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Committee: Security Council

Question of: Foreign Terrorist Fighter

Submitted By: United Kingdom
Co-Submitted By:


Reaffirming that terrorism in all forms constitutes one of the most serious threats
to international peace and security and any acts of terrorism are criminal and
unjustifiable regardless of their motivations,

Alarmed by the increasing number of foreign terrorist fighters concentrating in

the Middle East conflict area,

Concerned that foreign terrorist fighters increase the intensity and duration of
conflicts, and also may pose threats to their Nation of origin, the States they
transit and the States to which they travel. And noting that the threat of foreign
terrorist fighters may affect all regions and Member States, even those far from
conflict zones, and expressing grave concern that foreign terrorist fighters are
using their extremist ideology to promote terrorism,

Expressing concerns that foreign terrorist fighters enhance the mobility of

terrorist groups and the spread of promotion of terrorism,

Deeply concerned by the increasing amount of recruitment of Foreign Terrorist

Fighters in Member States, and are joining entities such as the Islamic State in
Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and other cells, affiliates, splinter groups or derivatives
of Al-Qaida,

Emphasizing that terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any
nationality, religion and political stance,

Recognizing the importance of international cooperation and any measures

taken by Member States to eliminate and prevent terrorism must comply with the
Charter of the United Nations,

Calling upon States to ensure, in conformity with international law, in particular

international human rights law and international refugee law, that refugee status
is not abused by the perpetrators, organizers or facilitators of terrorist acts,
including by foreign terrorist fighters,

Emphasising further the need for Member States to combat terrorists acts and
threats to international security in accordance with international law,

Gravely alarmed by the execution of journalists and other foreign nationals,

Acknowledging the efforts made by Member States in aiding refugees displaced

by the conflict in Iraq and Syria,
Determined to find a peaceful resolution to foreign terrorist fighters in a timely

1. Condemns the violent extremism and the commission of terrorist acts by

foreign terrorist fighters, and demands that all foreign terrorist fighters disarm and
cease all terrorist acts and participation in armed conflict;

2. Demands the immediate cessation of violence, persecution, indiscriminate

killings and all other actions by ISIS, and the immediate disbandment of the

3. Strongly recommends that Member states, under the strict scrutiny of the UN
Security Council, and comply fully with international law, to implement measures
against Foreign Terrorist Fighters, including but not limited to:
a. Airstrikes, including, but not limited to,
i) the use of unmanned aerial vehicles,
ii) the use of missiles against military targets,
iii) the use of guided bombs,
b. Military Blockades;

4. Requests the assistance of the respective governments and military forces of

all Nations in conflict zone, with measures including but not limited to:
a. the provision of military aid,
b. the provision of expert military personnel to advise respective military
forces in combating the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters;

5. Requests that Member States aid and assist in the provision of humanitarian
aid to displaced refugees outside of conflict areas, and to vulnerable groups
within, with aid including but not limited to:
a. essential supplies including but not limited to:
i) food,
ii) water,
iii) medical supplies,

b. humanitarian aid personnel including but not limited to

i) aid workers
ii) doctors
c. the construction of semi-permanent facilities to accommodate displaced

6. Urges all Member States, in accordance with domestic and international law, to
intensify and accelerate the exchange of operational information regarding
actions or movements of terrorists or terrorist networks, including foreign terrorist
fighters, especially with their States of residence or nationality,

7. Demands the sanctioning of all known members, collaborators, associated

organisations and member states supporting foreign terrorists fighter groups, with
measures including but not limited to:
a. the seizure of all assets,
b. the prohibition of all transactions,
c. general economic sanctions;
8. Demands the prohibition of the transfer of weapons, food, and other resources
to foreign terrorists fighters and related groups;

10. Recommends the increase of security within borders to ensure terminate

transportation of foreign terrorist fighters
a) increase security checks for those who fly and to Syria, Iraq or other
conflict areas,
b) those who dont have a good or acceptable reason for going to Syria
and Iraq or other conflict areas ,
i) should be further screened,
ii) treated as a potential terrorist after the further screening;

11. Decides to remain actively seized on the matter.