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Helps on attaining and maintaining sexual purity

in the MIND and ACT.



Praises on the book:

Switch is a book to be read by all youths especially those

who want to be delivered from the bondage of sexual
perversion. It deals with the in depth study and manifestation of
sexual perversion with various physical experiences and
I therefore recommend this book to all youths and unmarried
adults so as to read, digest and be delivered from this dangerous
cankerworm which is very potent to blocking the visions of
heaven bounded youths who are supposing to be fulfilling Gods
divine agenda for his end time
Evang. Femi Adebile,
PREM films Nigeria

It is quite pertinent that many young people today are

under the bondage of sexual perversion and have been seeking
deliverance through all means but their effort have proven
abortive. Reading this book, SWICTH from my amiable son in the
Lord, Joshua, I was delighted to see how God has helped him to
disseminate information that would lead to divine deliverance
from the entanglement of the social vices call sexual perversion.
This book is a must-read for all, both young and old that want
God to save them from these habits that has eaten deeply into
the fabric of men. God bless you as you as you feed yourself with
this great material.
Pastor Niyi Bolarinwa,
YATLEC, Dominion center. Ib

Human culture in the 21th century has been

transformed by a revolution in sexual values. Promiscuity is


regarded by many as a virtue to pursue. Those who do not

engage in pre-marital sex are perceived by their peers as stupid,
boring and unsophisticated, this is not biblically justified!
This book will go a long way in saving the stinking image of
relationships and marriage.
Pastor Emmanuel Adeluola
GOFAMINT, Liberation Chapel
Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

Joshua is without any doubt one of the end time armies

that the Lord has raised to give order and raise a standard in this
dispensation. Switch is a book that exposes the secret and
prevalent cancerous cell that affects most youths and drives
them to the land of helplessness; it also provides a lasting cure to
this menace and ensures a healthy lifestyle. His analysis of
determination is mind blowing as it summarizes the scope of
No Determination + No God = Failure
Determination + No God = Frustration and struggle
No Determination + Gods hand of Love = Struggle
Determination + God = Victory
I found out after reading through this book that it explicitly gave
a pragmatic way of addressing the subject of immorality and all
forms of sexual abuse for all ages. I recommend that this piece
be read by all parents and youths who are of age. I assure you
that it provides the solution to your expectations.
Akinmuseitan Temitope
Exousia Foundation, Awka.

This is a very powerful book, its exactly what the youths of

nowadays and even adults needs. This is because adultery and


fornication has been a potent weapon in the hand of the devil in

pulling lives down and destroying great and colorful destinies.
More grace sir.
Adewumi Wale, Ekiti State.

The book is Powerful, inspiring and touching. Its a serious

spiritual, societal physical phenomenon. . More grace sir
Olugbenga Pelumi,
A lawyer, Ibadan.

Its a book meant for everybody.

Oladotun Oyeleye. Niger State.


Helps on attaining and maintaining sexual purity in the MIND
and ACT
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taken from the King James version of the Bible.

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The book is dedicated to every youths and adults who

desire to fulfill the Gods will of sexual purity both in the
MIND and the ACTS.



Much appreciation goes to God Almighty for the

grace he gave me to be usable in his vineyard and
those hands he had used to fine-tune this book to this
I want to appreciate my parents, Pastor and
Dns. Bamidele under whom Ive learnt a lot of things,
my fathers in faith Evang. Shola Mike Agboola
(President of Evom Network) and Evang. Femi Adebile
(President of Prem Films), your ministry has been a
great blessing to me. I wont forget to appreciate
Pastor Shina Abegunde, Pastor Niyi Bolarinwa, Pastor
Adeluola Emmanual, Bro Akinmuyisietan Temitope
who proof-read the manuscript and made inevitable
contributions to this book. May your pool of
knowledge never go dry.

I wholeheartedly appreciate the entire

household of Gospel Students Fellowship, Lautech
Chapter, where I served in various leadership
capacities while I was an Undergraduate, and the
Shinning Lights: the 2014/2015 pre-degree students of
whom I was privileged to coordinate along with my
great friend, Tinuola Sodiende in my finals; the


inspiration to write this book had come while leading

them. I love you all and keep advancing in grace.

Special thanks to the entire members of Liwem

Network Intentional, thanks for your immense
support and commitment. God bless you all. To my
siblings, Grace and Philip, you are wonderful.
Finally, I will like to say a big thank you to
Ifeoluwa Orisakahunsi, Ogunbusola Silas, Pelumi
Olugbenga, Robert Titilayo, Francis Bamigbola, Tobi
Taiwo, Bolaji Ayantola, Omole Omowumi, thank you
all for your groovy efforts, you are really wonderful,
and thanks to everyone I distorted their busy
schedules by getting them involved either for their
contributions, comments, or testimonies. Thank you
all for making SWITCH a reality! God bless you all.



Contents ...9
Foreword ..11
Preface 13
Introduction.. 14

1. Its not a Gift 14
2. Beyond me.......24
3. Why is it so? ....31
4. Just my mind? ....39

5. The Fourth Kind of People ....47
6. Guilt, Condemnation and the Blood55
7. The Principle of the Word71
8. The Spirit in Action..77
9. Testimonies of Saints really........80
10. The Grace.93



Sex is a gift from God to humanity, but it is so

unfortunate that it has become the most potent
weapon in the hand of the Devil in ruining many
destinies. Many mighty men in different generations
have been reduced to crumbs by this battle against
their souls. The battle is between holiness and
hormone, I call it the Double H War, almost
anywhere you turn, something will want to trigger
some hormones that want to mess up your holiness. It
is not a one-time struggle, but a continuous one.

SWITCH has been written under divine

inspiration and guidance to help everyone in this
incessant struggle for holiness in attaining and
sustaining sexual purity in the mind and acts. The
standard is higher for us as Christians, Jesus said,that
which is done in the mind is equal to that which is
done in physical acts of immorality. The book have
been written to actually help the readers learn how to
simply switch off or abort the process of sexual sin.
James 1:12-15 reveals that process of sin: from
temptations to death.

The author, Joshua Bamidele, is a child of God

passionate to see men gain freedom from the slavery


of sexual sin. He has labored under God to put this

beautiful piece together, not just as a writer but as a
witness of the victory that we have in Christ Jesus
over flesh. You too can join the host of witnesses of
that victory today, you can overcome the spirit of guilt
and condemnation, and you can be totally free from
sexual sin and master your body as Romans 6
admonishes us. You can simply learn how to switch
off to flesh and switch on to the Spirit of Holiness.

I have no doubt that this book will change your

life. Read, meditate, act and recommend to others.
God bless you.

Adesina Ayodele Abegunde

Higher Ground Baptist Church, Ogbomoso


The world is in crisis, nations are panicking,
organizations are in shambles, homes are crumbling,
even the so called saints are getting carried away, all
hope seems lost. In almost all daily reported cases,
most are criminal and immoral acts such as corruption,
terrorism, and sexual assaults of all kinds. The leaders
of tomorrow are at the forefront of these acts. Our
desire for emancipation of great and respected icons
is going down the slope. When will gems arise?

The serious issue is that the youths that are

expected to take up and fly the flag of decency and
modesty are being eaten up by sexual perversions and
its addictions. What could be said of a young man who
is supposed to be an exemplary leader in a country,
arrested as a drug addict or rapist? What can we say of
a young lady with a promising future, who died during
abortion? What should we say when a renown and
respected personality, impregnates a lady out of
wedlock? Fate? No!

Friends, what needs serious attention must be

given such! A switch is highly needed, not an option
but as a matter of urgency and compulsion to raise a
better and a stronger generation. SWITCH!


This message is a result of the burden God
raised in me, as a tool He wants to use to help and
liberate men from the entanglement of the deadly
weapon called Paraphilia. Paraphilia means sexual
perversion or deviation. This is the experience of
intense sexual arouser to a typical objects, situation or
individual. This ranges from lustful imaginations
through shameless nudity to sexual intercourse.

We are in a generation where dishabille and

nakedness is the order of the day. This generation has
degenerated to the extent that its a rare thing to go
through a day or week without sighting nudity on the
street. Our generation now has lost the value of

The entertainment industry has greatly

contributed to this menace with dirty and nude
musical songs and video, advertisement, terrible
movies among others. I wonder what a half naked
lady is looking for when advertising a beverage for
instance. Terrible pictures are displayed on most bill
boards by our roads, lecture halls (in primary,
secondary and tertiary institution), on the TV screens,
even in our neighborhood. its presence cannot be
overlooked. What then should be our response,
should we run out of this planet to another or
probably close our eyes when walking so that we


would see no evil or peradventure isolate ourselves

from opposite sex- no shaking or talking or even
smiling to the opposite sexwould this solve the
problem at hand? I dont think so.

The great burden is that about 90 percent of

our youths today are already affected by this. Its hard
to find 2 out of 10 adolescents or adults who are
sexually pure both in thought and action, because an
average youth longs for sexual pleasure. Thousands of
destinies have been destroyed under the platform of
sexual perversion.

No one will go into sex, if he/she has not seen,

read, or heard something that gives room for it. There
is always a starting point. You cant practice what you
have not seen, read about or heard. However, the
painful thing about how our youth get to know about
sex is that it is not got from the right sources such as
parents or Godly people. The knowledge is prevalently
acquired from wrong sources such as pornographic
materials, ungodly peers, social media etc which gives
a false picture of enjoyment.

Another contributory factor to the fall of so

many is the fact that they prefer to suffer in silence
and cursing themselves instead of crying out for help.
Many Christian have been reduced to mere hypocrites
because of this same cankerworm. Thousands of
ministers, chorister, teachers and workers in the


church of God pretend to be angels and wont open

up to mature minds for solution under God.

However friends, I believe in the possibility to

be chaste in this crooked and perverse generation.
You can be free from the hold of pornography,
masturbation, sexual thoughts, fornication and other
sexual perversion. I believe God, that as you take your
time to read through this book, the Holy Spirit will
open your understanding and His power to stand
above those temptations and addictions will rest upon
you in Jesus Name.



1. Its not a Gift

2. Beyond me.
3. Why is it so?
4. Just my mind?


Chapter One
Its Not A Gift
I kept wondering and asking questions, why
sexual perversions have been the most potent
weapon used in this present world by the devil against
potent leaders, pastors, artist, actress, ministers, in
short great generals to destroy and stain their
ministry. I presume because its much more a secret
matter, no one will want to expose himself until the
mess exposes him/her.

It will be absurd and highly ridiculous seeing

humans having sex on the main road just like hens or
dogs. Its always a close door affair between husband
and wife. But in simple terms, any alteration to that
pattern between legitimate married couple is a sexual

In other words, sexual excitements between

unmarried couples and its intense agitation is nothing
but a deviation. Also, when third party is getting
involved, through watching, capturing, recording or
whatever, are deviation to how Sex was originated.
Sex is good, as it was created to foster intimacy and
relationship between a married male and female, not
unmarried or partners planning to get wedded.


Paraphilia Defined

Paraphilia (also known as sexual perversion

and sexual deviation) is the experience of intense
sexual arousal to a typical objects, situations or
individuals. It is called perversion, because they are
acts used outside its normal intent of design. And this
is now very much rampant among the youths. About
the five decade to a century ago, the world seems to
be less invaded by these perversions, but now, the
intensity is exponential. These perversions are almost
becoming NORMS, everyone desire to do it. Not all
norms are right! Rights are different from norms. For
instance, examination malpractice is fast growing as a
norm, but does that make it right? No!

Im providing you with a list of what these sexual

perversions are;

1. Extra-marital Sex: sex outside a legitimate

marriage through fornication and adultery
2. Rape: an act of forcing someone into sex
without his consent or consciousness.
3. Lust or mental sex: intense sexual desire or


4. Molestation: an act of forcing unwanted sexual

attentions on somebody, especially a child or
physically weaker vessel.
5. Incest: sex between close relative towards any
6. Spanking: an act of beating with the flat of the
hand on somebodys buttock; a male to a
7. Pornography: The explicit depiction of sexual
subject matter: a display of material of an
erotic nature. In other words, pictures, wrtting
or videos intended to arouse sexual
8. Masturbation: is the sexual stimulation of ones
own genital for sexual pleasure.
9. Seduction: a form of using various means such
as sensitive touching, nudity, beauty, dirty
words and picture, style or posture to lure an
individual to sex.
10. Bestiality/ Zoophila : sex with animals-Sodomy
11. S &M-Sado-Masochism: hurting and humiliating
others for sexual pleasure.
12. Gay practise: sex between two males
13. Lesbianism- sex between two female
14. Fantasizing- imagining things that do not exist
in reality or day dreaming.


15. Fetishism- a form of sexual desire in which

pleasures is gained from a particular object.
16. Role- playing
17. Intense urge for sex( Libido)
And any other practices outside the normal
design of sex.


Paraphilia is so strong that it can result in

addictions if not properly handled. Its always at its
peak in obscurity and in darkness. Sexual life and
matters have often been treated with ultimate
secrecy; therefore people tend to be addictive at their
various corners. Since this system has made sexual
issues furtive, many have got addicted on the sleight
of ignorant and carelessness. Books on help on sexual
related matters becomes absolute irritation for many
people, we prefer no one seeing us reading or getting
such books, may be due to the mentality the person is
carrying or probably for what people will say or think,
yet those that are talking or thinking could also be
vulnerable to this bad habits. Hence, there are a lot of
addicts emerging day by day. This is what this system
is producing!


My hope is that, we will all come to a level of

trust, that critical sexual issues will not just be kept so
secretive, that parents, friends and leaders of every
facet of life, will be reliable to handle with all
simplicity, love, humility and wisdom the sexual issues
of its members. Its a pain in my heart that, people
with these problems obviously find not much
responsible people to confide in, possibly because
instead of helping, people tend to be destructive in
their approach.

Sexual perversion is a bosom fire, it must not

be allowed it must be eradicated it must be
destroyed it must be quenched! Now is the time!


Key Notes
Sexual matters have been in time past treated
with ultimate secrecy.
Many have died in silence having no one to
share their burdens with.
No man / woman is an exception to sexual
You either overcome or suffer awfully from its
Sexual Perversions are fast growing as norm.
Not all Norms are RIGHT!


Chapter Two
Beyond Me

A Struggle

When I was in my Senior Secondary School

Two (SSS2), my friends had some phones then, which
could share files using infrared. It was in the period
where mobile phones are not yet common in this part
of the world. These friends of mine will get porn on
their phones and will invite some of us who were
innocent but wants to belong. Though I looked much
like a Christian boy and besides Ive given my life to
Christ four years before that time - but my lot was
rising and falling. My home is a godly one where the
fear of God and holiness is priority, yet something in
me wants to conform to the world. I would leave my
school fellowship for another fellowship far from my
school area predominantly attended by girls from a
girls-only school, girls who were like me looking for a
partner to hook up.

Terrible as it was, we will still present drama to

the audience in that fellowship reminding the
attendees of the tenet of the Christian race as they
journey to heaven and admonishing them to shun
distractions on their way but we were a bunch of
hypocrites, who should have sat down to be
ministered to.


We were so obsessed by this habit that

whenever we had access to anyones phone, porn is
the utmost thing we will be looking for. Though, I
never had sexual intercourse but what went wrong in
my mind was even far terrible than involving in sexual
intercourse itself. It left the stage of just the ordinary
watching, to an ADDICTION!

Adolescent Stage

What happened to me then, was trying to give

the sexual characteristic developing in me intense
expression. When little children enters the adolescent
stage, majority desire to thoroughly explore their
sexual life. Adolescent stage is the transition stage of
physical and psychological human development that
generally occurs during the period from puberty to
adult. It begins when puberty starts, and what
happens at puberty? This is the development of the
sexual characteristic organs in both male and female.
It is in this period, touches, images, and words have a
significant meaning to both sexes. Little children can
play without any aorta of secret interpretation, but
while they grow and develop, they become so
sensitive to some words, touches and plays.

At this stage, emotions and feelings are being

built up, both in males and females. That urge begins
to creep in. So when this urge becomes intense and is
not controlled, leads such a person to paraphilia- a
state of sexual perversion.


Our emotions and feelings are given by God ,

but He never put them there to affect our lives nor as
a snare for us, but put in there to foster more intimacy
between legitimate married couple.

The Environmental Contribution

This is one of the strong cause of sexual

perversion. Majorities are ignorantly and innocently
lure into the sexual acts they find themselves today by
these environmental contribution. I can classify the
environment as either:

1. Primary Environment.
2. Secondary Environment.

The Primary environment can be referred to as

our immediate family. This is the first environment a
child finds him/herself. The families we come either
make or mar us, it might be an avenue to promote
sexual perversion by the things they do or watch.

Ive heard of parents who watched nude films

and videos in the front of their children without any
constraint or repulsion in their hearts, mothers
dressing up in front of their male children, fathers
being careless in front of their young girls, and older
children luring the younger ones into terrible acts.


If we continue to record pollution from

childhood in their primary environment, then the
society is in deep mess!

Some young ones have no problem with their

family, they have godly family with respected moral
standard, but these ones get hooked up by the
secondary environment. The secondary environment
are all other environments apart from the family,
these include schools, peer groups, neighborhood just
to mention a few. This is the commonest means
people get addicted, especially from peep groups, and
intimidation or enticement often precedes their
involvement. Most youths got lured into fornication,
pornography, homosexuality, rape, seduction etc, by
their friends. The media and books (such as romance
novels among others) have also contributed to this
menace in the society. In the last one decade,
thousands of nude musical videos and films, most
advertisement are pointer to sexual deviation, some
novels are enough igniting paraphilia fire. Our
environment are saturated with all these things , so
how then can we not be polluted?


Paraphilia cannot be handled with levity

because it is not just any common thing- it is backed
up spiritually by demons. This fact is established in the
following scriptures:


And the woman was arrayed in purple and

scarlet color and decked with gold and precious stones
and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of
abominations and filthiness of her fornication, and upon
her fore head was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON

There is a demonic system behind all

abominations in this world (lesbianism, homosexual,
incest, pornography, alcoholism, rape, drug addiction
among others). A mystery called Babylon the Great,
which is always in rebellion to Gods Kingdom, is the
origin of sexual perversions.
They continue to device several strategies and
abominations in rebellion to the kingdom of God. For
instance, a man having sex with hen, dogs with
women or sex with horse, surprising isnt it? They are
not the ones doing it, they are under the influence of a
spirit that lure its victims and exerts its ability on their
minds, until its desires are met. Paraphilia does not
just emanate from demons, it is a demonic spirit itself.
A spirit, hence, it drives a man, obsesses him, invade
his mind and capture his mind till he is robbed of his


But I see another law in my members warring

against the law of my mind and bringing me unto
captivity to the law of sin which is my members.2

Moreover, its victims, who are willing to be

free from it find it so difficult to be totally free. In fact,
some hates the action but could not help it. This is
because the flesh (sinful nature) has gained ground in
such lives, thereby giving the devil the foothold to
manipulate the mind at will. Such minds will always
pant for sexual pleasure, these are functions of
reprobate minds, that are manipulated by the devil.

The scripture says and they did not like to

retain the knowledge of God, God gave then up to
debased mind (reprobate), to do THOSE THINGS WHICH

However, irrespective of how deep you might

be in sexual perversion, its expedient of me to let you
know that, God still totally set free.

Ponder on This

Which leads to the other; Pornography or Lust?


Key Notes
A Stage, called Adolescence, makes images,
touches, and words have significant meaning
to both sexes.
Emotions and feelings are put there by God,
never to affect our lives negatively or place
there as snare.
The Family; the primary environment can either
make or mar its members.
Every other environments outside the family
should be given a close watch.
Friends and peer groups contribute a lot to the
sexuality of an individual.
There is a demonic system behind every sexual
abnormalities in this world.
Sexual Perversion does not just emanate from
demons, its a demon itself.


Chapter Three
Why Is It So?

The Struggle continues

My friends will bring explicit videos and we

watch. My thoughts were affected. This continued till
I graduated from secondary school and secured
admission into the university where I rededicated my
life back to God. But that was not the end in fact that
was the beginning of the terrible struggle!

What I do watch as pleasure got so difficult to

let go or be free from. Even when I tried all my
possible best to get rid of it in my mind, I couldnt.
What was already stored in my mind was even more
than watching it live, because I could vividly
remember them. I remember days of cursing and
abusing myself, days of weeping when this couldnt
let me be. I found it difficult to sit beside, shake or
look at any female as terrible thoughts and those porn
images floods my mind, just in a twinkle of an eye. It
was really a great struggle!

This chapter is dedicated to those who love

God, goes to church and are saved, but still find these
habits in them. Despite your getting saved, and going
to church, you couldnt help yourself out of these
addictions. Please note, the problem is not a question


of your salvation. The reason for this is explicitly

discussed as follows.

At Salvation

Man died when Adam fell into sin in Eden, it was

written that, God told them:
"You are free to eat from any tree in the garden;
but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge
of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely
die.1 You may wonder why Adam still lived on
physically after he ate the fruit, knowing that God
could not have simply scared them with death.
Well, the truth is that they were physically alive but
spiritually dead. Their spirit had no link with God
anymore. This is the reason Jesus had to come to
the world so man who is spiritually dead may be
alive unto him.2
When a sinner gives his life to Jesus Christ,
professing Him as his Lord and Savior, his spirit is
regenerated (coming from death to live). Though, you
might not have any special feeling as it were when you
confessed Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I tell you a
lot of things happened in the spiritual realm when we
believed and received him.3

The Mind Is Yet To Be Regenerated

The mind is the core of struggles especially

when it has to do with sexual perversion because the


thoughts that occupies the mind before you were

saved persists. A lot of believers doubt their salvation
because they are devoid of this underlying truth. We
often expect that our thoughts and mindset should
instantly change but the truth is that it wont change
instantaneously. This is because changing the mind is
achieved by renewing the mind which is a gradual and
continuous process.

For instance, I used to be a lover of secular

music, love songs to be precise; it looked as though I
could not detach myself from them. In fact, I told
people back then that despise slow Christian songs,
which reminds one of heaven and the likes. My claim
then was that these songs trigger sleep. Some weeks
after my pronouncement, the rededication occurs and
I deleted those secular songs but I still had the lyrics
off-hand. One would have expected that merely
deleting those songs was enough a step to get the
memories off my head but lo it was not like that. The
lyrics remained in my memory until I started renewing
my mind through Gods word. (More about this will be
discussed in the next chapter)

The Nature

The real man is not the body but lives in the

body. The real man is a spirit because man is created
in the image of God who is Spirit John 4:24. Though
man is a spirit, he obviously relates with his


environment with his body which is appealed by those

things he sees, hears, touches, smells and tastes.

At this point, you must know that the body is

different from the flesh as the word body and flesh
are often mistaken to be same. The illustration below
will help our understanding.

The Mortal Body.

though our outer man (the body) perishes,

our inward man is been renewed day by day4

What! Know you not that your body is the

temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye
have of God and ye are not your own.5

Also But if the spirit of him that raise up Jesus

from dead dwell in you, he that raise up Christ from
the dead shall also QUICKEN YOUR MORTAL BODIES
by his Spirit that dwell in you.6

Through our bodies we interact with our



While the Self or flesh is a nature, born with

humans, inherent in human, which is the nature of sin.

for they that are after the flesh do mind the

things of the flesh, but they that are after the Spirit,


the things of the Spiritfor If ye live after the flesh,

ye shall diebecause they that live after the flesh are
enmity to GodSo they that are in the flesh cannot
please God.7

the works of the flesh are manifest which are

adultery, fornication, uncleanliness, lasciviousness,

Now, if the body is directly the flesh-that sinful

nature, then our body cant be temple of God if
indeed the body is that Flesh, then we cant please
God, because those that live in the flesh cant please
him according to the above verse... If the body is the
flesh, then God cannot quicken the flesh- sinful
nature, the flesh profiteth nothing but the spirit gives

The Flesh is a nature that manifests itself in

human. The outcome of the works of Flesh is sin.
Some other version referred it as the old man,
unrenewed self etc. And this is not killed by intense
hardship on the body either prolong fasting or body

Though in some cases as found in King James

version of the bible, there are places where flesh was
synonymously used as body, places like the flesh /
body of Jesus during Holy communion (John 6:56,
Luke 22:19, 1Cor 11:24). But from the context of those


scriptures, you would know which one they refer to,

because two of them are different things.

Now, this is where Im going, where the linking

comes into place. Please Note, the instrument of the
flesh is the body. The body gets excited in the lust of
the flesh and it is so interested in the pleasures of the
world. The flesh suggests to the body that things of
the Spirit are difficult to do and natural men fall to the
trap. The nature-flesh uses the body to perform its
work. Its works naturally flows out of the lives of
unregenerated people and carnal minded people.

For believers, while their flesh wants to

suggest sin, the Spirit in such a man repels against it,
which is always the reason behind the war between
the dictates of the flesh and that of the Spirit:

For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the

Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary to each
other; so that you cannot do the things that ye would9

The flesh would points to believers that,

walking with God is an old tale or fashion by
presenting a more pleasurable sensation which is
capable of turning such into a carnal man who is ruled
and governed by the dictates of his senses. However,
your victory as a believer is that the more you yield
yourself to the Spirit, the fast the works of the flesh
diminishes. Then Jesus is exalted. The More yielding
you are to the Holy Spirit, the more silent the flesh


becomes. This is the more reason believers, who

continually yield themselves to God, have their hearts
full of Gods love and ways.

If punishment or torture of the body could

solve the problem, how good would it have been? But
such method is incapable of destroying the nature
called Flesh.. What you need is mortifying the deeds
of the flesh: you do this by telling yourself the truths
of Gods word when the fleshy desire arose and
walking in the spirit.

Its a continuous work under the Spirit. This

nature is not killed at once, this is why there must be
continuous renewal via the word of God, here lies the
victory. The more you do this, as a result you put to
death your self flesh. Let not your body be
manipulated by flesh, let your spirit take charge over
the body and soul.

Our deeds and action should be based on

dictates of the Spirit. So while the body wants to
naturally function out of flesh, you keep the body
under the subjection of the Spirit.

But I keep under my body and bring it into

subjection lest that by any means when I have preached
to others. I myself should be a castaway10


Key Notes
The mind is the where the core struggles lie
and emanate from.
The thoughts that occupies the mind of a
Christian before he was saved, still lie in his
heart, except renewed.
The outcome of the works of the flesh is sin;
the instrument of the flesh is the body.
The body can either yield to the flesh or the
The More the heart yields to the Spirit, the
more silent the flesh becomes, its a
continuous work of communion with Him.


Chapter Four
Just My Mind?
The Greek word for mind is nous; with the
meaning the base of intellect, thought, feeling or
will (Greek meaning helps in the understanding of
words in the bible, because the new testament was
originally written in Greek).

The intellect consists of mental ability of

individual to think, reason and understand. Our
thoughts and reasoning are found in the mind, this is
where they spring from, this is the place where all the
knowledge you have ever acquired are stored, a store
room for every of our different perceptions and views
of life. Our mind have been an integral part of our lives
we utilize every day. It is absolutely impossible we
dont use our mind at all in a day. Moreover, the
content of the mind are subjected to what we permit
or feed the mind with; the images, videos, music,
words, novels, magazine, the internet and so on.

Ive seen people who have toyed with their

mind from what they allow into the mind. Information
gets to the mind from majorly the five senses: eyes,
ears, nose, skin and tongue. These channels feed the
mind on what it contains. This is where the problem
lies, when erotic substances are being fed into the
mind. There are impulses that are instantly stimulated
for continuous thoughts on such an erotic substance.
There are neurological stimulation to any sexual


related matters that comes in through the eye, ears

,skin, nose or through the tongue.

Its always difficult for the mind to forget

anything, especially matters relating to sexuality, it
cant be easily forgotten. The mind could replay it over
again . Majority of the male get easily aroused from
what they see and ladies majorly from what they hear.
This is why I will be picking the things seen and heard
as subject matter.

Things SEEN!

As a drama minister by Gods grace, I know the

power of images be it motion or static but especially
the motion images. There are some films and drama I
watched about five to ten years ago with the memory
of their contents in me as if I just watched them,
likewise you could also have one, two or three films
you had watched a long time ago and you could still
remember. This is because these images are stored
and registered in the mind. Diagrammatical
illustrations are easily remembered by students and
that is the reason why they score high grades in
practical related subjects. If the mind is so powerful to
grasp and recollect images for a long period, what will
the fate of a person surrounded with nudity?

The beauty of a lady is enough to affect a man

and give him sleepless nights and imaginations. The
devil understands this about male, that is the reason a


nude lady could be seen all over; internet,

advertisement, posters, commodities etc. All this are
to appeal to the desire of men. This is a pornography
statistics carried on young ones of age 18, at USA

By the age 18, 90% of boys and 60% of girls

are exposed to internet pornography
About 69% boys and 55% girls have seen
same-sex intercourse
83% boys and 57% girls have viewed group
sex on the internet.

The males had the higher statistics. What we

see affect both male and female, but predominant
among the males. When the eye is continuously fed
with junks, it enters into the subconscious which is
really dangerous because things in the subconscious
are not easily forgotten. That is why a pornography
addict for instance will always have terrible thoughts
and as he remembers those things he has been
exposed to, then the urge to practice them is stirred
up. Masturbation, homosexuality, lesbianism,
fornication and rape are frequently back-up by the evil
thoughts, if not controlled.

I was discussing with someone who had fallen

into fornication years ago but still finds it difficult to
forget that incidence. He tried all he could but each
time he was less busy, the images of the incident
would come as fresh as though it just happened and
that often led him into masturbation. God made the


mind as an instrument of creativity and intelligence,

but it could also be a play ground for the devil if given
the chance.

Things HEARD!

A lot of ladies have been turned to loaves of

bread by all kinds of deceptions from men. The male
uses all the adjectives he knows and thats all.
Innocent but careless ladies have been affected by
what theyve heard. The one who deserves you wont
ask or demand for sex before marriage (even when
you get careless), and neither will he lure you into sin.

Moreover, the mind has the ability to create

images of whatsoever it hears be it songs or corrupt
communication. While I was an undergraduate, the
hostel I lived comprised of people with conflicting life
styles. There were moments where I had to
intentionally put on the music and increase its volume.
I did this in order to deny dirty or corrupt words
access into my ear because at any point in time, my
hostel mates could start using foul words and playing
some terrible songs that could take one away from
the faith if one is not careful.

An adage says evil communication corrupts

good manner and it is not until you join a
communication before you get corrupted. In fact,
merely sitting quietly in an environment where dirty


words are spoken without participation is enough way

to corrupt your mind through invasion.

I wonder why Paul under the Holy Spirit said

flee every appearances of evil1 because I believe it is
not coincidental. It is deliberate under God to reveal
the need of our disappearance in any evil appearance.
If it is your ear that will affect, why not pluck it out2

The verse above does not mean plucking out

or blocking the ears always, because if we do, what
about things that will edify our spirit. It is a caution to
leave that environment. However, in case you
couldnt, play an active role by engaging your mind
unto edification through, spiritual songs and hymns,
faith profession and a deliberate muttering in
meditation on the word of God. When the world
says it doesnt matter, you should say it is a matter
arising Evang. Shola Mike Agboola.

Mental Picture!

As wonderful as our mind could design a

wonderful mental picture of a clamorous ambition, so
also there are sinful things we can imaginably create
through the mind.

Romance novels for instance dont often have

any pictorial representation of any sexually related
scenes. The novelists simply paint that section in such
a way that it can be perfectly interpreted by the mind


to create the scene, imagine the characters and

envision the environment thereby causing an arousal
in the reader. Romance novels and pornographic
magazines are deadly weapons to lure you into
terrible things you never thought or imagine you
could do.

Pornographic materials and literatures would

take you farther than you wished or thought. If you
are entrapped in this, you need GODS GRACE!

Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true,

whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure,
whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of
good report; if there be any virtue and if there be any

Ponder on this:

What I hear and see translate into pictures in my mind,

and what I picture daily determines my future.


Key Notes
Information from the five senses feed the mind
on what it contains.
Its always difficult for the mind to forget sexual
related matters , it can keep playing it.
The beauty of a lady is enough to affect a man
and give him sleepless night.
The mind is an instrument of creativity and
intelligence, but could also be a play ground for
the devil if given the chance.
Songs and communication can be graphically
interpreted by the mind.
Pornographic materials and literatures will take
you farther than you wish or imagine.



5. The Fourth kind of people

6. Guilt and Condemnation.
7. The Principle of the word
8. The Spirit in Action
9. Testimonies of Saint
10. The Grace


Chapter Five
The Fourth Kind Of People
I specially dedicate this chapter to those who
had tried all their best to be free and still have a
recurrence of what they said they would not do again.

A fellow brother of mine said to me some

times ago, I had tried on several occasions to be free
from pornography and masturbation but still find
myself going back into it. In fact, I will delete all the
pornographic files on my phone, determining that I
would never go back to it again. But after a few days
to week, I will go to those people that had those files I
deleted on my cell phone and eventually get them
transferred back into my phone again and the cycle
continues. I kept deleting and getting back, and the
liberty was far from me.

Frustration has taken hold of him during those

periods. His experience can be likened to what
Apostle Paul said For I do not understand my own
actions (I am baffled, bewildered). I do not practice or
accomplish what I wish, but I do the very thing that I
loathe (which my moral instinct condemns). For I fail to
practice the good deeds I desire to do, but the evil
deeds that I do not desire to do are what I am (ever)


Maybe your experience also aligns with this

brothers and can best be described as a tug of war,
though in the real sense, you are trying with all your
effort to be free. Let me announce to you that you are
too limited and incapable to set yourself free but you
are unlimited and capable under the influence of the

Four Categories of Issue

While I was fellowshipping with God one

morning, the Holy Spirit gave me a powerful
revelation of the four categories of people which Im
about to explain to you and since then it has
personally changed my life. These four categories of
people can be depicted as follows:

No Determination + No God = Failure

Determination + No God = Frustration and struggle

No Determination + Gods hand of Love = Struggle

Determination + God = Victory

1. No Determination and No God Factor:

These are the set of people like Judas Iscariot, a man

who betrayed Jesus back. He was expected to sober
and come to Jesus for help:


Jesus answered, "It is the one to whom I will

give this piece of bread when I have dipped it in the
dish." Then, dipping the piece of bread, he gave it to
Judas Iscariot, son of Simon. As soon as Judas took the
bread, Satan entered into him. "What you are about to
do, do quickly," Jesus told him, but no one at the meal
understood why Jesus said this to him. Since Judas had
charge of the money, some thought Jesus was telling
him to buy what was needed for the Feast, or to give
something to the poor. As soon as Judas had taken the
bread, he went out. And it was night.2

Although, it was stated of the betrayer that:

Let his habitation be desolate and let no name dwell

therein and bishophood let another take3

Jesus referred to the person as the son of

perdition but he never said his name will be Judas
Iscariot. I believe if Judas had not released himself to
be used by the devil; another person would have been

When Jesus spoke of Judas betrayal proposal

to his face, Judas simply walked away (from the
scripture above ). He had not determined to be good
and supportive of Jesus ministry but had rather
chosen the devil. If he had determined not to be a son
of perdition, I believe that determination would have
driven him to Jesus for help. You may be part of those
whose hearts are hard, who never dreamt of a change


despite the warning signals flashing all around, it is

obvious that your permission is required before any
work could be done on you. Note that God will not
impose His will on you.

If you will totally overcome sexual perversion,

then let God see your sincerity in that you wish to be
free and that you cant help yourself, therefore you
need him.

2. Gods help but No Determination

These categories of people are like Thomas.

Jesus said: You know the way to the place

where I am going. Thomas said to him, "Lord, we don't
know where you are going, so how can we know the

They try to dodge whenever God is revealing

himself to them and telling them of his love. God
raises altar calls for the deliverance and liberation
from the struggle and weakness of this category of
people, yet they remain adamant in letting the cat out
of the bag by refusing to come out in obedience to
Christs call. Even, when God displays his love for them
by revealing the struggle they are passing through
they still refuse to admit or say the truth and let the
devil be put to shame.

Come on friends, God is willing to help anyone

that is willing to humble himself for His touch. No


matter the addictions you are, requires you to be

open to mature elders of whatever denomination,
church or fellowship you belong.

Is there any one sick (spiritually, emotionally

etc) among you, let him call for the elders of the
church and let them pray over him anointing him with
oil, the prayer of the righteous man avail much.5

3. Determination without Gods help

These categories of people are like Peter, who

only made a determination without acknowledging
the one that helps our determination. Jesus wants us
to learn that, human determination without his help is
in vain.

Peter answered and said unto him; though all

men shall be offended because of thee, yet will I never
be offender, Jesus answered and said; verily I say thee,
that this night before the cock crows, that thou will
deny me thrice6

Peter was surprised that he could open his

mouth to deny the Christ, the Son of the Living God,
three times before the cock crowed. When he came
back to his senses after the deed had been done, he
realized that he had done the exact thing he said he
would not do.


You cant overcome addictions just by

confession or determination alone. You need the help
of God to be totally free. For it is God who worketh in
us both to will and to do of his good pleasure.7

I know a God who is interested in the

weaknesses of his people;
I know a God who provides help to the weak;
I know a God who makes his children
overcome any and all weaknesses;
I know a God who rejoices at our victories;
I know a God who loves and cares about his
I know a God who is the I AM;
I know him who I have believed and I am
persuaded that whatsoever is committed unto his hand
will he preserve against that day8

Involve Him even in any determination and

plan you are making.

4. Determination plus Gods Help

An example of this category of people is the

woman with the issue of blood. Her zeal, passion and
struggle to be free led her to priests and physicians
who extorted her without providing solution to her
problem. When she heard of Jesus, her zeal and
passion to be free was aroused and channeled to HIM
who is able to set a man free.


If I could touch the hem of his garment, I will be

made whole9

Friends, by the power in the Name of Jesus,

you are totally set free from any addiction or sexual
sin that has tightened itself to you. Amen! Please,
accept responsibility by yielding yourself unto God
and trusting Him to settle that issue.

Come boldly to the throne of Grace , that ye

may obtain Mercy and find Grace to help in time of

Other chapters will be used to expose the techniques

you need in conquering this devastating habit.

Ponder on this

Since God cannot fail and is faithful. Why do I still fail

and struggle ?


Key Notes
Humans are too limited and incapacitated on
their own power to be free from sexual
God does not impose His will on humans, we
have our wills.
Our sincerity to have a turnaround opens us up
to Gods Help.
Say Yes to His hand of Love.
Self sufficiency is a limitation.
Walking with God is the greatest sufficienecy.


Chapter Six
Guilt, Condemnation and the Blood Provision
Sam, a friend of mine shared his experience
with me, particular pornography and masturbation.
He explained of how terrible the grip was:

I hated myself each time I fell into it. During

this period, my joy and peace will disappear, guilt and
flood of condemnation will fill my heart. Every desire
and eagerness to pray will vanish, no inspiration to
open the bible. Each morning is a war between
myself, my mind and the devil. The moment I try to
have my morning devotion, that threatening voice will
come, Will a masturbator open his mouth to God, He
can never hear you. You are a terrible sinner. And
thats the end of that devotion for that day. I will go
ahead cry and rain some terrible curses upon myself
each time I fall into, until God set me free totally and
open me to see the victory, then overflowing peace

Guilt and condemnation are normal accomplices

of sinful acts. Thats the reason why the conscience is
naturally in every one either you are a Christian or not.
The conscience has a voice. Your conscience tells you
the money you took is not your own, or that youve just
lied. It follows a man all around. However the
conscience can get edged out at consistent
disobedience to it. Its rendered dead when its
constantly rebelled against, for instance when it raises


an opposition, you ignored, the same thing tomorrow,

you didnt yield and that continues for a while, it get
seared with hot iron1, this happens when people have
pleasure in sin and nothing is restraining them.

But a Christian possesses the Holy Spirit at

his/her new birth experience, yet a Christian has both
the Holy Spirit within him or her and the conscience. I
say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also
bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost.2 But as a Christian
commune with the Spirit, there is alignment in the
voices, in that whatever such a heart picks, will be the
exact thing the Holy Spirit is saying.

What Happens?

When a Christian brother falls into a sin

unconsciously for instance, something happens within
him; he lost his peace instantly, and notices a restrain
and disturbance within him. A feeling of being guilty
of the action comes over him, as his conscience pricks
Him. Then, the conscience will keep disturbing him
wanting him to take an action. What Action?

You will agree with me that while you were

small. There are times you pick the pen of your
classmate, and the teacher asked who took it,
instantly your heart gets disturbed. Your conscience
says You are the one, tell him the truth , dont lie,
and at the point the truth is said, there is relief, the


peace comes back though it might eventually lead to

being beaten.

The confession is primarily to God, however, if

He instruct you to make any confession or
amendment to man (as restitution), go ahead. The
implication of confession is so great. Confessing your
trespasses to God asking him to forgive you that very
sin you did yields a lot unto you. Im not saying
confessing the same sin every day, neither do I say
picking new sin each day. NO!

All that which youve humbly desired a

cleansing from, has been forgiven by God. If my
people, who are called by my name, shall humble
themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from
their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will
forgive their sin, and will heal their land.3.

Obtaining Gods mercy and forgiveness gives

no room for any guilt or condemnation in your heart.
And this is done by the provision of the blood of

The Blood Provision

The blood of Jesus speaks forgiveness,

sanctification, redemption, salvation, deliverance
among others for the saints. We receive remission
(forgiveness) of sins as a result of this blood.


In him we have redemption through his blood,

the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches
of God's grace.4
The blood washes away the sin, the guilt, the
condemnation from us, from our conscience. The
conscience of a man can either be pure, polluted, or
evil, which is often influenced by things done. Apostle
Paul talked of this in this verse of the Holy Bible:

Let us draw near with a sincere heart in full

assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean
from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with
pure water."5
The polluted and the evil conscience require a
purging, a cleansing which the blood of Jesus has
sufficiently paid for. What the conscience does, in the
life of a person that sins, is to witness guilt to the
mind, thereby bringing such a mind unto been guilty
consciousness and subjected to its witnesses. Devil as
well as brings his own accusation and condemnation
rendering the hearts unsettled but when such a
person approaches God in sincere heart, for
forgiveness, the blood washes them off.

For if the blood of bulls and goats and the ashes

of a heifer, sprinkling the unclean, sanctifies for the
purifying of the flesh, 14 how much more shall the
blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit
offered Himself without spot to God, cleanse your
conscience from dead works to serve the living God6


Then the father no longer sees the sin but the

blood of His son, Jesus. The blood is a once and for all
provision for us, for our sins. It offers us total freedom
and liberty from the hold of sin, guilt or condemnation
and that provides unto us the license to speak with
God. It provides unto us boldness against the devil
when he comes with his deceptions; it yields
confidence unto us to declare our victory over any
guilt, or devils accusations.

The Blood in Deliverance

And to Jesus, the Mediator (Go-between,

Agent) of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood
which speaks [of mercy], a better and nobler and more
gracious message than the blood of Abel [which cried
out for vengeance].7 AMP

The blood of Abel cried out for Vengeance, but

the blood of Jesus speaks redemption, sanctification,
salvation, forgiveness, right-standing, protection,
deliverance etc. Deliverance, O yes! As I said earlier
sexual perversions are often accomplices by demonic
forces. And some of these cases require prayers of
deliverance. The devil fears that precious blood, when
its invoke during deliverance in Jesus name, it speaks
freedom. Devil fears the Word, the Name and the
Blood. He dares not stay or stand when these potent
weapons are utilized.


Friends its not over for you, the blood is still as

effective as it has ever been. You got to call it forth
over that addiction in Jesus name, and it will yield you
great results.


Let me quickly add this, some individuals dont

forgive themselves, even after sincerely asking
forgiveness from God. They gave room to the deceit
of the devil that their sins are too terrible to be
forgiven by God, hence such walk in frustrations, guilt
and in great fear. Some, however, suffer under the
condemnations from the devil of the sins theyd
already received forgiveness from. This is the plight of
the devil!

As far as you genuinely come before his throne

to obtain mercy & forgiveness, washed by his blood,
he has forgiven you and takes no record of such sin(s)
again. You shouldnt worry yourself whether He
would hear and forgive you, the truth is that He heard
you; he saw your heart as you approach him in
sincerity and meekness, and Hes a merciful God.
And I will forgive their wickedness, and I will never
again remember their sins."8

Therefore Friends, Devil no longer has a hold

on you again to bring condemnations or guilt against
you. You dont have to hate yourself or anyone


anymore or let that result into inferiority complex

among brethren. The Authority has been bestowed
upon you to resist the devil when he comes. So
anytime the devil comes with his accusations and
condemnation, or when your mind brings the records
of wrong say emphatically with boldness:

Ive been forgiven; Ive been Redeemed

by His Blood; His Mercy has found me; I no
longer have a self righteousness, but my
righteousness, right standing is of God who loved
me and gave himself for me; He loved me and I
know it; Hes never interested in my failures or
my sins; He came to set me free, and IM FREE .

The Devil fears the Word. Confront and Resist

Him, always submit yourself to him. Submit
yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will
flee from you.9


Key Notes
Guilt and condemnation are normal
accomplices of sinful acts.
The Conscience has a voice.
The conscience can get edged out at constant
disobedience to it.
Confession is primarily to God, however, if He
instruct you to make any confession to man, go
The blood of Jesus speaks forgiveness,
sanctification, redemption, salvation,
deliverance among others for the saints.
The polluted and evil conscience require a
purging, a cleansing which they blood has
sufficiently paid for.
When a saint approaches God, He sees the
blood of His son, Jesus.
Obtaining Gods mercy and forgiveness gives
no room for any guilt or condemnation in our
The Authority has been bestowed upon you to
resist the devil when he comes.


Chapter Seven
What The Word Can Do

This guide would be incomplete without

mentioning the instrumentation of the word in
liberating you from all form of sexual addictions.

It is good to know at this juncture that this

subject matter is spiritual. Hence, a vital spiritual
approach should be adopted in combating and
conquering it. The infallible word of God! Note that
the word is spirit, it is an important antidote to this
corruption, if well appropriated and allowed to find
expression in you.

Someone Said

In my quest to get solution to the serious

battle of my mind then, I met a person who said:

Whenever you are about to fall into the sin of

pornography and masturbation or any other sins, just
imagine that Jesus is right there with you where you
are. Imagine that Jesus in his personality is with you
when you are about imagining evil and you wont be
able to proceed to do that evil.

This helped me to an extent before the

revelation behind what the person said was revealed
to me. Please follow carefully:


Jesus is the word of God1. The word has been

from the beginning even before creation of the earth.
The Word is God, and God is Jesus -a mystery only
revealed by His Spirit. One of the things that amazes
me when I read this verses: And the earth was
without form and void, and the darkness covers the
whole earth and the Spirit of the Lord started to hover
on the face of the deep and he SAID let there be light.2
The word God spoke to this terrible darkness solved
the problem. Though, God could have started
complaining or lamenting or put up a mechanical
technique and possibly start an architectural plan but
he sent the Word.

The Word of God has the capacity to deliver

you totally from any and every addiction. When you sit
down with the word and you know the word, it
resides in your spirit man (inner man). Your spirit man
gets edified and built up such that when any
temptation comes or perhaps you mistakenly come in
contact with erotic subject either on net or from
films, there is that fight in your spirit. Instantly, Gods
word (his truths and ways) you have read and
meditated upon, start bubbling up from your inside,
you suddenly become unease and there is that
collision in the realm of the spirit, but at the moment
when you close the page (or any pornography
material) and refused to excite yourself with it, the
peace comes back that is the word working! The
Substance in your spirit


That is Jesus with you in that state, as quickening

word in your spirit.

He sent his word and healeth them and deliver

them from their destruction.3

This and much more are what I have seen and

experienced under God that the word can do.

How It Works

There is this saying that: if the purpose of a

thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. If we dont
fully understand the instrumentation of the word, you
would take it for granted.

It is the Spirit that quickeneth the flesh

profiteth nothing, the word I speak to you are spirit and

The bible contains the word of God written on

paper but the power behind the word in not in the
black and white ink for the letter killeth but the spirit
gives life.5

There is always a spirit behind the word that

produces the result. In the realm of the spirit, the
Word is Spirit -Jesus, not just any ordinary muttered

For the word of God is quick and powerful, sharper

than any two edged sword, piercing into the diving


asunder of soul and spirit and is a discerner of every

thought and intent of the heart.6.

Can just any word be living and active?

Can just any word be sharper than any two
edged sword?
Can just any word pierce to the dividing
asunder of the soul and spirit?
Can just any word, discern thoughts and
intents of heart? NO!
The Word is a being, a personality, that
posseses LIFE in Himself -the revelation of Jesus.
Whenever you open yourself to fellowship with
the word in the place of reading, studying,
memorizing and meditating on the word, you are
opened to the realm of the supernatural -a life beyond
the natural realm (Carnality, sin, pornography,
masturbation, failure etc). Getting devoted to the
word brings out the life of God in you -a life without

For we have not a high priest that cannot be

touched with the feelings of our infirmities, but was in
all point tempted as we are but WITHOUT SIN7 ,

Because as you behold him you are being

changed, transformed unto that same image from
glory unto glory8. The image of being WITHOUT SIN ,




You cant truly give yourself to the word and

entertain pornography. It cant withstand that Light!

What the Word Did To Me

Since I began to practice reading, memorizing,

studying and meditating on the word I experienced
drastic changes. Anytime devil brings the images and
scenes back to my mind, I took time to quote a
scriptural verse- the popular scriptures I quoted as at
when I started, include Gen 1;1, John 1:1, 8:32,36 , Ps
23:1-6 e.tc. Though sometimes it might look as though
these verses did not go in line with what was
happening to me but God saw my sincerity.

Sometimes while I sit, quietly, those images

come back but I usually quote and confess any of
those scriptural verses. After confessing that one,
another evil thought of a scene or of guilt and
condemnation might enter my mind. Again, I kept
quoting and confessing Gods word but this time, I
forced myself to ponder and stay on those words -
meditation. While I consistently did that, my spirit
started to grow and gain control. Meditation on the
word of God makes your mind and spirit alive to the
things of God and as a result, energizes you against
any appearances of evil.


The struggle was so fierce that standing beside

sisters or shaking hands with them in the church was a
problem not to talk of been alone with them but
today the truth has made me free!!!

Can you be free?

O yes! Absolutely!

Take time to get closer with the word by

allowing the word fill your heart. Having the word in
your heart and spirit has all the potential to nullify any
thought or drive towards sex. If you feed your spirit
with word, your spirit grows and gains capacity even
over lustful desires of the flesh. Resistance to
temptation is a function of the capacity you have built
up through the word of God.

A great example
And when the tempter came to him, he said, If
thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be
made bread. But he answered and said, It is written,
Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word
that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Then the
devil taketh him up into the holy city, and setteth him
on a pinnacle of the temple, And saith unto him, If thou
be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written,
He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in
their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time
thou dash thy foot against a stone.Jesus said unto him,
It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy


God.Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding

high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of
the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him,
All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down
and worship me. Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee
hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the
Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.Then the
devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and
ministered unto him.9
While the devil was tempting with world affairs
and desire, Jesus replied all the temptation of the
devil from the Word of God. You wonder it is
written was in all the response He gave the devil,
what a man of the Word! Not just that he has the head
knowledge but knows the power there of- what the
Word can do.
Get close to your bible, know the Word therein
and consistently behold it. Then, you will see images
of blamelessness, purity, righteousness and holiness
replacing your thoughts.

Ponder on this:

Take your time to read, study, memorize and meditate

on these scriptural verses even if it is one per day:

Prov. 4:23; Psalm 1:1-3,8:4-6,119:50; Matt 6:10; Mark

6:16; Luke 10:19; John 6:63, 8:32, 36; Phil. 2:13, 4:8 ;
Gal. 4:1; Romans 6:14, 8:1-39; 1Cor. 6:17-20, 2Cor. 3:17,
1John 1:9, 4:4; Rev. 3:21.


Key Notes
The word of God has the capacity to deliver
from every holds of addiction.
Having the substance of the word in your
There is always a spirit behind the word that
produces results.
You cant truly give yourself to the word and
entertain sexual perversions.
If you feed your spirit with word , your Spirit
grows and gains capacity over any lustful
Devil respect a person that knows and live by
the principle of the word.


Chapter Eight
The Spirit in Action
The word and the Spirit are inseparable
because they work hand in hand. I do say this You
cant know the word without the help of the Holy
Spirit and you cant know about the Holy Spirit
without the word. Hence, as you sit down with the
Word, you invite the Holy Spirit to join you and reveal
the mystery behind the word to you.

How It Works

Whosoever is joined with the Lord is one spirit

with him1

and the Lord is that Spirit and wherever the

Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty2

We are in the era of the Holy Spirit at work in

the realm of mankind. He is a personality; He speaks,
guides, teaches, counsels and directs among others.
One of the things required of every believer is to be in
oneness with the Holy Spirit. The grace of our Lord
Jesus Christ the love of God and the communion of
the Holy Spirit be with you always3

Communion with the Hoy Spirit is highly

needed in our lives. As a matter of truth, the core of
our lives is base on our relationship with God; it
influences the way we talk, react, behave and relate
with people around us. The more we give


ourselves unto the word and open our heart to be

taught of the Holy Spirit, the more revelation we get
through the word which transforms us to the very
image of God. The more we fellowship with him, the
more His life flows in our life.

The second verse above (and the Lord is that

Spirit and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is
Liberty2) gives us the understanding of the Lord
being referred to in the first verse (Whosoever is
joined with the Lord is one spirit with him1). Meaning
the Lord we are to join to and be in oneness with is a
Spirit and , that Spirit librates.

The Spirit you fellowship with when you sit

down with the word and prayer is THE SPIRIT OF
LIBERTY. Irrespective of the bondage of sin you may
find yourself neither the yoke of sin you carry around
nor or the motions of sin that you have yielded to;
there is that life in the spirit that sets you free from
your bounds. The Spirit liberates.

Please follow this dramatic illustration that

reveals what really happens in the realm of the spirit
between man, Addiction and Holy Spirit:

There is a personality called MAN, and another

personality called ADDICTION. These two are very
intimate. They are quite close as they chat and laugh
together. On the other hand, there is another
personality called the HOLY SPIRIT who kept waving


signals to the Man bidding him come. Whenever the

man decides to turn to the HOY SPIRIT, he is
distracted by ADDICTION. After a while, the Man
became resolute in obeying the signal though still
tightly joined with ADDICTION. ADDICTION tried to
distract him just like other time but this time, the Man
kept his gaze on the HOLY SPIRIT. As the man began
to take steps in moving closer to the HOLY SPIRIT in
response to his call, ADDICTION began to lose grip on
him. The closer he moved towards the HOLY SPIRIT,
the more ADDICTION lost his grip on the MAN until
finally the MAN got to where the HOLY SPIRIT is and
he totally got off the hook of ADDICTION- Please
Reread and digest.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit that causes liberty.

As you move closer to him, you begin to experience
LIBERTY and FREEDOM . This is what the bible meant
by been joined with the Holy Spirit. All you need now
is to get closer to Word, invite the Holy Spirit and your
freedom will be eminent.

When the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to the

truth in his word, you live above sin, infirmities,
weakness, sickness, even death (both physical and
second death) and you enjoy it yourself.


There is a longing and a thirst the Holy Spirit
puts in your heart as you seek after him. He fills you up
and causes you to long after God and his ways.
He makes you have that drive and desire for the things
of God.
He made known his ways unto Moses and his
acts until the people of isreal.4 He fills our hearts with
the love of God.
The Love of God is shed in our heart by the Holy
Ghost.5 This Love makes you walk and pant after Him.
This Love, ignited by the Holy Spirit will cause you to
insatiably seek after him. You will discover as he
moves you and you yield to him, your sexual desire
and urge will be dismissed and eradicated, because a
greater love has filled your heart. This is walking in the
He causes us to see the reality of the growing
unto the measure of the stature of Christ fullness. His
presence exposes you to more of the life of God.
Our passion changes, direction redirected, our focus is
now on more of him.
He unleashes the ability to stand steadfast in
this decaying world. What a wonderful partner, the
Holy Spirit is in our Christian.

Perceptions/ Intuition
Some of the advantages you experience as you
walk and commune with the Holy Spirit is that he
makes your spirit man (inner man) active. There is an


atmosphere of his reality that is created; you just

know you have that. Your heart gets pricked as you
are about to open that website, magazine, videos,
image. Thats His work.
Even when you suddenly hit your vomit from
any source, you become unease, as though under high
tension and pressure, the peace on your inside is lost.
As I said earlier, the moment your prevent the
excitement by closing the page or whatever it is, the
peace gently returns. These are perceptions
influenced by the Holy Spirit. But if your heart never
gets pricked when watching it or nothing on your
inside tends to oppose that act, then, may be you are
yet to be saved. And God desire you come unto him,
just like that, so that he can make of you a different
and a better person.
You might perceive in your heart, not to visit
that lady or that boy, or not to watch that foreign or
national secular film, or may be, not to visit that social
network page, website or read that novel or
magazine. Friends, please, yield to those perception
from there you grow to be a full spiritual man and
woman, doing vibrantly for God.
These perceptions might be very subtle, but
yet you will just know something is saying I,
shouldnt do that. You might not even have a
definition for that something, but I tell you, these
are works of the Holy Spirit. Take those instruction
and perception very serious.


For spiritual perception is one of the fundamental way

by which God speaks to his children. You just know,
but how you know is a question you cant answer?
And as you do this consistently in obedience, you get
tuned to hear his voice.

Help In Prayer
A brother shared with me how he was thrown
into a three days fasting and praying against
masturbation, which he did. He said He had no clear
understanding of how he should pray neither was
concrete explanation given to him that could have
help his spirit pray effectively. After the three days, it
was sadden that he returned back to masturbation.
This is a case of so many people, you just dont
pray any prayer you dont understand, get the light
(understanding) from the word and you will be
surprised how the Holy Spirit will help you pray the
right prayers. Following all the directives youve been
reading from the beginning, exercising your authority
in prayers, commanding that terrible thing to leave
you totally is the prayer, and the Holy Spirit is ready to
help you pray. You can do well to pray in Spirit or in
understanding, but suggest you can get baptize in the
Spirit and learn praying in the Spirit.

Help for your Quiet Time/ personal altar

A popular adage goes thus: A cold altar
attracts the sleeping dog. You get help and spiritual
stamina in your personal altar, or for simplicity, your


quite time (the time you speak and commune with

your God). Why have I said that? From scriptures
Neither give place to the Devil4 and personal
experiences, one is vulnerable to fall into temptations
even at sleight arrival and worst if one lives for days,
weeks and months without actually having time with
God. When you have your quiet time (not being
religious) your heart is filled with Gods love and
presence. The Scriptures also says The fire shall ever
be burning upon the altar: it must not be put out5. Of
course, temptations and trails will come , but the light
in you will repel that darkness.
Moreover, it is the Holy Spirit that put life into
your quite time, and remove the boredom. Are you
experiencing a boring quite time, and also getting sick
of it, right? Relax, thats why the Holy Spirit is there.
As you fellowship with him the word and prayers, He
will fills your heart with unexplainable joy, love and
cause you to be in quest and hungry for God. On the
final note, he will be revealing and telling you secret
things you need to live the victorious life, he had
called you into.

How do I assess the Spirit

Through a broken and a contrite heart; a heart

who reference God.
Through Worship; worship from the heart
brings down his presence.


Through the reading , studying and meditating

on the word.
Through prayer and fasting.

Ponder on this
the Lord is that Spirit and wherever the Spirit of the
Lord is there is liberty 2 cor3;17


Key Notes
You cant know the word without the help of
the Holy Spirit, and you cant know about the
Holy Spirit without the word.
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of LIBERTY.
When the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to the
truths of the word, you live above every
The Spirit unleashes the ability to stand
steadfast in the decaying world.
He uses your intuition to fundamentally lead
When youre unease to log into a website or
watch a film, dont! the perceptions might be
there to guide your heart against junks.
The Holy Spirit helps you to pray the right


Chapter Nine
Testimonies Of Saint

And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb & by

the word of their testimony1

I believe as you go through these powerful

testimonies of people, who had had sexual perversion
problems and are now free from it hold, you will be
transformed through them in Jesus name. This is my
confidence that God has set some people free, is
setting some free & will set some free. I know he can
set you free too. Read meditatively!

#1 TESTIMONY S. O from Osogbo.

I had a strong Christian foundation, for I was
raised and trained in a Christian home where the
standards of Christ are basically upheld coupled with
the fact that my Parents were indeed disciplinarians. I
gave my life to Christ quite early enough and I was
doing fine until I was ensnared in a web which took
about ten years to break free from. It is the joy of
every grandparent to have their children around them
and my case is not in any way different.
I always went to my grandparents place to visit but
unknown to me the children who were my colleagues
in the vicinity were involved in sexual practices of all


sorts including fornication and homosexuality among

others of which I was introduced.
I became quite active sexually at a very early
stage of my life and I couldnt control myself. I was
just pre-occupied with sexual thoughts but because of
the kind of parents I have and the fact that I am an
introvert, I could not give full expression to this
thought therefore, I resulted into masturbating. While
in Secondary School I was on my way to the toilet one
day when I overheard a discussion about a
pornographic site by some of my classmates which
registered immediately in my memory. After my
College education, I was opportune to have my first
phone which had internet access. Oh, your guess is
just right! The site I overheard was one of the first I
visited and then my journey in the pornographic
started. Not quite long after my Secondary School
education, I was admitted into the University where
my freedom started. I walked into my Church in school
for the first time and guess what? The message was
centered on masturbation, pornography and the way
out. Prior to this I had promised myself never to
engage in the act again of which I failed severally. My
resolution wouldnt just help.
Sincerely, I tried all I knew to stop but I just
couldnt stop. In fact on one of the occasions after I


fell short of my resolve, I opened my Bible and placed

myself under an oath almost like a curse saying that I
would not engage in the act any longer but this in
itself too just didnt work. *Back to the church service
in School* in this service, there was a comprehensive
teaching on the subject matter and a deliverance
session was organized for us and I can testify that I
was delivered but I had to put the teaching to practice
to stay delivered. Such practices inter-alia included
study of the scriptures daily, becoming souled out to
Jesus, knowing my danger zones and severing
anything and anyone that can take me aback. Though,
I had my time of falling and rising afterwards, but I can
boldly say today that I live above this web of sin by
grace through faith in Jesus Christ and you can be free
also. I look forward to reading your testimony soon.
God loves you.

#2 MY TESTIMONY- F. T from Ondo

For several days, weeks and months I was locked
up in the confinement of sexual perversion
(masturbation). I struggled day and night to get out but I
couldn't. It was like a bottomless pit, the more I tried to
come out the deeper I go in it. I wanted to stop but I
couldn't. I prayed, prayed and even denied myself food but


I could not stop. Day and night I find myself in the stream
of masturbation which was a thorn to my flesh and I could
not tell anyone about it (one of my mistakes) so I struggled
alone with it.
I blamed myself of the day I allowed this to creep
into my life through a so called magazine which I found at a
friend's house and it corrupted my mind. Since that day, I
began to find things like that exciting. It was as though like
an excitement but on the other way I was during. I even
went further in searching for pictures like these on the net
so as to excite myself. I started as a novice, but in no time I
graduated into a pro (what a life!)
When I see ladies, be it real or in a book, my body
system reacts, which was not been happening to me
before. Even some movies began to interest me which I
hated before and I advised others not to. The pleasures
derived were quite interesting at the start and at a time I
became fed up and want something more to excite myself.
Ladies started coming my ways so as for me to advance
into sexual intercourse.
All this times I had given my life to Christ, I attend
Church regularly, participate in different church activities,
anchor programs and I even teach others sometimes and
still yet the devil had me. I was leaking spiritually and I
know it but there was no way I could help myself.
This act(masturbation) just comes like a wind and I just
couldn't resist it anytime it comes and when am done with
the act I feel sorry for myself, am sober and full of


forgiveness and even making several commitment that I

won't allow this act to happen again but I could not just
stand to my words because I still fell due to my POWER OF
RESISTANCE BEING ZERO (0). My strength to say No
whenever the urge comes was 0.
My precious time and energy to do meaningful
things was taken by the devil, what a waste! Then I noticed
it happens to me always when I am alone, so I decided to
always be in the company of people but the devil flashes
pictures and scenario to my mind, which I also fell for. I lost
courage of approaching God at a time because of my
continuous falling (God is merciful) but I was still an active
member in the Church but being controlled by the FLESH.
Several calls were made in church as touching this
issue and I didn't go for it (devil held me tight) because I
wonder what people will think. So I continued falling.
One day I was alone and it struck me to tell
someone about my problem which I have been
abhorring(the beginning of breakthrough). I was so
convinced that I went to a spiritual leader of mine and had
to tell him. To my surprise he was not shocked, he told me
he had pass through such and he told me his testimony. He
said the devil is aware of the glorious future ahead and
there was no other ways to stop you other than that. Many
destinies become destroyed by masturbation. I cried that
day, he prayed for me and life came back to me that I will
not be destroyed.


After that day I went studying the scriptures because I

was desperate of coming out of the confinement of
masturbation, then a word was revealed to me 2 Cor 12 vs
7-9. This was what I needed to gain Power of Resistance.
THE GRACE which was my enabling power. The Devil came
again to make me fall but the GRACE had made me SWITCH
from the flesh, devil couldn't have me anymore. The roles
my leader played in my breakthrough cannot be
overlooked because he always prays, call to give me
encouragement in the Word of God.
You can also make a SWITCH. Don't allow the devil to
destroy your destiny. The thief cometh not but for to steal,
and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that you might have
life, and that you might have it more abundantly (John 10
vs 10). SWITCH NOW!

#3 MY TESTIMONY- K. F from Osogbo

I was born into a family that didnt take God serious,
just been religious. None of us understood what
salvation was all about. We merely confess to be
Christians and that was the foundation of my
problem. It was no big thing then, to have girlfriends
or sex partners even in the church, we counted it to
be normal. Therefore a lot of things happened during
those period because I was blind folded by the devil to
see the light of the truth.


But when it please the father to reveal his son in me, I

got saved. It was an experience I cannot forget, yet
the devil came around to test my faith, pictures of
what Id done and things I was exposed to began to
flood my mind. Since I had confess Christ I never
wanted to have any relationship with former friends,
therefore I resulted into feeding my mind with
pornography and adult movies which later migrated
into intense masturbation. Seeing a lady from a far
was a great problem for me, my imaginations will go
wide. I would pray, pray and pray against this habits,
all to avail, I fasted on this same issue on so many
occasion, 7 days, 30 days! Yet it kept repeating. I was
helpless, I was down, my spiritual life was almost
totally destroyed, the struggle continued for about
three to four years. It was terrible during those years
as people came to me for solution to their sexual
struggles, of which I was also a victim. But later I got
tired of it, I began to seek helps. Then I attended a
program where the issue was greatly dealt with, and
that was it, I received my deliverance. I also got
materials on the subject matter and made a great
determination under God to bid the habit goodbye,
this led me to sincere prayers and feeding my spirit
man with the word of God and ever since the Grace of
God (that ability to do Gods will) has ever been


sufficient. Each time, Im alone I occupy myself with

things that develop and grow my spirit and since then,
the enablement to say no to ungodliness has been
functioning powerfully in me. Glory to God.

#4 MY TESTIMONY- O. J from Abuja

I became born again at quite an early age of
which I made a decision to please God in all I do and
obey His word especially that which says "flee also
youthful lusts...." 2Timothy 2:22.
But, while growing up, I was faced with
temptations on all sides; the urge for the opposite sex
was yearning up. I was in one way or the other
exposed to immoral movies at home and in school
with few friends.
In all these I found out that each time Im with
opposite sex, it becomes hard to think straight
because immoral thoughts always come to mind.
I knew that if truly I want to please God, I need to
become who He wants me to be and I must be ready
to stand firm against immorality because I didn't want
to end up like Samson whose great destiny was
destroyed on the lap of a woman. I was also aware of
the shame that will be brought to me, my family and


my walk with God, so I decided to pray about it with

sincerity of heart of which He heard me.
I made decision not to entertain immoral
movies and pictures and any other thing that will
pollute my mind, but to set my mind on things that
will build me more in God. So I had to discipline my
eyes and this became easy by the help of the Holy
Spirit. God helping me, I decided to use my time well
in productive things and with friends who stood for
As time went on, I learnt things myself better.
Wisdom is needed in staying pure sexually. I thought I
could be free with ladies as far as my secret place with
God was secured but I found out that I had to be
careful and watchful especially in getting too close
with an opposite sex. I became very close to a lady
while in school to the point of staying together
especially at night for the purpose of reading. One
thing led to another, the intimacy became much that
it began to affect me especially my time with God and
my studies.
When I discovered this was going to get me in
trouble in no time, I prayed to God and had to open up
to few trusted persons (my mentor, my father who is
a minister of God, my spiritual father in school) who
advised and prayed with me on the issue. With God's


help and the advice I was able to scale through that. I

went into reading books of some men of God on the
area of youthful lust and sex so that by their
experience I could learn how to overcome, and this
helped me a lot. Praise to God forever, I would say
that it has been His grace keeping me till now and will
keep me till the end for He is the one that keeps me
from falling and will present me faultless before the
presence of His glory with exceeding joy. Jude
20.Glory to His name. Amen.

#5 TESTIMONY- T. K from Ibadan

I grew up in a family where godliness and
holiness are upheld. My parents are ministers of the
gospel, and they taught me as well as my siblings
things about God, all the ABC of the gospel was on our
head, head knowledge! Sexual matters are not a thing
to mention in my family, theres that fear as if one
backslides when the word sex was mentioned in the
Therefore, all the information I got about
sexual life was predominantly from movies and peer
group. I would compulsorily become quiet at home
due to the parents I have which was contrary to the
extrovert me outside. The level of discipline was held


in high esteem. I had my new birth experience at a

tender age, but as soon as I got to higher classes in my
secondary school, things began to change. My
sanguine type of nature paved ways to some terrible
friends who are really into sexual practices majorly
pornography and fornication.
Those friends of mine lured me into hardcore
pornography and that was how the struggle and
battle began. Its images registered fast on my mind
and would leave me to terrible sexual fantasizing. I
would want to desist from the act but couldnt, one
thing led to another, the virtues of Christianity
beginning to move out as fast, I lie easily and leave
school at times with colleagues. I couldnt read or
study again let alone praying. I was almost reduced to
a piece. My spiritual life was in a deep mess. Girls were
flaunting around me, my friends regarded me as the
master Toaster and I almost ruined my future. But
at the verge of entering into deeper sins I was
rescued. God saved me afresh and I rededicated my
life to God but those scenes were still fresh in my
memory whenever I was alone, and that beginning to
choke the new life I had in Christ, then I would go back
to my vomit and watch them. I began to have
difficulties in my quite time as devil kept bringing the
guilt and condemnation. Along the way, I discovered


my purpose, and this really helped me in shaping my

thoughts and mindset. People would say an idle mind
is the devils workshop, therefore I became so
resolute and determined not to watch them again. But
this wasnt mere determination, it was a
determination backed up with Gods help and
strength. I sincerely prayed to God on it and He
honored my prayers by providing strength in my spirit
each time the thoughts came. The word of God has
also been there for me. With time my friends changed,
my interest and focus changed as well. Things of God
filled my heart and the pursuit of God became my
desire. Today Im free.

#6 TESTIMONY- Joshua Bamidele

As a drama minister, I watch films (a tool for

effectiveness in drama ministry) but I have learnt that
I cannot watch any films, even some so called
American Christian films. Before I watch any film, I
always take a quick scan to know if nudity is not in the
film to avoid corrupting my mind.

One day I stubbed on a film on the phone of a

brother of mine (Christian I mean). Since hes a
brother, I decided to watch the film. I discovered that
it was a Ghanaian secular film, but I didnt stop. One of
the scenes was so terrible, that these black actors


were acting raw pornography in the film. That day I

was so shock seeing how terrible the so called
Ghollywood have gone, with such an act of high
indecency. Then I quickly deleted the film from his
phone even without telling him but the images of the
scene didnt leave my memory. I tried to control my
mind in several manners from ruminating on it but it
was still there. When I observed that it was gaining
ground in my heart, the Love of God just started
rising within me. Then, I started praying for them that
despite the wrong they are doing in the world, God
should save them. I never knew when I went on my
knees & started praying for their salvation. Friends, it
was beyond my reasoning how God worked it out
before I finished praying the evil thought had totally
vanished and the love of God for the salvation of their
souls had replaced. This made me know that God can
save a porn star! Glory to God!

Conclusively, all these are practical examples of

all the divine provisions youve been reading in this
book and what God has the capacity to do in the lives
of those that seemed incapacitated and feeble. You
cant be left out. You will definitely share your
testimony. Amen

Ponder on this -Personal meditation and confession:

I will also share my testimonies of total freedom very

soon, so help me Lord.


Chapter Ten
The Grace
People who understands the place of the
grace of God are never disgraced. Those that rely on
the grace of God always have solution to their
struggles. Apostle Paul understood what grace was
that he said, I am what I am through the grace of

The matter and importance of Grace on the

issues of addictions is great. What sustains you is not
your ability to abstain from sexual sin but the grace of
God. Even in walking with God, His grace is available
for you.

Bishop David Abioye said The only sufficient

thing as defined by the Bible is the grace of God. For
my grace is sufficient for you2

It was Gods sufficient grace that opened my

eyes to the freedom in Christ Jesus and enabled me to
walk in that reality. You are neither too small nor too
big for the grace of God. As a matter of truth, no
matter how deep you have gone into sin (including
the numerous sexual sins), Gods sufficient grace is
willing and able to help you greatly. Let us come
boldly to the throne to the throne of grace and obtain
mercy and find grace to help in time of need.3


The Grace of God is a provision God has given
unto us his body. Grace have been often
misunderstood and partially taught, which as a result
yield some a lot of imbalances and carnality among
the believers. As revealed by the scripture there are :

1. Grace as undeserved or unmerited favor: this is one

that brings us to God; this is a favor that surpass our
works or comprehension. Its a dimension that
fortunate the unfortunate, it called the guilt innocent
and proclaim righteousness to the sinner.

When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but

the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are your
She said , No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her,
Neither do I condemn thee: go and sin no more 4

This is the gift of God referred in this passage

For it is by grace you have been saved, through

faith and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of
God not by works, so that no one can boast.5

Its a gift of God unto salvation, you dont work for it.
Its not the how moralistic or philanthropist you are
that brings salvation, its that grace of God.


2. Grace to do His will : this sustains and keep you in

Christ. Many teaches that this never happens, that
grace covers all thing .There is that grace that causes
and teaches you to do his will.
For the grace of God that brings salvation has
appeared to all men. It teaches us to say "No" to
ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-
controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age,
while we wait for the blessed hope the glorious
appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ,
who gave himself for us to redeem us from all
wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are
his very own, eager to do what is good.6
It teaches us to say NO its an enablement of
the spirit that gives the strength to walk in his steps,
this strength is far beyond your capacity. Its a grace
that cause you labor from growth and development.

But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his

grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked
harder than all of them yet not I, but the grace of
God that was with me.7

A Grace that comes with your responsibility. You

dont just sit down and be idle. This grace provides the
ability to go farther and stronger than you imagine. In
a relation to our subject matter, gives you that inner
strength to say no to that man touching you any how


or that lady sending nude pictures or seductive

messages to you, or that power behind masturbation.
It is a grace that will help you say no to internet
pornography , this is a grace that will cause you to
watch and download worship songs, messages,
praises and things that will help you grow rather than
giving yourself to immoral and filthy videos on the
internet; YouTube etc.
Hope you know God will not say no for you? but
He will provide all the help you would need for your

Grace Provides Help

Mercy brings forgiveness to the sin you have

committed and the grace of God provides help to
overcome sin. Grace makes available the strength of
God to walk with Him. Grace brings the reality of the
fullness of God to your spirit. It makes you tell the
problem how big your God is instead of anxiously
telling God how big the problem is.

You might feel that it is not possible to be

chaste in this world until marriage as a youth in this
present generation but I tell you that Gods grace can
sustain you. Maybe you feel it is impossible for you to
stop watching that habit, but I wish to tell you that
there is a grace of total abstinence. If you think that a
blameless and a holy life before God is not possible I


want you to know that Gods grace can preserve you

unto the end.

I know whom I have believe and Im persuaded

thats hes going to keep that which is committed unto
his hand against that day8

I wrote some time ago that, even if we are in

an era wherein there is so much sin, there is much
more grace to still keep a man standing. But where
sin abounded, grace did abound much more.9

If you have not yet given your life to Christ or

perhaps you once gave it but have gone far from Him
now and your life is presently in mess and shambles,
here comes the grace of God to you. This is the day of
salvation. Please say these words of prayer

Lord Jesus, I thank You for Your love for

and towards me. I know I cant save myself
therefore I confess you as my Lord and Savior.
From today, help me to walk with you. Thanks for
forgiving me all my sins. Amen

If you have sincerely said the words of this

prayer, God has given you a brand new life for there
is no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus who
walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.10 Dont
allow the devil to deceive you, God has forgiven you
and you have no condemnation.


In Conclusion, it is from the fullness of grace

that we continue to receive from God and this fullness
of Grace is Jesus. Out of His fullness, we receive grace
for grace.11

His grace is always there to help you. So, can

we say the grace?

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God and
fellowship of the Holy Ghost be with you all, Amen 12

Key Notes
People who understands the place of grace of
God are never stranded.
You are neither too small or big for the grace
of God.
Grace is a provision of freedom from God to
Grace is a gift of God.
Grace provides the enablement to do Gods
The Grace provides you ability to go farther
and stronger than youve ever imagined .
Mercy brings forgiveness over the sin
committed; grace provides help against an
temptations to fall back into sin.
There is a grace for total abstinence and
standing chaste in this crook world


Thank you for reading through. Trust you were so

blessed. You can share your testimonies with us by
sending them to:

bamidelejoshua2010@yahoo.com or

You are special!



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