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Maybe I can sit with young man to work on this.


1. Your decision to step down as MEC to concentrate on role as leader of the

ancyl may be
called strange by some. What was in your mind?
Some may call it jumping from the frying into the fire, but it was not a
decision I hesitated to
take, nor one that I have regretted from day one. Our youth are our
future, so we need to
focus our energies on getting our fullest potential from our youth. I will
use ANCYL and any
other vehicle to drive opportunities for our youth. 2016 must be the year
of black economic
emancipation .

2. You talk about delivering for the youth, but I am confused by how this fits
in with your
criticism of the #feesmustfall campaign.
We really should not confuse the two. Unfortunately for us, we have many
people trying to hijack
campaigns for sinister purposes and my only concern is that your young people
should not be misled
by anyone. The Anc has committed to ensuring that those who are unable to
afford fees should be
taken care of. However, our programme to get there needs to be carefully
thought through to
ensure that it remains sustainable, not just a battle cry around elections as some
parties often do. I
am particularly concerned about how well the campaign is funded which
suggests to me some
sinister forces are at work.

3. Are you not just making reckless statements

I have called on the security agencies to look into it. That cannot be
reckless. To ignore the possibilities would be reckless when we can clearly
see that South Africa has become a bit of a battleground for foreign
interests. I have also been somewhat concerned that what was supposed
to be a campaign has taken on the form of a movement.

4. You have accused Barclays and Goldman Sachs of destabilising South Africas
economy. What evidence do you have?

We do not make such bold statements lightly. In fact I have closed my Absa bank
account because I believes it is contributing to the decline in the value of the rand. We
can't continue to support people who have no interest in South Africa. International banks
are targeting BRICS countries because they are a "threat to their agenda".
The ANCYL and you appointments has raised eyebrows around your relationship with
the so-called Premier League. Are you a proxy for the Premier League?

There is one leader who has made me who I am, and his name is Supra

Mahumapelo, the Premier of the North West. If you want to call him Premier
League, it is fine, but he has made me who I am politically.

Unfortunately, in the world of politics there are other things I cannot talk to you
about, which he [Mahumapelo] and I have gone through, and it is through him
that I was able to hold on and be who I am today. So I will always respect that

5. The media has been reporting about an anti-Gupta revolt within the ANC.
What is your view on this?

South Africas political miracle of 1994 happened in isolation without the

economic emancipation of our people happening at the same time. When
I look around me the economy is captured captured by the same people
who controlled the economy before 1994. Today, we may have political
freedom, but economically we are still in chains. I hold no brief for the
Guptas, but I am celebrating how they have entered areas previously
closed to anyone other than the pre-94 controllers of our economy. Today,
we have a progressive newspaper and tv channel thanks to their
investment. I have been there to be interviewed and I have been
impressed by the number of young African people employed there. Our
country needs job creation and it looks like they are doing it.

6. So what about this issue of Ministers and SOE CeoS being captured.

I am yet to find any evidence of this. But in any case, if you allow yourself
to be captured, then you have no role to play as a leader. There is no
doubt that there are lots of vested interest around our government and
our broader society. We clearly need to be careful, but I worry when we
single out one family, and seem to forget to look around us at the other
vested interests and their impact on us.

9. Ff
12. It has been reported that you allegedly shoved a roll of R200 notes down the breasts of a
Power FM female journalist. What happened there?

It is a story without any facts. I did not bribe any journalist. In fact, I dont even know this
person so
I categorically deny trying to bribe the journalist, carrying cash or even talking to any
of the journalists at the venue.