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Siemens Ltd.
Power Transmission & Distribution
Systems Division
Vacuum Circuit-Breaker Switchgear
Kalwa works :
Thane Belapur Road
Type 8BK88 PLUS, upto 12kV, Air Insulated
Thane - 400 601
Tel.: +91 2762 3544
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Medium-Voltage Switchgear

Product development is a continuous process. Consequently the data indicated in this booklet is subject to change without prior notice.
For latest issue contact our Sales Office. www.siemens.com/energy

Siemens Ltd.
8BK88PLUS Air insulated Metal-clad Switchgear 3AH0 Vacuum Circuit Breaker
with Vacuum Circuit Breaker on withdrawable truck The right choice for varied tasks

l Single busbar air insulated
Salient features:
l No separate maintenance
l Wound primary/Torroidal CTs.
PACE Construction:
l Light weight and compact
Advantages of vacuum
over other interrupting

metal-clad switchgear. trolley required. l Withdrawble/fixed type PTs

CT G EAR vacuum circuit breaker media: l The vacuum circuit breaker

l Circuit breaker mounted on l Safe and easy truck in cable chamber. consisting of three l Highest dielectric strength has no effect on the
withdrawable truck. movement behind closed encapsulated vacuum over a small contact gap. environment during and

l Simple and rugged shutter cubicle door. interrupter poles and a l Constant low contact after the switching
mechanism. l Separately padlockable Fully type tested including
internal arc fault test.
V drive mechanism housing resistance. operations.
l Encapsulated feeder shutter for bus and cable which forms a sturdy base l Fastest recovery strength.

connections. side fixed contacts. Belongs to 8BK8 series for poles. l Lowest arc energy

l Automatic dropping ramp with all safety features. l Operating mechanism is of dissipation.
Standards: for facilitating truck stored energy type and l Lowest drive energy

l IS 3427 and IS 12729. removal. suitable for auto reclosing requirements.

l IEC 62271-100 duty. It can be manual/ l Minimum contact erosion.

IEC 62271-200 Sectional side view Front view electrical as desired. l No fire hazards or

l Fully integrated contact explosion risk.

Personnel safety: arms with tulip type l VCB has least number of

l All switching operations contacts. moving parts and hence

performed with breaker highest reliability.
compartment door closed. Standards:
850 IS 13118.
l Earthed metallic partitions 850 l Freedom from
and shutters prevent l IEC 62271-100. maintenance:
contact with live parts. l Maintenance free with new

l Individual high voltage * * Salient features: generation imported

l Conforms to IS/IEC vacuum interrupters.
compartment tested for
Internal arc fault. standards and is fully type l The gear box is sealed and
tested. lubricated for life.
650 l Simple and compact
Tolerance to environment: l Free from chain snapping

l Full metallic enclosure design. problem of conventional

l Totally restrike free.
ensures high resistance to operating drive
ingress and interference l Suitable for rapid mechanism.
under all operating autoreclosing duty.
conditions. 1250 l Highly reliable operation.
l Suitable for all

850 l High switching capability.

l Matching drive and

interrupter characteristics.
l All type tests carried out

with VCB mounted inside

the panel.

660 690 600

*20 mm only for end panel including end cover.

(Dimensions not to scale).

Technical Data: Technical Data:

Rated voltage 12kV Rated voltage (frequency 50Hz) 12 kV

Rated frequency 50 Hz Rated current upto 1600 A
Rated short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage 28 kV* Rated power frequency withstand voltage (RMS) 1 min 28 kV*
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage 75 kV Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage (peak) 1.2/50 microsec. 75 kV
Rated short-time withstand current,3 s 26.3 kA Rated short circuit Breaking current (RMS) 26.3 kA
Rated peak withstand current at 50 Hz 66 kAp Rated short time current (RMS) withstand (3 sec.) 26.3 kA
Rated short-circuit breaking current 26.3 kA Rated short Circuit Making current (peak) 66 kA
Rated short-circuit making current at 50 Hz 66 kAp
Rated normal current of busbar 2000 A
Rated normal current of feeders
- with circuit-breaker 1450 A

Maximum values indicated.

*LV chamber / panel height variable as per number of equipments to be mounted.