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Differences between perception and

Maham Ahsan
CMS# MS-EM 19146

Perception is the belief of a person or group, based on how they see and
interpret the environment. It is the process of choosing, organizing and
interpreting information to understand the world around us. In addition, it is
a complex way by which people select information from the environment,
interpret and translate it to appropriate a value that will lead to a model of
behavior or thought of that particular person. Factors influencing perception
include the attitude of the perceiver, interests, experience, thoughts and
expectations along with the attributes of the goal and the situation around.
For example, when a student seeks entry to a university, he or she has some
ideas about the university, developed by collecting some information that
may or may not be a reality. Similarly, adolescents perceive algebra as a
boring and pointless topic, but adults with more experience understand that
strong mathematical skills are very important in a wide variety of areas.

The English word "prophecy" in the sense of "the function of the prophet"
appeared in Europe from around 1225, from the old French profecie (12th
century) and from the Late Latin prophetia, the Greek prophetia "gift of
interpretation of God's will." In the sense of the word, the word "Prophecy"
means "prediction or prediction of what is to come. The term" self-fulfilling
prophecy "was introduced by Robert Merton in 1948. He believed that
people's false expectations could come true or create their own reality,
forcing other people to change their behavior to meet and fulfill initial

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