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Just Entertainment

- Sound & Lights -

Eatontown, NJ 07724

Customer Info: Event Info:

Name:______________________________ Date/Time:___________________________
Address:____________________________ Venue/Address: _______________________
____________________________ _______________________
____________________________ _______________________
Contact Number:_____________________ Number of Guests:____________________
Email: _____________________________ Party Type/Theme:____________________

The DJ for this event will be, _______________________________. The fee for your
event will be $______/hr. The run time for the event will be ______ hour(s). A deposit of
$115.00 is required to reserve this date. The total balance of $_________ is to be paid no
later than at the conclusion of the event.

I understand that the event will begin at the time of _______________and end at the time
of _________________.
I also understand that if the event runs beyond the given end time an additional fee of $25.00
per 30 minutes will be added.
The following terms and conditions apply to this agreement:
Just Entertainment shall have access to the event facility at least two hours before the event to set up
and test equipment.
A table must be provided unless the DJ states that Just Entertainment will provide its own table.
Just Entertainment uses high quality equipment to provide a day/night of fun and entertainment.
The purchaser acknowledges that Just Entertainment may need to use an associate disc jockey as a
substitute for the contracted DJ (written above) should a situation that dictates this arises (e.g.,
emergency, etc.).
The purchaser is responsible for damages resulting from the conduct of all persons attending the event,
including any damage to Just Entertainments equipment.
Cancellation of this contract must be made at least 30 days prior to the event date. A refund of the
deposit will be given. If the purchaser cancels this contract less than 30 days prior to the event date, then
the purchaser must pay a cancellation fee of $150.
The DJ at the event will take requests. A request list can be made at least 15 days prior to the event.
Just Entertainment is a family run and family based company, we will provide you with family friendly
entertainment and fun!

*This contract will be rendered void unless a signed copy of this agreement and the indicated deposit are received within 15
days of the signed date below.

Please return a signed contract with your deposit and keep a copy for your records. Payment may be made in
cash or check. Please make checks payable to Justin Odon (J.E. Owner). Thank you!

Customer: Just Entertainment Representative:

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J ust Entertainment
- Sound & Lights -
238A Eaton Crest Drive
Eatontown, NJ 07724