie Paul Rusesabagina and his family. In the movie Rusesabagina
ends up crying a lot because he is afraid for his family Ilibagiza also mourns for her family and
the deaths that have occurred. In the end of the text Ilibagiza survives the genocide with the help
of the UN and the Tutsi rebel soldiers. Rusesabagina and his family also survive with the help of
the UN and Tutsi rebel soldiers.

By: Lizzie Ochs