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Pidato Bahasa Inggris: Education in Indonesia

Asslamualaikum wr. wb.

The honorable ones the principle of SMA Negeri 01 Tanjung, all teachers and administration
staffs of SMA Negeri 01 Tanjung and all my friends from tenth until twelfth grade.

Before I begin to give a speech, I would like to invite you all to thank Allah the Almighty, Who
has given us Mercy and Blessing, so we can meet together in this blessing place. And also lets
deliver sholawat and salam to our prophet Muhammad SAW, Who has brought us from the
darkness to the brightness, so we are always in the right path.

Ladies and gentlemen

It be a great honor for me, to stand right here in front of you all to give a speech about education
under the title "Education in Indonesia" in this National Education Day or HARDIKNAS.

Indonesian is a great country. It has so many natural resources that can be used. It has so many
beautiful palaces that can mesmerize people. It is so beautiful to live here peacefully with
different cultures, languages, and religions. However, why are there still many people who live
under poverty in this country? The only answer to this question is because our human resources
are still low in the term of education.

If you have ever heard about the news about our international education rank, you would be
surprised. As quoted form Education for All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report 2011 which is
published by UNESCO and launched in New York on Sunday, 1/3/2011, our international
education rank is at 69th place from 129 surveyed countries all over the world. This rank is lower
than in 2010.

It opens a question that runs in my head, what happen with our education? Indonesia is a great
country with many talented young generations. It was undoubted again that there are so many
Indonesian students who win the international education Olympiads such as mathematics,
chemical, physics and other. But why our international education rank is still low. So what
happen with with our education?

Ladies and gentlemen

There must be a reason why our human resources and our global rank in education are still low.
One of the reasons is that our education is expensive. For middle up to high class people the cost
of our education is nothing. But for those who live in lower economic class, the cost of our
education is beyond their reach. Many of them even abandon their duty to go to school just
because they have to work to fulfill their needs.

Our government has made a policy recently to overcome the problem in our education. The
policy is increasing national educational budget up to 20% from APBN. This budget later on is
used to make education is reachable for low economic level society; to improve teachers quality
with a program which well known as sertifikasi; and to provide school facilities such as
library, classroom, laboratory, and sport hall.

Ladies and gentlemen

We hope the policy that the government made will make our educational quality better. Of course
as a student, we dont just sit down and relax without doing something. Good or bad the quality
of education of our country also depend us. If we want to change our bad educational paradigm,
lets begin with improving our achievement with studying hard for the sake of our education.

I hope this speech that I deliver today will be useful for you all. Thank you so much for your
attention. The last I say:

Wasalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

English speech about drugs

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

The honorable the school headmaster, teachers, staff, and all the invited guests.

Let us say gratitude to God who has given His mercy and grace so that we are able to be here for
attending a drug counseling program.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The addictive drug is a kind of drug which is often misused and causes a lot of problems on
ones nerves. Drug abusing can cause nerve damage, resulting the addiction, and dependence.
The use of drugs that does not fit to the existing rules is now easily found in many levels of

When the drug is used, then some effects are to be obtained by the users. First, the drug is able to
provide peace to them and makes them unconscious. When used in excess, the drug can even
result in death. Then, it can also lead to stimulation and arousal which will be high on something
so that it is widely used by workers to provide spirit and enthusiasm.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Drugs are not only used by adults, but its abuse has been committed by teenagers. In Indonesia,
we often see a lot of kids who use drugs and they even have been addicted. Of course, the use of
those addictive substances causes wide bad impacts for them. They will experience a change in
behavior, lowering the quality of work, potentially causing crime, and experience health
problems that lead to death.

We as teachers and parents, should prevent this abuse. We can make a variety of programs and
activities such as playing music, exercising, making learning clubs, and other social activities. In
essence, we make a variety of activities aimed at diverting the attention of the students, so they
are not tempted by drugs anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In addition to providing programs that make them do not remember drugs, we are also supposed
to provide moral education and knowledge to them about the dangers of drugs, and various
consequences of the drug abuse.

Let us do a variety of businesses over consistently and never giving up. I am sure, we can
eradicate the drugs abuse in Indonesia.

I think thats all I can say and thank you for your attention.

Wassalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

Examples of a Brief English Speech About
Intercourse and
Assalamualaikum wr. wb

Good Morning

The honorable Mr. Ali Supratman as the headman of Makmur Sejahtera village

The honorable Mr. and Mrs. administrative employees of Makmur Sejahtera village

And all of the audience

First let us thank to Allah SWT who has given grace to us so that we can come here in a healthy
condition. Not forget to convey shalwat and greetings to our prophet Muhammad SAW may we
be given his blessing. Amen. Thanks for the opportunity which is given to me so that I could give
a short speech about promiscuity which is occurred among our youth today.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

According to Dr. Singgih Gunarsa in his book, promiscuity is a broad association between
adolescent indefinitely which is occurred in the community or group. Association that has no
boundaries often led to various kinds of crimes or diversion which is not in accordance with
moral values.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Currently, promiscuity has pervaded in our life. Many teenagers have implemented promiscuity
in their social life. They seemed to have no fear of the negative impact that may result from
promiscuity. To avoid this bad life style, we should know factors that can lead to the promiscuity.
There are several factors that can be trigger to this bad habit namely, the internal factors and
external factors.

The first is external factor. External factor is factor that arises from the outside of teenager itself.
For example: The weak of familys role. Family takes a big responsible for the emergence of
promiscuity because wrong education that is taught in the family will make children doing
promiscuity. The next is environmental factor. Environment also plays a key role in the
emergence of promiscuity. Commonly bad environment will produce bad human and vice versa.

The second is internal factor. Internal factor is factor that comes from teenager itself. Internal
factors include crisis identity and the weak of self-control. Adolescents who experience a crisis
identity will be very easily influenced by promiscuity because they do not know whether their
action is good or not. And then the weak of self-control, the Lack of religious education makes
teens dont have the self-control. They are not educated in religious knowledge so that they are
not afraid of sin.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

From the discussion above, we can conclude some points that could cause promiscuity, namely:

Lack of attention and affection from their parents

Association in a bad environment

Lack of self-control

And the last is crisis identity which is experienced by adolescents.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There are a lot of crime arising from promiscuity such as are free Sex, drug abuse, fighting
between teens and much more. Therefore let us prevent the promiscuity in our family, relatives
or our neighbor. The most important way to avoid promiscuity is to optimize the role of the
family. By creating a good education in the family will make teenagers be better controlled and
avoid promiscuity.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Due to the limited time that I have, I will end this short speech. I hope what I have said can be
used as a lesson for us. The last I say thanks for your attention and coming.

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb
English on the Environment
Assalamu alaikum wr. Wb
Good Afternoon,

Honorable all the juries and the committee of this English speech contest.
First of all, lets thank to Allah SWT who has given us many mercies and blessing so we
can join this program without any troubles. Secondly, I would like to introduce myself.
My name is . I am a student of ..

Well, ladies and gentlemen, in this occasion I would like to tell you about environment.
Environment is everything around us. Environment consists of two main parts which are
biotic and a biotic environment. Biotic environment is everything around us which are
live, for example plants, animals and human beings. While a biotic environment is
everything around us which are not live, for example stone, water, wind, land and etc.
We must protect our environment as good as possible because it can influence our live.
As we know that Indonesia has many tropical forests and it is a source of nature which
can help people live peacefully. So as human being we should preserve the forest.

There are some efforts which should be done by all people:

1. Not cutting down the trees in the forest
2. Planting any kinds of trees in the barren area of the forest

Cutting down the trees in the forest can cause many disasters for human beings. Of
course it can cause flood because the rain water cant be absorbed by the root of plants so
the water flows directly to the ground. There are many damage caused by the flood,
many people being homeless because of flood, the flood kill many kinds of pet, many
factories cant produce anything, transportation cant run well because the bridge is
broken and so on. How horrified the flood is!!

Actually, the disasters above can be minimized if all of human beings can preserve our
environment and we must pay more attention to the environment whenever and
wherever. We must not throw away rubbish anywhere which can disturb the flowing of
the river water. We should plant any kinds of trees in the barren area or in side of the

By doing those simple efforts, it means we have participated in the preservation of our
I think thats all and thank you very much for your attention.
Wassalamu alaikum wr. Wb
English on moral education
Assalamualaikum wr wb

I am very happy because of this chance to stand together with these great people in this podium.
Let us thank God for giving health and valuable opportunity for being here.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Have you ever seen the students smoke? Have you ever seen the students truant? Have you ever
seen the students brawl? And have you ever heard of the students that involved in free sex?

I think all will be say yes. This means that moral attitudes of Indonesian teenagers have turned
away from the values and norms of the real the real Indonesia. Everyone involved in those bad
things are students, the young people who should have the best ethics because they have been
educated through educational institutions.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Why are all the things happen? Before you answer it, I want to express an opinion. In Indonesia,
I see the demand of academic value is so high. When the students get the higher score, parents,
teachers, and all those around the will be more proud of these achievements. It makes us all
forget a really important thing, the moral education.

Students continue to be encouraged for studying hard, but they are not given the opportunity to
build a social life, emotional intelligence, and spiritual. Every day, students are only given
Mathematics, Science, Language education, Physics, and Chemistry. All of those must be learned
and memorized.

Because of too much academic material, students do not get a portion of moral education. As a
result, they are easily tempted to commit immoral acts and even criminality. They understand
that the most important is the score at the end of the test, but not includes attitudes in society.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Of course, we all very disappointed to see the moral of Indonesian students who are increasingly
low and are at the destruction. This should not be allowed to continue and must be addressed
properly. It requires the cooperation of all human parents, educators, and government in order to
create the moral intelligence decreases.

Let us create a learning system that is accompanied by moral exhortation, good behavior, and a
discipline that makes students not only have a high score, but also a good morality.

Do not give up, keep fighting, and be the noble of education

Wassalamuaiakum wr wb.

English About School Environment

Assalamualaikum Wr. wb

Good morning

The honorable Mr. Gunawa Syahputra as the principal

The Honorable al teachers and administrative staff of SMAN 23 Bandar Lampung

And all my beloved friend

First of all, let us say thanks to Allah SWT who always gives us grace and also to the prophet
Muhammad SAW, his family and friends. On this day I will deliver a speech entitled Keeping
the Environment in Schools.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Environment is a place where living things live in this world. In addition human life cannot be
separated from its environment. Therefore, we must keep our environment so that we can live
comfortably in it. To preserve the environment, we must maintain the cleanliness because
cleanliness is a reflection of a healthy environment. Keeping the environment can be started from
small things like, dispose of waste in place, cleaning our homes and much more.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Currently, the awareness to maintain cleanliness of the environment is very concerning. We are
so indifferent to the cleanliness of our environment. That can be seen from our school
environment which is still a lot of trash. Then who is responsible for it all? Cleanliness of our
school environment is not only the responsibility of the schools janitor, but it is responsibility of
everyone who is stay in school such as students, teachers, and also staff at the school. We are all
involved in keeping our school environment. The amount of garbage in our school is because we
are lazy to dispose the trash in its place. We do not know that it would endanger our own health.
The rubbish which is piling up can cause various diseases. For example: dengue disease because
rubbish heap could be the breeding place of dengue mosquitoes.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We as knowledgeable person should feel uncomfortable with the condition of our current school
environment. So through this speech I invite all peoples who are involved in this school get
together to start cleaning up our school environment. There are so many ways that we can do to
clean up our school environment.

The first is we have to get used to disposing the rubbish in its place. Do not be lazy just to take
out the trash. If we had been get used to throwing trash in its place, certainly garbage will not
accumulate in our school any more.

The second is we must optimize the picket duty which had been made. Even if necessary,
students who dont do picket should be punished. Cleaning class every day before class begins
will make us comfortable in learning so that we can more easily understand what the teacher

The last is we have to work together to clean up our school environment by cleaning up each
corner of our school such as, cleaning toilets, school pages, and gutters.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In closing, I would convey a proverb that says Cleanliness is half of faith. Therefore let us keep
our school environment in order to create a comfortable environment.

That is the speech that I can say. I am sorry if there are mistakes in delivering the speech. Thank
you for your attention.

WalbilaihiTaufikWalhidayahWassalamualaikum WW
English About Discipline
Assalamualaikum wr wb,

At the beginning, we have to praise to Allah SWT. By all the gifts He has given, we are able to
be here, to commemorate the national education day.

The honorable Mr. Ardiansyah as the Principal of SMAN 1

The honorable Mr. Ghandi Irawan as the vice principal of SMAN 1
The honorable all the teachers of SMAN 1
and students of SMAN 1 that I love so much

Today, I want to bring a message about discipline. Although many people consider this is a
conventional message, but I feel that discipline is a theme and a message that we must wake it

Ladies and gentlemen

I often see a lot of students who are not discipline. I see they do not wear uniforms neatly, they
do not use attributes such as school tie and black shoes. The warnings that have been given by
teachers, do not make them pay attention. It looks from what I have seen, where every day there
are still many students who break the rules.

Ladies and gentlemen

All of those errors, should not be regarded as a simple thing. It is a mistake that just seem simple,
but it is not like that. If they are used to break some simple rules, then of course they are also
used to break bigger and more spacious rules.

Motorcycle gang that damaging public facilities, doing murder, having a race without
permission, and getting into a fight, I believe that most of them are the boys who used to break
the rules. They are not afraid if doing that in a wider and a larger scale.

In fact, it is possible when corruptors who spend money of this country, are started from a small
violate regulation, that is cheating. Cheating during the exams is an activity taking right from
other people, its the same thing with corruption, but it is done in a tiny scale. Increasingly,
students who cheat will be used to get the a good confession, but thats not based on their own
hard work. Day by day, year by year, if they do not stop cheating they will be more comfortable
to cheat anything, and when they get a position as representatives of the people, they corrupt the

Ladies and gentlemen

I think we do not need to wait longer. It is the time for us to move and to be aware that there are
a lot of chaos in our education system. Let us jointly enforce the rules that we have designed
together. Teachers should not hesitate to give a warning and even expell indiciplinary students
from this school. Assertiveness in enforcing the rules, will make them more dicipline, organized,
and grow better. They will be the next generation that has a good intelligence and good moral.

Ladies and gentlemen

I think thats what I can tell. If I had a mistake, I apologize.

Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.