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Level 4 Midterm Grammar Review

Verb Tense Review

Present simple/continuous, Present Perfect simple/continuous, Past simple, Past

1. She _was not__ (not be) home when I called her this morning.
2. I _have been looking for____ (look for) you all morning! Where are you?!
3. I _love____ (love) cookies. I eat them all the time.
4. He ___has gone___ (go) to many places in his life, like Thailand, Canada, and
5. After 15 minutes, I noticed that Mom __had left___ (leave) and I was alone in the
6. I cant talk to you right now because I _am painting______ (paint) the house.

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Adjective clauses
Combine the sentences with an adjective clause.

1. a. Ecuador is a nice place.

b. It has many volcanoes.
Ecuador, which has many volcanoes, is nice place

2. a. Steph is an English teacher.

b. She speaks 5 languages.
Steph, who speaks 5 languages, is an English teacher

3. a. The countries have many problems.

b. They are in Asia.
The countries, that are in Asia, have mny problems

4. a. The boy is quiet.

b. His parents are lawyers
The boy, whose parents are lawyers, is quiet.
5. a. Tara is a tennis player.
b. I have known her since we were kids.
Tara, who I have know her since we were kids, is a tennis player.

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Passive Voice
Write the sentences in passive voice.
1. Edgar Allen Poe wrote The Raven.
The Raven was written by Edgar
2. They have developed new technology for testing medicine.
New technology was been developed by them.
3. Many people consider Clinton to be the only good choice for president.
Clinton is considered to be the only good choice for president by many people.
4. Did Columbus discover the Americas?
Were Americas discovered by Columbus?
5. Tom should learn Chinese.
Chinese should be learned by Tom
Write the sentences in active voice.
1. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, Portugal, and some other countries.
Brazil, Portugal, and some other countries speak Portuguese.
2. Where was the Titanic discovered?
Where did they discover Titanic?
3. The old car was bought by my cousin, Paul.
My cousin, Paul bought the old car
4. Seat belts must be worn by everyone in the car.
Everyone in the car must wear seat.
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Noun Clauses

Change the question into a noun clause.

1. Where is Mark?
Does anyone know where mark

2. Who is calling?
Tell me who is calling_______________________________.

3. What happened to the people?

___What happened to the people is a tragedy.

4. When is the appointment?

Could you tell me ___when the appointment is
Complete the sentences with a noun clause:
1. I cant believe _what he said_________________________________________.
2. _What I heard_______ is terrifying.
3. Does anyone know _where my computer is
4. I dont know ___what time is __________________________________.

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Reported Speech
In reported speech, the tense and some words sometime change. Change the words
to use in reported speech.

here there

this That

these those

can Could

will would

Change the direct quotes into reported speech with a backshift in tense.

1. She said, I am reading.

She said she was reading_____________________________.
2. Josie: I will call Mom.
Josie said _that she would call her mom____________________________________
3. This is confusing, he said.
He said _that it was
4. Where is my umbrella? she asked.
She asked____where her umbrella
5. He asked, What are they doing?
He asked ______what were they
6. Tony: Who is here today?
Tony asked ___who was there today _________Its better no put that next to asked

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