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1. Ari : .... Iva : Nice to meet you too.

o A.Good morning

o B. Hello

o C. How do you do

o D. Nice to meet you

2. Isma : ....? Agung : I am from Yogyakarta.

o A. What are you from?

o B. How are you

o C. Where do you go to school?

o D. Where are you from?

o 3. Rena : How old are you? Doni : ....

o A. I'm fourteen

o B. I'm very well, thanks

o C. I'm Vivian

o D. I'm Javanese

4. Ani : How old is Nikita Willy? Dita : .... Ani : I think so.
o A. I don't know

o B. Of course

o C. I think she is sixteen

o D. How about you?

5. I have a new netbook. This is ... netbook.

o A. His

o B. Her
o C. My

o D. Their

6. This is ... new ball. This ball is ....

o A. My, my

o B. My, I

o C. Mine, my

o D. My, mine

7. Sinta plants a flower. ... flower is in a pot.

o A. His

o B. Hers

o C. Her

o D. She

8. They have ten books. These are ... books.

o A. Their

o B. Our

o C. Her

o D. My

9. All of us have bicycle. ... bicycles are in the parking lot.

A. Ours
o B. We

o C. Us

o D. Our

10. Mr.Bakrie is the richest man in this town. This luxurious one is ... house.
o A. He

o B. Him
o C. His

o D. Her



Kelas : 7
Nama : .............................................

Choose the right answer by crossing a, b, c, or d

The text is for numbers 1 4

Mr. Beno : Good afternoon, students.

Students : Good afternoon, sir

Mr. Beno : Well, students, I want to Introduce my self. My name is Mr. Beno. I am

fourty years old. I live on Jalan Raya Kecamatan Kedungbanteng

1. Where does the dialogue take place ? in the

a. Office

b. School

c. laboratory

d. In the classroom

2. The dialogue above happened in the

a. Morning

b. Afternoon

c. Evening

d. Night

3. How old is Mr. Beno ?

a. 40 years old

b. 45 years old

c. 50 years old

d. 60 years old

4. Based on the text above. It is the day at school

a. Fourth day

b. Third day

c. Second day
d. First day

5. Look at the picture beside carefully ! Where is the ball ?

a. In the field

b. Between two soccers

c. Under the foots

d. In front of two soccers

6. Rina and susi my English teachers

a. Have

b. Is

c. Am

d. Are

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The text is for number 7 11

My classroom is very big. There are twenty classroom and forty chairs for students.

teachers table is in front of the classroom. The teacher sit behind the table. Behind
her is the

whiteboard. Beside the whiteboard is a map of Indonesian archipelago. Under the

map, there

is a bookshelf. There are two windows in the room. Between the windows is a
picture of

Prambanan temple. I like my classroom very much.

7. Where is the picture of Prambanan Temple ?

a. Behind the teacher.

b. Between the two windows.

c. Beside the teacher.

d. Between the doors.

8. How is the writers classroom ?

a. It is very big.

b. It is very clean.

c. It is in front of the school

d. It has forty chairs for students

9. Where does the teacher sit ?

a. In front of the classroom.

b. Behind the whiteboard.

c. Behind the table.

d. Under the map.

10. Where is the whiteboard ?

a. Behind the table.

b. Beside the teacher.

c. Behind the teacher.

d. In front of the window.

11. Does the writer like his class very much ?

a. No, it is not.

b. No, it does not.

c. Yes,it is.

d. Yes, he is.

12. change the sentence (in the box below)into negatif form !

( Dina gets up early every morning )

a. Dina dont get up early every morning.

b. Dina dont gets up early every morning.

c. Dina doesnt get up early every morning.

d. Dina doesnt gets up early every morning.

13. Arrange the words into a good sentence !

Book good a friend good a is

a. A good friend is a good book

b. A friend good is a good book

c. A good book is a good friend

d. A book good is a good friend

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The text is for number 14 16

Mr. Rudi : Good morning !

Diana : Good morning. What can I do for you ?

Mr. Rudi : I am looking for a girl. She is my student

Diana : How is she like ?

Mr. Rudi : She is fat and curly hair. She is thirteen

Years old, and wear glasses.

Diana : Are you looking for Anis ?

Mr. Rudi : Yes, you are right.

Diana : Her house is over there, number thirty

Mr. Rudi : Thank you very much.

Diana : you are welcome.

14. How many person are there in the dialogue ?

a. Two

b. Three

c. Four

d. Five

15. Who is Mr. Rudis student ?

a. Anis

b. Diana
c. Dianas sister

d. Diana and Anis

16. How old is Anis ?

a. 16 years old.

b. 15 years old.

c. 14 years old.

d. 13 years old.

17. Sari : Hello,I am Sari.what is your name ?

Tina : sari.My name is Tina. I am a student of IA

Sari : So we are classmate. I am a student of I A too

a. Hi

b. Good morning

c. Good afternoon

d. Good evening

18. Bob : Hi, Tom. This is sally,my cousin. She is comes

from Bogor

Tom : How do you do,Sally. Nice to meet you.

Sally : Nice to meet you too

a. How do you do

b. Fine,thanks

c. I am pretty well, thank you

d. I am fine thank you

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19. Teacher : Well students. Time is over. We must end

The lesson. Thank you for your attention.

See you tomorrow and good Bye.

Studens : ,Sir

a. Good night

b. See you tomorrow

c. Good bye

d. See you next time

20. Januar : .

Budi : My name is Budi

a. I d like introduce my self

b. May I introduce my self

c. Lets me introduce my self

d. What is your name ?

21. Ana : What is the sixth month of the year ?

Indra : The sixth month is

a. April

b. Mei

c. June

d. July

22. Wati : Where are you from, Rin ?

Rini : from Kedungbanteng

a. She is

b. He is

c. I am

d. They are

23. Dont be a in the library

a. Noisy

b. Disturb
c. Silent

d. Smart

24. They shoot elephant in the forest

a. An

b. A

c. The

d. Or

25. 1996, how do you say ?

Answer :

a. One nine nine six

b. One nine ninety six

c. One hundred nine thousand and ninety six

d. One thousand nine hundred and ninety six

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26. Arrange the following words into good sentence !

Live a village small in they

Answer :

27. Make the sentence into interrogative form !

We learn English every Wednesday

Answer :

Answer the following question for numbers 28 30

Mrs. Abdurahman is a teacher. She is a pointed nose, wavy hair and creamy yellow

Mrs. Abdurahman is tall, slim, and beautiful. Mrs. Abdurahman works in yunior high

in the city. She works from seven oclock in the morning until one at noon. Everyone
like her
very much.

28. What is Mrs. Abdurahman like ?

Answer :

29. What does Mrs. Abdurahman do ?

Answer :

30. How long does Mrs. Aburahman work everyday ?


Text 1 for number 1-3

My Family

My name is Irsyad. I am an SMP student. I live on Jalan Ciremai. My fathers name is Mr. Rahman. He

works in a clinic. He is a doctor. My mother is a teacher at a primary school near my house.

My parents have three children. Eddy, the eldest brother, works as a programmer in private company.

Wulan is my sister. We are students. She goes to SMA 3.

1. Who is Irsyad?
a. He is an SMA student.

b. He is an SMP student.

c. He is a teacher.

d. He is a doctor

2. How many people are there in Mr. Rahmans family?

a. Five

b. Four

c. Three

d. Two

3. What is Randis mother?

a. She is a programmer.

b. She is a teacher.

c. She is a student.

d. She is a doctor.

4. My fathers name is Mr. Rahman. He works in a clinic.(par. 1)

The word He refers to.

a. Irsyad

b. Rahman

c. Eddy

d. Wulan

5. Dita : Hello, Rinto. Glad to see you here. How are you?

Rinto : Hello, Rika. And You?

Rika : Fine, thanks.

a. How do you do?

b. Are you sure?

c. Nice to meet you

d. Im fine thank you

6. Ms. Ningrum : Today is hot. Isnt it?

Roni : Yes, Maam.

Ms. Ningrum : Roni, open the windows, please.

Roni : Yes, of course, Maam.

MsNingrum : ___________, Roni.
Roni : You are welcome.
a. You are good

b. Thats nine

c. Thiss fastastic

d. Thank you

Text 2

Read the following text and anser question no 7-9

A rainbow is a natural phenomenon. It usually appears after rain. The sun light is dispersed by the water

droplets. This produces a rainbow. We can see many colors in a rainbow. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue,

indigo, and violet. For some people, a rainbow brings happiness, hope and inspiration. They believe there is

happiness after sorrow.

7. A rainbow is a natural phenomenon.....raining.

a. after

b. before

c. during

d. as soon as

8. How many colors can we see in a rainbow?

a. Five

b. Six

c. Seven

d. eight

9. For some people, a rainbow brings happiness, hope and inspiration.

The antonym of happiness is

a. Illness

b. sadness

c. laziness

d. boredom

Text 3

Congratulations on your success of story telling

We are proud of you.
Your best friend,
Read the following text to answer the questions no. 10-11

10. Who is the card sent to?

a. Agnes

b. Agness friend

c. The committee

d. A competition

11. Why did the writer send the card?

a. To make her friend happy

b. To join story telling competition

c. To congratulate her friend




To encourage her friend


Where can we find the notice?

a. At the garden

b. At the station

c. At the beach

d. At the gas station

Text 4

Read the text to answer no 13-14

Dear Mom,
Mom, Im late today. I will do the homework
at my friends house.
13. The text above is a kind of .

a. Short message

b. Greeting card

c. Invitation letter

d. Announcement

14. Why did Alya come late? because .

a. Alya will do the homework at library

b. Alya will do the homework at school

c. Alya will do the homework at class

d. Alya will do the homework at her friends house

Text 5

Complete the text below for no. 15-16!

Friya is one of my classmate. He is clever and diligent student. He (15) to Junior High School. He is seventh

grade. He is good at every subject at school, but his primary subject is Math. He (16) to become pilot.

15. a. goes

b. went

c. gone

d. going

16. a. want

b. wants

c. wanted

d. has wanted

Text 6 Read the following announcement! (for no. 17-18)

Good morning, class.

Join our choir rehearsal every Saturday

At 1p.m. to 3p.m. in the school hall.

All are invited

Thank you

17. Whats the purpose of the announcement above?

a. To inform all students about choir rehearsal

b. To invite some students to join choir rehearsal

c. To inform some students about choir rehearsal

d. To invite all students to join choir rehearsal

18. How long will the choir rehearsal last?

a. Two hours

b. Three hours

c. Four hours

d. Five hours

Text 6 for question no 19-23

Tomato Soup

- 4 large tomatoes

- 1 small onion

- 8 cups water
- Small clove garlic

- Spices

- teaspoon salt

- teaspoon pepper

- teaspoon butter

1. Fry tomatoes, onion, and garlic in a pan with butter for five minutes.

2. Add water, spices, salt, and pepper.

3. Heat until the water boils.

4. Turn down the heat and cover the lid.

5. Cook for one hour.

19. What is kind of the text above?

a. Narrative.

b. Recount.

c. Monologue.

d. Procedure.

20. How many tomatoes are needed for tomato soup?

a. 4 large tomatoes

b. 4 small tomatoes

c. 1 large tomato

d. 1 small tomato

21. How much water is needed for tomato soup?

a. 1 cup of water

b. 8 cups of water

c. 5 cups of water

d. 2 cups of water

22. After frying the ingredients in a pan waht is the next step?

a. Turn down the heat.

b. Heat until the water boils.

c. Add water, spices, salt, and pepper.

d. Cook for one hour.

23. What is the last step when making tomato soup?

a. Cook for one hour.

b. Fry the ingredients in a pan.

c. Heat until the water boils.

d. Put stock into a pan.

24. Arrange the jumbled words below!

mother her an Junior High School teacher English is at

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

a. 2-1-7-3-5-6-8-4 c. 2-6-5-3-1-7-8-4

b. 2-1-3-7-6-5-8-4 d. 2-1-7-3-6-5-8-4

25. listening their are at present the students teacher to

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The right arrangement of the jumbled words above is

a. 5-3-7-1-2-6-4 c. 5-1-3-7-4-6-2

b. 5-3-1-7-2-6-4 d. 5-3-1-7-6-2-4

Text 7 to answer no. 27-30

How to Repel Mice

Mice look cute, but they can be harmful pets that destroy household items, eat and mess with food and can spread

severe diseases through their feces and parasites they carry.

Here are some useful tip on how to repel house mice:

1. Use peppermint, put the peppermint near wall corner.

2. Pour generous amount of peppermint oil on cotton balls.

3. Place the saturated cotton balls on areas where mice are possibly seen-around counter tops, under the sofas in your

living room.

4. Put them behind shelves, wall corner or on the floor beneath your kitchen sink.

26. Why do we use peppermint to repel mice? Because ................

a. Peppermint is fresh to breathe.

b. mice love the peppermint.

c. Mice will die of breathing mint.

d. Mice hate the smell of peppermint.

27. Mice look cute, but they can be harmful pets that destroy household items,

The word harmful has the similar meaning with

a. careful

c. damage


28. From the text above, we can conclude that .......

a. mice spread severe disease through feces.

b. Mice love peppermint.

c. Peppermint is useful to repel mice.

d. We can place oil everywhere to repel mice.

29. Put them behind shelves ...

The word them refers to .....

a. pets

b. cotton balls

c. peppermint

d. peppermint oil

30. Nilam : What do you think of my new shoes?

Hani : It looks good on you

a. I know

b. I think

c. Its good

d. I think its good idea

31. Kamil :

Rizal : here you are, mom.

a. What do you think?

b. Do you ever go to the zoo?

c. Are you sure?

d. Give me some sugar, please?

Text 8 to answer no.33-37

I have a friend named Indra. He is a very fat person. His hobby is eating. He likes all kinds of foods. He eats

everything in front of him. His weight is 95 kilograms. He has a very chubby cheek. His family and friends like him

very much.

32. I have a friend named ........

a. Indra

b. Andri
c. Liza

d. Anto

33. What is his hobby?

a. Swimming.

b. Eating

c. Travelling.

d. Playing.

34. How much does he weight?

a. 70 kg.

b. 60 kg.

c. 95 kg.

d. 50 kg.

35. He has a very ..........

a. Beautiful face

b. Nice attitude

c. Chubby cheek

d. Handsome face

36. He is a very .............. person.

a. Nice

b. Fat

c. Good

d. Handsome

Text 8, for number 38-43

Hi! My name is Mi-Yong. I live in Seoul, the capital city with over ten millionspeople and two millions motor

vehicles. My favorite holiday is sol, the lunar New Years Day. It is an occasion for family reunion. Every year over 20

million people travel across the country and celebrate the holiday season with their families. My family visits

grandparents and relatives in the countryside.

37. What capital city of is Seoul?

a. China

b. Japan

c. North Korea
d. South Korea

38. What is Mi-yong favourite holiday?

a. Birhday

b. New Year

c. Christmast

d. Lunar New Year

39. What is the lunar New Years Day in Korean?

a. Sol

b. Seoul

c. Favorite

d. Mi-Young

40. What does Mi-Yong do in her holiday?

a. travelling

b. has a party

c. has a class reunion

d. visits her grandparents

41. Where do Mi-yongs grandparents live?

a. Seoul

b. Capital City

c. Sea shore

d. countryside

42. How many people travel across the country and celebrate the holiday?

a. 20.000

b. 200.000

c. 2.000.000

d. 20.000.000

Text 9 (no. 44-46)

Yogyakarta is an artwork buyers paradise because a lot of well known artists originated from this place. These

famous artists have influenced local artisans in silver, leather, batik and other branches of craft.

Even rattan and bamboo, can be made into very attractive craft items. Not only for home, but also used in

international hotels. One can find these items easily in several stores along Malioboro Street, the main street of


43. ....because a lot of well known artists originated from this place.
The words well known has the same meaning with...

a. very good

b. very well

c. beautiful

d. famous

44. .artists originated from this place.

The words this place refers to

a. Home

b. Hotel

c. Yogyakarta

d. Malioboro Street

45. One can find these items easily in several stores along Malioboro Street,

The word store has the same meaning with.

a. Street

b. Shops

c. Items

d. Hotels

Text 7 (no. 34-38)

How to stop Nose Bleeding

(1) First, loosen the clothing around your neck.

(2) Secondly, put a cotton pad in the bleeding nostril.

(3) Then sit down with your head leaning forward.

(4) Squeeze your nose until it stops bleeding.

(5) If your nose continues to bleed, call a doctor.

46. How many steps do we have to stop nose bleeding before going to call the doctor?

a. Two

b. Three

c. Four

d. Five

47. Then sit down with your head leaning forward.

The synonym of the word leaning is...

a. studying

b. cleaning
c. reclining

d. washing

48. From the text we are suggested that we should....

a. Call a doctor immediately in case of nose bleeding.

b. Not lean backward when we have nose bleeding.

c. Never put a cotton pad in a bleeding nostril.

d. Squeeze your nose until it stops bleeding.

49. Squeeze your nose until it stops bleeding.

The word it in that sentence refers to.....

a. nose

b. head

c. cloth

d. cotton

50. Normally, as a human being, we have....nostrils.

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four

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