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Tea ee hae TE RRC EC CM eee Te gL TE] NE a) kn le ppt : eee Tee eA ee ‘A WORD OF COMMENDATION by TOMMY DORSEY From the standpoint of conventfon, it would soem rather bizarre for me to step out of my role as an ‘orchestra lecder ond master of ceremonies in the field of entertainment ond enter the: realm of belle Iottres, aven in a minor copacity, but the subject matter of “Tips On Popular Singing” appealed to mo so : radia ely: folie up: the ides forcibly that, when | was requested fo write on opinion on it, In my travels, throughout the ‘country, | have always made it point to assist the aspiring song writer, tha singor and the ‘musicion, in their respective coreers. Now that Frank Sinatra ond John Quinlan have given tho public “Tips On Popular Singing,” | with te further voice my co-eperation by highly rocommending this book. ° Frank Sinatra, who is @ member of my organization, is on unusually talented, conscientious orist. Through bis interprotive qualities, he has riot only brought success to himself, but ho has mada many hits for the various music publithers and, of coores, has brought pleasure to thousands of listeners. In weiting thie book, Mr. Sinatca was extremely forhinote in securing the collaboration ‘of his welldinown coach and voice teachér, Jolin Quinlan. They have written:a work which, hope, 1s the beginning of o sub- sequent sories of books of this type, “Tips On Popular Singing” is the answer to mony o query Ihave received as to whethar or not sich & book might be procured — and where, Ht goes withovt saying that "Tips. On Popular Singing’ hos my very best wishes for success, ond | trust ‘that the untiring effort put into it by the cbave mentioned euthors wil prove to be of great help to those ‘iho are st the beginning of a rood which may ultimetely leod to fame ond fortuna. INTRODUCTION Mony young people are under the erroneous impression that, in order to become a sccessful singer, it is necessary for them 4 hove had years of intensive voice training. The truth of the matter is that the popular vocalist; wha has had vaice freining, beyond o few simple exercises, is the exception rather than tthe rule, The comparotively simple procedure of analyzing 9 molody ofton rosuits in the birth of a certain style which, os 0 moHer of fact, fs not ‘ond diction. 1g more then on individual's own interpretation of phrasing, breathing I is suggested thot the student listen to the records of as many different vocalists as possible, tote, for instones, the Vollees, the Columbos and the. Crosbys, down to the present ora of the Ebsdeye oad the Leonards. Then select some of their lil mannerisms of phrasing and diction, frem which it may be posible to invent cn individual style of interpretation ond expression. being careful to always employ inteligerice ond good torte, IF the student dasires to. attain success in the popular field, goad health, hard work, and plenty of Patience. ore obligatory, ‘At the very beginning of one career it is obsclutely riscessary to fake Up the corract method of voice culture. ‘Tho examples in this book have been selected with grant care. Thay ore simple and effective, ond have been written for the sole purpose of developing and broadening the voice, rong, THE CARE OF THE THROAT tis only natural thot « tingor should tole axcellont care of hit throat which, it seems, js the most ux cepfible port of his onatomy. Great cavtion must be taken, ot all times. to avold « cold or sore throat, in ‘any form. One may ask the question, “How do | go about avciding a cold?” le cnswer to this, using @ little ommon tense is ¢ grect help, but the best advice on {his tubject i: "Keep the fect dry and ovoid sitting in a draft,” The throct, 8 0 rule, is cbroys in @ healthy condition; otherwite you wouldn't possess 4 voice: Its advis. able not to pay too much attention to the throot but, at the sarne time. it would be foolhardy. in the event of symptoms appearing, such os ¢ slight burning feeling in the thieot, stuffinss in the head, 0 eatarthal con- dition in the nose, etc. not te act ct once. A singer conact afford te procrastincte, hoping against hope that slight cold will disappear over-night. It is extremely dangerous tc ollow o cold to become chronic, as thot would not enly prove harmful to tha Voice, but It would alia intarfate with one’s health in general. When the symploms af en approaching cold appeer, itis boneticiel to drink hot water with o fttle lemon juice odded. The latter not only tends to make the hot woter more palatable, but it alto halps fo counteract ‘ony acid conditions in the systom. Should the hot water remedy, after fair trial, prove insufficient in restoring the voles, itis suggested that the tingar consult throat specialist af tho highest reputation. THE ART OF BREATHING: It is wise to strese the importaney of breathing, as it is the most assential part of singing, yet is far from being the complicated procedure which some teachers claim. Thero is but one way to brenthe, ond that isin the natural way. Stond erect, relax the chest an Is. Avoid making the mistake ‘of pushing the chert out as you Inhale — let the breath do thet. You'll bo surprised ot the amount of breath vale: deeply through the 1 you can inhale, ‘Whan exholing, donot let the chest collapse, Hold the position Yau had when you ejhed beta ced then slowly exhale through the meuth. You will noti¢e that the stamach takes on inward divaction toward | the spine: Thi the voice floating out, instead of being pushed out. Practica the above exercise twice a day for ten-minute 2 alto whot eventually happens when the singer sustoins high notes; it gives.the oppearenca of poriods. the bock then exhale ‘A splendid breathing exareite if fo fio lot on your back, hands extended oF your sides of the hands on the floor. Relax completely and taka a slow deep breath through the nostrils; slowly threvgh the mouth, While doing this, do not push the chost out but let groduailly rise. of its own | accord. This is extremely important. | Shallow breathers ore $6 called, because they-do not relax the chest while inhaling. In order to gat the teal significance of this, try extending your chest as far as you can, before inhaling. See how much breath you. | can ‘nhols. Practically none. While exhaling, do nat let the breath resb out, but try to control it. This abo: ‘applies to singing, It is not advisable to allow a'great amount of air fo scope on the first word you sing. Observe all words commencing with the letter H, such as the word: HERE, HE, HER, ote., a: sora: singers, for want of knowledge, ars inclined to let a fot of air excope on these words. n it was in ot tha ond of the intake, ‘As you exhale, you willdiscever that by holding the chest in the posi the stomoch will recede. Do not think #60. much about this! The chest, diophragm ond stomach will all co- ordinate in tha natural monnsr. Welling is ono. of the best physical exercises for < singer. However, this deos net mean jvit stvalling ‘along, neither dovs if mean rushing. at theugh you had to catch a train. Set a good medium paco, and, while walking, remember the instructions given in the aforementioned exercisas on breathing. Golfing, when done in moderation, is alto good exercise for o singer. It it advieable, however, not 0 ‘overdo golfing by playing on extra round. especially when you havea singing engagement that same evening. | A gosd nile te fellow is: "Be moderate in all physical exercise.” I. ‘Whom singing a dexendng pore n on exerci 47 0 beep each succeeding owar tons nthe serie ilo Recreate es ee cot the somo time, eliminate all thront strain. t ‘Whenever you fool a little pressure on the throat, aed 0 are singing incorractly. Concen- Metestl cole rere ska a peers ree ave ee ioe ee ee day honor, hour stand or fro alt hour patios. The thot and vocal chords aro qt