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Computational Mechanics Tools

Jos Muoz, Nati Pastor,

Josep Sarrate, Enrique Escolano,
Computational Mechanics Tools


This module presents several tools that are useful in computational mechanics:

Mesh generation algorithms

Mesh generation packages (GiD)

FEM commercial package (Abaqus)

Computational Mechanics Tools


Introduction to computer modelling

Mesh generation: structured, unstructured and mesh optimization

Governing physics: thermal, mechanical, fluids, diffusion,

Overview of numerical approaches:

Finite difference, finite elements, finite volumes
Dynamics: time marching schemes,

Commercial and non-commercial codes

Solvers: ABAQUS
Pre and post-process: GID

Solution of practical problems

Computational Mechanics Tools


30% Homework,
30% Course GiD project
40% Course Simulation Project

Homework has to be done individually

Course projects to be worked out in teams of 2 students (except online

A selection of topic will be proposed
Guidelines will be published in the Virtual Campus

Homework 1: 17th November 2014 (jose.sarrate@upc.edu)
Homework 2: 3th December 2014 (natividad.pastor@upc.edu)
Homework 3: 9th January 2015 (j.munoz@upc.edu)
Course Gid Project: 9th January 2015 (escolano@cimne.upc.es)
Course Simulation Project: 16th January 2015 (j.munoz@upc.edu)
Computational Mechanics Tools


Computational Mechanics Tools 2014-2015 Lecturers: Irene Arias, Natividad Pastor, Josep Sarrate, GID Team

Week Day Date Hour Session Topic Room

Tuesday 14-Oct-14 15:00-17:00 S01 Introduction to Comp. modeling in the context of Eng. Sciences A2-101
Wednesday 15-Oct-14 12:00-14:00 S02 Practical session with GID: Introduction D1-101
Tuesday 21-Oct-14 15:00-17:00 S03 Introduction to mesh generation. Structured mesh generation A2-101
Wednesday 22-Oct-14 12:00-14:00 S04 Unstructured mesh generation A2-101
Tuesday 28-Oct-14 15:00-17:00 S05 Practical session with GID: Meshing D1-101
Wednesday 29-Oct-14 12:00-14:00 S06 Mesh optimization algorithms A2-101
Tuesday 4-Nov-14 15:00-17:00 S07 Practical session with GID: A complete case D1-101
Wednesday 5-Nov-14 12:00-14:00 S08 Practical session with GID: Customization D1-101
Tuesday 11-Nov-14 15:00-17:00 S09 Governing Physics A2-101
Wednesday 12-Nov-14 12:00-14:00 S10 Modeling exercise with pdetool D1-101
Tuesday 18-Nov-14 15:00-17:00 S11 Exercise on heat transfer D1-101
Discretization methods. FEM. Overview of commercial FE
Wednesday 19-Nov-14 12:00-14:00 S12 software A2-101
Tuesday 25-Nov-14 15:00-17:00 S13 Introduction to Abaqus D1-101
Wednesday 26-Nov-14 12:00-14:00 S14 The mechanical problem I (linearly elastic and stationary) A2-101
Tuesday 2-Dec-14 15:00-17:00 S15 Linear elasticity with Abaqus D1-101
Wednesday 3-Dec-14 12:00-14:00 S16 Dynamics A2-101
Tuesday 9-Dec-14 15:00-17:00 Holiday
Wednesday 10-Dec-14 12:00-14:00 S17 Dynamics with Abaqus D1-101
Tuesday 16-Dec-14 15:00-17:00 S18 Nonlinear problems A2-101
Wednesday 17-Dec-14 12:00-14:00 S19 Exercise on Nonlinear elasticity (Matlab) D1-101
Tuesday 23-Dec-14 15:00-17:00
Friday 16-Jan-15 TBD S20 Course project presentations A3-104

Computational Mechanics Tools


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