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Tyler Quinn

May 25, 2017

Adv Literature
Mr. Smith

Annotated Bibliography


AFFAIRS, 2017. Print.

Summarize: Wainwrights book shows how drug cartels are run. Wainwright refers to
running a drug cartel as running a regular business. There are many different parts of
the cartel that need to be flowing properly. The makers of the drugs have to be making
a lot of the drug, the dealers must be smart, and not sell to cops on accident. All of the
higher dealers know where his dealers live and know the family. Offshoring is one of the
highest priorities because they need to hide all of their money somewhere so they have
there money hidden in different banks and on different islands so they dont raise any
red flags. The cartels also need a few men at the Mexican American Border in order to
let their drugs through. The men at the border could be paid up to a couple million
dollars to let a few truck load of drugs into the US. Wainwright even states at the ending
part of the book, there really is no way to stop drugs from coming into the United States
of America

Assess: This book is a very important source because Wainwright shows the amount of
time and energy it takes to run an efficient cartel. The amount of money the cartel must
make in order to keep everyone happy. This book is also very reliable because Tom
Wainwright actually experienced all the things he talks about in his book.

Reflect: The information given in this book is very detailed, and I believe it is possible to
start your own cartel if you have the resources and have read this book. It gives you
actual places that the cartel in this book used.


Oakford, Samuel. "Portugal's Example: What Happened After It Decriminalized All

Drugs, From Weed to Heroin." VICE News. N.p., 19 Apr. 2016. Web. 29 May 2017.

Summarize: This website talks about how the decriminalization of all drugs has affected
Portugal. The statistics has shown that the amount of people did not go up when it has
been legalized, it has actually dropped. Some users seeked help in ending their
addiction, while others decided to keep doing what they have been doing. The druggies
will continue to be druggies while the people who dont do drugs will continue to not do

Assess: This website has been extremely helpful. The fact that the legalization has
actually helped the people of Portugal is eye opening. If the US were to also do the
same I believe the same thing will happen. The only downside is that teens will likely get
addicted to the drugs because of the fact that it is legal and everyone wants to be cool
in highschool

Reflect: The evidence given by this website is what the US Government needs in order
to help this problem. The War on Drugs has not been working for years, why not just
legalize drugs and let the people who want to shoot up, shoot up. We are wasting
taxpayers dollars on this war that cant be won. The jails are being filled with drug
dealers, when really they have not hurt anyone.


10 Reasons to legalise all drugs. Legalising and declassifying drugs. N.p., n.d. Web. 29
May 2017.

Summarize: This article was talking about the reason why drugs should be legal in the
US. These ten are: Address the real issues, Eliminate the criminal market place,
Massively reduce crime, Drug users are a majority in jail, Provide access to truthful
information and education, Make all drug use safer, Restore our rights and
responsibilities, Race and Drugs, Global Implications, Prohibition doesn't work

Assess: This article was important because it really outlines the reasons why drugs
being illegal is not worth it. The government must have to be in on the scheme because
it does not make sense to why there is a war on Drugs the government should have
found out by now that there is no reason for the taxpayers to waste more and more
money on something they can not win. The government must have known this and are
continuing to tax the people and keep some of the money for themselves

Reflect: This evidence is significant in my project because now I can show my audience
ten facts that shows why the United states should legalize drugs

Staff, NPR. "Legalize All Drugs? The 'Risks Are Tremendous' Without Defining The
Problem." NPR. NPR, 27 Mar. 2016. Web. 29 May 2017.

Summarize: This article talks about how legalizing drugs can hurt the citizens of
America. They also talk about how many people especially young people who want to
be cool in front of their friends can become addicted to these drugs. For the most part
the adults should be perfectly fine.

Asses: This could hurt my argument about why drugs should be legalized but it could
also make my argument stronger because then there could be a cause and effect in
which my argument for the legalization of drugs could be improved

Reflect: This should be helpful in my argument. I could also see if it hurts my argument
but more likely it will help. I have proven to the audience by my first two articles, so this
article will show that I can see where the side of keeping it illegal is important by my first
two arguments should keep the audience with my theory


Cohen, Billy. Cocaine Cowboys reloaded.June. 2014. 29 May 2017.

Summarize: This is a movie that shows how the drugs have entered the US and how
the dealers are getting the drugs from person to person, and also spreading it to
neighboring states. The movie also talks about how the dealers hide the drugs in order
to stay out of jail since it is illegal to be in the possession of drugs at anytime in the US
except for certain states in which it is legal for recreational use

Assess: This movie would just add additional information on the first part of my question
how are drug dealers outsmarting the US government. The movie also incorporates
how the drug dealers deal with unloyal people in the cartel, and trust me you dont want
to be that guy.

Reflect:This movie helps with my argument because I get to bulk up my speech when
talking about how the drug dealers are outsmarting the US government.

Nadelmann, Ethan. "Why we need to end the War on Drugs." Ethan Nadelmann: Why
we need to end the War on Drugs | TED Talk | TED.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 May 2017.

Summarize: The man leading this Ted talk agreed with what I am also trying to prove.
He also believes that the war on drugs needs to be ended. The government has no way
of stopping drugs from coming into the United States so there really is no point in
putting so much resources when drugs are so easy to obtain.

Assess: This Ted talk has been very substantial. This man agrees with the fact that the
War on drugs is a waste.

Reflect: This talk helps with the fact that the war on drugs was a waste of taxpayers
dollars. There is no way to really stop the drugs from coming in because there will
always be people who want more and more money.