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Vinnea Flowers


AP Language and Composition

17 January 2016

What We Owe To Nature

Why do we choose to destroy something that doesnt do any harm to us? Depending on

what we believe in. We have different views on the creation of nature. Our misguided

judgements allow us to treat nature as if it does not helps us breathe, provide heat, or give us

inspiration to create masterpieces. We destroy it by deforestation , building homes, and making

paper. At times we forget that nature and all its beauty does a lot for us. We do not simply use

nature as a resource; we also look to nature for recreation, inspiration, and solace. All the

damaging we are continuously doing is causing nature will start to looked flawed rather than

decorative and that right there will ruin the all the uniqueness it can provide.

A lot of our day to day activities come from nature. For an example a lot of people love

to fish. We pollute our waters making it hard for creatures to live in a harsh environment.

Hunting is also a very popular activity, but with forest being cut down many creatures are

becoming road kill. The point is that nature brings us happiness. All those activities would not be

possible without nature. If we continue to destroy nature everything would vanished. We need

trees to breathe just like we need oceans to provide us with water to drink. If you look at it from

a different viewpoint nature is doing us a lot of favors. We just take whatever we need without

giving back.
We also have to consider what our damage is doing to the creatures that live in the woods

or oceans. There are thousands of creatures we see that are put in zoos because endangerment or

extinction. A lot of that has to do with deforestation. A lot of our animals do not have homes to

go to because they are cut down for housing or destroyed. The animals we eat are being poisoned

with the gas and chemicals we use on farms. Millions of animals are dying because of our

polluted waters. The oil spill that happened a couple years ago still affect our fish. Our polluting

ways are catching up to us. Now we have to watch what we eat because it could be extremely

harmful. If we continue with this way of life then there will be nothing left for us to eat. Even for

the non-meat eaters plants will start becoming harmful because of the chemicals we use. Our

fruit is already injected with chemicals to make them more appealing. That chemical is harming

us. Man can hardly recognize the devils of his own creation (Carson).

Did you know over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the

fastest rate in recorded history? This is global warming. Global warming occurs when carbon

dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants and greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere and

absorb sunlight and solar radiation that have bounced off the earths surface. If we do not do

something about it, it will continue to worsen.Us, humans are the reason why global warming

exist. We continue to use factories, cars, hairsprays. Something as simply as hairspray damages

our environment. Something as little as this can affect storms. So global warming could turn,

say, a category 3 storm into a more dangerous category 4 storm.(MacMillan,) This is one of the

main reasons deforestation exist. Many will argue that we have no control over natural disasters

, but they are wrong. In fact, scientists have found that the frequency of North Atlantic

hurricanes has increased since the early 1980s, as well as the number of storms that reach
categories 4 and 5.(MacMillan) We continue use harsh products which affect our environment.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrinathe costliest hurricane in U.S. historystruck New Orleans; the

second-costliest, Hurricane Sandy, hit the East Coast in 2012.(MacMillan) Big storms can

affect the trees and cause a lot of damage. Some may argue that mother nature is the cause of this

, but global warming is making it worse.

People who believe in global warming have a very strong feeling about nature. People

who believe in Global warming try their hardest to protect it. But with people burning down trees

and polluting the earth its hard. Places like The Nature conservancy work hard to protect the

water , acting on climate change, saving oceans, and conserving land. Their mission is Our

vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own

sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives.(Nature) There are many people who

care enough to save our environment. If we do not make a change now then over time there will

not be anything left.

Nature provides such an aesthetic pleasure to many eyes. The natural and pureness of the

environment creates such a calming mood. Nature never wears a mean appearance(Emerson).

This is the reason why so many artist look to wilderness for inspiration such as Claude Monet,

Vincent Van Gogh, and Winslow Homer. A popular American song such as purple mountain

majesties was a reference to Pikes Peak in Colorado. Peaks , trees, water can sparks someones

creativity. It expands their horizons and allows them to see something that other artist do not see.

Nature has been a big inspiration to many artist for a very long time. In China, since the earliest

dynasties, artists have glorified mountains as being the manifestation of natures vital power

qi, attracting rain clouds that water crops and providing medicinal herbs that cure the sick. And
in France, cave paintings have been found of horses, deer and bulls dating back more than

17,000 years (Nature). Nature plays a crucial role in an artists unique expression.

Religion also has an essential role in the way people feel toward nature. If a person

believes in god , sometimes that can affect how they believe nature is created and how we should

treat nature compared to someone who is nonchalant . A lot of people who tend to be religious

believe that nature is gods creation. Frank Lloyd Wright said, Nature is my manifestation of

God. I go to nature everyday for inspiration in the days work. I follow in building the principles

which nature has used in its domain(Wright). God provided this to feed our family and keep us

warm. Someone who is nonchalant does not see the big effects of cutting down trees for homes

and such. They honestly do not care because they are too busy with their everyday life.

Humans has the power to change the unprepossessing sight of nature. We create most of

the madness that happens with nature. The most alarming of all mans assaults upon the

environment is the contamination of air,earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal

materials (Carson). Pollution isnt something we can reverse. If we take the steps to stop

increasing pollution then we have a possible chance of saving nature. Chemicals sprayed on

croplands or forest or gardens lie long in soil, entering into living organisms, passing from one to

another in a chain of poisoning and death (Carson). Its just like a chain reaction. If we continue

to pollute the air or our lands there will be nothing left to admire.

Taking little steps like changing what we use can really changed the way nature will look

in the future. Nature is gods gift to us to provide all of our necessary essentials. Harming

something that cannot protect itself is cruel. This will not only affect us now but in the future too.
Nature is an essential element for us to survive. Not only does this help us survive but it provides

us with endless inspirational pictures, drawings, and sound. It provides tranquility and a an

escape for many people. Its a provider to not only us but to all the furry little creatures that live

in the woods or seas. We have to start changing the way we do things or it will affect us all in the

near future.
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