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Addisyn Poduska

May 30, 2017


Throughout history, men and women have attempted to control contraception. Ancient

civilizations would concoct a mixture of herbs, oils, and feces in belief that it would prevent

pregnancy. Abortion and contraceptives are largely disputed across the nation. The topic has

caused violence and court rulings, and will continue to do so. Women should have the choice to

terminate a pregnancy because it can affect the health of a mother, children can be born with

unsurvivable deficits, and some women may be carrying the child from an unwanted sexual


Childbearing can be very hard on a womans body, and some cant handle the physical

strain that comes with pregnancy. Through the course of history, millions of women endured

failing health and even death from multiple pregnancies and childbirths. (Reproductive Rights

Who Decides?, Wittenstein) Many women have died from pregnancy and delivery and now we

have the technology to diagnose and treat complications. If a pregnancy is going to risk the life

of the mother, we could lose two lives instead of one. An increasing number of pregnant women

have existing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which

significantly raise the risk of complications during pregnancy. (Minn Post, Susan Perry) Perry is

telling us that today, there are more health issues causing more problems during and after

pregnancy. Someones current health can affect the outcome of pregnancy, and can cause death

up to one year after childbirth. Women should have the choice to terminate pregnancy, especially

if they and their unborn fetus are at risk of passing on.

Some children are born with major deficits and unsurvivable illnesses. Stephanie Parra

was told that her unborn daughter would likely not survive outside of the womb, so her doctor

recommended abortion. She refused, Conor Beck wrote. The News Observer reports that Lilly

Parra is being taken off the heart transplant list because she also might have a developmental

disability.(Life News, Beck) Lily is living uncomfortably and in an emotional frenzy, which

couldve been avoided. It wouldnt be fair to give Lily a heart. A child who is developmentally

sound could receive the heart and live a full life, while Lily would not. Abortion of a disabled

fetus can be a compassionate choice made for morally sound reasons, and does not at all conflict

with the respect due to disabled people. The wellbeing of all born persons in a family is

paramount before considering the needs of a fetus. (Rewire News, Sierra) Sierra is saying that

just because one might choose to abort a terminally ill or disabled fetus, that doesnt meant that

they hate disabled people or that they advocate genocide of the disabled population. The

structure of the family comes before the unborn child. Having a child with many requirements

demands the time and money that some dont have to give, especially if both parents are apart of

the working force. It wouldnt be fair to give birth to a child that would be neglected because of

the events in someones life. It is inhumane to keep a child alive who will suffer and be in

insurmountable amounts of pain during their short time.

Women and children around the world are subjects to rape, and many get pregnant from

these encounters. The Paraguayan child sexual assault case attracted international outrage: A

10-year-old girls stepfather allegedly raped and impregnated her, and officials denied her

mothers request for an abortion. (Washington Post, Izadi) This child has already had to go

through so much at a young age, and yet she was forced to deliver her unwanted child. For nine
months she had a constant reminder of what had happened to her, and because she had a

C-section, she will always have a scar.