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Vipul Prajapati

week 3
Ethical analysis using ACS Code of Professional Conduct
Scenario (used also in Q&A week 2)
Max owns a small consulting business, MaxConsulting. The CyberStuff
company plans to acquire a new Web-site hosting system. It has hired Max to
evaluate bids from several software developers and to recommend a bid for
acceptance by CyberStuff. Max's wife works for NetWorksx, one of the bidding
software developers, and has written the bid that Networksx has submitted. Max
read his wife's bid before it was submitted and thinks it is excellent, but is not
sure whether he should tell CyberStuff about his connection with one of the
bidding companies.
(adapted from Baase,S. 2003. "A Gift of Fire", 2nd ed. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.)

Review your description of the dilemma and summary of relevant facts from
topic 2
In approximately 250-300 words:

i. Analyse the dilemma using the ACS Code of Professional Conduct;

Being an IT professional, there are ACS code of conduct to

follow that will help and analyse situation to make
appropriate decision in ethical charged situation. The ACS
codes of conducts are as followed:
The primacy of the public interests
The enhancements of quality of life
Professional development

By following the codes of conduct Max must have to be

certain about the Bid, if he select from his wifes company
that it fulfil the requirements of his company. He must
consider the codes of conduct to serve his company by best
possible solution. He would not let his feelings drive his
decision if there are other better bids available from
different companies.
By following codes of conduct he would be dilemma; that he
must be honest and professional when it is needed for him
to inform his company about his connection to one of the bid

ii. Recommend to Max an ethical response on the basis of your

Vipul Prajapati
week 3
It is strongly recommended to Max, that as long as he is
evaluating the bids without any bias or involvement of his
feelings, further he thinks that, the bid from his wifes
company suits the best to his companys requirement.
He can procced further with the careful consideration of all
the needs whether technically or economically satisfactory
On the other hand, if the bid fails to satisfy requirement of
his company, he would than consider the codes of conduct to
serve his company with due care and he must reject the bid
explaining his wife with reasons of rejection and should
continue his work with other bids.

iii. Compare the recommendation made this week with the

recommendation based on an integrated approach.
With this approach one should always be careful in regards
of consequences raised by their decisions. Following the ACS
codes of conduct, he must have to put the interest of public
and other values above his own feelings or appreciation.
Rather he would be serving his company by best possible
way without any biased decision that might affect
companys reputation or revenue as well as his own to
prevent further damage.
It is concluded that integrated approach might drive
decision process according personal preference but with
ACS codes of conduct you are always bound or required to
make decision In favour of publics interest by that mean
that is always profitable to company.