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MX -15


WESCAMs MX-15. Fully Digital. High Definition.

A Multi-Sensor, Multi-Spectral Imaging System
in a single LRU configuration.

Ideal for: Medium-Altitude; Covert ISR, SAR missions, Homeland Security

Airborne Installations: Aerostat, Fixed-Wing, Rotary-Wing, UAV


True HD Cameras Lowlight Spotter TV and Laser Illuminator
Superior imaging resolution from EO and 24/7 EO Imaging
IR cameras Long-range subject ID (ship names, vehicles,
2 mega-pixel EO zoom and spotter cameras faces) in very low-light conditions
True HD Digital Imaging 2
2-3x superior resolution over IR & I technology
- No image degradation due to compression Available Spotter or Zoom Lens Product Enhancements:
Spotter focal length increased 50% for improved
Image Blending range performance
Multi-spectral imaging blends matched Improved visibility through haze, fog & other
images from multiple sensors - uncovering
Increased Spotter Focal Length
environmental obstacles
greater detail in each frame Image Blending
Reduces operator burden and improves Multiple Laser Payloads
surveillance efficiency Long Range Target Illumination, Laser Pointing
and Range-Finding
Enhanced Local Area Processing: (ELAP):
Real-time image enhancement for EO Day, MX-GEO Gen.3 Software Suite
EO Night & IR enhances contrast Achieves highest target location accuracy
Increases stand-off range AVGT marries Video and GEO-Tracking to provide
Improves feature detection & recognition robust target tracking MX-15 1080p EON
High performance haze penetration
Provides up to 4x electronic zoom MX-Series Commonality
Common operator interfaces and hand
Solid-State IMU-Inside Technology controllers (HCLs)
All sensors share highest level of stabilization - ease & familiarity of use
No calibration required for LRU swapout - simplified interchangeability
Auto align to aircraft - efficiencies in support & technology MX-15 EO+IR Image Blending
Meets the needs of new & legacy platforms MX-20 / MX-20D
through multiple Digital & Analog output formats See our products in action on
Simultaneous digital & analog outputs Search:
MX-15i Product Video
MX-15 MX-10
Integrated Electronics MX-Series Product Video
Installed weight reduced by up to 50lbs/22kg
Eliminates 1 LRU MX-10D
Reduced install and support costs MX-15D


WESCAMs EO/IR/Laser Systems

wescam.com Previous Description, MX-15HDi

Sensor Options for Thermal Imager Sensor Options for MX-Day/Night Spotter MX-15 Turret
100 lbs (all sensors) 15.5(D) x 18.95(H)
Sensor #1a - Standard Definition Thermal Imager: Sensor #4a - Lowlight Spotter TV: Power
Type: 3-5m staring array (Used in conjunction with Sensor 3a) MIL-STD-704E,
Fields of View: 26.7, 5.4, 1.1, 0.36 720p & 1080p Camera Type: Charged Multiplied CCD (Mono) MX-15HDi - 280W (Avg), 900W (Max)
Fields of View: 0.29 1080p - 2x Ezoom Available
or 0.29 720p - 3x Ezoom Available Hand Controller Unit (HCU)
2.2 lbs, 4.25(W) x 8.97(L) x 3(D)
Sensor #1b - High Definition Thermal Imager: Sensor #4b - Lowlight Spotter TV: 3.5W (Avg.); 5W (Max.)
Type: 3-5m staring array (Used in conjunction with Sensor 3b) Cables
Fields of View: 35.5, 9.4, 1.9, 1.2 720p & 1080p Camera Type: Charged Multiplied CCD (Mono) Consult factory for available variants
Fields of View: 0.44 1080p - 2x Ezoom Available
Sensor #2 - Daylight Continuous Zoom TV: 0.44 720p - 3x Ezoom Available
MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, RTCA/DO-160
Type: 2 Megapixel Color HD
Fields of View: 2.8 to 40.5 - 1080p Sensor #5 - Laser Rangefinder (LRF)1:
1.8 to 27.7 - 720p Laser Type: Eyesafe
Line-of-sight Stabilization
Wavelength: 1.54m
Typically <5 radians
Sensor Options for Daylight Spotter Pulse Rate: 12 pulses/min.
Consult factory for performance under specific
Range: 20km
vibration conditions.
Sensor #3a - Daylight Spotter TV: Range Resolution: 5m
Camera Type: 2 Megapixel Color HD Stabilization and Steering
Fields of View: 0.37 1080p Sensor #6 - Laser Illuminator (LI)2: (2) Axis Inner (pitch/yaw)
0.24 720p Laser Type: Diode - (ANSI Class 4) (2) Axis Outer (azimuth/elevation)
Focal Length: 1500mm Wavelength: 860nm Vibration Isolation
Modes: Continuous, Pulsed (6) degree-of-freedom passive isolation
or Beam Power: 350mW or 700mW
AZ/EL Slew Rate: 0-60/sec
Beam Divergence: Wide, Narrow, Ultra Narrow
Sensor #3b - Daylight Spotter TV: LOS Pan Range: Continuous 360
Camera Type: 2 Megapixel Color HD Note: LOS Tilt Range: +90 to -120
Fields of View: 0.55 1080p All FOVs are for Digital outputs: Consult factory for FOVs for
0.37 720p Analog Outputs.
Focal Length: 1000mm 5 independent analog and digital output video channels.
Digital channel options are 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 525i, 625i
Note: Hand Controller Interface
For sensor options 1-3: Up to 4x Ezoom available.
Interface WESCAM MX-15 MCU Interfaces:
Options RF
Moving Map Interface GPS Data Interface
RS-422 Serial Remote Control INS Data Interface
Radar Interface Searchlight Interface
MIL STD 1553B Interface Microwave Interface
GPS Time Sync Interface Metadata
Displays &
Moving Map
Performance Enhancement:
Operator Control Unit & Joystick GEO-Pointing
Autotracker (AVT) Embedded GPS Embedded
Moving Map system

Controller: Microwave Equipment:

Search Light WESCAM MX-15 MX Mission Grip MX-POD, Digital Transmitter
Diversity Rx

Mission Computer Antenna

Equipment described herein may require Canadian and/or U.S. Government authorization for export purposes.
Diversion contrary to Canadian and/or U.S. law is prohibited.

1 2 WESCAM has a policy of continuous product improvement.

Consult factory for
specific environmental Specification are therefore subject to change without notice.
Inquiries: 1 800 668 4355
and target conditions sales.wescam@l-3com.com
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