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Dear Raghavendra devotees,

I am N.Sairam from Bangalore. I am very glad to share this 'Sri Raghavendra

Swami Pooja' details with all of you in this blog as per the requests from our blog
members . You can do this pooja if you want to have immediate solutions for
all your problems in your life or want to fulfill your golden dreams. The
procedure of doing pooja is as simple as our regular customed pooja, but we should
be so clean. Remember either you can do this pooja for '3 continuous days', If it
is not possible, then you

can do this pooja for six Thursdays and the ending of pooja should be done on 7th
Thursday. By sincerely and fully following this Viradham for 3 continous days or for 7
thursdays, you can clearly see a positive way in your life. Have full faith while
doing this pooja and you can surely experience the presence of Rayaru with you.

NOTE: [Please follow these rules very strictly in order to get your pooja

a) Remember though the best days to worship Sri Raghavendrar is on Thursdays,

you can start this pooja on any good day and hence no need to wait for Thursday to
start the pooja.

b) Males should wear Dhothi(white color) and no shirt/banian should be worn while
doing the pooja. Females should wear saree.

c) If you are starting pooja say on Thursday morning, Make sure that you wash (just
soak it in water) your clothes (wearing for pooja ) on the previous day night
(wednesday) and make it dry on a seperate cloth line where the pooja related
clothes only should be dried.

d) Don't use bed or pillows for all the pooja days. Sleep on the floor covered with
any clean clothes or mat.

e) Wake up early in the morning around 5 am to do the pooja.

f) Don't watch television or any entertaining programme as this would

deviate your attention.

g) If possible, have fasting in the morning. Those who can't have fasting, they can
have fruits and milk as their food.

h) Don't eat non-veg items if you are non-vegetarian.

i) Think of Raghavendra as much as possible during these pooja days. Avoid

unwanted chatting and keep silence as much as possible.

The procedure of the pooja is as follows:

a) First, make the place of the pooja very clean. Then, apply kolam (or) Rangoli in
the cleaned place. Then, place a small manai (a small wooden stand) and clean the
manai and also apply kolam on the manai.

b) In the manai, using turmeric as the main, place him as the first god, Vinayagar
and smear thilagam on him.Hence don't forget to place ganesh on the manai. Pray
to Ganesh that your pooja should be completed without any hurdles and all your
wishes to be fulfilled.

c) On the top of the Manai, place Sri Raghavendra's photo. The photo showed be
cleaned and should be applied along with Sandalwood and kumkum. Then tie
Thulasi garland and other flowers on the photo.

d) Place a Vilakku (light) on either side of the manai. If possible, apply some ghee to
the oil in that light.

e) Keep the manai in the center of your pooja room. The reason behind this is to
come around the Swami for doing prathakshanaam.

f) Collect good fruits, coconut, beetle leaves, etc and place it in front of the manai.

g) Do Archana first for Vinayagar and offer him with fruits, coconuts etc. This same
fruits and coconuts should not be offered for Sri Raghavendrar, use separate fruits
for him.

h) Now, we have made the set up of the place, where the Vilakku is placed in front
of Sri Raghavendra's photo. Place these two in a place, where we can do the
pradhakshanam (come around).

i) Before starting the pooja, make our minds clear and control them and we
should ask our wish full heartedly. Sit in front of the photo, and show Dhoopam
(sticks) and offer him with Neivedhyam. (Food)

j) Take about 2 (or) 3 thulasi leaves and close them in our inner hands and
do Pradhakshanam around the photo and Vilakku.

k) We should make 11 Pradhakshanams and while doing so, tell this mantra.
"Poojyaya Sri Raghavendraya
Sathya Dharma Radhayacha
Bhajatham Kalpavrukshaya Namatham
Sri Kamadhenuvae"

NOTE: Chant this sloka for as many times you can say while doing Pradhakshanam,
but minimum, we should chant for 11 times (1 time for 1 pradhakshanam).

k) After finishing 11 pradhakshanams, spread the Thulasi in our hand on Sri

Raghavendrar and pray towards him. Finally do the "Sashtanga Namaskaram"
towards him and finish the pooja. It is wise if we take one time food in the noon and
eat a cup of milk along with some fruits in the night.

l) Follow this same procedure of doing the pooja for '3 continous days' or 7
Thursdays and on the last day of your pooja, you can dedicate payasam, coconut
mixed with jaggery (A special item for this pooja) and some more special offerings
towards him. During the days of Viradham, do not sleep in bed; you can sleep in
ordinary floor by applying mat on it.

NOTE: DOn't be worried if you don't find Thulasi leaves in your location. Take
samaanthi flower for doing this if you don't have.

By sincerely and fully following this Viradham for these mentioned days, you can
clearly see a positive way in your life. NOTE: If you do the above pooja with pure
devotion, I can assure you that Rayaru will definitely fulfill all your wishes. I am
100% sure about this.

I have mentioned the above pooja details based on my experience and if you find
anything missing or anything wrongly mentioned, kindly let me know so that I can
rectify my mistakes.

All the best.

'Jaya Jaya Raghavendra jaya Guru Raghavendra'