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The Eagles Nest

Cleaning up the

Sidney Gardiner
Dr. Gaydos
April 10th, 2016

Statement of Purpose
This September, The Eagles Nest has been a great success, although certain items
have profited us more than others. I am writing this report to give my opinion on
which Items we should order less and more of, including our best sellers, largest
profit, and least popular items.

Summary of Results
In total, this month we have purchased $211.84 worth of items and have sold
$409.00 worth of items, therefore we have profited a total $368.30. Our total gross
margin is 48%.

Detailed Results
This month we have profited $197.16 from the Eagles Nest, although certain
items sold better than others. In terms of product type, we have sold
$162.50 and purchased $66.05 worth of food products, and profited a total of
$96.45. We have sold $246.50 and purchased $100.71 worth of School
Supplies. Although we made more money off of school supplies, the gross
margin percentage was better for food, meaning we profited more efficiently.

If we dig deeper into each item individually, when looking at the pie graph
titled Gross Margin (%), we see that we have profited most efficiently from
Erasers (85%) and pencils (80%). We have sold $27.00 and purchased $4.05
worth of erasers, profiting $22.95. Although this is not a huge profit, it is a
very easy and efficient profit. Pencils on the other hand, have only given us a
profit of $1.20, which is not very useful although, September is a month
where everyone just got new school supplies, and soon people will need

The 2 products that we profited from least efficiently would be Chapstick and
USBs. We had purchased $29.92 and sold $40.00 worth of chapstick,
profiting a small total of $9.08. We purchased $46.62 and sold $60.00 worth
of USB sticks, resulting in a profit of $13.38. We did not sell enough of these
products to make a great profit.

In reference to the graph, which is comparing Cost to Sales, giving us total

profit, we can tell that we are making the most money from Paper and Mars
Bars. Our largest profit was from Paper at $53.10, and then Mars Bars at
$50.25. Our least profitable items would be Pencils ($1.20) and Bananas
($4.40). All other items were very similar and gave us a fine profit and gross

In conclusion, it was a very successful month for the Eagles Nest, and we
profited with all Items. I believe our revenue will only continue to grow. Both
Food and School Supplies Sections did very well.