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Construction update MAY 2017

PROJECT BY NUMBERS Drywall finishing and painting will continue on the

concourse level (second).
The press level has 2 coaches rooms, 3 radio rooms,
2 TV broadcast rooms, a press writing area, an audio Storm, sanitary and water piping will continue on the
visual (AV) control room and a press lounge. Highfield St. extension.

The plaza space will have eight trellises on the North Railings and acoustic wall installation will continue in the
side (closest to Main St.) of the skating oval. Each trellis bowl area.
is 5.9m high and 6.2m wide at the top.
Roof flashings will be installed.
There will be approximately 160,000 brick pavers
installed in the plaza area.
Mechanical and electrical work will continue on all levels.
There are approximately 180 people working on the
site daily.
1) The loading dock area is equipped with media truck
connections for use during game or event nights.
Suite level (third) and press level (fourth) walls are 2) Because this is an environmentally reclaimed site there is
being painted and ceilings installed. a vapor mitigation system under the floor slab.

- Club lounge (second level) walls and bulkheads are 3) The ventilation system incorporates a dehumidification
being installed and finished. system to control humidity in the building throughout
every season.
- Ice rink slab has been poured.

- Wall and floor tile are being installed in the concourse

washrooms (second level).

- Handrails continue to be installed in the bowl area.

- Preparation work is continuing on the main entrance. GENERAL INFORMATION

This work will allow for the installation of composite ABOUT THE DOWNTOWN CENTRE
aluminum panels and exterior tile, which is the final
finish in that area. The projects substantial completion date is
set for July 1, 2018
- The plaza underground detention system piping only
has the south (closest to the railway) end header left to The official opening will be held in
be installed. September 2018

- Handrails are being installed on the exterior patios Total cost of the project is $104 million
(second level). (in 2018 dollars). $91.5 million for facility
acquisition and $12.7 million dollars for
- Concourse concession area (second level) is being land acquisition.
painted and ceilings installed.
The final plaza project is projected to cost
- Ventilation, plumbing and heating, sprinkler and $2.7M ($4.3M - $1M from a benefactor -
electrical trades are installing services in the walls and $629,555 credit from Bird Construction for
ceilings. the original plaza concept = $2.7M).
- The Downtown Centre construction project is
currently on schedule

The plaza underground detention system will be

Foundation work will start for the plaza structures

including the Zamboni room and stage area.

Composite aluminum panels will begin to be installed

Isabelle LeBlanc, Director
on the exterior main entrance walls soffit areas.
Corporate Communications
Ceilings and painting will begin in the club lounge
(second level).
506 853 3592