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Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC ) 2014


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C SE C Industrial Technology Free Resources


C SE C Industrial Technology Syllabus Extract 4

C S E C Industrial Technology Syllabus 5

C S E C Industrial Technology: Building Technology

Specimen Papers:
Paper 01 Option I 143
Paper 01 Option II 155
Paper 02 Option I 165
Paper 02 Option II 169

C S E C Industrial Technology: Building Technology

Mark Schemes:
Paper 01 Option I 175
Paper 01 Option II 176
Paper 02 Option I 177
Paper 02 Option II 188

C S E C Industrial Technology: Building Technology

Subject Reports:
2010 Subject Report 205
2010 Subject Report 228
2011 Subject Report 251
2013 Subject Report 270
2013 Subject Report 287

C S E C Industrial Technology: Electrical and

Electronic Technology Subject Reports:
2007 Subject Report 306
2009 Subject Report 313
2010 Subject Report 321
2011 Subject Report 326
2013 Subject Report 340
C SE C Industrial Technology: Mechanical
Engineering Technology Specimen Papers:
Paper 01 355
Paper 02 365

C SE C Industrial Technology: Mechanical

Engineering Technology Mark Schemes:
Paper 01 372
Paper 02 373

C SE C Industrial Technology: Mechanical

Engineering Technology Subject Reports:
2005 Subject Report 381
2006 Subject Report 390
2007 Subject Report 399
2008 Subject Report 409
2009 Subject Report 417
2010 Subject Report 427
2011 Subject Report 437
Industrial Technology

The Industrial Technology syllabuses are a qualitative response by the Caribbean

Examinations Council to the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
needs which are relevant to manufacturing and industrialisation in the Caribbean
Region. The cognitive, psychomotor and affective outcomes aimed for in the syllabuses
are geared at equipping students with a solid technical foundation for life-long learning
and to enable the students to matriculate seamlessly into entry-level occupations in a
wide variety of careers and post-secondary institutions. Candidates who successfully
complete the CSEC examinations in the Industrial Technology programmes will be
awarded two sets of certificates: the CSEC Technical Proficiency and a CVQ Unit award.

The Industrial Technology syllabuses comprise one Compulsory Core and three Options,
organised in sections.

The Core is made up of the following sections:

Section 1 Fundamentals of Industry

Section 2 Design Principles and Processes
Section 3 Information Communications and Graphic Technologies

Each Option provides the foundation competencies relevant to industrial transformation

and development in the Caribbean. The options are listed below.

Section 1 Electrical and Electronic Technology

Section 2 Mechanical Engineering Technology
Section 3 Building and Furniture Technology