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Level 1: 1Elite Archer/4 Wisps

Level 2: 1Elite Archer, 1Archer/4 Wisps

Level 3: 2Elite Archers/4 Wisps
Level 4: 2Elite Archers, 1Archer/6 Wisps+Lumberjack
Level 5: 3Elite Archers/7 Wisps
Level 6: 4Elite Archers/7 Wisps
Level 7: 5Elite Archers/7 Wisps (you can leak here 1-12 creeps)
Level 8: 5Elite Archers/7 Wisps+3Lumberjack
Level 9: 6Elite Archers/7 Wisps (7/5)
Level 10: 2 or 3Lumberjack if you have gold (you leak 3 bosses with ~1/2 HP, if
your mates can't catch leak, upgrade King)
Level 11: 6Elite Archers, 1Archer
Level 12: 7Elite Archers + Change bulder/Reroll + anything tanky in front of 7E
A (you are 7/7 or 7/8 here)

level 1: 1Alchemist/2 wisps

level 2: 2Alchmeists/2 wisps
level 3: 2Alchemists/4 wisps
level 4: 1Alcemist 1 Goblin Blaster/4 wisps
level 5: 2Goblin Blasters/4 wisps
level 6: 2Goblin Blasters/6 wisps 1 lumberjack
level 7: 2Goblin Blasters, 1Alchemist/6 wisps 2 Lumberjack Upgrades
level 8: 3Goblin Blasters/ 6/2
level 9: 3Goblin Blasters 7/3
level 10: 4Goblin Blasters/ (you still are 7/3 here)
level 1: 2 Blood Orc Warriors/ 3 wisps
level 2: 3 Blood Orc Warriors 1 orc warrior/ 3 wisps
level 3: 4 Blood Orc Warriors 1 orc warrior/ 4 wisps
level 4: 5 Blood Orc Warriors/ 4 wisps 1 lumberjack
level 5: 5 Blood Orc Warriors 1 wolverine/ 5 (or 6 wisps depending on the send y
ou've gotten) 1 lumberjack
level 6: 4 Blood Orc Warriors 2 wolverines/ 6 wisps 1 lumberjack
level 7: 3 Blood Orc Warriors 3 wolverines/ 7 wisps 1 lumberjack
level 8: 2 Blood Orc Warriors 4 wolverines
With this build you will leak between 3/4 and 13/14 satyrs (13/14 being the leak
due to very high send, a couple of furbolgs will do that), and sometimes (if yo
u're lucky) you will get them all
So, in that sense, you will have either 7/1 or 7/2 at the start of level 8
level 9: 1 blood orc warrior 5 wolverines
Since acolytes (and all ranged waves in general) are hard with this build due to
the wolverines bugging from unit to unit, you can leak 10, sometimes up to 15 a
colytes (and at times you can get them all, again, if you're lucky)
Now that being said, you will either have 7/3 at the start of level 9 or you wil
l ugprade it during the level
level 10: 1 blood orc warrior 6 wolverines/ 7/3 wisp/lumberjack ratio
Level 1: 1Yggdrasil, next to the wall (it's important to be next to the wall)/1
Level 2: 2Ranger (far behind Yggdrasil, and away 1 from eachother, make triangle
)/2 wisps
Level 3: upgrade 1 archer into Meilai
Level 4: no build
Level 5: Tree of Knowlegde (upgrade yggdrasil)
Level 6: u have now 2/0 and by end of lvl 7 u should have 7/2, no build only wis
ps and lumberjacks
Level 7: no build, still focus on income (make 7/2, if you leak more than 10 sat
yrs, stop 7/2 in order to have for second Yggdrasil for next level)
Level 8: 1Yggdrasil (next to Tree of Knowledge), 1Tree of Knowledge/ 7/2 wisp l
umberjack ratio
Level 9: no build
Level 10: Upgrade secound Yggdrasil into Tree of Knowledge (you will leak 2 boss
es if u had positioning right as i explained, if not you will leak all 3, don't
forget upgrade King if needed)
Level 11: no build, only lumberjack upgrades (this is now a bit complicated beca
use u need to calculate your gold and see how lumberjacks can u upgrade and stil
have 290 gold for level 12)
Level 12: +1 Yggdrasil
Level 13: no build (+lumberjack)
Level 14: upgrade last Yggdrasil (so now you have 3 Three of Knowledge)
Level 15: no build (lumberjack)
Level 16: no build (save a bit gold in order to have for 1 more Tree of Knowledg
Level 17: +1 more Three of Knowledge, you should have your 7/15 here