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1. Adatum Corporation 2. Fabrikam Inc. 3. General Business Consultants (GBC) 4. Hiabuv Toys 5. Proseware Corporation 6.

Trey Research
1.1. Which two Adatum Corporation business factors should influence 2.1. Which goal is accomplished as a direct result of an upgrade to 3.1. You must decide how your Active Directory design will be 4.1. You must decide how your active Directory design will be 5.1. You must decide how your Active Directory design will be 6.1. Which upgrade plan should you use for Trey Research?
your Active Directory naming strategy? Windows 2000 Active Directory? affected by the factors that influence the business strategies of affected by the factors that influence Hiabuv Toys business affected by the factors that influence the business strategies of - Create a root domain. Upgrade the two account domains to
-Possible sale of Adatum Corporation name. - Increased control and increased capability to standardize General Business Consultants. Move each business factor to the strategies. Move each business factor to the Active Directory ProseWare Corporation. Move each business factor to the Windows 2000, upgrade the resource domains, and then
-(Expected rate of growth) applications and computer configurations throughout the appropriate component in your Active Directory design. design component that it most influences. (Use all business appropriate component in your Active Directory design. (Use all consolidate the resource domains into the account
-Organizational Unit hierarchy. company. - A1- B4- C3- D4- E2- F5 factors. Use business factors only once. ) business factors. Use each only once) domains.
A. Each resort must have independent control. = 1. Forests A1 (separate web presence) A5 = Availability of IW shares from the corporate customer
1.2. Which Adatum Corporation business factor necessitates a 2.2. The database administrator for the human resources department B. Resort administrative control is divided among five departments. = 4. Ous 6.2. You need to design the group policy hierarchy that should be
C. All member logon requests must avoid using the WAN line. = 3. Number of domains B4 (Separate issue for future replication, to be taken over by domains <-> Explicit trust relationships
multiple domain Active Directory design? attempts to upgrade the SAP application that will integrate with applied to a user in the human resources department for
D. It must be easy to move a member's user object from one resort to another resort. = 4. Ous Toronto) B4 = Classification of information workers into occupational
- Need for differing security policies. Active Directory and add new classes. The installation fails. E. Directory replication cannot be scheduled during times of peak usage. = 2. Sites technical staff at the Boston research facility. In which order
C3 (separate GPOs can be assigned with domains) roles and administration of IWs by ProseWare Corporation
- Regional control of security What is the most likely cause of this failure? F. There are many employee positions at each resort. = 5. Security Group membership should you apply the Group Policy objects (GPOs)?
D4 (delegation) employees <-> OU structure
- The administrator trying to install the application is not in - Boston site GPO, domain GPO, Boston OU GPO, human
1.3. You are designing Adatum Corporation's OU hierarchy. Which 3.2. How should you design the domain and forest structure for the E2 (will be part of HIABEU, replication-sites more important) C3 = Domain structure <-> Unique authentication
the Schema Administrators group. A. Hiabuv Toys is acquiring Wide World Importers = 1. Forest design resources GPO.
business factors should have the most influence on your design? members? (Members = GBC not resort employees and must be requirements of IWs
B. The Montreal office will be permanently closed = 4. Organization Unit design
2.3. How should you design the sites and site links for Fabrikam, independent of the resorts)(Members log on to one big GBC C. The European offices will operate independently of the North American offices. = 3. Domain D2 = Existing WAN connectivity and utilization rates <-> Site 6.3. How should you implement the administration of group policy?
- Departments Inc.? Choose one of the following five answer choices.) domain) Design Structure (Select all that apply)
- Create one site each for Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix. - Use the generalbusinessconsultants.com for the forest D. IT support tasks will be performed at the North American and European technical support E4 = Division of ProseWare Corporation into departments <- - Enable departmental administrators at each location to edit
1.4. Datum Corporation is considering using the domain names listed centers. = 4. Organization Unit
Create IP site links between Atlanta and Dallas and between root and a single domain. E. Manufacturing facilities are being built in Germany= 2. Site Design > OU structure GPOs that apply to their departmental OUs.
below in a design that uses only the default Windows 2000
Dallas and Phoenix. Between Atlanta and Dallas and NOTE: Replace comments with actual business obj. etc F1 = Schema modification policy <-> Forest structure - Enable domain administrators to create Group Policy
Trusts. Identify the Kerberos referral path that is traversed when 3.3. Which General Business Consultants business need or needs
between Dallas and Phoenix, schedule the links to replicate objects to link GPOs to sites, domains, and organizational
a user in newyork.west.Adatum.com accesses resources located should you implement by using GPOs? (Choose all that apply) 4.2. Engineering users want to be able to continue to administer their 5.2. How many forests and domains should you create for
from 2:00 A.M., Dallas local time. units, and to edit site-level and domain-level GPOs.
in sydney.east.Adatum.com Move the appropriate domain names - Configure the desktop settings for the resort employees. own resources after the Windows 2000 implementation. What ProseWare Corporation? A. Enable domain administrators to create GPOs to link GPOs to domains and sites and to edit domain
to the trust path list and arrange them in correct order. (Use only 2.4. Which upgrade path should you use for Fabrikam, Inc.? - Updating the software on the kiosks. should you do to enable this goal? - One forest and three domains. level and site level GPO. Enable department administrator at each location to link and edit GPOs that
domain names that apply.) - Upgrade the Dallas account domain. Use this domain as apply to their departmental OU.
3.4. Resort employees must be able to update member records. - Create a separate OU for the engineering department. 5.3. How many sites should you create for ProseWare Corporation? D. Enable domain administrators to create link and edit domain level GPOs. Each depart administrator at
- NewYork.West.Adatum.com the root domain. Separately upgrade the three Windows NT Locate this OU in the North America domain. Grant the each location to link and edit site level and departmental OU level GPOs.
Which trust relationship should you configure between the -4
- West.Adatum.com 4.0 resource domains to Windows 2000. Consolidate these engineering department complete administrative control of
member domain and each resort domain? 6.4. You must decide how many domains to create for Trey
- Adatum.com three domains into one domain. its OU. Move computer and user objects into the OU. 5.4. Which ProseWare Corporation planned upgrade will require you
- One-Way trust, where member trusts resort. Research. What is the most important factor that you should
- East.Adatum.com to modify the schema?
2.5. How many domains should Fabrikam, Inc. have at the end of the 4.3. You must integrate Europe and North America in AD. What consider when deciding whether to create more than one
- Sydney.East.Adatum.com 3.5. You must implement DNS services for one of the resorts which - Microsoft Exchange 5.5 will be upgraded to 2000.
upgrade project? should you do? (Referring to HIABNA and HIABEU) domain?
set or sets of steps should you perform? (Choose all that apply)
1.5. There is a one-to-one relationship between sites and locations. A - One domain for the entire company. - Create one forest for Hiabuv Toys. Create one domain for 5.5. Which task(s) must you perform to implement the required - The requirement that different companies have different
- Install Microsoft DNS server on two servers, configure a
domain is associated with only one location. Additionally, Europe and one domain for North America. Windows 2000 design for ProseWare Corporation? (There are account lockout policies.
2.6. Which Windows 2000 site design should you implement for sub-domain of the resort's Internet domain.
Adatum.com and west.Adatum.com will be managed in the New eleven answer choices, choose all that apply
Fabrikam Inc.? - Install Microsoft DNS server on two servers. Use these 4.4. After the Montreal office is permanently closed, how many sites 6.5. You upgrade the Trey Research client computers and domain
York location. How should you design the server services at the - Create two explicit one-way trust relationships. Configure
- Continue using the existing WAN lines. Create one site servers for the generalbusinessconsultants.com zone that should you use for the hiabuvtoys.com domain tree? controllers to Windows 2000 as planned. You must now choose
New York location? these trusts so that the ProseWare Corporation IW domain
each for Dallas, Atlanta, and Phoenix. is integrated (i.e. members.gbc) into AD sau Migrate the resorts - 14 the locations for the server services. Move each service to the
- One schema operations master. trusts a domain in each of the two corporate customer
top-level domain to Microsoft DNS server appropriate location or locations. (Use all the server services.
- One domain naming master. 2.7. How should you design DNS to support Windows 2000 for 4.5. Which server roles should you implement for Hiabuv Toys? forests.
- Six domain controllers. Fabrikam, Inc.? 3.6. You need to design a DNS, domain, and forest structure that - Create sites and Intersite replication schedules for NY, You might need to reuse server services)
- One-schema operations master, one domain-naming
- Two global catalog servers. - Install Microsoft DNS server on Windows 2000 computers, meets the internal needs of the resorts. What should you do? Atlanta, and Los Angeles. - Washington, D.C.: RID master, schema operations master,
master, two RID master, two PDC emulator, one
- Three PDC emulators. and integrate DNS into Active Directory. - Create a DNS zone named AD as a sub-domain of the - Install domain controllers in NY, Atlanta, and LA. Infrastructure operation master, domain naming master,
infrastructure operations master.
resort's existing Internet domain name. Assign this domain - Configure DNS and Global Catalog services in NY, Atlanta, PDC emulator, global catalog, DNS.
1.6. Datum Corporation decides to enter into a joint venture with one 2.8. Where should you locate the server services for Windows 2000? 4.6. After the Windows 2000 implementation is complete, which - Boston: DNS, GC.
name to the Active Directory forest root. and LA.
of the vendors. This venture will result in the creation of a third - In Dallas, locate a schema operations master, a domain domain name or names should you use in the internal DNS for - San Francisco: global catalog, PDC emulator, RID master,
- (Integrate DNS into Active Directory.)
company that will require its own Internet presence. System naming master, an infrastructure operations master, a RID 3.7. You must decide how many Windows 2000 Server computers Hiabuv Toys? (Choose all that apply) infrastructure operations master, DNS.
- Move the infrastructure operations master that is on the
administration duties for the new company will be shared equally master, a PDC emulator, and a global catalog. Locate one you need to host the domain controllers and global catalog - Europe.hiabuvtoys.com domain controller to a domain controller that is not hosting 6.6. You need to grant permissions to a set of resources that are
by Adatum Corporation and vendor. Adatum Corporation and global catalog in Atlanta and one global catalog in Phoenix. servers for phase 1 of the General Business Consultants - Northamerica.hiabuvtoys.com a global catalog. managed on three domain controllers in the Washington D.C.
vender currently have separate Active Directory forests. Which implementation plan. What is the minimum number of servers
2.9. You want to implement Windows 2000 to minimize the impact of 4.7. Which factor or factors should you consider when designing the - Request that ProseWare Corporation file share objects be facility. You need to grant these permissions to users at all
modifications should you make to Active Directory to support the that you should use?
replication on WAN traffic for Fabrikam, Inc. What should you domain naming strategy for Hiabuv Toys? (Choose all that apply) added to the corporate customers' global catalogs.NOTE: facilities. What should you do?
joint venture requirements? - 27
do? Some dumps show I as incorrect. - Create a domain local group in the local domain, and grant
- Create a new forest for the new company. Assign
- Use IP site links for replication. Optimize the replication 3.8. You need to choose the top-level OU that will support a resort's - The company wants to implement separate security this group access to the resources. Create one global group
appropriate trusts between Adatum Corporation's forest and 5.6. You need to migrate ProseWare Corporation's existing Windows
schedule. internal business requirements. Which top-level OU should you policies for Europe and North America. in the appropriate domain or domains,users who need
the new forest. NT domains into Active Directory. Move the tasks needed to
use? - The company wants to have an Internet presence. access to the resources. Add the global groups to domain
2.10. You need to create a design that will allow you to grant achieve this goal to the migration plan, and arrange them in the
1.7. A proposed design for Adatum Corporation is shown below: San - Departments local group.
permissions to a set of resources that are on three servers in the 4.8. You must decide whether to place Europe in AD as a domain or correct order.***(Use only tasks that apply)***
Jose Site New York Site sj1 west.Adatum.com ny1
Dallas office. You need to grant these permissions to users 3.9. How many forests should you create for phase 1 of the General as an OU. Which factor should most influence your decision? D - Upgrade the PW_Master PDC to Win2k, creating a Win2k 6.7. Which change must you make to DNS to prepare for the
west.Adatum.com sj2 west.Adatum.com ny2 west.Adatum.com
throughout the entire company after the upgrade. What should Business Consultants implementation plan? - The current and proposed IT administrative structures and domain all employee user accounts. Attach this domain to implementation of Windows 2000?
sj3 west.Adatum.com ny3 west.Adatum.comThe servers are
you do? -7 security policies in Europe. the root domain. - Provide DNS services that will support SRV records.
named SJ1, SJ2, SJ3 and NY1, NY2 and NY3. SJ3 and NY3 are
- Create a domain local group in the domain in which the E - Upgrade the Win NT 4 resource domain PDC to Win2k,
bridgehead servers. You want to create a new user on NY1. You 3.10. You are deciding how you should support the requirements of the 4.9. You must design the site topology for Hiabuv Toys. Which factor 6.8. How should you implement DNS naming strategy for Trey
resources exist and grant this group access to the designating each as a child domain of the employee
must identify the steps for default replication of that user to every General Business Consultants members, resort employees, and or factors should have the most influence on your design? Research?
resources. Create one global group for the domain or domain. Create new OUs in the employee domain. Move the
domain controller in the New York and San Jose sites. Given this resort departments. You need to decide which technologies are (Choose all that apply) - Upgrade the existing DNS infrastructure. Use three
domains, and add the members who need to gain access to computer security groups and other security groups into
proposed design, move the replication steps needed to achieve the most appropriate to meet the requirements of each group. - Number of locations. domains named treyresearch.com, corp.treyresearch.com,
the resources. Add the global groups to the domain local the new OUs. Decommission the child domains.
this goal to the list of steps and arrange them in correct order. Move each technology to the most appropriate group. (Use all - Available WAN bandwidth. and parnelli-aerospace.treyresearch.com.
group. B - Upgrade all of the BDCs of each NT 4 domain to Win2k
(Choose only replication steps that apply.) technologies. Use each technology only once) - (Cost of bandwidth) domain controllers. 6.9. How should you design the DNS for Trey Research?
- Create the user. 2.11. How should you design the implementation of Group Policy for - Resort Employees = intrasite replication
4.10. What should you do to prepare for the transfer of employees NOTE: They must be in this order (D E B) - Upgrade the existing UNIX DNS service. On this service,
- NY1 notifies its replication partner or partners. the Fabrikam, Inc., sales department (Choose one of the - Members = Intersite Replication + Unique schema
- NY2 and NY3 begin pull replication from NY1. following five answer choices.) - Resort Departments = Delegated Administrative Rights from the Montreal office to the Toronto office? 5.7. Which step or steps should you take to design the DNS structure configure the zones required for Windows 2000.
- SJ3 begins to pull replication from NY3. - Create domain-level Group Policy objects (GPOs) for - Create separate OUs for Montreal and Toronto. Move the and the AD domains. (Choose all that apply)
3.11. You need to configure replication for General Business Users account to the Toronto OU when the Montreal OU is
- (NY3 sends data to SJ3) company-wide policies. Set sales-specific policies in the - Create a forest root named corp.proseware.com
Consultants. Which two steps should you take? (Choose Two) removed.
- SJ3 notifies its replication partner or partners. top-level sales organizational unit (OU). Use site-level - Create a subzone for any necessary child domains of the
- Set the interval to 180 minutes. Set the schedule to 1:00
- SJ1 and SJ2 begin pull replication from SJ3. GPOs to set location-specific policies as necessary. 4.11. Which strategy should you use to integrate WorldWideImporters corp.proseware.com tree.
A.M. to 6:00 A.M. local time at each resort.
2.12. What is the most critical decision you have to make before you - Create Intrasite links on the member domain controllers with Hiabuv? 5.8. Which requirement should affect your domain migration
implement your Active Directory? that are located at each resort and at the San Jose IT center. - Create a forest for Highabovetoys.com. Create a second strategy?
- The name of the first domain. forest for WorldwideImporters.com - Maintaining employee accounts and passwords.
3.12. You must decide how many forests General Business
2.13. Which is the most important step if you upgrade Fabrikam Inc. to Consultants should use. Which business or technical factor or 5.9. What should you use as a top-level OU for Proseware Corp?
Windows 2000? factors should influence your decision? (Choose all that apply) - Business administration, Human resources, Information
- Make the OU structure - Each resort will want to be able to add applications that technology, Marketing and Consulting.
might uniquely change the Directory schema of its internal
operating domain.
- It will not be necessary for employees of one resort to
access information about employees of another resort.
- The resorts do not want General Business Consultants or
any other resort to have any authority to change user
permissions for their employees.