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Essay Rubric
Directions: Your essay will be graded based on this rubric. Consequently, use this rubric as a guide
when writing your essay and check it again before you submit your essay.
Traits 4 3 2 1
Focus & There is one clear, There is one clear, There is one topic. The topic and main
Details wellfocused topic. wellfocused topic. Main ideas are ideas are not clear.
Main ideas are Main ideas are clear somewhat clear.
clear and are well but are not well
supported by supported by
detailed and detailed information.
Organizatio The introduction is The introduction The introduction There is no clear
n inviting, states the states the main states the main introduction,
main topic, and topic and provides topic. A conclusion structure, or
provides an an overview of the is included. conclusion.
overview of the paper. A conclusion
paper. Information is included.
is relevant and
presented in a
logical order. The
conclusion is
Voice The authors The authors The authors The authors
purpose of writing purpose of writing purpose of writing purpose of writing is
is very clear, and is somewhat clear, is somewhat clear, unclear.
there is strong and there is some and there is
evidence of evidence of evidence of
attention to attention to attention to
audience. The audience. The audience. The
authors extensive authors knowledge authors knowledge
knowledge and/or and/or experience and/or experience
experience with the with the topic is/are with the topic
topic is/are evident. evident. is/are limited.
Word The author uses The author uses The author uses The writer uses a
Choice vivid words and vivid words and words that limited vocabulary.
phrases. The choice phrases. The choice communicate Jargon or clichs
and placement of and placement of clearly, but the may be present and
words seems words is inaccurate writing lacks variety. detract from the
accurate, natural, at times and/or meaning.
and not forced. seems overdone.
Sentence All sentences are Most sentences are Most sentences are Sentences sound
Structure, well constructed well constructed well constructed, awkward, are
Grammar, and have varied and have varied but they have a distractingly
Mechanics, structure and structure and similar structure repetitive,
& length. The author length. The author and/or length. The or are difficult to
Spelling makes no errors in makes a few errors author makes understand. The
grammar, in grammar, several errors in author makes
mechanics, and/or mechanics, and/or grammar, numerous errors in
spelling. spelling, but they mechanics, and/or grammar,
do not interfere spelling that mechanics,
with understanding. interfere with and/or spelling
understanding. that interfere

Total Points: