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5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

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File: 1495534472863.png (9 KB, 480x360)

/Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition Fuck scooby
05/23/17(Tue)20:08:01 No.41549387
>>41549434 >>41549981 >>41550854
>>41551408 >>41552672 >>41552793

Previous Thread

Welcome to /fat/ general!

>/fat/ generals are for fat members of /fit/ who want to:
>Lose weight
>Get a more /fit/ body by lifting weights and doing cardio
>ask other fat anons for advice and give moral support
If you're new:
>Read the Sticky

>pretend to ignore all the "read the sticky" fags

>Calculate your Body Fat Percentage
http://fitness.bizcalcs.com/Calculator.asp?Calc=Body-Fat-Navy (you will need waist/neck measurements)
>Calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure)
>Plan your weight loss week by week
Track your calories and macros with MyFitnessPal, works best on smartphones

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:11:23 No.41549420 >>41553814

>Going to start losing weight

>Want to see face gains
>shave my head
>shave my beard
http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 1/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>Look like a 6'1 375lb baby

>Sliced my head with the razor
>It keeps bleeding
>Got a nudie calendar to mark off the days I stay on track

I won't disappoint you Ms. May... soon to be Ms. June.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:12:52 No.41549434 >>41552731

File: 1493841340203.jpg (1.45 MB, 2158x1136)

>>41549387 (OP)
>he thinks losing weight slowly
prevents loose skin

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:13:57 No.41549440 >>41549456 >>41549496 >>41550057 >>41550195 >>41552033 >>41553675

Do I NEED to be in keto to lose weight, or can I just adjust my meals to limit carbs under 50g?

I don't really feel like dealing with keto flu and shit, can I just cut carbs? I've calculated it out and below even
30g has been fine so far

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:16:12 No.41549456 >>41552033

Carbs are mostly empty in terms of nutritional value. They're there for energy, and you don't really need it
since you have fat stores.

Restricting carbs will help. Especially just sugars.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:16:37 No.41549460 >>41549485 >>41549595 >>41549720 >>41550067 >>41550420 >>41551927

Guys remember you NEED to lift or you'll just end up as skinnyfat when you reach your goalweight.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:19:36 No.41549485 >>41549522

better than fatfat

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:20:31 No.41549496 >>41552033

While I generally sketch my meals out in advance, I typically shift around what I end up eating depending on
preference at the time. I'm doing okay but I'm sitting on a plateau, and I don't know if it's because of
fuckarounditis, or just a plateau that I have to power through even if I'm tracking everything correctly. So
tonight I've planned out everything I want to eat tomorrow, down to the last calorie, and logged it ahead of
time. I'm hoping this will keep my discipline up and not let hunger influence my decisions.

>Do I NEED to be in keto to lose weight
Fuck no. But cut carbs to whatever is a manageable level for you, because they do fuck all for satiation and
are easy to overeat because of that. Protein, fat, and veggies will keep you full. Eat a little bit of carbs,
enough that you aren't craving them or getting keto flu. Low-carbohydrate diets are nebulously defined, but
20g-60g is the criterion used by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:24:10 No.41549522

Nah man it's embarrassing you know, I put in all that time eating healthy and doing basic cardio. I should have
been lifting so I don't look like someone with klinefelters syndrom.

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 2/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:33:36 No.41549595 >>41553680

Lifitng while on a deficit is way harder than lifting while at surplus, or even maintenance. it takes so much longer
to recover, especially if you're restricting carbs.

I would recommend cardio for the health benefits, and lifting obviously is fantastic, but it's made even harder at a

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:37:16 No.41549618 >>41549623

whenever there's free donuts at work, I still usually get one to not look like an asshole, then when everybody
is not looking i just flush it in the toilet. fuck u gain goblins

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:37:45 No.41549623

Gonna maek it.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:42:40 No.41549664 >>41553349

>Go from fatfat to skinnyfat

>5'8, 154lb

I'm going to change to maintenance eating and lift 5 times a week up from 3, with 1 day of cardio. Will this
work for evening out?

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:46:27 No.41549693

10 pounds from the sub 200 club

Not gonna make it by start of june like i'd hoped, but oh well

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:48:16 No.41549713

Went from 275 to 206. still got more to go.
Has anyone else made any dick gains? Turns out losing weight has made it grow a bit. there's still some of it
inside the fat too.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:48:45 No.41549720 >>41553362

Isn't cardio just going to negate your muscle gains?

>> Rainman 05/23/17(Tue)20:53:49 No.41549778

Sickness clearing up, gonna try gym today.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)20:56:25 No.41549798 >>41549844

File: 0JFU7ST.png (398 KB, 336x402)

>go to minor league baseball game sit in front row

>photo fag is walking around taking pictures for the team
>see myself on facebook looking like a fat ass
fuck bros gonna start logging everything i cram down my gullet

Do you guys keep notes on what you eat or do you punch it into a

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 3/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

tracker app ASAP?

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:02:18 No.41549844 >>41549899

Mix of the two. I'll often make big batches of things and just write down the weights of the ingredients and do
the calcs later. When I eat out I always add it to an app immediately with a 20 percent variance. If there is no
nutrition info i wont eat there or ill just eat the healthiest sounding item there and assume its all my calories for
the day.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:09:43 No.41549899

that sounds smart I often manage my lunch and breakfast fine but then i forget to input diner at night

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:20:04 No.41549981 >>41549986 >>41550000

>>41549387 (OP)
keto and fasting
only answer

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:21:01 No.41549986

or to paraphrase; eating less

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:22:59 No.41550000 >>41550024 >>41550051 >>41550094 >>41550211 >>41550988 >>41551795

23:1 IF+keto master race here

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:27:13 No.41550024

File: 1492562550629.png (227 KB, 404x269)


>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:28:02 No.41550028


genuinely mad

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:31:53 No.41550051

File: image.jpg (57 KB, 600x600)


>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:31:59 No.41550053 >>41550086 >>41550136 >>41551046 >>41552989 >>41553601

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 4/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

honest question to all fat people ITT, what are your shits like?

im an emaciated twig and whenever i try to eat more stuff to get some calories, usually smoothies with oats,
milk, yogurt, peanut buttter, etc, it makes my shits loose even thoguh they have a decent amount of fiber in
them, and eating this as oatmeal didn't cause this problem. like, loose as in i have to wipe a ton to get it clean
and even have to go back later for rewipes

i ask you guys because i know a lot of you have eaten diets with shitty food (fast food, sweets, etc that i
never eat) and wonder if your shits were bad too

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:33:08 No.41550057

I've never really fucked with low carb/no carb diets, they make me feel really lacking in energy and lethargic.
Just worry about your calories, I've seen good progress with that alone. Don't make your diet harder than it
has to be, ever.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:34:52 No.41550067

If you've never gone on a consistent muscle-building program in your past, you will be skeleton mode
regardless. Make sure to begin building muscle once you hit your goal weight for sure though.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:38:06 No.41550086

Shit to Shower my dude

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:38:58 No.41550094

File: oh_fuk.jpg (10 KB, 191x252)


>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:43:31 No.41550136 >>41550144 >>41550642

File: 1473862485110.jpg (14 KB, 275x252)

used to be 220 lb and i used to eat fast food on a regular basis, my shits were tougher a
bit hard to push, at some point i used to get small pieces of shit stuck inside my anus
unable to push them out. Unlike now where they just come out easy and the overall
experience is pleasant. I'm not discouraged by shitting anymore

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:44:35 No.41550144 >>41550209

Shitting is nice. I wish I could shit more often.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:46:42 No.41550161

I'm ill
what will this to do my metabolism?
will my body fighting infection up the calorie burn?

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 5/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:52:51 No.41550195

The way that I see it - What do you have to lose? Worst case, it doesn't work for you and you can adjust to
how it fits you. Best case, it does and you continue that way. Only thing that matters is that you eat below
your TDEE

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:54:51 No.41550209

If you feel gassy it could potentially mean that you've got some shit in there

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)21:54:57 No.41550211

How long did it get you to get used to it? I'm somewhat struggling with it

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:09:56 No.41550328

>down below 175
>lost a half inch around my waste
>fat starting to get taken from my fat fucking face
>serattus and abs starting to become visible plus traps and erectors popping out
>holy fuck, i have a jawline
but, at the same time, my neck is looking kinda pencil like. hitting neck curls and extensions 3x a week rn,
keeping things in the 20-50 rep range

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:13:13 No.41550352 >>41551076

fat fucks

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:13:56 No.41550357 >>41550373 >>41550382

File: 1495480409942.jpg (81 KB, 720x720)

How much weight lost is too much weight? I'm losing about .7-.8lb a day not really doing
anything major besides 2000kcal CICO+IF+keto and walking 10 miles, at about 20
pounds lost in the past 4 weeks

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:15:30 No.41550370

> from /fat/ to /fa/
> feelsgoodman.mp4

couldn't have done it without you guys here in /fat/

we are all going to make it

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:16:16 No.41550373 >>41550383

how big are you? if you're morbidly obese or close to it, you shouldn't be doing any real damage to yourself for
now but you also shouldn't try to maintain this pace indefinitely.
try to roughly halve that rate of loss once you're below 30% if male, and half that again once you drop below
15%. when you're in a healthy bf% range, losing 1-2lbs a week is about the max you can expect to lose
without losing muscle and strength

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 6/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:17:22 No.41550382 >>41550401

That is an insane rate of weight loss. Talk to a doctor or nutritionist immediately.

How much do you weigh anon are you in the 400lb+ range? I don't even know how that's possible, maybe you
have a parasite or something

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:17:23 No.41550383

6'5, I wasn't morbidly obese tho, just on the edge of the overweight/obese range at 255

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:20:45 No.41550401 >>41550453

I feel pretty decently great, and I'm making strength gains, able to actually do pullups and starting to be able
to hit 35lb hammer curls, I'm going to cut the amount of cardio I'm doing though, fitbit is claiming that I'm
burning 3400-4000 average with all the walking

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:23:13 No.41550419 >>41550434

lol fatties

put down the fork, fatso's.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:23:27 No.41550420 >>41551740 >>41553537

Fatties please, the idea you can't build muscle on a cut in misinformed. Your noob gains come quick and
despite being on a permacut my lifts slowly went up. This will also help loads when you're no longer cutting.
I went from 310lbs to 210lbs bodyweight
Bench: 250lb x 6
Deadlift: 365lb x 6
Squat: 295lbs x 6
OHP: 155 x 6

You don't even need to do a strength routine, you can do hypertrophy.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:24:59 No.41550434

you're doing it wrong

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:26:31 No.41550441 >>41550455 >>41550464 >>41550526

let my sodium intake slip this past week and am now retaining a fuckload of water. any ways to flush it out
besides just drinking water?

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:29:08 No.41550453

Burning 3400-4000 per day is not sustainable and could be endangering your health. Seriously if you haven't
yet I'd talk to a doctor about what your caloric needs are to safely lose weight. It's possible that the rate you're
at more is perfectly fine, but I would be careful. Bigger deficit is not always better for you, remember that
you're losing weight essentially by depriving your body of what it needs to maintain stasis.

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 7/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

That being said congrats on the progress you have already made. If you're a real big dude and people haven't
noticed yet, they will pretty soon.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:29:19 No.41550455

run and drink a fuckton of water

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:30:59 No.41550464

You could fast but remember that water weight is not fat weight - it doesn't matter and is entirely temporary.
Don't worry too much about what you weigh in at day to day on the scale. Matters a lot less than you think.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:33:44 No.41550480 >>41550537

I have officially lost my first 20kg as of today.

I'm happy, thats all folks.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:40:12 No.41550526

nothing thats really worth it. Just drink dat water, and keep the extra water weight in mind during weigh ins so
you don't lose motivation

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:41:44 No.41550537

File: 1339200418339.jpg (28 KB, 448x500)


>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)22:56:27 No.41550642

did you just not take fiber supplements at all?

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:03:11 No.41550685 >>41550737 >>41550753

> only 10g of fiber/day

> shit is like a million cocktail-size wieners
> i need my shit to look like a log

what's the best fiber rich breakfast food? :thinking:

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:13:08 No.41550737

oatmeal and crush some almonds/other types of nuts into it

fucking delicious I look forward to it every morning, even after eating it every day for a year

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:15:55 No.41550753

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 8/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

I like fiber cereal+almond milk+1 scoop whey

>> TMW !lszHmdo/js 05/23/17(Tue)23:19:03 No.41550771 >>41550805 >>41550870 >>41553719

File: day1.jpg (510 KB, 1924x880)

5'11 235lbs alcoholic here

This is it man. Long-story short; I recently realized I was an alcoholic and it's ruining my
I used to be super /fit/ and happy, but then some shit happened and it got me into daily drinking of 9-12 beers
while playing LoL, every single evening. I thought for so long it was perfectly fine because I have a decent job
and drinking beers with video games was a perfectly normal way to relax after work.
Yet it's literally all I do... I slowly became an hermit and haven't had sex in a year

So today I'm going to bed sober. Tomorrow I'm going back to the gym, and then I'll track my progress with a
picture and weight every 10 days

w-wish me luck bros...

PS: at 50 days I will reward myself with a fine whore

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:22:26 No.41550793 >>41551177 >>41551412 >>41551431 >>41551459

File: capture.png (77 KB, 691x935)

>I hurt myself today

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:22:41 No.41550795 >>41550802

Started at 250 and im now 175, i think im gonna make it bros

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:23:49 No.41550802 >>41550857

Please, I would like to know more.
What was your daily calorie goal?
Cardio, lifting, days of week?

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:24:15 No.41550805

go get it my bro

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:33:57 No.41550854

File: LULXD.jpg (338 KB, 3578x2994)

>>41549387 (OP)

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:34:53 No.41550857 >>41550874

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 9/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

I kept my calorie goal at 1600-1700, logging in mfp helped alot.
At first i didnt do any cardio or lifting because i was more focused on sticking to the diet. After about two
months i went down to 237, which was when i started doing cardio 3 times a week for 30 minutes just running
on the treadmill. I started getting into martial arts too 3 times a week so i started losing a bit more. 2 months
after that and i got down to 225.
After that idk what happened but i completely changed the way i did everything. I changed the way i ate.
(Baked chicken with brocolli and sometimes Poke for lunch) and i started running every morning, working my
way up to running 3 miles nonstop and i do martial arts and strength conditioning 4 times a week. I've been
doing that for 6 months and i went from 225 to 175, with some muscle so i dont look like flabby. It's been a
long journey, 10 months in total, started from august.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:37:15 No.41550867 >>41550893

I'm eating an English muffin as part of breakfast and I need to cut carbs.

Got any good low carb breakfast ideas that aren't just eggs/omelets?

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:37:38 No.41550870

You can do it man, post here often so you can remind yourself

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:39:13 No.41550874 >>41550919

Thank you for your story. Certainly life style changes are important. 1600 to 1700 seems low for all that
activity. I'm doing 1800 right now.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:39:26 No.41550877

File: nick-cage-superman11.jpg (16 KB, 543x417)

>ate 6 home-made donuts, 1 small vanilla ice cream cone, 4 knackwurst on buns and a
single serving of chips
>blood sugar have dipped below 70 and climbed above 150
>probably still under my TDEE
This new medication is fucking awful.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:41:09 No.41550890 >>41550949 >>41550951

How many calories would you guys say are in buffalo wings from the local pizza place? I usually get them dry
and use Frank's Red Hot instead of their sauce. When I log into MFP, there are a ton of options ranging from
like 50 calories each to 200 calories each.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:41:38 No.41550893

Avocado on toast

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:42:21 No.41550896

Thanks for the response. I tried my hardest but I caved in because it was a special occasion. I'll do my best
not to go over again (:

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:44:02 No.41550912 >>41550943

File: 1385780402858.jpg (6 KB, 234x283)

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 10/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

I can see finish line bois. Less than

10lbs left

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:45:18 No.41550919

Yeah, i changed it when i started doing more strenuous exercising, it became around 1900-2000 a day. You
can do it man. Willpower is the most important thing to have

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:50:17 No.41550943 >>41550959

But... You know you aren't done, right? Don't stop just because you made your goal. You've got to remember
the lessons you've learned.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:51:09 No.41550949

If you get them dry and add the sauce, find the calories in the chicken dry and add the sauce.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:51:35 No.41550951

>When I log into MFP, there are a ton of options ranging from like 50 calories each to 200 calories each.
You always pick the highest calorie one, so 150-200 each.

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:51:50 No.41550954 >>41551097

anyone here run......

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:52:41 No.41550959 >>41550968

learned so much about nutrition during the journey, senpai. with that said, I am pretty much confident I'll go
back to my old flabby self

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:53:44 No.41550968

ill not go back*
god damn it

>> Anonymous 05/23/17(Tue)23:56:35 No.41550988

Same here.
Going to try 4/3 caffeine life

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:08:43 No.41551046

File: 0421171236.jpg (3.1 MB, 4160x2340)

I eat lots of veg and cabbage
http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 11/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

2 3 times a week I'll get a no wipe needed

shit , feels good
look in to gettting your microbiome in better
shape , eat probiotics

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:14:07 No.41551076

File: 1491501575719.png (34 KB, 636x778)


>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:17:48 No.41551089

File: 1485488631464.jpg (39 KB, 680x719)




>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:19:32 No.41551097

No I like my knees

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:27:58 No.41551134

>>41551141 >>41551186
File: 962d4225474fa41b0f5a6e61c(...).png (52 KB, 683x722)

>don't eat much all day

>get to snack it up while i watch anime

best feeling desu

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:29:59 No.41551141 >>41551181 >>41551201 >>41551204

squeeze in some veggies for your weeb snacking! I enjoy nibbling on kimchi or dipping veggies in sweet chili
sauce(this is probably weird, but you can do ranch or w/e)

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:31:25 No.41551148

Down to a 40 lbs loss. Feeling really happy! Finally maxed out a machine, so strength is still going up (yeah,
>machine, i know) even at 1500 deficit.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:36:23 No.41551169 >>41551205

Fug I don't know how people skip breakfast. I usually eat 900 calories before work and then skip lunch

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 12/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:38:28 No.41551177

>All dat sodium

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:39:16 No.41551181

sounds like a good idea
a 300g bag of carrot sticks is cheap
add some dipping sauce and you can eat the entire bag if you want

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:39:53 No.41551186 >>41551336

File: broly.jpg (53 KB, 574x415)

>95g of protein

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:42:21 No.41551201

kimchi is a good idea. i have some kimchi mix from daiso but i've gotta get the vegetables and get around to
making it

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:42:51 No.41551204

Ranch is too many calories.
Fat free italian dressing or balsamic vinaigrette are the only things you're allowed to dip veggies in.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:42:51 No.41551205

It's a habit frankly. I skip breakfast, eat a shitload for lunch and generally a light snack for diner.
Then again I'm French so you do tend to have time to eat on the mandatory 2 hours lunch break.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:50:49 No.41551257 >>41551283

>want to lose weight

>but can't exercise because of fragile bones
This is the worst. Is it really possible to lose weight just by being on a good diet?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)00:57:00 No.41551283 >>41551306

how did you miss it?
it's at the top of the page with a running raptor right next to it

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:00:21 No.41551306 >>41551314

I implied I already started my diet.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:02:19 No.41551314 >>41551333 >>41551348

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 13/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

Then decrease your caloric intake.

What do you consider exercise? can you walk? walking is actually very good exercise.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:07:20 No.41551333

a girl at college had brittle bone disease
she had to use a wheelchair

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:08:16 No.41551336 >>41553253

assuming he is 250-300, he needs 0.5g protein per pound. so he should be eating 125g-150g a day.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:11:20 No.41551348 >>41551385

My bones are genetically very fragile. If I run for one minute, my right knee starts hurting (I damaged it a long
time ago because I wasn't aware of my poor genetics yet). Standing and walking normally is alright, but after
standing up all day, I start feeling light pain in my knee in the afternoon and it gets worse if I don't take a rest
for one day. So I can't even take a walk for a couple of hours.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:17:59 No.41551385 >>41551452

is it osteoporosis?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:19:03 No.41551391 >>41551405

Did anyone else just "calories in/calories out" their way to weightloss?

Seriously I hit up a dietician, swapped out my regular meals for healthier options (nothing crazy, just stopped
my lazy "pasta & microwave" diet and started eating rice/oats/fruit smoothies/etc), still allowed myself to eat
crap food once or twice a week when I was out and about and nothing healthy was around.

Dropped 20kg over a year or so. Started running, did 20 or 30 minutes a day on the treadmill while watching
TV shows, and within 6 months I'd lost the last 10kg. Now I'm down to a 22 BMI (from 29.5). Still in skinnyfat
mode, but gym is obviously the next step.

I guess what I'm saying is that I see people with all these intricate diet plans, calculating calories for each
little thing they put in their mouth, worrying about staying in keto or what the fuck ever, and it seems like they
just overwhelm themselves and crash out every time.

Maybe simple is the way to go?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:20:31 No.41551403 >>41551409

Not /fat/ related but I can manage to lift 30kg with no problems today, before I could barely balance a 10kg

Also 93kg today compared to 103kg I was in mars.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:20:58 No.41551405

lost over 140lbs just eating less
nothing else has changed, not what I eat, just the amount
http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 14/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:21:27 No.41551408 >>41551415

>>41549387 (OP)
Lost 50kg and gained some muscles, feels nice and I get a lot more attention but I still have loose skin on my
belly and ass and some stretch marks, what do?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:21:49 No.41551409

Over head press*

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:23:03 No.41551412 >>41551421

You eat like a fucking child.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:23:38 No.41551415 >>41553639

Surgery is your only option sadly. If you live in a first world country that has socialized Healthcare you can get
that surgery for free because lose skin can cause infections.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:24:31 No.41551421

you act like one

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:26:12 No.41551431

>over 1000 calories in snacks
dude you can eat like an entire jug of yogurt for under 700 calories and be full all day

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:31:27 No.41551452 >>41551461 >>41551467

Fortunately it isn't, my bones are just weak. I can't even last on a supposedly low impact elliptical trainer.

I started a diet two weeks ago and I try to be very careful about eating proper nutrients but I still haven't seen
any results, I'm worrying about whether or not I can really lose weight. According to sites, I burn more than
1500 calories a day even if I spend the entire day sitting, but I'm under the impression I only burn 750
calories. I mean, I mostly stay completely still all day long.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:32:10 No.41551457 >>41551495 >>41551551 >>41551560

I know spot fat losing is a myth but how can I get slimmer legs, thighs and calves?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:32:32 No.41551459

File: c064dc71bb3438fb0724bc624(...).png (24 KB, 842x60)

what the fucc

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:32:47 No.41551461

Sounds like you need to start GOMAD
http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 15/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:33:33 No.41551467 >>41551496

>According to sites, I burn more than 1500 calories a day even if I spend the entire day sitting, but I'm under
the impression I only burn 750 calories

are you a woman? this post reeks of the "feelings over facts" mindset that female fit users often post with

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:39:37 No.41551495

lower your bf%. i have the same problem
however, when i was skinny i remember people commenting how big my calves are. so im still probably
fucked regardless of what bf% im at

it looks good if you're a body builder tho

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:39:41 No.41551496 >>41551548 >>41551550

No, it's actually the opposite? I'm asking others questions since I don't see any results and talking with others
can help, I think it's normal not to immediately trust sites just because they give off the feeling they are right?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:54:43 No.41551548 >>41551688

Did you ever stop and think you're not counting calories correctly? Because most the time that's the real

However you do live a truly sedentary lifestyle, so your TDEE will be low. Can't you just wiggle around in place
or something?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:55:39 No.41551550 >>41551688

you absolutely can lose weight with no physical activity, but couldn't you swim? that's essentially zero impact

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:55:56 No.41551551

Lower your body fat by eating less and do squats and standing Calf raise

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)01:57:54 No.41551560

lower bf, start running. Running gives you nicely shaped legs

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)02:25:05 No.41551688 >>41551707 >>41551726

Swimming would probably be worse since I would have to use my whole body's joints. I don't think I would
have enough stamina anyway.

I make sure to absorb the proper amount of calories and the proper nutrients.
>Can't you just wiggle around in place or something
I thought about it kek, I actually tried that since it sounds easy but it turns out it's ten times harder than
refraining from overeating, just give a try.
http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 16/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

Do you know of a physically demanding activity that minimizes as much as possible the use of joints?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)02:29:40 No.41551707

>how do I move without moving
ya got me

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)02:33:54 No.41551726 >>41551759

Swimming but in shallow water. Will allow you to move with very low impact. Are you wheelchair bound?

If you can walk you can slowly waddle in water. There is much less weight/strain on your joints underwater.
You can wiggle there for a long time.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)02:37:15 No.41551740 >>41553338


Fatties, please don't fall for the memes. Always lift.

I went on a suicide cut (187 lbs. in less than a year) and kept/built muscle.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)02:40:21 No.41551759

I never thought of that, it sounds like it can work very well. I'll try that method, thanks for being helpful, anon.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)02:46:01 No.41551783 >>41551913 >>41551961

File: renstimpy.gif (1.34 MB, 498x376)

Anyone experienced losing confidence instead of gaining it while

making good progress?
I used to be a lot more social, when i wasn't so self-conscious
about my body.
Of course every other aspect of my life is improving, but still, will
this last until goal bod?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)02:49:38 No.41551795 >>41551856

>23:1 IF+keto

I know what keto is but what did he mean with the rest?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)03:08:24 No.41551856

Intermittent fasting. Go 23 hours without food, then eat all your food for the day in the span of 1 hour.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)03:20:35 No.41551900 >>41551905

File: 2UlmYZq_d.jpg (45 KB, 640x482)

Anyone else doing the Warrior Diet? Just eat once a day and maybe something under
100 calories in the middle if you're gay. Also avoid processed foods but that's a no

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 17/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

brainier for any diet that isn't a teenager IIFYM meme. It's nice to only have to look at
food once a day.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)03:22:04 No.41551905

>Warrior Diet
need quick rundown

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)03:24:28 No.41551913

Pretty much, because you're thinking to yourself that you're in a position you don't like to be in

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)03:27:42 No.41551927 >>41551994

Lifting is useless if you aren't eating enough protein.

With that being said, it's not that hard to get 100g of protein on a cut.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)03:29:52 No.41551940

Keep it up everyone, we're all gonna make it.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)03:33:54 No.41551961

Completely opposite for me. I'm confident enough to wear a speedo now. Before I wasn't even comfortable
walking around at home shirtless.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)03:40:38 No.41551994 >>41552003

Yeah you really only need 100-150 and that's easy if you have one chicken breast a day. 1g per lb of lean
mass is enough.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)03:43:07 No.41552003 >>41552010

I just go by BW in kg*1.5 desu.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)03:45:15 No.41552010 >>41552179

That's good too but for super fat fucks it gets too high.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)03:49:20 No.41552033 >>41552937

File: fullness-factor.png (24 KB, 600x400)

What do you think happens when you cut with a relatively high carb intake? Your body
says "nope too much carbs I'm not gonna burn fat to make up the deficit"?
Stop listening to retard memers who read a couple of livestrong articles and think they
know about nutrition like >>41549456 >>41549496
http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 18/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

You need to cut calories, this is easiest to attain with minimal loss of food volume by limiting fats.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)04:16:54 No.41552152 >>41552212

>eat some slices of cheese (overshooting for 200g and 800kcal) and 2 slices of jamon (100kcal overshoot) as
only meal because lmaosleptin

Fug. Not even hungry weirdly enough.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)04:24:00 No.41552179

That should be lean BW in that case obviously

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)04:30:30 No.41552212 >>41552231

>wake up
>shit too late from breakfast, I'll wait until dinner
>play vidya
>shit, missed dinner, might as well wait until tea time
>go for a run
>more vidya
>shit, better eat something
>chicken sandwich and a miniroll
>internet until 2am
>go to bed

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)04:33:37 No.41552231 >>41552249


Ay least I will lose more weight nkw

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)04:37:06 No.41552249

it's my week off

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:12:56 No.41552467 >>41552503 >>41552508 >>41552511 >>41552585 >>41552680

I've been eating 1200cals for a long while now. But in the last few weeks my appetite has declined and it's
being hard to reach 1200cal a day. I usually stay around 1000. Am I going to die? I take vitamines and don't
feel sick so far but how real is it that you need to eat over 1200 or horrible things Will happen? I am a small
girl if it matters.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:17:07 No.41552503 >>41552667

>small girl
nothing unique there. Im a big guy (for you) and I eat around 1000kcal now and then
http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 19/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:17:41 No.41552508 >>41552667

not eaten over 1k in a day for over 6 months
I'm fine
>you're not counting properly
if anything I'm overestimating

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:18:19 No.41552511 >>41552667

1000 for a small girl is normal on a cut.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:25:56 No.41552585 >>41552667

>small girl

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:37:13 No.41552667

Thanks, its just hard to find information on low calorie diets without it being filled with "you are gonna die and
develop an ED" tier stuff
I am at a normal BMI but i still think i should lose some weight. 14lbs to lose left.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:38:43 No.41552672 >>41552689 >>41552701 >>41552759

>>41549387 (OP)
Diet soda, good or bad?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:39:30 No.41552680


as long you have your period everything should be ok

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:41:32 No.41552689 >>41552957

Are you retarded?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:42:52 No.41552701 >>41552723

no/very low calories? you can sip that a little bit but it destroys your teeth

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:45:00 No.41552723

"not as bad as the full-sugar variety" is not a positive quality

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:45:36 No.41552731 >>41552785

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 20/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

Depends on the person.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:48:37 No.41552759

drink water instead

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:52:03 No.41552785 >>41552800

Yeah it depends on how fucking fat they got.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:53:04 No.41552793 >>41552845

>>41549387 (OP)
Only psychotics and homo faggots drink coffee black. Are you both of those things? probably.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:53:40 No.41552800 >>41552821

That too, but it also depends on their height, age and genes. A young person is much more likely to recover
than an old fuck.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:56:28 No.41552819 >>41552830 >>41552835 >>41552857

I literally don't give a shit about if i'm skeleton mode after i make it, I want to be skinny not a fatso. Anyone

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:56:42 No.41552821

Not if they go past the point of no return. Thats what's different for everyone, and yes age/genes play a role.
The only thing height does is increase the amount of weight they can carry.

Obviously a 300lb 5'8 man is going to be way worse off than a 6'4 300lb man. Genes or not.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:57:35 No.41552830

Nope I want to be strong and have muscles. Already getting there.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)05:59:33 No.41552835

I want as little fat on me as possible
nothing else matters

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:01:06 No.41552845

>homo faggot
objectively not possible
i've said no homo every single time my bf (best friend) penetrated me

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:02:25 No.41552851 >>41552859

Help me /fat/, I'm about to go the gym in an hour and I have the unresistable urge to FAP
http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 21/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:04:05 No.41552857

In theory I'm against that but I find it hard to exercise lately with motivation. When I went to the gym I got fat
since I fell for the memes. I could do pull ups a lot but I never do.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:04:16 No.41552859

File: 1487084144858.jpg (209 KB, 990x1323)


>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:08:57 No.41552885 >>41552893 >>41552897 >>41552909 >>41552911 >>41552999 >>41553543
File: 1425866553227.png (290 KB, 680x680)



I havent been eating any junk food (mcdonalds/pizza/kebab) etc for 6 months.

Planning a cheat day this Saturday, what should I get?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:09:41 No.41552890 >>41552906

>Reach obesity
>Research and find out about candida, fungus, nutrition and general health
>My mind just clicks and I get this unnatural invincible motivation

Knowledge is power, anons. It really, really is. Once I learned about what my body does with those nutrients I
started seeing fast food and sweets as literal waste / poison. Forget about motivation or self-help, all you need
is to be informed and for your mind to go *click*. Dieting is no longer something I do for 2 months, this is a
lifestyle. I'm on week 2, feeling a snowball effect of health and weight loss. It's so fucking easy

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:10:12 No.41552893

You should get liquor

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:10:48 No.41552897

A few mcchickens, some tendies, chinese buffet, and maybe some greasy pizza

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:11:54 No.41552906 >>41552920

>I'm on week 2
Wow it's fucking nothing

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:12:08 No.41552909 >>41552912

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 22/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan


That is your intestinal fungus craving for some cheat carbs or some sugars, it's like a parasite is trying to get
you to cheat. You don't need it, you know you don't. Don't be mind controlled by your intestines and your gut
flora. Be controlled by your vision of who you want to be. One cheat day is OK... Yeah, but so is NO cheat
day at all. That's even more OK.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:12:27 No.41552911

You can have a cheat day senpai, just do a 24-36 hour fast the next day.

You should be doing that at least once a week anyway. You ARE doing that, right?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:12:41 No.41552912 >>41552929 >>41552999

>Mind controlling bacteria
bro science

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:14:00 No.41552920 >>41553135


Yeah. I realise words have no value, actions do. For the first time in my life I feel like I actually want to live
like this. What's a good measure of time to set as a milestone?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:14:18 No.41552922

File: couldn't find a reaction,(...).png (376 KB, 2400x1400)

Just recalculated all

the shit I ate today

>still under the deficit


>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:15:03 No.41552929


Honestly yes, it's bro science. But it does fit the description. You don't need a cheat day, it's your body being
used to the carbs that's asking you for more. That's my opinion anyway

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:15:29 No.41552937 >>41553090

File: 0523171752.jpg (3.4 MB, 4160x2340)

partial credit anon
yes calories need to be cut
but you have to increase your
only then can true happiness begin

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:19:06 No.41552957

File: 1493267759219.jpg (32 KB, 636x426)

no , you

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 23/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:25:47 No.41552989

>they just come out easy and the overall experience is pleasant. I'm not discouraged by shitting anymore

This should be the new /fit/ tagline.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:27:30 No.41552999

Shit's real, dawg. If your microbioeme has grown on a substrate of grease and fat for decades, it'll take time to
acclimate it to new materials.

Bro you just gotta eat raw vegetables until you forget what chocolate tastes like. Soon you'll think cucumbers
and brie is the most delicious snack.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:34:36 No.41553050 >>41553926 >>41553986

Are fitness instructors a meme? I'm thinking about going to sign up at a gym and get one.

Is one of these UFC gyms good in AUS or is that a meme too?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:39:15 No.41553090 >>41553095

>there are people who believe this is healthy food

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:39:52 No.41553095 >>41553106 >>41553113

it is

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:41:57 No.41553106

is not

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:42:34 No.41553113 >>41553636

Even apples with peanut butter is healthier than that steak tips monstrosity

Bro tier is when you eat raw garlic and kale without batting an eye

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:45:50 No.41553135

If you hit a few months with continual progress you can feel good, but not complacent.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:47:48 No.41553154 >>41553242

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 24/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

had a relapse last night. Need to figure out how to fucking snuff this shit out.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:58:57 No.41553242 >>41553247

if you're hungry, eat

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)06:59:57 No.41553247 >>41553296

fuck that bullshit, I'm on a deficit. If I'm hungry and I'm at my goal, it needs to be snuffed out. No one made it
to something difficult without willpower.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:00:19 No.41553253 >>41553276

thats not how it works at all. its .8 to 1 g of protein per lb of lean muscle. He isnt 125 lbs of lean muscle.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:03:22 No.41553276 >>41553371

Yes, but lean mass is more difficult to know offhand. Typically it almost always falls under 100-175g of

Also it's lean mass, not just muscle mass. Anything that isn't fat.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:05:10 No.41553296 >>41553307

you're getting hungry after you've already eaten a days worth of calories?
so it's a night time thing?

just leave a cushion of a couple hundred kcal spare in case you need it

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:06:00 No.41553307 >>41553323

my daily limit is 1450. I don't really have a lot of wiggle room.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:07:47 No.41553323

don't know what to suggest
I rarely top 1200, never eat more than 400 in a single meal and I don't ever seem to get hungry

git gud I suppose

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:09:00 No.41553338 >>41553354

>187 in less than a year
Holy fuck anon how ?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:10:11 No.41553349

Just cut to skelly and begin bulk.

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 25/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:10:35 No.41553351 >>41553538 >>41553566 >>41553656

What's your maintenance and how many calories do you eat per day?

My maintenance is 2600-2700 and I eat 1000-1200kcal

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:10:58 No.41553354

Suicide cut. That's roughly 15lbs a month but depending on your starting point it's manageable.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:11:45 No.41553362 >>41553392

If you're on a cut you won't be making muscle gains anyways. Cardio also doesn't burn as much calories as
you think.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:12:49 No.41553371 >>41553394

at 300lbs of fat he is probably 125 lbs of lean muscle. he doenst need as high as 175g of protein, for a very
long time.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:15:42 No.41553392 >>41553406

>If you're on a cut you won't be making muscle gains anyways


>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:15:47 No.41553394

Which is why I said typically one should fall in the 100-175 range. You should always be aiming for as high
protein diet without literally only eating chicken.
But one chicken breast, some Greek yogurt with a scoop of whey, and you're pretty much good.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:17:40 No.41553406 >>41553429 >>41553441

just an idea, but tell him why he's wrong and he might actually take you seriously

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:19:23 No.41553416 >>41553448 >>41553671

File: 1493511069660.png (983 KB, 862x659)

Want to ask the day people

>Doing CICO+IF+keto as a 6'5 240 pound man that started at 255 only 24 days ago

am I losing too much weight? I feel pretty great, lots of energy especially when I go for
walks, walking about 7-9 miles a day with bodyweight/dumbell training every other day,
because of this fitbit is saying I'm burning up to 3500-4000 a day on a cutting RDI of
2000. Should I up my calorie intake or should I continue as is?
I don't feel that walking this much with weight training is high intensity is harsh or unpleasant at all and losing
about 5 pounds a week while gaining just a little bit of strength is a sweet bonus for me.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:21:18 No.41553429 >>41553439

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 26/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>tell him why he's wrong

The things that he says are not true.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:22:41 No.41553439

I hope you're trying to look a fool
can't assume anything these days

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:23:21 No.41553441

I've gotten noticably bigger muscles and stronger despite being on a permacut. I assure you I'm not a genetic

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:23:49 No.41553448 >>41553677

Wow you managed to cram almost every dietary meme into your eating patterns, add IIFYM paleo PSMF in
there and you got a complete package.

>> Fasting Anon 05/24/17(Wed)07:25:31 No.41553457

It's really time to keto man :/

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:25:58 No.41553462 >>41553707

Who /UltraFat/ here?

Down to 310 from 408

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:32:59 No.41553522

File: thumbsup.jpg (100 KB, 975x460)

Good morning fellow


Did you eat your oats

and do an AM workout?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:34:20 No.41553537 >>41553644

Are you still around, liftinganon? Would love to know your program.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:34:26 No.41553538

6' 172lb

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:34:47 No.41553543

What are you craving the most? I mean, as long as your below your TDEE, you're fine. Just don't eat all three
at the same time

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 27/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:37:29 No.41553566



>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:41:31 No.41553601

Doing two meal replacement whey protien shakes a day and lean meat meal at night. My shits range from soft
sandy diarrhea which comes out with the force of a shot gun to hard tiny twigs which are denser then a black
hole and rip my ass coming out leaving bright blood to wipe off. It is the former much more then the later
thankfully. Usually get the denser ones when I don't drink enough water.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:42:29 No.41553611

File: 1494890026239.gif (225 KB, 275x275)

Has anyone noticed that DNP anon hasn't

posted in over 2 weeks?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:45:16 No.41553625 >>41553657

File: hangi n there.jpg (4 KB, 164x308)

>doing lunges
>about tp fall over everytime im at the lowest point
of the lunge
What the fuck why is my balance so shit?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:46:25 No.41553636

File: 1493696145560.jpg (227 KB, 1230x800)

those were ribs , very tasty and filling
I didn't finish the side dish
slightly constipated this morn and weight went up ,
prob just water weight
as they were salty as fugg

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:47:20 No.41553639

Or if you don't intentionally infect your loose skin and then they have to take it off.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:47:23 No.41553640

Fixing to check out this gym on Saturday. I'm getting excited since my at-home workouts have been getting

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 28/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:48:05 No.41553644 >>41553684

It's kind of hard to post. It's a bro split that has testing weeks and deload weeks in the routine. Few weeks at
8 reps, 6 reps, then 4 reps. It's Alan Thrall's Beginning program if you're interested. 4x a week required and
you can't miss days.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:49:31 No.41553656



>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:49:34 No.41553657

Angle your foot inward when you lunge for better balance. I still have to and I lunge with 135-155lbs on my

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:51:05 No.41553671

the first month or so on keto will show amazballz loss in weight , it will slow down . sounds like you're doing

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:52:08 No.41553675

Keto is great, feeling unwell isn't long term with it.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:52:31 No.41553677

File: 1495128356748.jpg (56 KB, 350x391)

the more memes the
better the progress

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:53:07 No.41553680

I've found taking cold showers helps with recovery and soreness

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:53:29 No.41553684 >>41553713

>Alan Thrall's Beginning program
That's all I needed, thanks.


I have been doing the program in the sticky (sean10mm's stripped 5x5) and have been making gains despite
eating 1000 cals a day, so whoever says you can't build any muscle on a cut has never been fat, cutting, and
lifting at the same time. My back, leg, chest, and arm muscles are all visibly bigger/more defined, despite the
fact that they still have fat all over them.

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 29/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

Gonna check out that Alan Thrall program. Thanks anon.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:55:39 No.41553707

File: 1490844174225.jpg (307 KB, 1831x1027)

I started at 350
down to 310
I can see the change and my clothes are
baggy , feels good man

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:56:12 No.41553713 >>41553722 >>41553739

No problem. I lift at his gym so I'm shilling hard but yeah my body is 100x better and it's obvious I lift just by
looks now. Not lifting as a fatass cutting should be a sin. Wasting fantastic noob gains and muscle
development, and raising your TDEE.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:57:57 No.41553719


>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:58:18 No.41553722 >>41553739

That's awesome. Do you have to pay for the program? Is it something I can do in my home gym or is there a
bunch of shit that you only find in a real gym like box jumps and shit?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)07:59:09 No.41553727

So I lost about 35kg and became skinnyfat, so I started lifting. I'm seeing ok gains, but I want to drop that last
bit of stomach fat. If I start on a huge calorie deficit again, will I lose all my gains?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)08:01:14 No.41553739 >>41553806

Basically, I have a squat rack, bench, barbell w/ weights, dumbells, lat pulldown, and an elliptical. Will I need
other shit besides this to do his program? I do see it costs $12, which I think is fair, and I wouldn't mind
supporting him.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)08:07:18 No.41553806 >>41553824

Its cheap and has a ton of info. You can probably find it free somewhere. It's a 16 week program you can keep
doing over and over, it has a print out to track all your lifts and information on how to do some, as well as
alternatives if you can't front squat for instance.
You need to be able to do the big 4. OHP, Diddly, Squat, Bench. Pull-up are on there but I replaced them with
latpulldown till I could do 5 pull-ups so you're good there. Some dumbbell work.

Lunges may be the only difficult one but you can do standing ones.
Dips too. You may need to do assisted idk how strong you are.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)08:08:16 No.41553814

http://boards.4chan.org/fit/thread/41549387/fat-general-scooby-keeps-making-fun-of-me-edition 30/31
5/24/2017 /fit/ - /Fat/ General "Scooby keeps making fun of me" Edition - Fitness - 4chan

Make your own nudie fat calendar

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)08:09:46 No.41553824 >>41553964

Yeah, I can't into dips yet. Is there another movement I could sub in?

Have you met/worked out with Alan, or is his gym crazy?

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)08:21:56 No.41553926

pls reply

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)08:26:05 No.41553964

Yeah I've been there during his recording and talked to him plenty of times. He manages the gym alone,
cleans everything himself. Some big and strong ass mofos lift there. My lifts are poverty tier when they'd be
considered decent at a commercial gym. Every is helpful and nice and doesn't give a fuck what you lift.

The strongman equipment, multiple power racks, and multiple platforms is what sold me.

And no. Dips are one of a kind. You should absolutely find a way to do assisted dips till you can do them.
Bands should be pretty cheap.

>> Anonymous 05/24/17(Wed)08:28:03 No.41553986

There are good ones but there are a lot of bad ones.

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