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A presentation by the Labour & employment department, Assam
Aims to create 500 million skilled people by 2022.

State Approach :Vision

The Govt. of Assam is committed to develop a skilled work force with high
inclusivity that bridges the divides of gender, rural urban divide :
organized - unorganized employment; and traditional -contemporary work
Synergise the efforts of the Private Sector as well as the NGOs to
complement and supplement the Government efforts

Target :
Present level of skilling 23,023
To increase the skill training capacity to around 1,03,104 bythe end of
12th FYP (2017)
To 2,02,604 by the end of 13th FYP (2022).
National Skill Development Mission
To skill 8 Crore people in the 12th Five Year Plan

Our target:

State Skill Development Skill development

Target (2012-13) [in target (2012-17) [in
lakhs] lakhs]
India Total 85.0 800
Assam 2.2 21

Year 2012-13 13-14 14-15 15-16 16-17 Total

Target 2.2 3.1 4.1 5 6.2 21
State Skill Development
State Skill Development Council (SSDC)
Chairman- Honble CM, Assam (Apex Decision Making Body)

State Skill Development Board (SSDB)

Chairman- Chief Secretary, Assam
To translate the decisions of SSDC into workable activities

State Skill Development Authority

New initiative of Honble CM, Assam to implement schemes,
directions and skill plans as conveyed by the Board
State Skill Development Council
The apex policy making body of the State Govt. on Skill
Functions & Objectives

Train a multi-collar task force white, grey, blue and rust with a view to
make Assam the skill capital of the country.

To partner with leading training and awarding bodies and institutions

nationally and globally.

To address the skills gap issues and unemployment issues resulting out of
the existing delivery mechanism.

To help industry deliver internationally benchmarked skilled manpower

trained in line with their requirements.

To impart skills through training across sectors based on sustainable

framework with consistency.

To involve the private sector in skills development through partnership in

the Trusts project.
State Skill development Board
Roles & Functions:

Development of strategy and appropriate operational guidelines to

implement the decisions of the State Skill Development Council.
Integration of the skill building activities in a coordinated manner.
To recommend to the State Skill Development Council based on the
discussions and its review meetings.
To advise meaningful PPP models for the planning and
implementation of various skill building programmes.
Coordination and integration of the activities undertaken by Skill
Development foundation and State Council for Vocational Training.
Assess the skill deficits through skill mapping and plan the long term
strategies for skill building.
Coordinate and facilitate the repositioning of the Employment
Exchanges as strong vocational guidelines and career counseling
centres as well as to private sectors.
Major decisions taken by the
State Skill Development Council
( on 20
Present th October,
framework 2011)
of Skill Development
Preparation of State Scheme Map

Setting up of sector Skill Committee/Councils- identification of

tourism, hospitality, retail, insurance, construction and logistics
sector etc.
Skill Gap Study
Coordination of Skill development activities among various
Private sector framework for accreditation, curriculum vetting
Setting of trainers training institute and Academy of
International collaboration and tie-ups
Setting up of State Skill development Authority.
State Skill Development Authority- a new
The initiative
Honble CM approved the formation of state Skill
development Authority with the following structure:
All proposals will be approved by the State Skill
Development Council.
The State Skill Development Board headed by the
Chief Secretary will be monitoring the plans and
schemes taken by the State Skill Development
Funds meant for the State Skill Development Authority
will be channelized through the Assam Skill
Development Initiative Society, registered by the
Labour & Employment department under Society
Registration Act.)
The approved schemes/plans will be implemented
through DECT or other implementing agencies
selected by the Skill Development Board.
Skill development in other departments -
Leveraging on existing training infrastructure available with Govt. departments more
Focus particularly in Social Welfare, Rural Development, Agriculture, Housing and
Urban Development, Travel and Tourism, MSME, Health where linkages of training and
employment would be clearly established.
Current years target(2012-13)

1. Tourism Department -
2. Panchayat & Rural Development -
3. WPT&BC - 2300
4. Technical Education -
5. Municipal Admn. Department -
6. Horticulture & Fisheries -
Our Approach & Target

Focus on employment and employability

Introduction/up gradation of new trades and enhancement of seating
capacity of existing ITIs. And VTPs
Efforts made to strengthen interaction between industries and ITIs
by way of collaborative arrangements with multinational companies

Skill Development, an integral component of State Plans promoting priority


Plan to have one skill development centre in each unserviced block of the

Partnership with public and private sector as expansion with recognized

standards will be one of the ways for fulfilling in the shortfall in training
Commencement of training in short-term modular courses in 50 nos. of Tea-
tribe welfare skill development centres.
Activities planned with the funds
allocated under the Authority
Setting up of State Skill Development authority

Engagement of consultant & development of a dynamic job


Pilot skill development project with 100% placement


Publicity and promotion- campaign through various media

Workshop/seminars in district head quarters.

Familiarization tours for DECT officials to other parts of the

State skill competition
Revamping of employment exchanges & ITIs
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