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25 Moshiach & Hayom Yom
OF MIVTZA CHINUCH 43 Tzivos Hashem
By Avrohom Rainitz
and Shneur Zalman Levin

17 R Saadia Maatuf ah

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Moshiach already exists and is ready to usher
in the redemption. You know inside that you redemption, the Chassidim at
are not Moshiach, and I know that it is not the time spread the word, adding
I. But somebody must be Moshiach... Why the whos who [i.e., identifying
the Rebbe Rayatz as Moshiach].
does it bother you that it is the Lubavitcher (Regarding the expression whos
Rebbe?! who, see Sota 13a, Tosafos
dibbur hamaschil Serach.
Translated by Boruch Merkur Also, see Hisvaaduyos 5747 Vol.
1 pg. 266: The meaning of the
name Tzemach Tzedek alludes to
Moshiach Tzidkeinu indicating
THE WHOS WHO was the Moshe Rabbeinu, then
that this name expresses the faith
[in the next generation, it was] the
OF JEWISH LEADERS of Chassidim, for every Chassid
Maggid, the Alter Rebbe, etc., until
If this was obvious of the earlier believes with utter faith that the
our generation the Rebbe of our
generations how much more is Rebbe of his generation the leader
generation is my revered father-in-
this the case now: In our generation, of the generation incarnate is
whos who (identifying the Moshiach.)
If this was obvious of the earlier
Moshe Rabbeinu) is certainly A complaint was made about
generations [as described earlier in
something that is obvious, etc.It this at the time, directed to a
this talk that the Alter Rebbe said,
says in the Zohar that there is a gutte id, a rebbe from one of the
Everyone knows that there is a
manifestation of Moshe in every Chassidic dynasties of Poland:
Rebbe. However, it is necessary
generation. As with all topics in How can this be?! How were the
to know that [in the previous
the esoteric dimension of the Torah, Chassidim permitted to publicize
generation] the Rebbe was the Baal
this concept also finds expression in this [radical] proclamation, and
Shem Tov, and in this generation
the revealed part of Torah. Indeed, whats worse, to make such a brazen
it is the Maggid] how much
it states in the Midrash (BReishis claim [identifying Moshiach as the
more is this the case now: In our
Rabba 6:7): There is no generation Lubavitcher Rebbe]?!
generation, whos who (identifying
without someone in it like Moshe the Moshe Rabbeinu) is certainly The gutte id answered: Consider
and like the Avos (the Patriarchs of something that is obvious, etc. this. We believe [in Moshiach and
the Jewish people). we are in eager anticipation] every
All Jews, being believers in day that he should come. There are
THE OBVIOUS ANSWER: those who articulate this statement
the words of our Sages, accept
this as fact. The only question is: IT IS HE! of faith verbally and there are
whos who? [who is the Moshe When the Rebbe issued the those who fulfill their obligation in
Rabbeinu, etc., of our time?] It is public proclamation, immediately thought alone. In any event [since
clear that in the generation of the to tshuva (returning to G-d, Jews believe with perfect faith
Baal Shem Tov, the Baal Shem Tov repentance), immediately to that Moshiach can come today,

Issue 1069 3

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Dvar Malchus

therefore], Moshiach already the time, it was possible to err, existence. (See Seifer HaSichos
exists [and is ready to usher etc., [with regard to Chassidus, 5747, Vol. 1 pg. 264-266).
in the redemption]. You know mistaking it to be a similar Thus, Chassidim can spread
inside that you are not Moshiach, threat] albeit inadvertently or the wellsprings in full force so
and I know that it is not I. But at least not deliberately. long as they do so in the ways
somebody must be Moshiach... Whereas today, everyone of pleasantness and the ways
Why does it bother you that it is knows, even the man on the of peace to awaken the inner
he?! street, even Gentiles, lhavdil, aspect of the Jews soul through
The same reasoning applies to that when they identify Jews the inner dimension of the Torah,
our discussion. There is presently as adherent of Chassidus, the thereby connecting the Jew with
a Rebbe, for indeed, it says so in intent is [benign, namely] that the inner aspect of the Alm-ghty.
the Zohar and Midrash, quoted they don two pairs of tfillin, And from there he draws down
above. And since there is no one they have full beards, they wear G-dliness into the revealed aspect
[else] to ascribe this title to, then, tzitzis that are folded over to total of G-d, which is the source of the
when the question arises, whos 8 strands per corner, and so on entire Seider Hishtalshlus, the
who? the obvious answer is and so forth. The sole argument Natural Order of the universe.
it is he! At first it was the Baal against the Chassid is that he is And drawing down the inner
Shem Tov, then the Maggid, the a batlan, meaning that he doesnt aspect of G-dliness into the
Alter Rebbe, etc., until the Rebbe have a job in the workforce, as world gives rise to abundance in
Rayatz, my father-in-law. he davens at length and wears whatever is needed in family,
two pairs of tfillin [and of health, and sustenance.
HOW THEY ERRED consequence, he has no time for (From the address of Shabbos Parshas
a nine-to-five job]. In short, he Naso 5720, bilti muga)
is scrupulous in all the Mitzvos!
IN OPPOSITION Therefore, according to the
From this we derive a Torah, there is no room
lesson regarding spreading the to oppose this approach
teachings of Chassidus outward. to Judaism in any way,
There are those who maintain were it not for the
that it is impossible to go out deed of their fathers
openly and spread the wellsprings is in their hands [i.e.,
of Chassidus in the face of the they blindly follow
opposition that still exists against the opposition of
it but that is not the truth. their fathers against
The antagonism of previous Chassidim]. And since
generations came about as a this position holds no
result of mistakenly perceiving a weight according to
possible source in the Torah for Torah, it is no more
opposing Chassidus. For in light than a nisayon, a
of the dangerous movements of challenge; it is but a
chimera, having no real

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"The quickest way to reveal Moshiach is by learning the Torah

4 1 Sivan 5777 sources about Moshiach & redemption" t"ab,wv grumnu ghrz, p"a
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Rabbi Jacob Schwei

By Rabbi Heschel Greenberg

COUNTING THE did G-d have the notion that

counting the Levites with the is based on a Midrash that states
LEVITES SEPARATELY that G-d punished everyone
rest of the community meant
BaMidbar, the book of that they would be punished who had reached the age of 20
Numbers, begins with the census alongside those who followed the even if they personally did not
of the Jewish people. According Spies in their rebellion against participate in the sin. The Tribe
to Rashi, G-ds census was a the Land of Israel? Rashi himself of Levi was spared the collective
sign of endearment; it indicates stated that the Levites did not punishment meted out to all
how each one of us is precious to join their brethren in rebellion those above 20 regardless of their
Him. against the Land. Indeed, the innocence.
This census counted every 20 Spies who slandered the Land of However, this approach
year-old male; that being the age Israel represented all of the tribes merely leads us to another
of military conscription. except the Tribe of Levi. question. Why would G-d punish
However, this census Sifsei Chachamim answers people who had not sinned with
excluded men of the tribe of Levi: that the Levites did not initially the Spies? The fact that they
participate in the rebellion did not join the majority of
But, you shall not count
because no Levite spied on and Jews in crying that night should
the tribe of Levi, and you shall
slandered the Land. However, have earned them special merit
not take their census among the
when we are told that all of the and distinction deserving of
children of Israel.
Jewish people accepted the rich reward. Yet, the Midrash
The Levites, the Torah implies that they would have
continues, would be counted report of the Spies and wept, it
is possible that even the Tribe of been punished with all those who
separately and include all males sinned.
from the age of one month. Levi joined in the tears.
However, this approach is Furthermore, this approach
Rashi provides the rationale does not explain how counting
for the Levites exceptional difficult to understand. If indeed
the tribe of Levi participated in the Levites separately and from
status: the age of 30 days immunized
the collective rejection of the
G-d foresaw that all those them against suffering in the
Land of Israel, why wouldnt G-d
who were 20 years and above and future.
condemn them to perish in the
counted will be decreed to die in
desert with their brethren? Why
the desert. He said, Let not these
did He spare the Levites from RESISTING MASS HYSTERIA
[Levites] be included for they are
the fate of the rest of the Jewish A simple and straightforward
Mine; because they did not err
community? answer can be offered.
with the [Golden] Calf.
By choosing them at such a
SPARED COLLECTIVE tender age, G-d signaled that
PUNISHMENT He had invested them with an
AGAINST ENTERING THE inner fortitude. This enabled
Another approach to
LAND OF ISRAEL? the Levites to reject the mass
understanding Rashis assertion
Sifsei Chachamim asks, why hysteria that overcame the other

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Misplaced spirituality can be as detrimental to down spiritual existence. Staying
in the desert allowed them
our lives as misplaced physicality. Judaism is the luxury of living an entirely
not about spirituality for its own sake; Judaism is about ethereal life.
It would thus have been much
G-d. To be sure, leading a spiritual life and engaging
more difficult for the Levites,
in spiritual activities is an extremely important part of known for their heightened
spirituality and passion for G-d,
Judaism; but it is not the end, it is merely a means to an
to distance themselves from the
end. The true goal is contributing to G-ds plan for the sin of the Spies, who sought to
remain in the desert to be more
spiritual. They too desired this
lofty existence. G-d therefore
instilled in them a deeper
children of Israel upon hearing First, the Golden Calf was not consciousness that would allow
the slanderous report of the 10 a national sin. Only part of the them to execute faithfully G-ds
Spies. Had they not been so community committed it, as is plan even when it was at odds
endowed, there would have been evidenced by the fact that only a with their spiritual ambition.
a significant chance that they too minority were directly punished.
might have sinned. By contrast, all of the Jewish MISPLACED SPIRITUALITY
One can still raise a question. people (only the men, of course;
the women did not sin) beside In the final analysis,
Rashi stated that the reason
the Levites cried that night. misplaced spirituality can be
G-d separated the Levites to
as detrimental to our lives as
protect them in the future was G-d therefore was concerned
misplaced physicality. Judaism is
that He considered them to be that the mass hysteria would have
not about spirituality for its own
His, for they had not erred with a deleterious effect on the Levites
sake; Judaism is about G-d.
the Golden Calf. Why then did too. When an entire nation does
G-d need to separate them to something, it is hard to stand To be sure, leading a spiritual
protect them from the sin of the apart. Indeed, one of the greatest life and engaging in spiritual
Spies, when they had already challenges to our devotion to activities is an extremely
demonstrated their loyalty to G-d G-d has been peer pressure. For important part of Judaism; but
in the Golden Calf debacle? this reason, the Shulchan Aruch it is not the end, it is merely
(Code of Jewish Law) begins with a means to an end. The true
The fact that they had the
the words, Do not be ashamed goal is contributing to G-ds
inner fortitude to resist the sin of
[to perform Mitzvos] because of plan for the universe, which
the Golden Calf, it appears, failed
the cynics. included primarily conquest and
to protect them from the mass
settlement of the Land of Israel.
hysteria that gripped the Jewish G-d therefore separated
nation when they heard the the Levite men into a distinct When our material existence
slanderous report about Israel. category of activists endowed gets in the way of fulfilling G-ds
Why? Why would they need an with the power to resist any plan we readily recognize it as a
extra boost of support from the pressure; to stand up to the entire deviation and a sin.
time they were 30 days old until nation, if need be. It is no less a deviation when
age 20 to keep them from going Second, the sin of the Spies our spiritual ambitions get in the
with the tide? was qualitatively different from way of fulfilling G-ds plan for
the sin of the Golden Calf. The the universe.
CONTRASTING THE SINS idolatry of the Golden Calf We are now in a similar
compromised the Peoples belief position as the Jews were
in the unity of G-d. By contrast, following the Exodus.
THE SPIES the sin of the Spies resulted
Upon closer examination, the from a heightened sense (albeit, THE MODERN DAY GOLDEN
sins of the Golden Calf and the misplaced) of spirituality. They
Spies reveal several significant believed that going into Israel
differences: would leave them with a watered We too are poised to enter the

6 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 6 2017-05-23 8:51:06 AM

Promised Land with Moshiach at period of reviling G-d; where G-d, as a result of these efforts
our head. We too have to contend ideologies and -isms would the Soviet Union, that apparently
with twin threats and challenges spring up and wage war against unbreachable bastion of heresy,
to our role: G-d. He was presciently referring was vanquished.
The first is the fight against to the rise of communism The Rebbe then set out to
the powerful heresies of modern and other stark heresies that tackle the second challenge by
society. Chief among them are threatened to take over the world appointing and empowering all of
the secular theories that attempt and which fought tooth and nail us to be the modern-day Levites.
to lure us away from belief in a to eradicate every trace of G-d Our mission is to prepare
Creator. This and many other and religion. ourselves and the entire world to
alluring philosophies and -isms However, the Rebbe Rashab greet Moshiach and enable him
are the modern day Golden predicted that there would also to usher in the Final Redemption.
Calves. be a time when even those who No longer can we remain
But even when we successfully are devoted to serving G-d will content in our exile, even
withstand the challenges from the hold back their belief in and though we can now devote
false g-ds and Golden Calves of anticipation for Moshiach. ourselves unhampered to Torah
modernity, we are confronted One may suggest that these study, Mitzvah observance and
with the challenge of carving two stages parallel the sin of achieving the greatest spiritual
out a comfortable niche in the Golden Calf and the desert heights.
Galus-exile with all the spiritual generations refusal to enter into Like the Levites of old,
amenities it has offered. the Promised Land. we successfully withstood the
The Rebbe Rashab (Rabbi The Rebbe Rashab then challenge of adversity and the
Sholom Dovber Schneersohn, declared that the students of the Golden Calves of society. G-d
the fifth leader of Chabad) spoke Lubavitch Yeshivah he founded has therefore empowered us
prophetically of two periods were the Soldiers of the House as well to withstand the allure
prior to the coming of Moshiach, of David whose task was to of the spiritual treasures and
based on the end of Psalm 89: wage war against these two comfortable niche we have carved
As your enemies reviled, O obstructions to Redemption. out in Galus.
G-d, as Your enemies reviled Under the leadership of our We are the generation of
[Mishichecha] Your anointed Rebbe, these students morphed Levites who will not succumb
ones steps. into a world-wide movement of to the Spies. We will lead
The Rebbe Rashab prophesied Shluchim-emissaries dedicated our generation and all past
that before the coming of to spreading the light of Judaism generations into the Promised
Moshiach there will first be a throughout the world. Thank Land with Moshiach at our head!

Issue 1069 7

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A DONE DEAL we were only meeting because he said we hadnt decided yet,
of protocol, but actually, it was either Yerushalayim, where the
As a couple, the Rebbe
finalized from the outset! kalla lived, or Tel Aviv, their city.
accompanied us every step of
My lifes dream was to marry The Rebbe asked, Why not in
the way from the first moment.
a talmid chacham and to prove to Kfar Chabad, the capital of Eretz
The Rebbe was even involved in
the Litvishe family on my fathers Yisroel? The Rebbe concluded
our shidduch. The Rebbe spoke
side that there are talmidei explicitly that my husband should
in praise of me to my husbands
chachomim in Chabad. Boruch learn in the kollel in Kfar Chabad
family and suggested they do the
Hashem, my dream was fulfilled. and that we should live in Kfar
I remember that we met
KFAR CHABAD I had previously signed for a
and he told me what the Rebbe
conditional loan when I started
said and how as far as he was We were chassan and kalla. seminary since I dreamed
concerned, it was a done deal. My father-in-law went to the of going and teaching in a
If the Rebbe said so, it was Rebbe for Yud Shvat. The Rebbe development town. I had planned
obviously the right shidduch and asked where we would live and on deciding with my husband

8 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 8 2017-05-23 8:51:08 AM

To mark the holiday of Shavuos, a time when
morei tzedek gather at the Rebbe, we spoke
with Rebbetzin Sima Ashkenazi to hear about
the responsibilities of a rav and her life as a
rebbetzin, wife of Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel
Ashkenazi ah.
By Miri Schneersohn
Photos by Yisroel Bardugo

before we married whether it clean, and they were looking for I liked the idea and agreed
would be Kiryat Gat, Brosh or a couple who would live there. and then my husband went to
Taanach. Once the Rebbe stated My husband would be the rosh see the place and we decided to
his opinion, the rest fell by the yeshiva, would give shiurim and ask the Rebbe. We thought the
wayside. supervise the bachurim, while I idea might be feasible. He would
Then we were suddenly would be a mashpia for the girls. teach Torah and receive a salary.
made an offer to live in Modiin. I went with my husbands The alternate, 200 liras I would
Modiin at that time consisted parents in a military truck to get as a teacher plus 200 liras he
of mountains and rocky hills look at the place. The truck had a would get in kollel would be very
and the place was not built up hard time making it up there as it hard to live on.
as it is now; there wasnt even was really disconnected from the My husbands grandmother,
a main road. They wanted to rest of the country. They told us Rebbetzin Karasik ah, was
bring a group of bachurim who that once a month a truck would very devoted and wanted to
would learn Torah by day, and come with food, and beyond that support us. I was unwilling for
at night would guard the area. there wouldnt be any contact her to do this and wanted to be
They needed girls to cook and with the outside world. self-supporting. The idea of us

Issue 1069 9

1069_bm_eng.indd 9 2017-05-23 8:51:09 AM


living in Modiin, which would Rebbe said explicitly, two or At the end of three years, we
enable him to learn Torah, spread three years, and we were just went to the Rebbe for Tishrei
Judaism, and earn us a salary, at the beginning. I went to R 5729 where we had yechidus
appealed to me. Shloimkes house and knocked three times. The Rebbe instructed
The chassan asked the Rebbe at the door. He opened it and did my husband to continue writing
and the answer was a quote not understand what I wanted. his first seifer according to the
from Shulchan Aruch Admur I told him that I wanted to let many instructions and guidance
HaZakein which says that after him know that my husband would he had received from the Rebbe.
marriage one should sit and learn not show up in the morning at He also said he should continue
for two or three years and not the Talmud Torah. He yelled to learn for a fourth year in the
think about anything else. We at me that I only cared about course of which he should accept
knew then, that until three years my husband and not about the a job in one of our yeshivos.
were up, we would not listen to chinuch of the children of Kfar Before Pesach, the yeshiva
any suggestions. Of course, we Chabad. I told him that I care gdola in Kfar Chabad asked him
settled in Kfar Chabad. very much but we had an explicit to be a meishiv. He continued to
instruction from the Rebbe about learn until the tragedy in which

Rabbi Garelik was killed, and he
I remember that we met and he told me what the was elected as Rav of the Kfar.
Rebbe said and how as far as he was concerned,
it was a done deal. If the Rebbe said so, it was obviously
I never disturbed my husband
the right shidduch and we were only meeting because of from learning Torah and going
to shiurim; I never stopped him
protocol, but actually, it was finalized from the outset!
from going to a kiddush and
farbrengen on Shabbos. Back
then, they farbrenged only on
two or three years and until Shabbos Mevarchim. In our first
JUST LEARN TORAH three years passed, we were not year of marriage, I would prepare
At the beginning of those listening to any suggestions. kiddush in the house, and after
years, on Erev Rosh Chodesh the davening, all the young men
My husband did not go.
Cheshvan, R Shloimke would come to farbreng. I would
Then there was an offer from the
Maidanchek asked my husband set up and arrange things ahead
yeshiva in Lud and they pressured
to temporarily run the Talmud of time and from another room I
him about bachurim who were
Torah until he found a principal. would listen to the niggunim and
left without a maggid shiur. Their
He asked that my husband show what I could get from the divrei
maggid shiur, R Zelig Feldman
up to greet the students the next Torah, and I was pleased. I was
ah, had moved to Yerushalayim
morning. If he did not go, they willing to work and prepare, as
and they needed a replacement.
would not open the Talmud long as I had a home of Torah
My husband said he would ask
Torah. and Chassidus.
the Rebbe, and at least in the
My husband was taken aback, interim, until he got an answer, In the years that followed,
would the children of Kfar they could not leave the bachurim when we had children, my
Chabad not learn?! Although without a shiur every day. husband led the Friday night
he was a young man, he had meal, and on Shabbos day I
The Rebbe answered that
a great sense of responsibility would make kiddush myself and
it wasnt for him. The yeshiva
and realized there was no other we would eat the Shabbos meal,
wanted to pay him for the two
choice. sing niggunim, and I would
weeks he had worked but I was
review a sicha on the parsha and
My husband came home not willing for him to accept it. I
the children would say what they
at 12 that night and told me told him, Donate the money to
had learned that week in school.
that he had to show up at the the yeshiva. We wont be taking
I ran a wonderful Shabbos table
Talmud Torah the next morning. this money, which is not in
while my husband was at the
I said, No way! You are not accordance with the will of the
farbrengen. After the meal, I
going to the Talmud Torah. The Rebbe.
would clear off the table and set

10 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 10 2017-05-23 8:51:09 AM

it again for the bachurim who pasken for himself or others.
ate in our home on Shabbos. I When there is a local rav, he
would put the children to sleep has to go to him and ask and
and take the baby in the carriage get his psak halacha. As long
and go and give a shiur on the as Rabbi Garelik was alive, my
parsha at the immigrants hostel husband did not pasken for
near our house. When most himself, even though the rav
of the residents left the hostel, gave him smicha before we
I stopped, and in later years married. Even during the life of
the Shabbos afternoon shiur the rav, the rav demanded that
resumed. he pasken and said, You yourself
are a shoemaker - a Russian
THE RAV AS A FAMILY MAN expression which means you
yourself are knowledgeable.
My husband was extremely
Rav Garelik, at the end of his
devoted to the family. He was so
life, claimed he did not see well
close to the children. He would
and my husband should pasken.
sit and talk and tell about the
When ordered to do so, he
period of time that he was by the Rabbi Mordechai Ashkenazi as a
paskened in the ravs presence,
Rebbe as a young boy, and over boy with his father, R Moshe, and
his grandfather, Rabbi Karasik but he never paskened at home
the course of time he recounted,
for us.
quoted, and described all those
years. He guided them in Torah sorts of communal matters, and I will add that every young
and contributed so much to to the holy gravesites in Ukraine, man who learns and receives
them. They knew that their father and I did not stop him. smicha for rabbanus, its so that
wasnt just any father, that he was The one time that I told him, he should know what to ask, but
also a rav, and he gave of himself Maybe you shouldnt go, was in order to resolve the question,
to the children even though he on his final day. He felt so unwell he must go to the rav. There is no
had no free time. But he had no and was scheduled to travel such thing as a young man who
greater joy than when sitting with to Tzfas to give a shiur in the has smicha who can pasken.
the children and grandchildren. yeshiva. I said, Maybe you need Parenthetically, I will add,
On any festive occasion, we an EKG? Maybe you should go that when it says, make for
would make a big evening and to the clinic? yourself a rav, in the Mishna, it
invite everyone and farbreng for He said, How can I not go? means a mashpia and not a rav
hours with wonderful spiritual People are waiting for me! that paskens halachos. A mashpia
content and great joy. knows the person and what is
That was his mantra, people
appropriate for him in various
are waiting for me. I need to help
situations but this had nothing to
PEOPLE ARE people. He did not think about
do with paskening halachos.
WAITING FOR ME! himself. At the same time, he was
such a devoted husband. People
I thank Hashem that I never told me after he passed away, WIFE OF THE RAV
interfered with his holy work. Think of it as his going to the
Whatever had to be done, he did. Maintaining a communal
Rebbe, Think of it as his going home is holy work. To help
If he had to travel to shluchim, to to Haditch. I said, But what
help them with conversions and people materially and spiritually,
about phone calls? He would there is nothing greater than
mikvaos, I never told him not to call three times a day to ask how
go. He traveled to South America this. My husband would say,
I was doing and how the children If someone calls at two in the
and to Poland to supervise the were and to share what was
shchita there. He traveled to morning, it means its urgent.
happening with him. Of course he would answer. He
Ukraine for the harvesting of
wheat for shmura matza. He would usually answer the phone
traveled to check the bakery in RAV POSEK HALACHA throughout the day. One time, a
Dnepropetrovsk. He flew to the woman called whose little girl had
Even a young man with
Rebbe for Shavuos and for all lost consciousness. I immediately
smicha for rabbanus cannot
ran to her house and took the girl

Issue 1069 11

1069_bm_eng.indd 11 2017-05-23 8:51:09 AM


and got into someones car and 770 for Pesach and had yechidus tears and the Rebbe said, I see
raced to the hospital. after Pesach, the eve of his 16th that it is so hard for you so I
When we got to Asaf birthday. In a note, he wrote to wont ask anymore. The Rebbe
HaRofeh, the driver had to the Rebbe that he wants to return gave him instructions and then,
turn right and in her haste, she and learn in 770. The Rebbe when he returned to Montreal,
collided with a traffic sign island, asked why, but he did not want the matter was settled.
knocked the sign over and nearly to say. The reason was that the When my husband was a
overturned. Boruch Hashem, she yeshiva in Montreal asked him to young boy he felt strongly that
managed to straighten the car pay a large amount of money for you dont speak negatively about
out and continued zooming to tuition. They thought his parents a Jew. One would think that if
the emergency room. All along made good money in Brazil and the Rebbe is asking, you answer,
the way we cried and screamed could afford it. but this is how he conducted
to Hashem, we said Thillim and He did not want to tattle on himself throughout his years of
I urged her to drive more quickly the yeshiva and he knew his rabbanus. There were all kinds of
because the girl was grunting parents had no money to spare, disputes that he had to contend
terribly and I was afraid for her but he did not want to say this with but he never wrote to the

Rebbe negatively about anyone.
There was a girl who knew, before she married, The Rebbe once said to my
father-in-law, Your son is even
that she could not have children. Her doctor said less of a writer than you, and
that hair would grow on the palm of his hand before she this strengthened the idea that
really this is how it is supposed
had children. She then received a letter from the Rebbe to be and one should not tattle on
in which he promised her children. When it came time Jews.
One time Rabbi Groner
for shidduchim, she asked the Rebbe whether to tell a
called and said, in the Rebbes
boy she was going to meet about the doctors prognosis, name, that a certain incident
had happened and asked him to
as well as the Rebbes promise. The Rebbe said, Do as
look into it. My husband did so
advised by the Mara DAsra of Kfar Chabad. and then R Groner called again
and asked about it. My husband
asked, Does the Rebbe want me
to say who it is? R Groner said,
life. to the Rebbe. He did not answer No, the Rebbe only wants to
We arrived at the emergency and the Rebbe pressed him and know if you dealt with it. Then
room in tears and shouted, Save said, Why dont you tell me the he saw how the Rebbe helps him
her! Boruch Hashem, after a truth? and knows that he did not want
few minutes, they told us they He tried to be evasive so to say, and so the Rebbe really
had managed to rouse her and it the Rebbe tried another way did not ask who; he just wanted
all ended well. Whenever I pass and asked who his chavrusa to ensure that the matter was
by there, I say the bracha you was. He said that for Nigleh he dealt with. He never wrote or
recite at the scene of a miracle learned with Shmuel Lew. The told the Rebbe a bad word about
that occurred to you. Rebbe said, Shmuel Lew is a anyone which is surely a very
Chassidishe bachur, he keeps great zchus.
DO NOT SPEAK to the times. That is so good,
so why do you want to leave? MOREH TZEDEK
DEROGATORILY Then the Rebbe said, Who are
ABOUT A JEW the teachers? and my husband Before he became Mara
listed all the staff. The Rebbe DAsra, when he was just a
When my husband was a teen,
concluded, That is all good. Moreh Tzedek, the Rebbe referred
my in-laws went on shlichus to
And that is how, for ten minutes, people to him, not necessarily
Brazil and he went to learn in
the Rebbe tried to extract the from Eretz Yisroel and not
770. That fall, the Rebbe told him
answer but my husband did not necessarily Lubavitchers, on a
to go to Montreal. He went to
want to say until he burst into range of matters, so he could

12 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 12 2017-05-23 8:51:09 AM

help them in their plights. He was
the spiritual shliach of the Rebbe
to help people make the right
decision in weighty matters in
their lives.
He would often say, A rav
has siyata dShmaya when it
comes to practical matters.
Especially when they would ask
about medical matters that had
to do with halacha he would
say, When it becomes practical,
come to me and I will pasken for
you. He would never issue a
ruling hypothetically.
There was a girl who knew,
before she married, that she
could not have children because
of medical problems. She had
received a letter from the Rebbe
in which he promised her
children. When it came time for
shidduchim, there was a doctor
who said that hair would grow
on the palm of his hand when
she had children. And yet, she
had the letter from the Rebbe.
She asked the Rebbe whether to
tell a boy she was going to meet
what the doctors said, as well as
the Rebbes promise. The Rebbe
said, Do as advised by the Mara
DAsra of Kfar Chabad.
The girl was from
Yerushalayim. She came to
my husband and told him the
situation. He instructed her to
meet and when it became serious,
to take the Rebbes letter along
with her and say she wanted to
show him something and she married her and they are now envelope from the Rebbe. It was
first wanted to tell him something shluchim abroad. There were intended for the rav running
important. That is what she did. miracles and they have three against Rabbi Druckman. R
Her family in Yerushalayim children. Chadakov asked my husband to
had no connection to my be so good as to give the letter
husband. The day after the MY CONFIDANT to whom it was intended. My
meeting, my husband called her husband had no idea what this
When Rabbi Druckman ran was about and he went to bring
to ask how the bachur reacted. for the position of the rabbanus
He felt a great responsibility in the letter to that rav. The rav
in Kiryat Mochkin, there was opened the letter in his presence
this case the Rebbe gave over to another rav who also ran. During
him. The family was very moved and they read it together:
that time, my husband received
that he cared so much. I am sending a letter with my
a letter from Rabbi Chadakov
The bachur accepted and confidant, Rabbi Ashkenazi, and
and in the envelope was another

Issue 1069 13

1069_bm_eng.indd 13 2017-05-23 8:51:11 AM


the Rebbe asked him to withdraw gone! you mean to ignore them? I have
his candidacy so that Rabbi My husband said, Tell the a legal summons! My husband
Druckman could be elected. He man exactly what happened and said, Throw it out.
did so, and Rabbi Druckman was let us hope he will replace the He listened to my husband
elected. check. After all, he can see that it and threw out the summons with
wasnt deposited. kabbalas ol. After a while, they
THE CHECK THAT WAS The shliach did so. The rich hired a private investigations
TORN AT THE TZIYUN man was so excited, because he firm who went to all the stores
considered it a sign of blessing and removed all the unapproved
When the Iron Curtain fell, merchandise with their logo on it.
that his check was ripped at
my husband went to Russia for They ignored the shirts that the
the tziyun like a pidyon nefesh,
24 Teves to daven at the Ohel of man from the Kfar had printed,
that he gave the shliach double,
the Alter Rebbe. It was very hard even though his shirts were not
to access the Ohel at the time, hidden and were in the display
there was no convenient road, windows! Everyone was sure
no railing or steps and in the WHEN A RAV SAYS they had some sort of agreement
Russian winter it was all covered SOMETHING with him because otherwise, why
with ice. My husband fell and got This is an interesting story werent his shirts confiscated?
a big bruise so that afterward, he that we heard after my husband They emptied the other stores of
stood at the tziyun in tremendous passed away. My son Yossi asked all their merchandise and ignored
emotional agitation and great the public to tell stories about him him completely.
pains. Many people had sent that they remembered. Someone Over twenty years passed
their pidyonos with him. There from the Kfar recounted the since then and a few days before
was a shliach from Eretz Yisroel following: my husband passed away, the
who asked him to get a check
Over 20 years ago, this man man thanked him, You saved
from a rich man in Russia who,
sold T-shirts with the logos of me and thanks to you I was left
after much effort, had agreed
all sorts of companies on them. with a good parnasa. I threw
to give him $18,000. Someone
He was in touch with all the the summons into the garbage
brought it to Haditch and the rav
companies and paid them for and they didnt demand a thing
was asked to bring it back with
the right to use their logos, but from me. The rav waved his
him to Eretz Yisroel.
there was one American company hand dismissively and said, It
He had the check plus two that he tried repeatedly to was really nothing. After my 120
$100 bills in his pocket. He said contact, without success. In the years, tell the story.
the maaneh lashon and read the meantime, he bought the print
pidyonos nefesh and he ripped plate and printed their logo on
each one as is the custom.
the shirts. Years went by and he
Since he was overwrought and There was an older girl to
made a nice profit on it, but he
confused and the lighting was whom a divorced man was
never paid the company for this.
dim, he also tore the check and suggested as a shidduch. They
One day, he received a letter met and all seemed well and she
the money.
from the company in which they wanted to get engaged. She had
When he got back up the hill, demanded reimbursement for the
he sat down to rest and began a Lubavitcher friend who told her
use of their name all those years. you dont make these decisions
checking his pockets. He saw They demanded that he take
that the money and check were without the Rebbe. The single
back all his merchandise from had no connection to Chabad or
gone. He realized he had ripped the stores and pay a very high
them up at the tziyun and didnt the Rebbe but her friend insisted,
fine for the profit he made over so they went to the Rebbe. At the
know what to do. The shliach the years. He was frightened and
was waiting for the money! dollar line, she said she was about
went to my husband to consult to get married and she wanted a
He returned home and told with him. My husband asked him bracha.
the shliach what happened. The whether the company owners
shliach was shocked and said, The Rebbe asked her, Did
were Jews and he said no. My
I waited so long for it and he you ask a rav?
husband said, Ignore them.
finally gave it to me, oy, now its The man wondered, What do She was taken aback by this

14 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 14 2017-05-23 8:51:11 AM

question and thought maybe severe psychological issues. R Michoel cannot accomplish,
she did not hear correctly. The Lesches did not want to give him because when Jews, from the
secretary said yes, that is what a certificate so that a clever rav, depths of their heart, want to
the Rebbe said, did she ask a rav. who would wonder why there help someone, and they bless
She returned to Eretz Yisroel was no certificate, would call him him, it accomplishes great things.
and decided to go to the rav of the and would hear the story, then be He had the great desire to help
largest Chabad community in the able to save another woman from people because he never saw
country and that is how she came falling into this mans hands. himself as the center of things.
to my husband. She told him the Thanks to my husband who He put himself completely aside
story and he said he wanted to delved into this, and thanks to in order to help others. He also
speak to the prospective groom. the Rebbe who referred her to a had tremendous soul powers.
He asked the man where rav, the shidduch was off. We see how the Rebbe relied on
he got divorced and he said him, with his abilities and his
in Sydney. My husband asked HE SET HIMSELF ASIDE enormous knowledge, that he
whether he had a certificate could really be of help!
The rav had various sides
proving his divorce and he said May he accomplish up Above
to him. He was a big talmid
no. The get is given to the woman for all of us, the hisgalus of the
chacham, and Torah knowledge
and the man is supposed to get a Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach, and
permeated the depths of his
certificate attesting that he was may we hear Torah chadasha
being. Aside from that, he had
divorced, but this man did not miti teitzei immediately. Yechi
superior character traits. He
have one. Adoneinu Moreinu VRabbeinu,
cared about every Jew. He did
My husband called Rabbi Melech HaMoshiach Lolam
not do anything just to get it over
Lesches, who was the rav and Vaed.
with; he wanted to help with all
Av Beis Din in Sydney at the his heart and soul. Lilui nishmas my husband,
time and asked him about this Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel ben
They say that what a
case. R Lesches said there was Moshe Ashkenazi, ah.
Chassidishe farbrengen can
a divorce because the man had accomplish, even the angel

Issue 1069 15

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16 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 16 2017-05-23 8:51:14 AM

Over 40 years have passed
since the Rebbe announced the
Education Campaign, in which he
said a Jewish education should be
provided for all Jewish children,
mainly those not learning in
religious schools. * Beis Moshiach
looks back at the beginning of the
campaign which, over time, has
regrettably become somewhat
neglected, and the work that was
done in Eretz Yisroel and around
the world.

By Avrohom Rainitz
and Shneur Zalman Levin

Issue 1069 17

1069_bm_eng.indd 17 2017-05-23 8:51:16 AM

Chabad History

t was the end of Nissan summer camps. they announced Shnas Torah,
5736, at a farbrengen held This matter of chinuch for example, and like we find in
on Shabbos, Parshas Acharei pertains to everyone, especially a number of stories of tzaddikim
Mos, when the Rebbe those who worked in this field and gdolei Yisroel who used
announced the Shnas Chinuch. previously or are working customs of the country in the
Before the announcement, the in it now (because then all service of Hashem.
Rebbe explained that just as the beginnings are difficult
president of the United States does not pertain to them) TO DESTROY THE ENEMY
[Gerald Ford] had proclaimed an successfully. And even if there
American Education Week, so too, Everyone felt there was
were some details that were
an announcement would now be something heavenly behind this
lacking, they knew with whom
made about a year of education: new campaign and this sentiment
to consult and clarify things
was reinforced when the Rebbe
It is being announced etc. This pertains particularly
spoke about the enormous power
regarding this year as a Shnas to Jewish women, each of whom
that the Jewish children have to
Chinuch and Mivtza Chinuch, is the mainstay of the home and
destroy the enemy.
which is connected with the idea upon her depends the education
of and you shall relate to your of children, and also those who The first time the Rebbe
child - a matter of education, are preparing in anticipation of spoke about the connection
that there should be no boy or this role. between Shnas HaChinuch
girl without a Jewish education. and destroying the enemy was
The Rebbe added:
This is the announcement, that a Thursday night, the eve of
The announcement is Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5736/1976.
this year the emphasis should be being made in a holy place (a
on seeing to it that every Jewish That night the Rebbe held a
shul and beis midrash) and the special farbrengen, most of
child receives an education strength for it is taken from
based on authentic Judaism. which was dedicated to Mivtza
the words of our Sages about Chinuch. The Rebbe spoke
The Rebbe said to hurry up, a persons livelihood being about the importance of the
and mentioned making a big designated at the beginning children themselves participating
deal in the media and forming a of the year (during the Aseres in Mivtza Chinuch in order to
special committee to address this Yemei Tshuva), that as far destroy the enemy.
new campaign. as expenses for tuition (i.e.
As was mentioned a
At that same farbrengen, the chinuch for boys and girls),
number of times, one of the
Rebbe laid out a practical course whoever adds, has it added to
ways of tipping himself and
of action towards implementing him from Above.
the entire world toward merit
the huge undertaking: This is what our Rebbeim is through from the mouths
Registering children in religious did regarding certain years, that

Signs of the 12 Psukim hanging on the building next to 770 Front page of
during the Lag BOmer parade the 12 Psukim booklet

18 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 18 2017-05-23 8:51:16 AM

of babes and sucklings You and begin the work. It is told that
established strength as this the day after the first surprise
causes to dispose of enemy and farbrengen, Friday Rosh Chodesh
avenger. Iyar, the Rebbe asked one of the
The Rebbe added that he secretaries why the students of
meant not only an actual enemy kvutza from the Holy Land are
who already attacked, G-d not yet returning home (in those
forbid, but also one who planned years, the kvutza group would
on taking revenge. be by the Rebbe from Nissan to
On this occasion, the Rebbe Nissan). The Rebbe explained his
added specific details regarding question in the following terms:
the initiative. He enumerated There has just begun a shturem
six verses that every Jewish in Mivtza Chinuch, and they
child needs to learn by heart. are not involved in this, neither
The Rebbe explained that these here nor in Eretz Yisroel. In
verses are easy to explain to little conclusion, the Rebbe instructed:
children. These verses should be Therefore, they should leave
printed and disseminated in every immediately at the beginning of
country in their language so that the coming week.
every child would be able to carry A few days later, Thursday
THE REBBE PUSHES 5 Iyar, after Mincha, R Katz of
out the commandment when
you sit in your house and go on FOR ACTION South Africa was standing near
the way with these verses. From a brochure that was the office of the secretariat. The
Three days after the published at the time, we can Rebbe turned to him and asked
farbrengen, which was glean some insight into what about the time of his return flight,
uncommon for that period, were the goals of the campaign: and then asked him if he agreed
there was another uncommon to be his emissary. When he
Mivtza Chinuch The
farbrengen, which was held on answered in the affirmative, the
education in the home is very
Sunday, 2 Iyar, during which Rebbe gave him two dollar bills
important and is the first shaping
the Rebbe spoke at length for the purpose of giving them
of the childs character. However,
about Mivtza Chinuch, and also to tzdaka over South Africa,
even at that point he is still not
included a number of special and said to him that being that
fully formed and it is necessary to
directives: he is involved there in matters
impart to him a greater awareness
of chinuch, he should make a
That there should be an of the questions that are already
shturem in regards to chinuch.
effort that every person should teeming in his mind: Who am
get involved in the matter of I? Where do I belong? Where The Rebbe also gave two
chinuch; do I come from? The Rebbe dollars to his wife, and told
contends that for questions such her that being that there is an
To give children three
as these, the answer should be organization there for women,
coins for their involvement in the
with a Jewish Torah education. she should consider getting
chinuch of their friends;
The campaign is being carried involved in this. To their son,
That every person should the Rebbe also gave one dollar,
out on many fronts, opening new
put in effort according to his and then added another dollar,
educational institutions primarily
ability, in every possible way, in saying, This is for your friends.
in out of the way places, growing
Mivtza Chinuch, and especially in
and expanding the existing
registering children for summer
institutions, setting up day During that month, R
camps and in yeshivos for the
camps and summer camps, Chaim Gutnick from Australia
following school year;
and organizing Torah classes paid a visit to Eretz Yisroel. As
That it is an obligation for those children who attend per an explicit request from the
on the administrations of the schools that do not teach about secretariat of the Rebbe, he was
schools to accept additional Torah and mitzvos. to be informed that the Rebbe
students and not to let teachers
The Rebbe himself began to wished that his visit be used for
go for lack of funding.
push the Chassidim to hurry publicizing Shnas HaChinuch.

Issue 1069 19

1069_bm_eng.indd 19 2017-05-23 8:51:17 AM

Chabad History

In the letter, under the heading of Be careful of children, addressed to the dear
boys (and girls), in which the
the sons of the poor, for from them will go forth Rebbe encourages the children to
Torah, it calls upon the administrations of the various get involved in Mivtza Chinuch
and to influence their friends.
educational institutions, including summer camps, to see
to it that at least a tenth of the students are accepted THE CHASSIDIM
tuition free. GET TO WORK
Lag BOmer, which was a
The following is part of the text period. short time after the Rebbes initial
of the message that was sent Even in personal letters the call, was a good opportunity
regarding this matter: Rebbe often raised the topic of to publicize the message to the
R Chaim Gutnick has traveled Mivtza Chinuch. In a letter that broader public (although this
to the Holy Land. He should be the Rebbe wrote to Professor was in the period before parades
received nicely and he should use Velvel Green, the Rebbe began to be held in every city
his influence. He speaks well and mentioned, Judaism should in Eretz Yisroel). The main
understands the issues ... and to be brought to every single Jew, activities centered around Mount
utilize his stay in the Holy Land primarily in this year of Torah Miron, near the resting place of
in the best possible manner. He Chinuch, in which everybody is Rabi Shimon bar Yochai, where
should speak before the crowd called upon to do everything in every year there were hundreds
on Lag BOmer in Miron. He his power in order to bring Torah of thousands of Jewish visitors.
was at the recent farbrengens and mitzvos to all the Jews, young The regular booth of Tzeirei
and was influenced as far as the and old, including those that Chabad of Tzfas got a manpower
activities of Mivtza Chinuch, and are already not young in years boost in the form of the first
he can influence others about but are still youngsters in Jewish group of shluchim that the
this matter to publicize about knowledge and experiences. Rebbe had sent to move to the
him in the newspapers etc. to Similarly, when R Yosef Holy Land. The entire booth
make it easier for him to focus on Wineberg wrote to the Rebbe was adorned with signs about
the activities. As per the request that he had spoken on the radio Mivtza Chinuch. The hundreds
of the Rebbe shlita, he should about Mivtza Chinuch and that of thousands who came to visit
remain in the Holy Land until he was traveling to Brazil, the the gravesite received explanatory
after Lag BOmer. Rebbe wrote him, Certainly in brochures that were produced
During the period that all of the aforementioned, he in honor of Shnas HaChinuch.
followed, the Rebbe used almost will speak about this matter, and These brochures had a number
every opportunity to mention as mentioned with a shturem of rhyming slogans (in Hebrew)
the special time. In a letter for ... and all of the above should printed as headlines, such as;
the graduation ceremonies of be in a manner of hyperbole of The chinuch of our children
Tomchei Tmimim in Montreal, holiness. to Torah, will take us out from
the Rebbe wrote to be involved in darkness to light, and The
To a Chassid who wanted
Mivtza Chinuch, which is an all- guarantee of the survival of our
to leave his job in chinuch, the
inclusive campaign that includes nation, Torah chinuch for our
Rebbe wrote to him, It is a
all the general campaigns [the ten children.
moral lesson as to how great
mivtzaim]. In a telegram sent are the concealments in the R Efraim Wolf, the director
on 4 Elul 5736 to the educators darkness of exile, as specifically of Tomchei Tmimim in Kfar
of the Reshet Oholei Yosef when it was announced about Chabad, began to send reports
Yitzchok, who held a gathering Shnas HaChinuch and the need to the Rebbe as early as 4 Iyar,
at that time, the Rebbe wrote, to prepare in a timely manner detailing the meetings that were
And especially since this year is for the summer camps, this plan held among the activists, and
a Shnas HaChinuch for Torah came up. the decisions that were made,
and Mitzvos. Similar mentions including the practical steps
Before the beginning of the
can be found in almost all of the to be taken and the division of
new school year, the Rebbe
Rebbes general letters from that labor. He also reported about
penned a special general letter for
the activities that were done

20 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 20 2017-05-23 8:51:17 AM

with the staff and students of the
yeshiva in Kfar Chabad, in terms
of carrying out Mivtza Chinuch
within the yeshiva in addition to
their regular studies.
In the north of the country,
the newly arrived young married
shluchim that were sent to Tzfas,
who were told to continue their
studies in kollel, would travel
around to cities, towns, and
settlements, to visit the local
schools on Fridays (kollelim in
Eretz Yisroel have no formal
hours on Fridays). R Aharon
Eliezer Tzeitlin, who was one of Chabad stand at Miron, decorated with signs announcing Mivtza Chinuch
the three unmarried bachurim
that were sent along with the the activities that they would
group, kept a detailed diary of do with the children. Also,
all the activities that the group on Fridays, the tank would
did, based on which he would visit local army bases to do
send reports to the Rebbe. In outreach with the soldiers.
the six weeks from after Shavuos There follows a day-by-day
until the end of the school year account from 17 Sivan until 22
in Israel, he writes that we Tammuz, listing the installation
managed to visit 941 schools, of hundreds of mezuzos, dozens
which serve 20,000 students. of people putting on tfillin,
He goes on to list the and many hundreds of children Coins for blessing and success from the
names of all the towns and participating in Mivtza Chinuch Rebbe that were given out to Jewish children
settlements where these schools related activities. in the summer of 5736
were located according to
the Hebrew alphabet: Avivim, with him as to how to proceed.
Achihud, Elipalet, Dishon, R Glitzenstein called the office
Dalton, Chatzor, Teveria, Yesod CONVERSATION of the Rebbes secretaries and
Hamaale, Kerem Ben Zimra, WITH R CHADAKOV asked for clarifications in the
Karmiel, Metulla, Miron, Maalot, It is interesting to note that name of the shluchim, as to
Nahariya, Safsufa, Acco, Alma, although initially the Rebbe what was expected of them. The
Amuka, Kiryat Shmoneh, Rosh addressed his request to all following is an approximation of
Pina, Shlomi, and of course, the Chassidim, including the the conversation that took place.
Tzfas. shluchim, it seemed that to a Question: In the name of the
Additionally, the Mitzva certain degree the Rebbe shifted shluchim in Yerushalayim, most
Tank from Yerushalayim was the focus onto the small group of of who are currently present
put to use to spread Judaism shluchim that had only recently together with the faculty and
in the small settlements in the arrived in Yerushalayim and in Rosh Kollel, it was requested
Galil region during this period. Tzfas. of me to ask the Rebbe shlita
Every day, after their studies The bachurim shluchim, regarding Mivtza Chinuch
in kollel, a group would visit those who learned in Toras Emes as to what extent we should
a different settlement with the in Yerushalayim, became like be involved. The situation is
tank, with some doing home family members in the home as follows. There are many
visits and others manning the of R Chanoch Glitzenstein, suggestions as far as possible
tank and distributing materials and when they heard what the activities, creating a shturem
to the passersby. R Tzeitlin Rebbe had spoken about that throughout the Holy Land;
writes in great detail about first Shabbos, they consulted visiting schools in Yerushalayim;

Issue 1069 21

1069_bm_eng.indd 21 2017-05-23 8:51:17 AM

Chabad History

making a gathering for children and girls during the summer

(at the Kosel or some other months, it is also obviously
central venue); a day camp. necessary to invest effort in
There are those among us who their education throughout the
are prepared to undertake any year. And in preparation of the
and all of the above, but it will upcoming school year, we must
take up the time of most of the already now put in tremendous
day, at least by some of those effort to influence the parents to
involved or maybe even most register their children in kosher
or all of us until the end of the schools for the next school year.
summer. When they will work at this with
R Chadakov responded requisite energy, along with the
that the most important thing effort directed at the children
that the bachurim had to do themselves, certainly they will
was to keep to the learning accomplish that the greatest
schedule. Immediately from the possible number of Jewish boys
Rabbi Shraga Zalmanov and girls will be registered in
beginning, when the Rebbe sent
you, the goal was that you should kosher schools that are founded
learn. Therefore, it is understood by the Rebbe himself and many al taharas hakodesh, and they
that it is impossible for you to copies were sent out. We need will receive a kosher chinuch
only be involved in activities and to strengthen and expand the throughout the entire upcoming
not learn. You are to conduct issue of chinuch by every single school year.
yourselves as you did in the initial Jew; chinuch of actual children In the letter, under the
period, namely that all activities who are young in years, and the heading of Be careful of the
are carried out only outside of chinuch of those who are young sons of the poor, for from them
the learning schedule hours. in their knowledge (even if they will go forth Torah, it calls
As far as Mivtza Chinuch, are older in years). Each and upon the administrations of the
R Chadakov answered, This every person must be involved in various educational institutions,
is a matter that has to be done this education campaign with the including summer camps, to see
in an orderly fashion. Mivtza utmost energy, until every Jewish to it that at least a tenth of the
Chinuch is not a local matter, boy and girl will receive a kosher students are accepted tuition free.
but a campaign that needs to education according to the Torah In light of this letter, we
encompass the entire land. There and its mitzvos. turned to R Kasriel Kastel, of the
is no place for the group (of The letter goes on to delineate Lubavitch Youth Organization,
shluchim) to organize things on various ways of implementing who remembers those days well:
their own. You can participate in the campaign in practical terms. Following the sichos of the
the activities being done in Eretz One of the suggestions listed Rebbe on the subject of providing
Yisroel, but not on your own. R was to utilize the upcoming a proper chinuch, we set up a
Chadakov added this message to summer months to register as telephone bank that was manned
the bachurim, With this you will many children in kosher summer mainly by girls from Beis Rivka.
bring merit to all of the Jews of camps as possible. They contacted Jewish families
Eretz Yisroel, all the Chabadniks It has already been said throughout the New York area
and the Tmimim. many times that the advantage and tried to convince them to
of a summer camp is that the send their children to Jewish
MIVTZA CHINUCH children are under the influence schools. This was not a simple
IN THE USA of the camp throughout the entire and self-understood matter at
day, without any influence from all. In many cases this required
A few days after the Rebbes outside factors, and it is obvious great sacrifice on the part of the
pronouncement, the Lubavitch that the influence on them is that families.
Youth Organization sent out much more powerful. I recall that one day I
a letter to Anash and all those
It then goes on to say, Along received a call from an elderly
active in outreach, with a call to
with the effort and emphasis on woman who heard about our
get to work as per the desire of
the education of Jewish boys phone operation and she begged
the Rebbe. The letter was edited

22 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 22 2017-05-23 8:51:17 AM

us to contact her daughter and obligation with no time limit.
try to convince her to send her Another person who was very
children to religious schools. I active in Mivtza Chinuch in the
asked her if we could say that she USA was R Shraga Zalmanov,
sent us, but she cried, Heaven director of the Vaada LDovrei
forbid. She will be angry that I Ivrit (committee for Hebrew
am mixing into her life. So, one speakers). This group was in
of the telephone operators called direct regular contact with close
the daughter, and after she heard to a thousand Hebrew speaking
what the call was about, she said families around New York. R
that she had been married to a Zalmanov recalls with great
religious man, but after she got clarity that first period after the
divorced there was no money to Rebbe launched Mivtza Chinuch:
pay for Jewish education, so she The first thing we did was
was forced to send the children to to contact all of our mekuravim,
public school where she doesnt and whoever had children in
have to pay. Rabbi Kasriel Kastel
public school, we worked to
The girl from Beis Rivka convince them to switch their
took on this family as a personal and foremost is the high cost of children to a Jewish school.
project, and in a short time tuition, which in some schools Concurrently, we placed radio
she succeeded in having the can be more than ten thousand ads on a popular Israeli program
children transferred to religious dollars a year! about the importance of Jewish
schools. The connection between What can you do in such education, and asked people to
them became so strong that cases? contact us for more information.
when that girl got married in Additionally, in miraculous
We determine how much
Australia, the mother traveled fashion, we succeeded in getting
the parents can pay, and at the
there to participate in her hold of an updated list of Israelis
same time we approach the
wedding. Today, she is a shlucha living throughout the USA, and
administration of the institution
somewhere in the USA and is still we contacted them as well.
and try to arrange a special
in contact with that family. We were operating seven
discount, and whatever remains
R Kastel added that Mivtza we try to cover, at least partially. telephone lines, and every
Chinuch is still ongoing to this evening bachurim from the
In the special farbrengen
very day, Every summer there yeshiva would head upstairs to
mentioned at the beginning of
are families that have difficulty the offices and conduct dozens
the article, which took place on
paying tuition, who reach out of phone conversations. In the
2 Iyar, the Rebbe addressed the
to us and ask for financial aid, months from when the Rebbe
obligation of administrations
and in fact, we invest tens of began to talk about the topic in
of the schools to accept more
thousands of dollars each year in Iyar, until the beginning of the
students and not to let teachers
this campaign. However, sadly, new school year, we succeeded
go due to lack of funds.
the amount of funding at our in transferring 600 children from
disposal is insufficient to meet R Kastel added an interesting
public schools to Jewish schools!
the need. If we had the ability, we anecdote. In one of the brochures
that LYO put out in connection When we produced a
would save many more children brochure about the campaign,
and transfer them to kosher with Mivtza Chinuch, it cited the
aphorism of the Rebbe Rashab, we decided to go big and for the
schools. very first time put out a color
that just as putting on tfillin
The challenges faced by those brochure. In those days that was
every day is a mitzva of the
who are active in this campaign a novel thing and it cost four
Torah, so too, it is an absolute
are far from simple. Even when a times the regular printing. The
obligation upon every Jew to
family has been convinced to take Rebbe apparently enjoyed this
think a half hour each day about
their children out of public school novel development very much as
the education of children. In the
and transfer them to religious he sent out a note with thanks for
Rebbes edits of that brochure,
schools, they are confronted the beautifying of the brochure.
he removed the limitation of a
with two major problems. First When we saw how much nachas
half hour, and left it as a general

Issue 1069 23

1069_bm_eng.indd 23 2017-05-23 8:51:17 AM

Chabad History

this gave the Rebbe, from that consideration. NAASEH VNISHMA

point on every brochure we put Rabbi Kastel mentioned IN BRAZIL
out was in full color. an additional problem that
The Rebbes call for Mivtza
R Zalmanov also spoke Tzach faced when they wanted
Chinuch reached Brazil too.
of the main problem that they children to join Jewish schools,
The shliach there, Rabbi Chaim
faced, which was the money We had to contend with the
Binyamini, founder and Rosh
problem. Many families were mainstreaming of children with
Yeshiva of Machne Israel in
unable or unwilling to take on no religious background, directly
Petropolis, sent a letter to the
the huge financial commitment, into a religious program.
Rebbe that same month in which
especially those that did not really R Kastel divides Jewish he detailed the first activities that
appreciate the importance of a schools into two categories, he did, including:
Jewish education. We helped There are yeshivos which are
them with significant sums of The bachurim learn more and
generally attended by religious
money from a special fund that have made learning commitments
kids. It is very hard to put a child
we set up, he says. regarding time and quantity of
with no religious background
mishnayos, dapim, perakim, etc.
The scholarships began to into a yeshiva and have him fit
add up to huge amounts. At a in. Then there are Jewish day They put ads in the papers
certain point, I thought of pulling schools where most of the day on behalf of the yeshiva and the
michlala about their willingness

to accept poor students at reduced
In one of the brochures that LYO put out in rates.
connection with Mivtza Chinuch, it cited the Groups of talmidim went
to Rio on Lag BOmer and the
aphorism of the Rebbe Rashab, that just as putting on
Sunday afterward and worked in
tfillin every day is a mitzva of the Torah, so too, it is an five schools and clubs with about
2500 boys and girls, reviewing
absolute obligation upon every Jew to think a half hour
psukim and giving out coins for
each day about the education of children. In the Rebbes tzdaka.
edits of that brochure, he removed the limitation of a half They printed a translation of
the letter and distributed it to the
hour, and left it as a general obligation with no time limit. parents and students in the hopes
that this would also be useful.
Starting from Erev Shabbos
BaMidbar, talmidim were invited
the radio ads and limiting the is spent on secular subjects and to give a shiur on Erev Shabbos in
mivtza to the community of our there are basic Jewish subjects. It Rio about Shabbos and the tfillos
mekuravim, as many of those is easier to place a child without of Shabbos.
families were in financial straits a religious background into a day
and asked for help in covering school where the children are
the tuition fees. I wrote about from religious-lite homes.
this to the Rebbe, and the answer We talk to principals and try AND REDOUBLED REQUEST
I received was to the effect that to convince them to accept the To conclude this article, which
our work was analogous to a children into existing programs, only touches on a small part of
hospital, which needs to regularly but its not easy. I once spoke Mivtza Chinuch, here are unusual
advertise its existence. And if to a principal and read him a words that the Rebbe used to
too many patients show up, it is letter from the posek, Rabbi sum up the special farbrengen
necessary to place some of them Moshe Feinstein zl, that calls that took place on 2 Iyar:
in the hallways, and only if there upon principals to accept up All those who listen to my
is literally no space at all only to ten percent of children from voice or want to listen, fulfill
then do they stop taking new irreligious backgrounds, because the aforementioned suggestion
patients. Similarly, we need to then the majority are religious as a request and a double and
continue advertising, and as and they are the influencers and redoubled request.
far as financial assistance, we not the influenced.
need to operate with careful

24 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 24 2017-05-23 8:51:18 AM



By Rabbi Gershon Avtzon

Dear Reader shyichyeh, and recite Thillim with simple in Yechezkel (37, 24): And My
We are all preparing for the sincerity, will be revealed. servant David shall be king over
Yom Tov of Shavuos, when This HaYom Yom that speaks them, and one shepherd shall be
we celebrate the giving of the about the special quality of for them all. The Navi is telling
Torah. It is a very special time, as simplicity and wholeheartedness us that although throughout
Shavuos is an opportune time to is actually one of three that are history, there were two kingdoms
achieve everything in improving taken from the same Maamer and rulers of the Jewish people
Torah study and avoda marked by (Maamer VAvdi David, 5694) (the ten tribes under Yosef and
fear of Gd, and also to strive in of the Frierdike Rebbe. two under Yehuda), yet in
tshuva concerning Torah study, The first of the other two , everyone will be united
without the interference of the is the HaYom Yom of 5 Teves: under Yehuda through Melech
accusing Satan, just like the time When Moshiach comes we will HaMoshiach. As the psukim
of the Shofar sounding on Rosh realize the greatness of hodaa continue (37, 16-17): And you,
HaShana and the holy day of the (acknowledgement, or belief) son of man, take for yourself
Fast of Yom Kippur. (HaYom and tmimus (earnestness), one stick and write upon it, For
Yom 4 Sivan) everyones pure faith in Gd and Yehudah and for the children
Before Hashem gave the His Torah and mitzvos. Talmud, of Israel his companions; and
Torah, He asked the nations namely human comprehension take one stick and write upon it
of the world if they wanted even on its highest level For Yosef, the stick of Ephraim
it. They first wanted to know is limited. But hodaa, faith, and all the house of Israel, his
what was in it and only then is a feeling that is boundless. companions. And bring them
would they consider receiving Moshiach will explain the close, one to the other into one
the Torah. When Hashem came magnificent achievement of stick, and they shall be one in
to they all responded, tmimus, earnest avoda flowing your hand.
- we commit to doing from the heart. The Frierdike Rebbe asks:
what Hashem wants even before This is the second one: The Why is it that there will be this
we know what He wants from unique quality of Moshiach is change in the time of Moshiach?
us. This showed Hashem that that he will be humble. Though If historically Yosef had the
were ready to receive the Torah. he will be the ultimate in majority of the Jewish people
Having to Hashem greatness, for he will teach Torah under his domain, why should
is a prerequisite to receiving the to the Patriarchs and to Moshe that not continue? Why should
Torah. Rabbeinu (alav hashalom), still Moshiach come from Yehudah
The Rebbe writes in HaYom he will be the ultimate in humility and everyone be united under his
Yom (24 Iyar) : With the advent and self-nullification, for he will rulership?
of Moshiach, the superior quality also teach simple folk. (Rosh The Maamer explains that
of the traits of simplicity and Chodesh Menachem-Av) the kingships of Yosef and
wholeheartedness, found in the The Maamer was said on Yehuda represent two different
avoda of simple folk who daven Shavuos. It is based on the Pasuk types of . Yosef, which

Issue 1041 25

1069_bm_eng.indd 25 2017-05-23 8:51:18 AM


means to add, represents the , that it is specifically through no ulterior motive, not because
avoda of learning Torah. While our action and physical Mitzvos of fear that evil will occur, nor in
one is learning, he is always that we were able to build the order to acquire benefit. Rather,
using his mind to understand and reveal the essence of he does what is true because it
and formulate new ideas. He Hashem in this world. is true, and ultimately, good will
is constantly building and With this understanding come because of it.
adding onto what he has already we can answer our previous This is a very high level
learned by thinking of new question: During the time of which is not merited by every
ideas. Yehuda, which means exile, the main ruler, representing wise man. It is the level of our
to thank and acknowledge the the main Avodas Hashem, is Patriarch, Avraham, whom
superiority of a Higher Being, from Yosef, representing . God described as he who loved
represents that avoda of In the times of Moshiach, when Me, for his service was only
. A person accepts the the quality of simple and pure motivated by love. The fact that
commandments of Hashem and action will be revealed, we will the Rambam writes about this
follows the Torah with pure faith all be united under Yehuda, level of Avoda means that it is
even if he does not understand representing . something that we should strive
fully why he is doing the Mitzvos.
In a Maamer of our Rebbe for and are able to attain.
He breaks his nature and will and
VAvdi David 5746 paragraph With all of the above we can
does the will of Hashem.
7, the Rebbe adds that now that explain something that many
Which Avoda is greater? we know from our Rebbeim wonder about. There seem to be
There is actually a discussion that when Moshiach comes, two ways that we can reach out
to a Jew who is not yet openly

connected to Yiddishkait. One
During the time of exile, the main ruler, way would be to start with
inviting the person to learn
representing the main Avodas Hashem, is from about Judaism and only later we
Yosef, representing Talmud. In the times of Moshiach, encourage the person to start
fulfilling Mitzvos. The other
when the quality of simple and pure action will be approach is to first encourage
revealed, we will all be united under Yehuda. a person to do Mitzvos and
then get him more involved in
other aspects of Judaism. While
seemingly the first approach
we will see the quality in pure would be more rational, the
about this very question in the service of Hashem without any Rebbe clearly chooses the second
Gemara. In Kiddushin (40b), the ulterior motives, we must begin approach. The Rebbe initiated
following discussion is recorded: implementing that in our Avoda the Mivtzaim campaigns to
R. Tarfon and the Elders were today. The Alter Rebbe writes encourage people who may know
once reclining in the upper (Tanya Perek 37) that Now nothing about their heritage to
story of Nitzas house in Lud, this ultimate perfection of the do even one single Mitzva.
when this question was raised Messianic era and [the time of]
before them: Is study greater, or There are many reasons for
the resurrection of the dead is this approach, and the success of
practice? R. Tarfon answered, dependent on our actions and
saying: Practice is greater. R. Chabad worldwide is evidence of
[Divine] service throughout the its success.
Akiva answered, saying: Study is period of exile.
greater, for it leads to practice. Based on all of the above, we
We must strive to reach this can add another important point:
Then they all answered and said:
special level of Avoda in these As we stand right before the
Study is greater, for it leads to
final moments of Galus. The Geula, the time that will
action - .
Rambam (Hilchos Tshuva 10:2) be revealed, it is clear that the way
This quoted discussion was writes: One who serves [God]
answering the above question to reach a Jew in our generation
out of love occupies himself in is through . It is specifically
as it would be applicable to the the Torah and the mitzvos and
time of exile, but when Moshiach through a Yid connecting with
walks in the paths of wisdom for the essence of Hashem, through
comes it will be revealed that

26 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 26 2017-05-23 8:51:18 AM

a physical Mitzva, that the soul brings destruction upon himself. May we all merit to be
that is inside of him is revealed. [On the other hand,] if he !
Let us finish with the words of performs one mitzvah, he tips
the Rambam in about his balance and that of the entire
the power of each individual world to the side of merit and Rabbi Avtzon is the Rosh Yeshiva
action: Accordingly, throughout brings deliverance and salvation of Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati and a
the entire year, a person should to himself and others. This is well sought after speaker and lecturer.
always look at himself as equally implied by [Mishlei 10:25]: A Recordings of his in-depth shiurim
balanced between merit and righteous man is the foundation on Inyanei Geula uMoshiach can be
sin and the world as equally of the world, i.e. he who acted accessed at http://www.ylcrecording.com
balanced between merit and sin. righteously tipped the balance
If he performs one sin, he tips of the entire world to merit and
his balance and that of the entire saved it.
world to the side of guilt and

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Issue 1069 27

1069_bm_eng.indd 27 2017-05-23 8:51:19 AM


28 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 28 2017-05-23 8:51:20 AM

When the Rebbe left 770 and began
to walk home, an additional six
plainclothes detectives accompanied
him, all dressed in shorts and short
sleeves. They walked very close
to the Rebbe. We stopped at the
corner of the street where the Rebbe
lives, and the detectives, along with
one of Anash, continued with the
Rebbe until he entered his home. *
Fascinating reports and memories
from Sivan 5733 with the Rebbe,
published for the very first time
from the diary of the late R Saadia
By R Saadia Maatuf ah
Prepared for publication by Shneur Zalman Berger

Issue 1069 29

1069_bm_eng.indd 29 2017-05-23 8:51:21 AM


been riding ahead on bicycles had

stopped not far from the Rebbes
house. We were concerned, but
one of Anash who was designated
for this [a member of Shmira]
continued to follow the Rebbe at
some distance, and we followed
with our eyes until the Rebbe
entered his house and then we
went to partake of the Shabbos
day meal.
There was not a whole lot of
appetite for food, because we
were stressed over what might be
happening with those Chassidim
who had been arrested by the
police. Meanwhile, I had heard
how the tensions with the blacks
had begun during the farbrengen:
R Saadia (left) during his kvutza year on the dormitory roof (749).
770 can be seen in the background. As was usual during a
farbrengen, the police put up
AFRAID FOR THE escort him home. Many blacks a roadblock at the corner of
were congregated across the Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn
REBBES SAFETY Avenue [to close off the entrance
street and had no idea what was
Motzaei Shabbos BaMidbar, going on. Until a few minutes to the service lane near 770]
2 Sivan 5733 prior, the police were delivering so that cars should not pass
The Rebbe held a farbrengen blows to the Chassidim and now through, because a large crowd
today and again spoke about we are all standing outside in of Chassidim would come out
Mihu Yehudi. During the two rows and singing on the top to the street at the end of the
farbrengen, in middle of the of our lungs. Then suddenly the farbrengen.
penultimate sicha, we suddenly Rebbe came out and encouraged This time, a car bypassed the
heard a clamor and screaming the singing with his hand roadblock and continued down
from outside. I stood in my motions. We were all flying high the service lane near 770, and
place, all the way at the back of between heaven and earth. It was some Lubavitcher kids who were
the room [near the door to the very joyous. there blocked the street with
street] and the noise disturbed We were concerned that the their bodies, not allowing the
my ability to hear the Rebbe. The blacks might try to cause harm car to proceed. The police on
Rebbe paused speaking for two to the Rebbe, G-d forbid, so we the scene instructed the driver
minutes and then continued. walked very close behind the to back up onto the boulevard
A short while later, I heard Rebbe, only a few feet back. A [in order to cross over the
from those standing near me, few blacks were riding on bicycles island and get to the main road
that there were hundreds of in front of the Rebbe, but at some of Eastern Parkway]. However,
police outside beating mercilessly distance. It was an amazing there were some Chassidim there
the Chassidim standing outside, experience to follow the Rebbe who questioned the police as to
and that they were swinging up close, to see how he says gut why they did not instruct him
indiscriminately at anybody with Shabbos to everyone, and the to go back the way he came.
a beard, and even children. blacks watched in amazement Meanwhile, some of the kids
At the conclusion of the how the Chassidim followed kicked the car. Immediately,
farbrengen we davened Mincha after the Rebbe. We reached the one of the officers came and
and after Mincha the Rebbe Rebbes street, the Rebbe crossed arrested one of the Chassidim,
started a niggun and headed the street and we stopped at but he refused to enter the police
towards his room. We went the corner. We could see in the vehicle. He made it clear to them
outside to wait for the Rebbe and distance that the fellows who had that he is a Jew and he cannot

30 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 30 2017-05-23 8:51:22 AM

ride in a car on Shabbos, and if
they want he would walk with
them on foot to the police station.
However, they insisted and
forced him bodily into the police
car. One of the Chassidim could
not restrain himself and he tried
to help the arrestee get out of
the car, upon which the police
put him into the car as well, but
in the confusion that ensued the
first guy managed to open the
door from the other side and
escape. The policeman grabbed
the second one and said, You are
not going to get away, and he
called something in on his hand-
held radio. Within moments,
dozens of policemen converged
on the scene with batons drawn, R Saadia Maatuf (with glasses) learning in Yeshivas Chovevei Torah
and a large-scale confrontation where the bachurim on kvutza learned
began between the police and the
Chassidim. Podoh vshalom nafshi, and who screamed at the police,
The Rebbes secretary, R other songs. Why dont you beat those
Leibel Groner, who arrived on There were some people children over there [meaning
the scene in order to disperse from the Jewish Defense League the black children]? What is
the Chassidim, also received there [under the leadership of R the difference between here and
blows. The police rained blows Meir Kahane Hyd. They would there? He continued to scream
on everyone and there were a always operate very aggressively] at the police but they did not
number of injuries among our and they were planning to respond.
people, and there were six officers cause a major disruption. There was tremendous
who took some blows as well. However, R Groner addressed pushing when we were standing
Concurrently, the police arrested the demonstrators in Yiddish, on the steps of the police station,
three Chassidim and brought and he made it clear that if they and at some point they instructed
them to the police station. R would wait quietly, there was a everybody to clear the steps and
Groner went to the police station better chance that those arrested wait. We continued to wait there,
and pleaded with the police to let would be freed. At first, there until about an hour after midnight
the Chassidim go, but to no avail. were those who were listening to [of Motzaei Shabbos] when they
[The author of the diary the leader of the JDL group and released one of the Chassidim.
heard all of this during the course wanted to start rioting, but one We continued to sing, but there
of the Shabbos day meal, and of the Chassidim immediately got were some demonstrators who
at some point during the meal:] up and informed the ringleader had already dispersed and gone
Some guys came and said that that all of the Chassidim would home. Another hour passed
everybody has to go to participate obey R Groner, and if he said to and another one was freed, and
in a demonstration near the stay quiet then they would all stay after an additional hour the
police station. We all went to quiet. third one was also freed. One of
the police station on Empire Meanwhile, the crowd the Chassidim who came there
Boulevard. At the demonstration, continued to sing and it kept with his car, stubbornly insisted
they sang Tziyon halo sishali growing until the entire street on driving through the police
lshlom asirayich [at that time opposite the police station was barricade near the demonstration
it was popular to sing that at sealed off, which caused traffic and he too was arrested, but
demonstrations to free Russian problems. There was someone in the end he was freed too.
Jewry], Vchol karnei reshoim, there by the name of Shimshon, We went to sleep extremely

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exhausted after being on our feet walked with a police escort. We to respond to them to the best
for many hours, at the farbrengen arrived in Boro Park and danced of our ability, but they were not
and at the demonstration. there in front of the Chabad shul, swayed. It turned out that the
and from there we divided up rabbi, and I have no idea why
SURPRISE FARBRENGEN to different shuls. I went to the he was called by that title, was
shul of the Yemenites, together nothing more than a Mizrachi
Sunday, 3 Sivan with Chaim Mesharki, Chaim activist sent to encourage aliya.
Despite the late hour that we Tzadok, Gershon Ochana, Kuti After lengthy debates, the rabbi
went to sleep the night before, Rapp, and others. We asked himself began to back down from
at 7:30 in the morning I showed for permission to speak in front his attacks.
up for Chassidus learning. of the congregation, and in the We returned to the Chabad
Today, there was hardly any beginning they refused with the shul, where other groups who
news, except that the review argument that they have a rabbi had gone to other shuls also
of the farbrengen took place and he already gives them a arrived. We made kiddush, tasted
today, because yesterday it was speech. In the end they allowed some mezonos (baked goods),
impossible to have the review due us to speak, but only for five and went out into the street
to the demonstration. minutes. where they held a talk for the

onlookers about Mihu Yehudi,
One of the Chassidim who came there with his and from there we returned to
the base Beis Chayeinu 770.
car, stubbornly insisted on driving through the
Second Day Shavuos
police barricade near the demonstration and he too was The farbrengen began at 8 in
arrested, but in the end he was freed too. the evening and ended at 1:20 at
night. At the conclusion of the
farbrengen there was Maariv.
The Rebbe then made Havdala
on the kos and the distribution
Monday, 4 Sivan Kuti Rapp spoke about Mihu of kos shel bracha began. The
At around 3PM, the Rebbe Yehudi, and also encouraged Rebbe poured and the crowd
went to the Ohel, and Mincha them to send their children sang niggunim, among them
took place at a late hour. The to religious summer camps Ozreini Keil Chai. When they
Rebbe came out to Mincha in during the summer vacation. sang Ki Elokim Yoshia Tziyon,
Shabbos garb, and this was one He concluded, and their rabbi it was especially joyful. When the
of the signs for us that there got up to speak after him. At Rebbe ended the distribution, he
would be a farbrengen. For us, the outset, he praised the Rebbe covered the cup with a paper,
this was a surprise farbrengen. somewhat, but then he began said the after-blessing, and began
The farbrengen began at 9:30 to speak tauntingly about the to go out with the cup in his hand
and opened with the maamer, fact that the Rebbe does not go and started the niggun Atah
Beshaa shehikdimu, and it to Eretz Yisroel, and why is the Vechartanu.
ended at 11:40, which was a Rebbe against R Goren and the
The Rebbe left 770 and
relatively short farbrengen for Mizrachi party. [This was at
encouraged the singing. This
a weekday. The Rebbe left 770, the height of the brother and
time also, he traveled without a
and this time the police did not sister controversy, in which R
police escort.
provide an escort, apparently Goren permitted mamzerim to
because of the events of the past marry, in opposition to the views
Shabbos. of all the greatest rabbis. That is Friday, 8 Sivan
why the Rebbe called for him to Today, the Rebbe received
resign his position as the Chief people for yechidus until 8
DEBATES ON TAHALUCHA Rabbi, whereas the Mizrachi oclock before kabbalas Shabbos.
Shavuos party supported R Goren and Due to the yechidus, the Rebbe
At 6PM the Tahalucha set besmirched the chareidi rabbis did not go home at all today.
out. Relative to the Tahalucha in general, and the Rebbe in There was someone there
of Acharon shel Pesach the heat particular.] In short, they were a who had come out from Georgia,
was oppressive. Of course we disappointment for us... We tried

32 1 Sivan 5777

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who wanted to go in for yechidus
[apparently, after the Rebbe had
stopped accepting people]. The
secretary, R Binyomin Klein did
not allow him to enter, but he
literally cried. R Klein went into
the Rebbe to ask if he should
allow the man in and the Rebbe
answered in the affirmative. The
Jew went in for less than half a

Motzaei Shabbos Naso, 9
This Shabbos, bli ayin hara,
there were nine chassanim, seven The wedding of Chaim and Miriam Blinitzky to which the Rebbe sent mashke through
of whom went up to the Torah in R Nachman Maidanchek. On the right: father of the kalla, R Shloimke Maidanchek
and on the left, the father of the chassan, R Yitzchok Blinitzky.
the morning and two at Mincha
[in those years, such a large
number of chassanim was an issue, and if anything happens a farbrengen, but it did not end
anomaly]. On Shabbos the Rebbe on their part, to allow the up happening, so the road was
farbrenged as usual. The Rebbe police to handle it. What ended not blocked. However, when
told R Yoel Kahn to sing Yifrach up happening was that many we exited from the davening,
Byamav, and from that it was policemen were already on the the police blocked the road
understood that the song [from scene from the night before and with a police car until all of the
the Rebbes chapter of Thillim they stood guard the entire night. Chassidim dispersed.
for that year] was accepted, and When the farbrengen began, the
from that point on they began to blacks came to demonstrate, but MEDICAL INSTRUCTIONS
sing it more often. it passed without any untoward
occurrences. Sunday, 17 Sivan
At the farbrengen, the Rebbe
spoke again about Mihu Yehudi, When the Rebbe left 770 for Today the Rebbe received
and during one of the songs the his home, he crossed the street people for yechidus. The
Rebbe clapped for a very long not in the usual place, but in front yechidus began at 8PM and
time. It is impossible to describe of their house of worship. The continued until 12 midnight.
this feeling. After the farbrengen Rebbe was accompanied [besides Among those who went in was R
was Mincha, and after the for the police that were there to Nochum Kaplan form Shikkun
davening the Rebbe began to sing keep order] by six plainclothes Chabad in Lud.
Atah Vechartanu and entered police detectives, all dressed in There was a father who went
his room. We waited outside as short pants and short sleeved into yechidus with his son and
usual, and when the Rebbe exited shirts. They walked literally very daughter, and the Rebbe gave
we sang very loudly, and we close to the Rebbe. We stopped each of them a Siddur.
accompanied the Rebbe. at the turn to the street where the A writer for Hamodia, R B.
It should be mentioned that Rebbe lives [President Street], L., went into the Rebbe for his
due to the events of the previous and the detectives together with 19 year old son who had become
Shabbos, the blacks planned a one of Anash continued with the blind and partially paralyzed. He
demonstration against the closing Rebbe until he entered his home. asked if they should teach his son
of the street [the service lane on Braille since his son doesnt want
the side of 770]. The secretary, Motzaei Shabbos to learn, and there is concern
R Groner, informed everybody BHaaloscha, 16 Sivan that he will give up all hope. The
not to get involved in the whole Rebbe answered that he should
This Shabbos we waited for
learn this form of writing and

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he should not give up hope, THE SKULENER REBBE morning hours until the late
especially as today there are so GOES IN FOR YECHIDUS hours of the night, and they
many new discoveries in research. would tell how their children
The reason for his blindness is Sunday, 24 Sivan barely ever saw them, and would
unknown, but the supposition Today the Rebbe addressed sometimes come to the office just
is that since he has the dreaded the graduates of Beis Rivka. We to see their father. The following
disease, the doctors may have all gathered in the small zal. We entry epitomizes that SZB]:
used too much radiation and thought that, as is usually the case Before Mincha, something
caused damage to the brain and in such events, we would hear the a bit interesting happened. The
that is the cause of his becoming Rebbe over the loudspeaker, but wife of the secretary R Leibel
blind. The Rebbe added that the we waited for a long time and Groner came to the secretariat
reason for the doctors saying the loudspeaker was silent, until office with her son. She went
that there is no hope is in order we realized that it was broken. I inside and left her son out in
to take the responsibility off their jumped out through the window the hall. After some time, R
own shoulders. The man asked [of the small zal], came around Groner left the office and went
the Rebbe if he should take his 770 and climbed up on the chain into the Rebbes room. . One of
son out of the hospital where he link fence. I almost fell from high the Chassidim who came there
is [in America], and the Rebbe up, but BH nothing happened. with his car, stubbornly insisted
answered that on the contrary, I saw the Rebbe clearly [through on driving through the police
the longer he remains there the the back windows of 770] and I barricade near the demonstration
better it is. The Rebbe said to even managed to hear, although and he too was arrested, but in
him that as far as the book that I missed the beginning. The sicha the end he was freed too.
he published, he would send him went on for about half an hour.
a response as well as notes on his Today, R Peretz the mikva
Motzaei Shabbos Korach,
writing. attendant [R Peretz Chein]
Rosh Chodesh, 30 Sivan
passed away. Just this past Friday
he was demanding money from Today, the farbrengen we
Motzaei Shabbos Shlach, 23 had awaited took place, and the
Sivan the bachurim for the use of the
mikva, as usual, and suddenly... Rebbe spoke briefly about Mihu
Today there was a farbrengen. Yehudi. After the farbrengen
May his soul be bound up in the
This time the Rebbe spoke only was Mincha, and as usual, we
bond of life. We thought that
briefly about Mihu Yehudi. accompanied the Rebbe after the
they would bring him here and
Nine chassanim went up the Rebbe would go out, but the farbrengen. After Mincha, the
to the Rebbe to receive wine. funeral left from Williamsburg. Rebbe began the song Eimosai
During this distribution, the Koosi Mar, and that is also
This evening, the Rebbe
Rebbe called out three times what we sang when he left 770.
received people for yechidus,
for Nachman Maidanchek, and This time, when the Rebbe
and among those who went in
gave him mashke to send for his was walking home by way of
was the Skulener Rebbe [Reb
sisters wedding [Mrs. Miriam Brooklyn Avenue, he crossed
Eliezer Zusia Portugal] who lives
Blinitzky, married to R Chaim the street not at the light, and
on Brooklyn Avenue [in Crown
Avrohom Blinitzky]. At the end of in general, not like every other
Heights]. The Admur went in for
the farbrengen, the Rebbe began Shabbos. I heard that when the
a yechidus that lasted about three
to sing Hinei Ma Tov Uma doors to their house of worship
quarters of an hour. When he
Naim and waved his holy hand. are open, the Rebbe does not
exited, the Rebbe accompanied
After the farbrengen, there him until the doorway of his pass in front of it and crosses the
was Mincha with the Rebbe, room. street before. The Rebbe waited
and at the conclusion, the Rebbe for the cars to pass, and then he
At the conclusion of yechidus,
began to sing Nyet Nyet. As walked between the cars until we
at 12 midnight, we davened
usual, we waited for the Rebbe got to the street that the Rebbe
Maariv with the Rebbe.
to leave 770. When he exited he lives on. We stood watching after
made a sign with his hand and the Rebbe until he entered his
a powerful song burst forth, and Wednesday, 27 Sivan house.
that is how we accompanied the [The Rebbes secretaries
Rebbe as usual. would work from the early

34 1 Sivan 5777

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Selected Halachos from the
One Minute Halacha project
By HaRav Yosef Yeshaya Braun, Shlita,
Mara Dasra and member of the Badatz of Crown Heights

STUFFING OF SINNERS We are speaking exclusively of a passive
Halitehu lrasha
association with others wrongdoing. However,
veyamus(Stuff the wicked one
so he may perish) is a troubling in situations which involve active participation in
halachic concept that seems to
anothers sin, we are forbidden from tripping up another.
offend our sensibilities as well as
oppose Torah sources that urge
us to feel responsibility for and
offer rebuke to the wayward. to warn would-be thieves ends. The question also arises
The source for this concept which trees are forbidden whether we are to consider this
is found in the mitzvosthat as per the explicit words of alternative practice over the
regulate the agricultural Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel advice of Rabbi Shimon: is it a
fields in Eretz Yisroel: (1stcenturyTannaof the positive effort to go beyond basic
DuringShmita(the seventh year Mishna): halitehuRam the observance to prevent would-
[when the Land lies fallow]), forbidden fruit down the throat be thieves from eatingorlah, or
all Jewish-grown produce is of the wicked so they may suffer is it more correct to follow the
considered hefker(ownerless) the consequences of their sinful directive of Rabbi Shimon and
for any passerby to enjoy. But ways. mentioning whattzenuimdo is a
it is the responsibility of the However, continues subtle warning against misplaced
owner to mark all trees that the Mishna, there are compassion for thereshaim?
bear prohibited producethose stilltzenuim(modest people) Jewish farmers are not
that are orlah(uncircumcised who pre-emptively redeem obligated to demarcate trees
fruit [within the first three years their trees so that another whose fruit are prohibited due
of growth]),neta rivai(in the will not inadvertently toorlah(uncircumcised trees
fourth year of planting [which consumeorlah.There is much within the first three years of
would normally be brought to halachic discussion regarding growth) to prevent would-
Yerushalayim]) or otherwise this practicewhether it is an be thieves from consuming
forbidden to be eaten. However, additional precaution to marking forbidden fruit. Freedom from
all other years, when snatching trees in Shmitaor something the responsibility to protect
fruit from anothers orchard that is done in all years, in others from sinning in this
would be an act of stealing, conflict with those who leave the
the owner has no responsibility sinners to their own destructive Continued on page 42

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Mechanchim discuss our children will be our
guarantors from the perspective of Yemos
HaMoshiach and the imminent Geula. * Presented
for Zman Mattan Toraseinu, when we received
the Torah because we offered our children as
guarantors. * Part 1 of 2.

By Mendel Tzfasman

e spoke with As educators who work all
mechanchim, those year with the guarantors of the
who mold our pure PARTICIPANTS: Jewish people, can you explain
Jewish children. Rabbi Refael Cheruti what makes Jewish children
They teach Torah and mitzvos, teacher in Ashkelon capable of being guarantors for
doing mitzvos out of love, being and author of educational our observance of Torah?
particular about Chabad customs, books for children R Pizem:
and hiskashrus to the Rebbe. We The answer can be seen in
wanted to hear what children Rabbi Yosef Avrohom the first of the Twelve Psukim,
being our guarantors really means, Pizem a veteran educator, Torah tziva lanu Moshe
why the children are described by principal of a Chabad morasha khillas Yaakov.
our Sages as my anointed ones, elementary school and Meaning, the Torah was given so
how to get children to display initiator and producer of that it would constantly be given
Moshiach as the Rebbe instructed, the HaDerech Hayeshara over as an inheritance to the next
and how now, after Gimmel Limud HaDvar Malchus generation. The real guarantee
Tammuz, we can instill abstract lYaldei Yisroel for receiving the Torah is when
concepts such as our generation is the children accept the Torah.
the generation of Geula, the Rebbe
Rabbi YY Friedman In the times of the Rebbe
is chai vkayam, and get them to
teacher in Nachalat Har Rayatz some asked how can
have a genuine hiskashrus to the
Chabad, Kiryat Malachi you endanger peoples lives for
children under the age of bar

36 1 Sivan 5777

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mitzva who are not obligated in Is there a way to tell if our
mitzvos. There were mikvaos, children are our guarantors? Is
shuls, shchita etc. that were there a way to measure whether
also endangered because of the Im investing enough into the
stubborn devotion to chinuch. chinuch of my children?
However, the Rebbe Rayatz knew R Cheruti:
that the children are the future In my humble opinion, the
of the Jewish people and if the results are the answer to your
parents caved in and the children question. Does the child carry
did not receive a proper Jewish out the horaos of the Rebbe that
education, the generation would apply to him? There are many
disappear. horaos about chinuch of children.
For example, that every child
R Cheruti: should have a siddur and pushka
We might explain this in his room that belongs to him
according to the sicha about with his name on them, that the
the law of the bar metzra (first pushka hang on the wall, that the
purchase rights for the adjoining children say the 12 Psukim every
field owner) in which the Rebbe day, etc. More especially for
explains at length why the angels, Shavuos, that every child go to
despite being in the category of shul to hear the Aseres HaDibros.
bar metzrawhich is why the When I want to test myself,
Rabbi Friedman
Torah should have been given to I check to see whether all the
themdid not receive the Torah. children with whom I spoke
There is a serious about the importance of going
consideration for the Torah to to shul on Shavuos, will come to
after the teacher, komatz-alef- me after Yom Tov and proudly
be given to the angels, since they
uh, which is like Anochi, which tell me that they heard the
are close to G-d. Children, as
begins with a komatz-alef, that Aseres HaDibros. And if they are
the Rebbe explains in a different
we heard from G-d. Its so Lubavitcher children, that they
sicha, have an advantage in that
special to see it each time, how brought other children along with
their souls recently came down to
the child licks the honey on the them.
this world. That is, due to their
letters with love, when most of
purity and innocence, and their When children take the
them dont know the letters and
not having gotten coarsened by Rebbes horaos seriously, then we
their significance yet.
this world as the adults have, they can say, our children will be our
are the angels of this world, or I remember that I was once guarantors, and surely, when
we can say, G-ds bar metzra in invited to Yishuv Nitzan near he gets older, he will continue to
our world. Kiryat Malachi. People who wear carry out age-appropriate horaos
knitted yarmulkes heard from such as Chitas and Rambam,
someone in Nachala who moved having a mashpia, mivtzaim, etc.
R Friedman: there about a hachnasa lcheder and later, go on shlichus.
When speaking about Mattan and they asked me to come and
Torah and about children, the R Friedman:
do this with the children on the
guarantors for kabbalas haTorah, yishuv. Parents, brothers and In general, the question is
I am reminded of the custom of sisters, aunts and uncles, and on us, how serious are we about
hachnasa lcheder which always grandparents came, some of what we convey to children.
moves me, the parents and the whom were not yet religious. Ill Without our realizing, and
children. For the child, as it says never forget how excited they without the children realizing,
in holy sfarim, the hachnasa were. After that, I got many we are constantly being tested:
lcheder is maamad Har Sinai requests to do this in other Do the messages we broadcast
and kabbalas haTorah. The child yishuvim. To me it was a tangible jive with our behavior? Or, if we
wears new clothes, as it says, expression of the idea of our want to put it positively, when
and they should wash their children will be our guarantors. the atmosphere in the home is
garments, and the repeating one of niggunim, of simcha,

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farbrengens, mivtzaim, a warm and kalla). Nowadays there are his son, lest he make him hate
and loving relationship with one plenty of books and lectures and davening, neither view is correct.
another, guests in the home, openness about the subject and Chinuch must be individualized
helping people, etc. - then the it is highly recommended that and a parent must know his son
makif, i.e., the environment, people avail themselves of them. better than anyone else, knowing
has an influence. By the way, based on what his good qualities and what
We have no idea how deep the the Rebbe said that the entire he lacks, his abilities and his
daily influence is, on us and our generation is worthy, for even limitations, and based on that, to
family. Its the daily chitchat that tshuva has been done by be mechanech him.
creates the atmosphere and this everyone (because there is no There are times that parents
is what children absorb. There one who has not had a thought have to raise their children with
is no lack of what to talk about of tshuva), and what is lacking a Chabad chinuch that they
(not necessarily at the Shabbos is lacking on a personal level themselves did not receive. They
table), starting with the news and does not affect the collective need more guidance before
and politics in a way of poking tshuva of the generation, so making important decisions
fun at this or that, to discussing too, with the children being our regarding their child so as not to
problems big and small in a guarantors, even if things are be extreme in any way.

In any case, another
We have no idea how deep the daily influence is important point, especially in
on our family. Its the daily chitchat that creates our generation (aside from
demanding of ourselves and
the atmosphere and this is what children absorb. There is being a role model) is to talk to
no lack of what to talk about, starting with the news and a child on his level. This doesnt
mean that the mechanech or
politics in a way of poking fun at this or that, to discussing parent needs to become the
problems big and small in a negative and derogatory childs friend, but when the
child gets explanations based on
tone. We need to be aware that the atmosphere in the analogies from his own world
home will be influenced by the subjects of interest that about why he needs to behave
a certain way or stop other
become part of the daily discourse. behavior, in a loving way, and is
not just told, Dont do that, its
not allowed! then the chinuch
will stick.
negative and derogatory tone. lacking here and there, it is a lack This is not to negate firmness
But we need to be aware that on a personal level which does and a severe look when needed,
the atmosphere in the home will not take away from the guarantee but along with the severity, the
be influenced by the subjects of of the children for the fulfillment child needs explanations from his
interest that become part of the of Torah and mitzvos. own world.
daily discourse. Of course, in
addition to the influence of the R Pizem: The traditional wish for
home, there is also the chinuch Shavuos is kabbalas haTorah
Its a complicated question
in school and in the environment, bsimcha ubpnimiyus. How
which doesnt have a clear
but when each one does his part, can we get a child who does
answer since, with chinuch, there
Hashem helps so that together mitzvos but is lacking simcha
are no clear rules that apply to
they should produce only good to do mitzvos not out of fear
all. You cannot state categorically
results. of punishment or love of nosh,
what suits whom and from what
No couple gets a parenting but with chayus, simcha and
age to focus on this or that. To
degree before having children. taanug?
take an extreme example, a father
Even when learning about family of a three year old who will force R Pizem: First, we should be
life, until children are born, it his son to sit next to him for happy, as the Rebbe says, since
is all theoretical (just like its the entire davening, versus the we have the best reason in the
difficult to discuss things like parent who is afraid to pressure world to be happy, namely, that
shalom bayis with a chassan the Geula is about to happen.

38 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 38 2017-05-23 8:51:23 AM

Chassidishe stories, and have
some refreshments and lots of
warmth, then all barriers come
R Friedman:
This is the job of parents
and teachers. When teaching
something, look for ways to
convey it in the most interesting
way, with visuals, with pictures,
etc. There is so much available
nowadays in books, and even
3D exhibits, about the Beis
HaMikdash, the keilim and the
avoda that was done. You need
to search to find that which will
make learning joyful.
Aside from that, you simply
need to be happy. Joy over our
being Jews who keep Torah
and mitzvos, joy that we are
connected to the Rebbe. If our
Rabbi Pizem Rabbi Cheruti lives are truly illuminated by
Chassidus (as in the Rebbes
blessing, an everlasting
edifice on the foundations of
We need to state that simply, broadness in which every talmid
Torah and mitzvos as they are
and when we live it, there is the can find a place to shine, even
illuminated with the light-source
rule that words of truth are if learning is not his favorite
of Torah which is the teachings
recognizable, and the nature of activity. The derech of Torah
of Chassidus), if we get that
joy and a happy person is to draw and mitzvos are interesting
Chassidus is not only nice
in the people around them. When and varied, there are mivtzaim
explanations and amazing depth,
everything, even the most minor, and programs, farbrengens
but contains the goal of all of
is connected to the Rebbe and and niggunim, Chassidishe
creation the true and complete
the belief and anticipation for his stories, etc. In our school, even
Geula, this outlook gives a
hisgalus, no wonder Torah and students who are not top of the
person another perspective on
mitzvos look altogether different. class academically, organize
life, with the goal, which we are
Second, we have Chassidus shiurim in inyanei Moshiach and
about to achieve, right in front of
that explains why to serve Geula during recess or do other
us, and no wonder that we would
Hashem with joy, the sichos private initiatives in yeshiva, like
be happy, and no wonder that
and maamarim and letters of the organizing campaigns for the
people close to us will catch the
Rebbe, and the Dvar Malchus, study of Chitas and Rambam.
happiness from us.
that bring chayus and simcha And experience has shown that a
student who was particular about R Cheruti:
and taanug to every mitzva
and holiday. All this pertains to a certain inyan of the Rebbe, even It should be stressed that
children too, and when a parent though he wasnt learning much along with using the latest
and teacher will adapt the ideas or did not have other Chassidishe technology to illustrate what we
to the students level of intellect behaviors, will eventually reveal want to teach, we should not
and understanding, invariably his pnimius. forget that we are talking about
his performance of Torah and And above all else are holy neshamos, and anything that
mitzvos will change radically. Chassidishe farbrengens (which is taught needs to be conveyed
pertain especially to the family with words from the heart; it
Third, boruch Hashem, in
unit), when you sit together cant just be a story.
Chabad, there is a tremendous
and sing niggunim and tell To be continued im yirtze Hashem

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The high expectations from our new friend in the Oval
Office have begun to dissipate like dust in the wind. The
great excitement over a president who isnt interested in
the Middle East has been replaced by a heavy sense of
concern. It turns out that theres a price for indecisiveness.
Granted, Donald Trump is no Barack Obama not by a
longshot. Yet, it seems that like his predecessors, he also
has grandiose dreams of walking on the White House
lawn to accept a Nobel Peace Prize. Instead of a United
States embassy in Yerushalayim, we have the darkening
clouds of a peace process.
By Sholom Ber Crombie
Translated by Michoel Leib Dobry

rime Minister Binyamin has his own strategy. He relies of eight long years. This was the
Netanyahu is a Jew with upon previous experience from reason for releasing terrorists
plenty of merits. With the governments of Ehud Barak with Jewish blood on their hands,
his gifted and talented and Ehud Olmert, who offered who subsequently resumed their
oratory, he manages to explain the Arabs virtually everything, murderous activities against
his position with Jewish pride yet the Arabs refused to accept. innocent Jews. And this is why
before the whole world. He is also From his viewpoint, this is the the status of Yerushalayim as
the only Israeli politician who has reason for constantly asking the capital of the Jewish People
received international praise for his for direct negotiations with the is being systematically eroded.
skillful arguments, not for pro-Arab Arabs, thereby proving that they According to Netanyahu, the
positions or serving the agenda dont want peace and exposing strategy is to manage the
of our enemies. On more than their true colors. The problem conflict, for in this conflict, he
one occasion he was the one who is that this tactic has come at who fails to speak clearly quickly
managed to shatter the myth that a very heavy price. This was loses the battle.
you can only win public adulation the reason for placing a freeze But now the prime minister
if you prostrate before the Gentiles. on all construction projects is faced with a new and harsh
However, the prime minister throughout Yehuda, Shomron, reality. The high expectations
and Yerushalayim over a period

40 1 Sivan 5777

1069_bm_eng.indd 40 2017-05-23 8:51:24 AM

from our new friend in the Oval the exact number of apartments that Quarter is hardly negligible, but
Office have begun to dissipate survived the construction freeze in to this day, there is no organized
like dust in the wind. The great Yerushalayim. policy program for implementing
excitement over a president who However, this just represents Jewish sovereignty in all parts of the
isnt interested in the Middle East the statistics easiest to swallow. It city. In most cases, when they speak
has been replaced by a heavy sense turns out that in the Yerushalayim about Jewish construction in East
of concern. It turns out that theres neighborhoods liberated during the Jerusalem, they are referring to the
a price for vacillation. Granted, Six Day War, the past five years neighborhoods of Pisgat Zeev, Givat
Donald Trump is no Barack Obama have seen the construction of only Zeev, Ramot, and Ramat Shlomo,
not by a longshot. Yet, it seems 639 apartments! This is despite located in the heart of Yerushalayim,
that like his predecessors, he also has the fact that these neighborhoods adjacent to the Old City. No
grandiose dreams of walking on the include areas that are an integral and one would even dream of Jewish
White House lawn to accept a Nobel inseparable part of Yerushalayim, construction in the real eastern part
Peace Prize. Instead of a United e.g., Ramot, Ramat Shlomo, of Yerushalayim.
States embassy in Yerushalayim, Givat Zeev, and Pisgat Zeev. During the Obama
we have the darkening clouds of Together with Har Choma a Administration, Netanyahu managed
another peace process, and who young neighborhood still in its most to keep all building projects in
knows where it might lead? Even the important years of development Yerushalayim under the radar scope,
commitment that enraptured millions only 700-1,000 housing units have and virtually no one said a word
of Jewish hearts worldwide moving been built. about it. Yet, while he continues
the United States embassy to the According to a revealing study to speak before the world about a
true capital of our homeland has made by the Jerusalem Institute united Yerushalayim, in practical
begun to dissolve due to ambivalent for Policy Research, since the terms, the prime minister restricts
and contradictory statements by reunification of Yerushalayim, construction in the Holy City as its
Administration officials. the capital citys Arab population future remains questionable and its
One can only imagine what has increased in size twice as much status as the capital of the Jewish
would happen if instead of indecision as its Jewish population. It turns People becomes less secure.
and weakness, the prime ministers out that when the prime ministers For his part, the prime minister
office would issue a clear and ringing office declared that there would be claimed that he had a variety of
statement, explaining that there is no building in Yerushalayim, this reasons for placing a freeze on
no longer a need to march along didnt just refer to Sheikh Jarrah construction in Yerushalayim from
this path again and again, leading they meant the entire city. You his efforts to enlist the United States
to thousands of Jewish casualties. couldnt add on even one meter in in an attack against Iran to bringing
In short, while the prime minister the old neighborhoods, as every inch the chairman of the Palestinian
may have achieved tactical victory, in the residential buildings was taken Authority back to the negotiating
his strategy has been an exercise in up. Such cramped living conditions table. However, the painful truth hits
failure. would be intolerable anywhere us like a slap in the face time after
else in the world. The only way to time.
A CITY DIVIDED absorb more Jewish residents in
AGAINST ITSELF Yerushalayim would be to expand DEMOCRACY?
the new neighborhoods, except that
With incredibly symbolic timing, Jews are not permitted to build there. The one person who consistently
a report was publicized last week Therefore, why should it come as cried out over Yerushalayim was the
revealing the number of homes built such a surprise that we are gradually Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach. When
in Yerushalayim beyond the Green losing Yerushalayim? prominent nationalist policymakers
Line. It turns out that less than seven were leading the struggle over Sinai
When people talk about the
thousand housing units have been and Sebastia, the Rebbe was already
unification of Yerushalayim,
constructed in western Yerushalayim talking about Yerushalayim. Even
you have to remember that from
over the past five years. Seven then, half a century ago, the Rebbe
the worlds standpoint, most of
thousand apartments for a city with saw what is taking place today: the
Yerushalayim is still occupied
a rate of growth like Yerushalayim problem is not just Elon Moreh and
territory with its status yet to
and a demand for tens of thousands Kedumim, rather its the lack of
be determined. Furthermore, the
of housing units is an absurd joke. To desire to apply sovereign authority
number of Jews living in the Jewish
be precise, there were 6,750 this is in Yerushalayim. In a sicha from

Issue 1069 41

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the 13th of Tishrei 5740, the Rebbe and now they have publicized that mistake, and when a law is written in
noted the difficulties created by for twelve years straight, there has the Shulchan Aruch, we must fulfill
the terrible discrimination existing been a law there that created such it.
in Yerushalayim with Jews being discrimination. And G-d made a The claim I do not know G-d
prevented from living and building distinction between Israel and Egypt this is a country of civil laws, not
freely throughout the city, while this refers to the good aspect. a country of halacha, etc. Thus,
Arab control grew stronger: However, Jews with free choice when he says, I do not know,
They dont permit Jews to live who compelled [others] for twelve this is not true even for Pharaoh,
in the Old City of Yerushalayim and straight years - this is the opposite and it surely does not change the
they block Jews from living in the of good. What is allowed for Arabs reality. And regarding Jews, they
Holy City of Chevron. Some years is not allowed for Jews; and if a Jew slander themselves when they say,
ago, when they made a tumult that did as the Arabs he was punished I do not know G-d for a Jew is
they knew that there are Jews who using the Jewish police and other familiar with G-d, knows G-d, and
arent interested that the Old City agencies! is connected to G-d, as Chassidus
of Yerushalayim should have the Now this has been revealed! explains, yadati (I know) means
same Jewish rules and regulations I cried that many years ago, there hiskashrus (connection), and as the
as other cities in Israel, they made was a situation where according to Rambam rules in practical halacha.
Yerushalayim into a separate region existing law there was discrimination Then, they finally will be stopped;
where the Arab laws prevail, unlike between Israel and the nations they (the Arabs) refuse, since they
where the legal authorities prevail, but to the opposite extreme, and continually make demands (as
as in Tel Aviv, Chadera, New we learn this from Pharaoh, king they say, and they thereby fulfill
Yerushalayim, and anywhere else. of Egypt! They chase after Egypt what they say) two hundred, four
And who compelled this the Jews! and then even learn from them. hundred, eight hundred. They want
They told me that no such law exists! However, Pharaoh himself said that everything.
They gave us the stinking fish, they should know not to make his

Continued from page 35 that frees the owner from and-blood fellowman; a warning
manner is concisely stated by preventingorlah theft is that the against taking from this particular
theTanna (Mishnaic sage) Rabbi situation is only a potential threat tree might well cause the thief to
Gamliel,Halitehu lrasha veyamus. by an anonymous transgressor, and take from a non-orlahtree and
This halacha demands even so, the would-be thief would commit a greater transgression. In
explanation, says the Chavos Yair already be sinning (by stealing), and addition, by stealing, the offender
(17thcenturyposek), since it does the preventative measures would is indicating that warnings against
not seem to jive with other halachos merely averta second crime. But lesseraveirossuch asorlahwould be
that call for love, accountabilityor in any situation where a person has fruitless, exempting the owner from
at the least rebukeof the failings of prior knowledge of another specific making an effort to prevent it.
our Jewish brethren. Jews intent to sin, and it is possible However, it is pointed out that
to prevent it, they are, in fact, the crook in this case is termed
The Chavos Yair, among
required to take action. arasha (a wicked person), who
otherposkim, offers elucidation
on the particular circumstances of The Rambam (Rabbi Moshe willfully and regularly transgresses.
stolenorlah that place it outside ben Maimon, 12thcentury) in his Otherwise, all the mitzvos of
the purview of normal communal Mishnaic commentary clarifies preventing a fellow Jew from
responsibility demanded by the Rabbi Gamliels statement: Since transgressing apply, as explained
Torah: we are speaking exclusively the thief is transgressing a much above.
of a passive association with greateraveira(sin) ofgezel(theft), One Minute Halacha is
others wrongdoingrefraining we are less concerned with the a succinct daily presentation
from marking the forbidden fruit. comparatively lesser prohibition on practical and contemporary
However, in situations which involve oforlah. Others further explain Halacha in video, audio, and text
active participation in anothers sin, that by stealingorlah, the thief is formats, and can be accessed by
we are forbidden from tripping up consuming holy produce, but not phone at 718.989.9599, by email,
another. actually committing the offense of halacha2go@gmail.com, or by
withholding property from a flesh- WhatsApp 347.456.5665.
Another possible argument

42 1 Sivan 5777

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DEAR JOUR NAL By Zalman Ben-Nun

notebooks. Geula.
Tov lee, tov lee, Toras picha,
malfei zahav vchosef sang the The big day arrived and the I took a stool and climbed
girls in class as they faced the eyes of the girls moved from up carefully and took the
impressive exhibit they built: the exhibit to the teacher who sfarim down from the shelf.
the Luchos HaBris covered with held a pile of colorful notebooks. After reading the sicha, I
shiny gold paper on which were I read the notebooks with saw that I did not understand
written the Aseres HaDibros in great interest, and I must say I it too well.
shiny silver. was so moved! said the teacher My brother Shmuli told me
Over the past week, the in amazement. that Tzivos Hashem published a
girls were busy learning and After much thought, I chose special book, Dvar Malchus for
preparing for the Shavuos one journal to be the winner youth, and he was willing to
holiday that was fast and now I will read it, exactly lend it to me from his personal
approaching. Over many days the way the girl wrote it. library.
they build the exhibit, learned The girls sat in tense silence, I read the sicha carefully
Midrashim and Maamarei and suddenly felt that I got
waiting to hear what she would
Chazal, and solved riddles and read and then guessing who it. It was all clear to me. I will
puzzles about the holiday. wrote it. tell you a secret, dear Journal,
The highlight was the
Dear Journal, I am very although most of my friends
assignment the teache r gave know it. I am not such a quiet
excited since this is the first
them at the beginning of the girl, and the truth is, Im really
time I am writing in you, but I
week: not at all. You might even call
am sure that slowly, we will get
As Shavuos approaches, me mischievous and very lively.
to know one another and I will
you need to find some aspect be able to trust you and tell you You probably wonder
of the Yom Tov that you feel what the problem is with
my story.
connected to. Put it in writing that. The answer is that my
The truth is that the
in a special journal and submit nature interferes a lot with my
minute the teacher announced
it at the end of the week. I learning. For examp le, when
the contest, I had no idea it had
would be especially pleased if the teacher teaches us certain
anything to do with me. To find
someone connects it to the important things, I get up and
some aspect of Shavuos that is
special time we are now in, start walking around.
connected to me? How? What
when we are already living can a simple girl learn from And thats just the
with Moshiach and anticipating the holiday of Shavuos? And to beginning! (I hope you are not
his revelation any minute now. connect it with Moshiach too? angry with me, you are just a
The teachers announcement It was that last thought journal, after all ). When I am
ignited the girls imagination. bored, I throw paper airplanes
that gave me a little idea. In
During the week, a competitive at my friends, pass notes, and
the bookcase in our living room,
atmosphere could be felt in the there is a set of Dvar Malchus
classroom. One girl decorated with sichos that the Rebbe Dear Journal, if you
her journal with beautiful said in the years 5751-5752, thought the problem is only
pastels while another glued that are about our world being that I make trouble, you are
in pretty pictures connected ready for Moshiach and how almost right. The real problem
with the Yom Tov, but the big everything is connected to the is that this nature of mine
secret was what was inside the

Issue 1069 43

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Post Seminary Academy
For Chabad Girls
does not allow me to concentrate on really
important things. I dont listen to what the
teacher is teaching, I dont know how to answer
the questions, and I lose out so much. I think you PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND
understand, and its really a problem. CHASSIDIC STUDIES
Now I will explain to you what I saw in the
Rebbes sicha. The Rebbe says that when the Torah Graduate program in Nigleh and Chassidus.
was given, something very special happened. Internalize acquired knowledge into life skills.
The world entered a state of menucha rest. Reach your highest potential in Avodas Hashem.
When Hashem created the world, He made it
conditional. If the Jewish people accept the
Torah, said Hashem, then I will continue to keep LEADERSHIP AND SHLICHUS TRAINING
the world going, but if the Jewish people do not
want to accept the Torah, I have no need for you Learn the principles and gain hands-on
and I will destroy the world. experience in non-profit leadership; strategic
You probably realize that the world was planning, fundraising, budgeting, programming,
nervous, the fish in the sea, the creepy-crawlies marketing, event planning, teaching and more...
on land, the stars in the sky and all of creation
waited with bated breath for the giving of the
Torah. And when the time came, the holiday of
Shavuos when the Jewish people accepted the
Torah, the world rejoiced greatly and there was Become a certified Life coach, Graphic
menucha. Designer, Sheitel Macher or Makeup Artist.
The Rebbe also explains in a sicha that we will
have true menucha in Yemos HaMoshiach, and
the most amazing thing was to see that the Rebbe Accreditation available
explains why menucha is needed altogether. To
my surprise, it was exactly what I wrote to you, PERKS:
because when there is no menucha, you cannot Student visas for foreign students
concentrate on the really important things. So On-site shared apartments
when Moshiach comes, there will be menucha
Shidduchim Services
and we will able to focus on the spirituality that
will be in the world, on the new Torah ideas that
Shabbatons, Shabbos meals.
Moshiach will say, and in short, on that which is
truly important.
Do you know what I did? I did not waste time. No need anymore to leave the
I made a hachlata to try and internalize what I
Chabad world and education system
learned, to try to achieve a state of menucha.
The next day in class was the first day for me to pursue higher learning and career
to try it out. I tried with all my might and, as I training.
thought, I understood the lessons better; I enjoyed
playing with my friends, and I started using my
strengths for really important things. This exciting new academy is
I am so happy with this assignment our opening in Crown Heights in the fall.
teacher gave us, and I thank you, my dear
Journal, for listening to me so nicely. See you next
time! Registration beginning now!
The teacher stopped reading and the looks of
amazement on the girls faces expressed what they
were thinking. Without a doubt, this was the most
moving journal entry and the most important. Website: www.michleletchana.com
Email: info@michleletchana.org
Tel: 718 735 4044

B"H. 1 Sivan 5777

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