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Our country was formed as a refuge from the unjust laws, taxes and tyrannical

legislation of the King of England King George III. The very basis of this nations

formation was the establishment of freedom and rule by the people, for the people, with

the preamble of the constitution beginning with the words We the people. Yet over our

countrys history, nearly every racial, ethnic, and religious group that resided or resides

in America has experienced some form of discrimination, including Native Americans,

African Americans, Hispanics, The Irish, The Polish, The Japanese, The Chinese,

Italians, Arabs, Jews, Muslims, and Non-Protestant Christians to name some.

Discrimination is defined as treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in

favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which

that person or thing is perceived to belong to rather than on individual merit., meaning

that immigrants and those with different religious ideals are disadvantaged and

therefore not competing equally with those around them. Yet in the midst of this social or

in some cases legislative injustice, those who have worked hard have been able to

overcome adversity, seeking the opportunities this country provides to achieve financial

success. However, this financial success is almost exclusively achieved through

education. Until recent times, no matter your socioeconomic class, hard work and an

education meant reaping success was not a desperate hope or dream--it was a reality.

Education provided, and still provides any peoples, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion

or gender, with the ability to pursue stable careers and escape the grasps of poverty. It

grants us the opportunity that is so commonly associated with America. However, A high

school education is no longer a standard for employers in this country. As a nation, we

have advanced, and now require a college education for the vast majority of white collar
jobs. This however can be problematic, considering college costs have skyrocketed

while income increases have remained relatively stable (Procon Online). As a result, an

individual that doesn't already have financial stability will potentially not be able to attend

college because of similar incomes in comparison to rising college tuition fees. These

students are faced with a choice. Either find a way to get financial aid/ a loan, and live

life in debt for potentially decades, or opt out of receiving a higher education and spend

life working lower paying jobs, potentially living paycheck to paycheck. Using the

Greater Washington area, we can easily see what this has resulted in. Washington DC

has an unemployment rate of 7.5%, much higher than the country's average. The areas

colleges have failed to provide adequate resources for many academically-able,

unprivileged kids to attend college to receive a higher education. And when people are

unable to make a decent living, some will turn to crime to pay the bills. Making all levels

of education accessible and affordable is the only way to let the American dream live

on. Education dramatically increases average pay (Bureau of Labor Statistics), but is

only available to some. And because of the recent spikes in college costs, I believe that

hard work is not enough on its own to achieve success. Therefore, I believe the

American dream has died in the Greater Washington area.

But with the reduction of college costs, we can open up education to the

economically disadvantaged, allowing them to contribute to the academic world.This will

reinstate the opportunity that Americans once had to achieve success in this country.
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