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PURCHASE REQUISITION (Service ) DETAILS Run Date : 18.05.2017

PR NO 920448142 Page # : 1
Department Query AB
Doc Type NS Purchasing Group 902
SC No. 562 Requisitioner 266416
Plant 5200 Delivery Date 03.04.2017

I#/Out#/S# Item/Out/Srv Desc Qty UOM Rate Total Value Material grp
Cost Center Order No

1 AMC FOR QUARRY ACD TDS Rupee 3240000.00INST08

General Instruction to Vendor
Please check whole system for spares requirement before quoting. Vehic
le safety compliance must be ensured by party
Instruction to Purchase
Previous order No.3000096121
Last order validity is upto 27.05.17 so
this order must be finalized before that and validity should be from
28.05.17 to 27.05.19
Item text
AMC for hardware maintenance of GPS and Wireless system at Q-AB.
e AMC is comprehensive
The main Hardware RPUs will be maintained by T
ata Steel and the Vendor has to bring the defective RPU to Inst.Lab .
for repairing as & when required.
In case of major overhaul /repair
of machine the party shall remove the hardware from the vehicle and
need to install in some other vehicle ,if required ,with out any price
Party shall depute minimum one Engineer (at least Dip
loma) & Five technicians for maintenance of the system.
Party shall
perform Radio survey in mines for proper data and voice communication
as & when required by department.
Payment shall be made on monthly
basis with uptime >=99%.The penalty levied in every month will be per
centage of the Ordered value.
a. If uptime is >=99% then no penalty
will be applicable.
b. If uptime is between 99 to 97% then deduction
will be 5% of the Contract value per Month.
c. If uptime is between
97% to 92% then deduction will be 10% of the Contract value per Month.
d. If uptime is in between 92 to 87% then deduction will be 15% of
t he Contract value per Month.
For 5% reduction of uptime the deduc
tion will be 5% of contract value .
The deduction shall be limited
to maximum 50% of the contract value.
The Party has to keep 20% sp
are s & all consumables and every month has to submit the spare statu
s an d its consumption to Tata Steel representatives. Any point of tim
during monthly checking 20% spares to be kept irrespective of con
sumption .If 20% of the spares are not maintained then 5% of the month
ly contract value will be deducted.
The vendor has to check the TDS
items installed in Vehicles once in 7 days to confirm its presence an
d submit the report to EIT as well as monthly report on the performanc
e of GP S & Voice system in a proper format. Non-availability of Repor
ts may lead to 5% deduction in each month.
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PURCHASE REQUISITION (Service ) DETAILS Run Date : 18.05.2017

I#/Out#/S# Item/Out/Srv Desc Qty UOM Rate Total Value Material grp
Cost Center Order No

The Party has to do the

preventive maintenance on time frame and schedule to be submitted to E
Performance of the Party, after placement of the Order, will be
reviewed in every 4 months on the basis of the availability of the sy
stem. If the performance is not satisfactory then Tata Steel may term
inate the contract/Order.
The Party has to keep working Laptop wit
h serial p ort connection & Printer for downloading TDS Program at fie
ld as well as Report generation.
The Party has to keep the followin
g spares an d Make as indicated below as well as necessary tools, tac
kles, consumables etc. as required to do the job
1 Voice Antenna Mot
orola(HAD 40 21)/ Kenstel ( KM-150-B3)
2 DC/DC Converter Axiom (DC100
3. GTS fixing, Tripswith mouting nuts
4 PTT Motorol
5 Walkie Talkie Batterries Motorola NI MH batteries
6 Battery Ch
argers Motorola
7 Antenna for Walkie Talkies Motorola
8 Data
Antenna -RFI (CD51-68-70)
9 GPS Antenna Trimble (66800
10 Trip s witch base Telemechanique(ZCKJ1 )
11 Trip switch he
ad Telemechani que(ZCK-E08)
12 Voice Radios Motorola(GM950 P
lus)/GM 338/GM368 8
13. RPU cover Nuts
14. RPU Fixing bolts.
15. RG
16. Battery charger for Wireless batteries
17. BNC and TNC
18 Pi n and socket contacts The Party has to arrange vehi
cles for 12 hrs ( 8 AM to 8 PM).Vehicle must be operated as per mining
guidelines and following items must be ensured before operation.
.Audio Visual Alarm
2.REAR VISION SYSTEM/ Three piece mirror.
side light
4.Head light
5.Side indicator
6.Seat belt condition
.Tyre condition
9.Rear number plat e
10.PPE for driver.
.Hand/parking/emergrncy brake
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PURCHASE REQUISITION (Service ) DETAILS Run Date : 18.05.2017

I#/Out#/S# Item/Out/Srv Desc Qty UOM Rate Total Value Material grp
Cost Center Order No

12.Registratio n paper of vehicle.

Insurance paper
14.Driving licence
15.Six da ys safety trg card.
. Becon light
The vehicle would be checked ramdomly if any major de
viation is found, 20% of service value would be deducted.
INST08011 AMC FOR QUARRY ACD TDS 24.000 MON 100000.00 Rupee 2400000.00INST08
ELTM09306 CHARGES FOR 4 WHEELER VEHICLE : 24.000 MON 35000.00 Rupee 840000.00 INST08

Total Value 3240000.00 Rupee

Creation Date 03.04.2017
Created By 266416 (P.GSahay)
Release Status Approved
Release Date 14.04.2017
Approved By 220219 (Sanjay K. Singh)